Screen In Back Porch

Yesterday it felt like spring.


I heard birds chirping and the sun was shining and a gentle breeze was blowing and I could almost hear the collective sigh of joy from the front lawn.

I think the blades of grass were hosting an open house with a limbo contest.


I know it won’t last.

I know that snow is in the forecast for Wednesday and cold temperatures are predicted for the rest of the week…..with a 90% chance of gloomy and dreary.

But for one brief shining moment…..for one sunny, breezy afternoon….I could almost smell spring.

So yesterday….I did what self-respecting person would do on an almost spring day…..

…..I took the Christmas trees down from the back porch.

Back Porch


Of course I did.

I really think it was time.

I know it’s February 11.

I know that December and Deck the Halls and fruit cake and the shepherds and wise men and Santa Claus have all come and gone…..and we are staring Valentine’s Day straight in the face.


I know.

Back Porch Table


Maybe I was waiting for spring.

Or the next full moon.

Or the summer solstice.


Or maybe I was just patiently waiting for the blades of grass to stop all their partying……

……and form a Christmas tree removal committee.  🙂

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  1. Image for Colleen Colleen

    Too funny! It's been a very mild summer here in central Florida, so we have been enjoying some beautiful weather for a while now. My second favorite time of the year. Have a great day!

  2. Image for Mike (CraftyDad) Mike (CraftyDad)

    Beautiful post -- and a beautiful back porch too! I love all the black-and-white you have in your home. It's classic and timeless. And I like that. Spring time can't be too far away, can it? I am so tired of the dark, dreary days of winter here in Northern Indiana. We are way overdue for some sunshine...and more than just a few minutes of it. And yes, it's time to put away the Christmas trees. In the blink of an eye, it'll be time to put them up again. But let's have some Spring and Summer and Fall first, shall we? Oh, by the way: Happy Fat Tuesday! I'm going to have a raspberry Paczki and a cup of coffee now.

  3. Image for Gee Gee

    Thanks for the giggles with my coffee :-) I took my walk in a damp and foggy morning here in North central Florida... but I am not complaining. Will be rather springlike here today. Actually , been for a bit. Listening to the birds singing in the trees, and was admiring the azaleas blooming on my walk today... spring is here in NCF. Sending some your way KariAnne. HUGS, Gee "

  4. Image for Sharon B. Sharon B.

    Wow, just beautiful! I love black and white and this is done so well. I checked out the porches too that you posted at Lamps Plus. It makes me wish spring was here right now, but not for awhile in the Pacific Northwest. Until then, I'll visit your porch. :) Sharon

  5. Image for nantucketdaffodil nantucketdaffodil

    Your porch is so inviting....may I join you for a lemonade? cup of tea? It seems very normal that you are just taking down your tree. Here in New England we typically don't take down our outdoor decor until it is warmer, and there is no snow. So yes, my wreaths are up. And they dont look so pretty! Have a great day!

  6. Image for Lorraine@MissFlibbertigibbet Lorraine@MissFlibbertigibbet

    Well...I feel SO much better...I just took all the Christmas wreaths, etc that have been piled on the dining room table...up to the attic...yesterday. It was like Spring here too yesterday...scary for me because I'm NOT ready to add yard work to my load!! Your porch looks lovely...I'm a fan of black and white!

  7. Image for Marian Marian

    You're sponsored by Lamps Plus? Girl, when do you sleep? Kids and closets and porches...Ah, I now understand how the Christmas tree is still on the porch. Well I get that anyway. I just put all my ornaments in a big box this year because I had to get the tree out ASAP, as the garbage guys can take it the first two weeks of Jan and this tree and I just never quite got along. But my honey was out of town and it was a huge tree and my friend was coming over, so I had some slave labor to help if I could get the tree naked. So in the box the ornaments went, breakable on one side and non breakable on the other. And there they sit. 6 weeks later. A giant Crate and Barrel box withed with "when am I going to put these ornaments away?" looking at me every time I go in my dining room. And frankly, I just don't want to make time to do it. But someday, I won't be able to stand it any longer and I'll get it taken care of. Maybe today. Maybe in June. We'll have to see.

  8. Image for Linda Linda

    Oh you have such a beautiful porch!! I thought I could hear the birds singing just from reading this post!! I wish we could get our Hibiscus to flower.

  9. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    It sounds as if you just really enjoy Christmas .... and I assure you, there is nothing wrong with that! =) Your porch is gorgeous and makes me crave spring!

  10. Image for gina gina

    Love the porch. Mine is black, too! South Florida is warm as can be so now I do feel okay that I still have a wreath on my porch. Thanks for the reminder! Taking it down now!

  11. Image for DebbieinAmarillo DebbieinAmarillo

    Ha! My tree is still sitting in my FRONT patio but alas, it snowed at least six inches last night. Now it blends in really well with the live trees. I guess I'll wait awhile longer to drag it away.

  12. Image for Jennifer @ Celebrating Everyday Life Jennifer @ Celebrating Everyday Life

    Tee-hee! You are the best story teller EVER! I love the blades of grass hosting a limbo contest!!!!!!! That is the BEST! I still have a small pink Christmas tree up in my daughter's bedroom - I'm telling myself it's a Valentine tree :-) So far, I'm buying it! :-D

  13. Image for Claire @ The Rustic Pig Claire @ The Rustic Pig

    LOVE your porch!!!! It's beautiful.. it matches your new office! :) I think our grass down here in TX is quite confused! It started sprouting up and reaching for the sun last week! Silly grass! Anyways... gorgeous as always! Hugs!!!

