If you have been reading the blog for more than a hot minute, remember this?

Hello throwback Tuesday.

This was my original butler’s pantry at the farmhouse.


It was amazing.

An entire room devoted to milk glass and chalkboards and numbered baskets.

There was even a sliding barn door.

So when we moved back to Texas to the house that I grew up in, I knew I needed a butler’s pantry, I just had to carve out a place to put it.

And today? I’m going to show you how I organize it. My incredible friend Leslie and I are organizing our houses one room and one day at a time and we are bringing you along for the journey.

Here’s what my butler’s pantry looks like now.


storage ideas for laundry room cabinets

Here’s my smaller version of the butler’s pantry at the farmhouse.

It has a smaller barn door.

But there are baskets.

And milk glass.

And a chalkboard.

If you have a butler’s pantry in your home (or a space you use to store all your dishes) here are a few ideas I’ve used through the years to organize the space.

storage ideas for the butler’s pantry

1. Baskets

Like these rustic baskets.

They are the best deal. They come in a set of four baskets for only $22. The baskets are roomy and sturdy and the prettiest color. I love the color of these baskets against the peppercorn.

Here’s what I’m using these rustic baskets to organize:

  • coffee and tea for the coffee station
  • trash bags and freezer bags
  • mason jars
  • extra plastic bags from the grocery store
  • extra paper goods for parties

I also use one to hold the dog bowls for Buddy’s food and water. The dog bowls fit perfectly inside the bottom and it’s a great way to prevent that shelf from getting dirty.

2. how to organize shelving

Do you have open shelving or glass-front cabinets in your home?

There’s no place for clutter to hide.

If you don’t know where to start, I have the best ideas for you.

Here’s how to style and organize cabinets or open shelving.

storage ideas for laundry room baskets

3. How to hide the trash can

This mini barn door is the perfect way to hide the trash can and keep everything organized.

It slides over to hide the trash can.

And then?

When you need to use the trash can, you just slide it open.

We are also adding a small trash can with a lid here to keep everything we are adding to the composter.

storage ideas for laundry room vase

4. Glass canisters

These glass canisters are the perfect way to store loose items in the space. They come in different sizes and they are super affordable.

I have them over on the butler’s pantry side of the laundry room.

Here are a few of the items that I store in them:

  • tea packets
  • coffee filters
  • hot chocolate packets
  • popcorn packets (next to the microwave)
  • granola bars

storage ideas for laundry room laundry containers

storage ideas for laundry room

storage ideas for laundry room laundry containers

5. Laundry containers

Okay, so this butler’s pantry has a laundry side, too and since we aren’t talking about laundry rooms as one of our spaces, I’d thought I’d briefly discuss it here. For starters, have you seen these vintage-looking laundry containers?

They are the CUTEST.


There are several different styles and they are going FAST, so get them while they are available.

The smaller size has different care instructions on the front and the larger size comes with the cutest scoop.

storage ideas for laundry room washer and dryer

I also used three baskets in the built-ins between the washer and dryer. We had this unit built in the laundry area to keep the washer and dryer level and to provide additional storage for this space.

I added baskets with three compartments.

Here’s what I have stored in here:

  • extra props for photoshoots
  • extra vases for table settings
  • picture hangers and picture easels

6. faux built-in plate rack

When we remodeled the butler’s pantry at the farmhouse, I kept waving around a picture of a plate display rack that was all built-in with these amazing rod dowels and looked like something that they have in an English manor house with a butler who polishes the silver and prepares cucumber sandwiches without the crust for tea.

But we didn’t have an English manor house budget.

We had a yard sale budget.

You know, the kind of budget you have to get creative with.

Meet creative budget.

I found these extra tall plate display racks for only $7.99.

I painted them white and stacked them end to end so they look built in.

They are so much easier to clean and tall enough to give the illusion of a built-in plate rack for 1/900 of the price.

You can see them here.

I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again.

Organization doesn’t have to be fancy.

Organization doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Organization can be done a little at a time and a minute at a time.

Just pick your minute and begin.

Rome wasn’t organized in a day….

….and your house doesn’t have to be either. 🙂

And now?

For more butler pantry organizing ideas, be sure and stop by my friend Leslie’s.

PS I just put together a laundry room board for us over on Pinterest.

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  1. Image for laura@everydayedits.co laura@everydayedits.co

    Good morning! Okay I love these tips! Our laundry room is on the 2nd floor and I need to take advantage of that space! Thank you for the reminder. I also clicked on the composter post (fyi it said comments closed) from last Spring composting is on my list. My goal is to grow pumpkins in the Colorado soil! Happy New Year friend! xo laura PS I think we need a girls weekend with our MM Group and friends! Laura (Anne) ;0)

  2. Image for patricia patricia

    Your butler's pantry is just a smidge smaller than my apartment kitchen. Major envy. Also your rustic baskets are not available/back order. Can you suggest a similar alternative? They look like such a useful size. And great price!

  3. Image for Cheryll Kaczkowski Cheryll Kaczkowski

    As always, lovely and informative post. I don't have a Butlers Pantry, wish I did. When I hit the lottery I will add on and you have provided some great ideas. I am now in the middle of an over whelming kitchen remodel. It is supposed to be completed this week. When this is done I can clean!!! Reorganize and get back to normal.

  4. Image for Rose Rose

    I have those laundry tins. I love them and the price was great. Your butlers pantry is beautiful. Have a wonderful day. Much love, Rose

  5. Image for Tammy Tammy

    KariAnne, Everything looks so crisp and clean. I have also been on a organization and cleaning frenzy over here at White Lilac Farmhouse. I absolutely love all of your open shelves.

  6. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    Thanks, these were some great ideas. I just started using my laundry room as a storage and now I have some inspiration.

  7. Image for Aliya Aliya

    KariAnne!!! I have so many plates, they are literally coming out of my ears!! I'm grateful...I love the heirloom dishes 😍 But HELLO! Why haven't I ever thought of those plate racks as a way to store them!! Stacked it fine, but I'm always afraid as I'm pulling them out that I'm gonna drop one and break it (not that I've ever done that in real life haha 🙄) So glad to visit with you today!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  8. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Love your butler's pantry! Sure wish I had one! heck, while I am dreaming of it, how about if I dream of having a butler, too? One of whom looks a bit like Chris Hemsworth or Aidan Turner? Dreaming costs nothing and sure is fun. ♥♥ Thanks for the inspiration, KA.

  9. Image for stephanie stephanie

    Good morning sunshine! You and such a pretty day in the Bluegrass! I love your coffee cup thingie! Where did you get? Love the laundry containers too. Keep sharing and shining! This is the year I decorate... or at least get a picture on the wall.. haha Hugs from Kentucky.

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