Wait until you see.

Here are the pieces I found.

The jeans go with the sweater and the tennis shoes.

The dress goes with the tennis shoes and the super lightweight sweater tossed over your shoulder.

The white tank goes with the blue skirt and the blue jean jacket and the white tennis shoes.

And on and on and outfit on.

Here are a few of the outfits I put together with the capsule.

coffee table/blue and white rug/tufted sofa

fireplace screen/gold accent piece/woven basket

Here, I’ve paired the blue and white polka-dotted skirt (you can see it here and it comes in other colors, too) with the white tank and the blue jean jacket.

The jacket is stretchy with the cutest cuffs and a tailored fit (true to size) and it’s under $20.

And these adorable tennis shoes with little gold backs that are under $20.

similar glass vase/greenery stems/khaki and white rug

similar glass vase/greenery stems/khaki and white rug

Here I took the black pants (LOVE THESE PANTS) and added the white tank and the blue jean jacket.

The pants are stretchy and have a side zipper and they are on clearance for $9.00.

They are cropped on most people, but I’m five feet so they are full length on me.

I’m wearing black flats that are discontinued, but here are some super similar ones that I found.

metal outdoor bench/black and white pillow/wire basket

I included this blue jean dress as part of the capsule because every closet needs a cute summer dress like this.

It comes with a belt tie and it’s super roomy.

You could wear it with the striped sweater draped over your shoulders.

I paired it with sandals (similar found here), but you could wear it with the tennis shoes, too, for a more casual look.

woven basket/blue and white striped chair

I have been wearing these jeans on repeat.

They are SO comfortable.

They have a little bit of stretch and the perfect amount of faded in the front. Again, they are cropped, but I’m five feet, so I cut off the bottom and frayed them to fit.

I’ve paired them with this super lightweight blue and white striped sweater and the white tennis shoes.

There are so many different outfit options I didn’t even show.

What about these:

  • the blue shirt with the black pants and the sandals
  • the blue shirt with the blue and white skirt with the tennis shoes
  • the tank top with the jeans with the striped sweater tossed over your shoulders

So many possibilites.

Good thing there’s a lot of summer. 🙂

PS I put together a few of my favorite home decor finds, too.

Like this blue and white rug.

This coffee table.

This blue and white striped chair.

This navy pillow.

This floral pillow.

This gold accessory.

This fireplace screen.

This floral diffuser.

This bar cart.

This basket.

These leaf prints.

Just in case you needed a little room update for all your new outfits.:)

disclosure: this post is written in collaboration with Walmart.

All opinions are my own.

Please see my disclosure for more information.

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  1. Image for CherylB CherylB

    You and your home lovely as always and BLUE!! You even ‘Bleed Blue’ don’t you ? 😉 Happy summer from KY

  2. Image for Lyn Lyn

    Absolutely gorgeous outfits. I already own a variation of everything - including wearing Chuck Taylors! It's wonderful to see the photos of how you put everything together. I wore a capsule wardrobe for years at work. One time a young intern said to me that she had never seen me wear the same thing twice! I just smiled because it simply wasn't the case - by design. Everything I owned worked together. I always wanted to look chic and put together, but I had big priorities such as home decor, travel, gourmet cooking and IRA saving. You look absolutely gorgeous, so happy for you.

  3. Image for Leigh Leigh

    Love this post. Very helpful in putting things together. I am 5’ like you. Don’t you find that regular sized tops are way to long? Does Walmart have petite sizes?

  4. Image for Gail Cunningham Gail Cunningham

    KariAnne, You are just adorable! Love the outfits, but mostly I love the happiness your smile exudes (oh yeah, and the great backgrounds of your home!). Keep on blogging, bc reading your blogs is always a bright spot in my day. Gail Cunningham 63 Y/O---old enough to be your mama!!

  5. Image for patricia patricia

    Look at you, fashion blogger! Hope cute outfits like these help you stay at goal. You look darling in your summer clothes.

  6. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    I saw your video early this morning on Instagram. You look so young (for a minute I thought you were one of the twins!) You rock the capsule wardrobe. Thanks for sharing all the links! You are the best.

  7. Image for Jillian Jillian

    It makes me happy to see how much you are enjoying your new figure and shopping, and LOl how your new outfits match your house. cute. 💕

  8. Image for SANDY SANDY

    Such cute clothes and you look FAB with your weight loss. It's 90+ degrees here in GA. Wish you had some cooler looking clothes ideas but will keep these in mind for fall.

  9. Image for Marian Marian

    Hi Karianne, You look amazing!!!!! I bet you feel like a new person. Isn't it fun to shop? You can buy whatever you like, not just what fits. You have done the work, now enjoy the rewards. This comes from someone who understands.

  10. Image for katherines Corner katherines Corner

    Such a wonderful collection. I can never find pants long enough for me at Walmart. but I have found a couple of tops that I like. Thankyou for sharing your great finds. You look great in all of them. Hugs!

  11. Image for Cindy Cindy

    I would love to have that light colored rug in my home but I'm wondering how you keep it clean. With lots of kids running through the house I'm worried it would get dirty quickly. I love reading your posts.

  12. Image for Debbie Garrison Debbie Garrison

    You look great, I like them all! I feel ya girl I am also 5 foot 1/4 inch Lol my husband always says " don't forget that 1/4 inch" 🤣

  13. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    Oh, tooooo cute! Love your selection. And each one I clicked on was out of stock! You're too good a salesman! Or sorry. Salesperson! LOL 🤣

  14. Image for celestial celestial

    I am a little surprised to see long pants and 2 long sleeved garments in a summer capsule wardrobe. I know you live in one of the southern states; do people really need long sleeves and pants in the heat of the summer? I live in Minnesota and nothing touches my calves or my forearms from May until September because it is that hot here, in the frigid north. Is the air conditioning always really cold? I am not criticizing by any means here, I am just really surprised.

  15. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

    Celestial, LOL! I get it! I guess we live in air conditioning all the time! I’m in long pants right now and it’s almost 100 degrees! My mother has on a t-shirt and jacket! happy day, karianne

  16. Image for Dee Dee

    What an adorable and fabulous model you are! Wonderful capsule wardrobe, that would take you through the week and beyond, beautifully!

  17. Image for JC JC

    I love your choices for your capsule wardrobe! Everything works together seamlessly. Not to mention every piece goes with red lipstick! 😁

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