  14. Image for Kelli Kelli was sunny here. I went to my favorite place to by goodies for my home...and bought myself a Valentine gift...or two. The Mr. said that it saved him a trip. ;) Anyway...everything in my cart...was....springy. That is good...right? lol! btw: I am sitting at a little drop-leaf right now...much like the one in the photo. :) k.

  15. Image for Doreen Doreen

    Your porch is beautiful and I can't wait for spring! Heading over to the Lamps Plus site - I'm giving my porch a makeover this spring and need some inspiration!

  16. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Looking at that wonderful porch will make you forget about gloomy and dreary...beautiful as always Kari!!

  17. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Can I move in until all the snow melts...and the temperatures warm up....and the buds start to show...and all the birds start to return...I won't be a bother! ;) I'd like to say I'm kidding....but I'm not! Your porch looks so inviting....enjoy your porch....even if it's only for one day!! ;)

  18. Image for Judy Judy

    i can't wait for spring....will this rain never let up! it's 100% chance of it today, makes me sleepy and lazy....and don't feel bad about the christmas tree just now coming down, last year the one at the lake didn't come down until july 4th!

  19. Image for Regina Regina

    I went out to put our dogs in the kennel this morning. I was standing there, basking just a little, actually feeling THE WARMTH OF THE SUN ON MY BACK!!! I was so excited I didn't even wear a jacket to work . . . . Don't look at it as "it won't last." Look at it like Noah, etc., looked at the rainbow - just the PROMISE of Spring can be enough to put a smile on your face! :) Such a pretty porch! I'm ready for some springy-non-winter decor, myself! Have a great day!!!

  20. Image for Mrs. C Mrs. C

    I cannot wait to check out the inspiration you shared. My back porch really needs my attention. This is it's year! I am going to redo that space and make it our outdoor hot spot. Yes, yes I will! (I'm giving myself a pep talk! lol) I've just got to figure out how to get my husband's grills(two grills *sigh*) and fish cooker relocated. Seriously. That's a major battle. Oh no, I feel my determination slipping at the remembrance of those much needed but not so nice looking items. What to do, what to do? I better hurry and look at the inspiration you've shared, maybe someone else out there had this problem and fixed it??? Is that too much to hope for? :S I adore your porch, I really do! I can see it's free of outdoor cooking apparatuses. Maybe I could build him a cooking porch??? Somewhere else out of sight? Maybe???

  21. Image for Stacey Stacey

    Your porch is breath taking! We just moved into this house last summer. Porch furniture is on our list and I can't wait! It has actually been pretty nice here in Texas. It's raining today which is a huge blessing and the grass is turning green.

  22. Image for amy amy

    Beautiful porch! I confess, I still have my Christmas wreath still hanging on the front door. It's dry and brittle and no longer has that lovely Christmas-y smell. *sigh* I guess it is time for it to be taken down.

  23. Image for Scribbler Scribbler

    I do love your porches, and all those you featured on that link. At long last, a man is coming to tomorrow to talk about building us a back porch. I will refer to these photos for some great ideas.

  24. Image for Pinky Pinky

    No wonder you are always smiling, there is always a PARTY in your head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so darn funny, I love how you write (and think)!!!! I am looking out at my blades of grass and I just think they are shivering, not doing the limbo:):) I LOVE YOUR PORCH!!!!!!!!!! Oh heck, I love your whole house. Every little bit of it. XO, Pinky

  25. Image for Lorrie Lorrie

    That's okay - I just took down the Christmas greenery from the front porch last week. Your porches are lovely - and just waiting for spring/summer, like the rest of us.

  26. Image for Ashley Sparks Ashley Sparks

    I love this porch so much no matter what season it is! We have a bit of Spring confusion out here in California. It was freezing temps a few weeks ago and now our peach tree is blooming. We thought it might be ok but I woke up to ice on the lawn again today...ugh! My fruit trees will be disoriented for months.

  27. Image for

    Oh dear KariAnne pray for the state of my porches!!! We had to tear off half the front porch due to broken pipes last Summer and the back porch is so tiny. I have lots of plans just need to implement them!!! Yours is GAWGUS as always!!!! xo

  28. Image for Brenda Trace Brenda Trace

    Ha! The lady who sometimes help me clean came today. First in months, and very needed. She looked at my tree still standing in the corner iof the dining room and said, can we put that outside? it's dead. Well it still looked ok to me but I'm no dumby. If someone says I'll help you, I do it. So out the door it went and then the ornaments that had been down but sitting in the entry got packed and put away too. The house really does look sort of empty but clean. As if its anticipating something new and fresh. Perhaps tomorrow I'll throw some seeds in the grarden. Or buy some flowers on my gorcery run. A little spring inside while we wait for outside. Enjoyed your post at Lamps Plus. But that's to be expected.

  29. Image for Becca Becca

    Beautiful, as always! You're lucky that turning your porch into Spring doesn't involve lugging the power washer out and cleaning alllllll day!

  30. Image for Babs Babs

    I LOVE the classic black and white look of your porch, and your "green house" with books, on the coffee table. I had a similar one that I got rid of and now I'm kicking myself. Thanks for sharing your beautiful Spring porch.

  31. Image for Sue Sue

    I love the black and white too. We're getting ready to update out back patio this spring. Where did you get the b&w striped cushions?

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