thistlewood collage


What do you write when you can’t think of anything to say about Easter table decorating?

Does this ever happen to anyone else?

Or just me?

You know all about tables and decorating and Easter and daffodils and moss.


You just don’t have the words.


I mean….you have a few tips.

Like digging up these daffodils from the back pasture.

And that you have a love affair with moss.

And that this tablecloth is totally indoor/outdoor and was only $10.00.

And dragonflies look super cute on nests.



So instead of a funny, witty lines….you are left with….

….here is a close-up of a daffodil.

I know.


Way clever, right?

Makes you want to keep reading….right?


If you thought that was amazing prose…’s another.

Get ready.

Wait for it…..wait for it.

Ummm… is a sliced orange.


I thought for hours on what to write.

I drank water.

I checked my e-mails.

I drank some more water.

If you only knew….I am never at a loss for words.  I talk all day long.  If they handed out college degrees for talking, I would have graduated Summa Cum Laude.  With a PhD.

Not today.

Maybe it’s American Idol?  I totally thought that Charlie Askew was going to make it into the Top 10.  I mean he did go a little dark and unusually dramatic with the whole pony tail jumping around scene…..but he was unique and wonderful and absolutely totally himself.  I think I heard a collective gasp across America when they didn’t call his name.


Writer’s block.

Please tell me this has happened to you.

Please make me feel better today and tell me there was a time you sat down to write a post and….the….words….just….weren’t…..there.

I’m sure tomorrow I’ll find my voice and I’ll be talking for days.

You’ll be wishing for the whole lost voice thing again.


I think…..ummm…..I think…..

…..I think another story’s starting now. 🙂

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  1. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    I think it is a totally Spring inspired table! Randomness is what makes life so fun! ;-) Off to check out your contest entry ... I hope I pick the right one!! Happy Monday & Good Luck!!

  2. Image for Yvonne @ StoneGable Yvonne @ StoneGable

    Oh goodness, I just wrote you a long note to you and google ate it! Your table setting is happy and colorful and full of unexpected surprises!!! The dragonflies are such a darling touch! Even when you have writer's block you still have a lot to say and it is funny and fresh!!! When you find your words... if you would happen to find extra, send them my way!!! xo and blessings!

  3. Image for JuneA** JuneA**

    Funny gal! Gorgeous table! I don't have a blog, but suffer from writer's block-itis whenever I leave a comment....seriously! I'll go vote now :)

  4. Image for Jenna Jenna

    Visiting from Between naps, I just found your blog and feel like I've found a new friend! Your table is adorable, your style is fun and witty and your creativity knows no bounds! I enjoyed seeing the amazing creations over at East Coast Creative and was so happy I had 3 votes and didn't have to choose just one...all the entries were unbelievable! I couldn't decided so I based my choices on something that I would enjoy in my own home. I am signing up to follow you so I don't miss anything! Jenna

    1. Image for Michele Michele

      Gorgeous happy table. Sometimes pics do the talkin - words are usually over-rated anyolewho...but I daresay your posts are one of the rare few that really deliver. Bam. I laugh every time I visit you and every time I do I am a happier being just by the visit. Hugs to you, KA - you really are a rock star.

      1. Image for Michele Michele

        Oops I meant to replay to the above comment, um, we really could kinda tell which one was yours...but that's ok, yes? Worked for me. Voting was easy.

  5. Image for Jessica@DesignersSweetSpot Jessica@DesignersSweetSpot

    Oh, I love your choice of colors! I am not much of a pastel person, the brights are a great choice! Cute idea with the dragon fly on the nest. Who says dragon flies can't be on a nest? You have inspired me to do some spring decorating even though we are supposed to get another 10" of snow tomorrow. Sigh. By the way, those pillows are beautiful, where did you find them?

  6. Image for Lori Lori

    Voted! Love reading your blog any day! The table setting colors are gorgeous and the photos exceptionally bright & cheery! Well done!! :) Have a wonderful day!

  7. Image for Marian Marian

    All voted and ready to go! There were some great projects there! I voted for the 3 that I never would have thought of on my own. And I was so with you at the close up of the daffodil. When I was a little girl, we lived near a bunch of huge greenhouses in Oregon. My mother made friends with the head gardener and every spring he would let us go pick as many daffodils as we could wrap our arms around out of the field where they planted the bulbs after they were spent. Entire fields completely yellow with daffodils. And being able to run in them and pick as many as you could carry. I cannot think of a daffodil and not be happy after that. Think of a house full of 5 small children and vases and vases full of daffodils that had completely filled those little arms. It's one of my favorite memories of my life. Have a happy day lady. I'm sure you'll have more to say tomorrow.

  8. Image for Linda Adams Linda Adams

    Good Morning Karianne, Your table is so pretty and Springy. I would hate for your to have writer's block because I love to read what you write. It is okay if you have less to say at times. I'm going to go to vote and hopefully I'll know which one is you. Speaking of voting, I too am in a contest now, it would be cool if you stop by my post to see my entry. Spring is coming! Joyous Wishes, Linda

  9. Image for lynn@thevintagenest lynn@thevintagenest

    I live in the "land of dragonflies"! LOL.....they take care of all the mosquitoes for us. Love the bright happy table you've set Karianne. Around here, I see clumps of happy daffodils blooming along side the highway. Always wonder how they got there. Heading to vote! Good luck xoxoxooxoxox Lynn

  10. Image for Sheryll & Critters. Sheryll & Critters.

    What a beautiful table and I love it all. Plates, placemats, table cloth, beehive, Dragonflies, Yellow Daisies, Yellow Daffodils..... wishing I could tour your home in person.

  11. Image for Pinky Pinky

    I just voted and am SURE I voted for you! It has YOU writeen all over it!!!!!!!!! You have to let us know ASAP!!! Love this table, bright, fresh, quirky, and it SAYS ALOT:):) Filling in for you til you find your voice which I hopeis SOON since I love what you say!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a beautiful day my friend. XO, Pinky

  12. Image for lisa hains lisa hains

    Hello Karianne! :) Even when you think you are lost for us...reading on...with your charming wit...candid conversation...and warmth!! And yes--we ALL enjoy writer's block...but I've never seen it handled in such a fun and creative way before!! Most of the rest of us would still be stuck--sipping the water and on draft number 34! :) I love nests, too. This spring, I harvested some old, over-wintered morning glory vines, twirled them into a nest, lined them with old fine grasses and plucked some green moss struggling with the snow, to tuck into the nest cavity--it turned out charmingly! I think I will want to let morning glory vines over-winter outside somewhere again next season--for the same purpose. The winter elements make the vines supple and mellow. Wetting vines before shaping is helpful, too. But we'd just come off lots of rain so they were already co-operative!! MUCH THANKS for your POSTS Karianne--they are a true delight!!! Lisa Hains

  13. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    Your Spring table is gorgeous! You really did an amazing job! I love the dragonflies; they're one of my favorite things! Writer's block, no way for you! I'm on my way to vote! Good luck!

  14. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Your table is springy! Happy! Luckily it doesn't need words! I still don't believe you were at a loss...not possible...unless, you failed to wear your blingy earrings and red lipstick....that might do it! And I did vote...cute projects! ;)

  15. Image for Kelly@Primer&PaintedNails Kelly@Primer&PaintedNails

    Couple things to say.... I feel writers block all the time... even when you are blocked you are fantastic. Love the table (and the dragonfly!!!)... I thinks it's crazy that you are the competitor with CWTS, because I'd have thought you were one of the stars already!!! You, your blog and your home and creativity are inspiring.

  16. Image for Jeannie Jeannie

    Your table is very refreshing, it's beginning to look like spring. And I know what you are saying, Charlie was one of my favs, maybe they will make him their wildcard pick, fingers crossed. Now I heading over to vote. Have a great day. Jeannie

  17. Image for Regina Regina

    First, I totally understand the writer's block thing. You can tell on when I'm blocked, because my pictures are REALLY BIG. ;) Second, I want info on that tablecloth! It's gorgeous! I'm in a blue mood, you see - in a good way. I went through the whole "country blue" phase in the 80's, navy and hunter green in the 90's, and now I have very little blue. I burned myself out. But TODAY'S blue is NEW and EXCITING. And Springy. :) I'm so ready for Spring . . . . Have a great day - off to look at a contest . . . .

  18. Image for Heather Heather

    Love the tablescape -- so fresh and spring-y! I did the same thing with my post for today -- focused on the Easter table but couldn't think of much to say. You did a much better job! Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  19. Image for Rachel @ Architecture of a Mom Rachel @ Architecture of a Mom

    The next time I get writer's block, I want it to be like yours, making people (like me) smile, accompanied with awesome pictures! Happy Monday. And a random question...where did you get the CUTE black, green and blue little plates? I love them.

  20. Image for Shar Shar

    Pretty table. I'm in the planning stage for my tabletop, as we are hosting Easter brunch. Thanks for the lovely ideas! Fingers crossed on the voting (although I do believe your piece has your 'signature' touch!)

  21. Image for Claudine Claudine

    Dear Karianne! I loved your tablescape! particularly the little milk glass with the little eggs in it. I LOVE milk glass so I am so excited when people that I consider EXPERTS (yes, you are an expert!) love it, too!!! I will go and vote for you, now! XOXO

  22. Image for Wendy Wendy

    No words are necessary with an amazingly gorgeous Spring table like yours. You've outdone yourself. It just says, "Hi. I'm sittin' pretty and I know it". Congrats on the contest. I'm off to vote for, hopefully, you! :)

  23. Image for martha martha

    I just voted. I am pretty sure I knew which was yours, they were all fun. Love your blog and always enjoy reading what you have to say, even with "writers block" you are inspirational.....Go Spring!

  24. Image for Cynthia Toone Riley Cynthia Toone Riley

    Pretty darn sure I voted for your creation...I can't wait to see if I was right. And I would have voted for it anyway..I loved it!

  25. Image for Erin Erin

    You don't always need words. Your photography speaks volumes...but I do like to listen to you because you make me laugh. Beautiful pics. Went and voted. Good luck.

  26. Image for Gwen Gwen

    Okay! I read every word of your blog and was delighted by the dragonfly. The orange. But the photos?! The colors? Pure delight!!! And did you know it is harder to mimic the style you wrote your blog in today than a more step by step one? College English teacher challenged us to write in the familiar format of Erma Bombeck, popular syndicated columnist. None of us succeeded!! Why? It wasn't so easy as she ( nor you) make it seem. So your writing today? An A. Plus I voted. I didn't try to figure out. I went with my favorites. And as I'm going along I'm thinking Boy I wish I could vote for more than one ...and WOW. Three got my votes and I truly hope one is you. This has been soooo fun! OBTW I really liked all of them. None of them were lousy. All were fab. All were very expensive looking too!

  27. Image for Diane Diane

    I do hope you win dear, I wish I could be as certain as the others which was yours. The one I thought was dead on you did not sound like your writing style, that through me off! Best of luck to all of you! ~Diane

  28. Image for Amycha Amycha

    Beautiful table scape, I love the beehive and dragonflies!! And so lucky you've got daffodils growing already. Up here near Chicago we're still trying to decide what season we're in:( Fabulous inspiration for an Easter table..heading over to vote

  29. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Good luck Kari!!....Your spirit and enthusiasm always makes you a winner.... Love your table.....the colors are just so incredibly "happy"....

  30. Image for Jen (Arriving) Jen (Arriving)

    What a beautiful and fresh table setting! I am really coveting that table cloth. ❈ (No news yet on the house hunting project. it's a challenging and occasionally discouraging buyers market here in the PNW. I haven't been blogging, not much to report so my heart just isn't in it right now). Love coming here, your posts always brighten my day and give me ideas (and hope) for future projects!

  31. Image for Linda Southworth Linda Southworth

    Your table is a beauty! I have several pieces of material with dragonflies that I need to create pillows or a tablecloth. You do inspire us! And I voted! I know it was you. Can't miss your style!

  32. Image for Diane | An Extraordinary Day Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    When a gal has great photos...words are over rated. [heehee] of my favorite color mixes and dragon flies equals the perfect Springy table!! And...I voted!! almost had your name in neon was so 'totally' you!! I noticed it didn't have laryngitis either. :) And I LOVE your entry!!!

  33. Image for Kathy Kathy

    Love the Easter decor, especially the beehive. Leave it to you to make writer's block interesting! Voted for what looks like your project. Hope you win!

  34. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Oh yes, I get blocks...sometimes I start a post and it takes a few days to finish it. (fortunately I don't have a schedule to follow lol) I've been over and voted for my top three...I hope one was yours! Debbie :)

  35. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Love the color combinations! Don't think for a minute that I am concerned about you running out of things to say.

  36. Image for hodia supplements hodia supplements

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  37. Image for Claire Middleton Claire Middleton

    Hi, we loved your blog about Spring table decorating tips, and wondered if it would be ok to use a picture in a blog we are writing about table decorations. We would be happy to put a link back to your page from the photo. Fingers crossed that you will say yes! Kind regards Claire

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