Did you hear that?

It’s the sound of the room breathing.


Christmas is officially put away in 37 totes in the attic and the living room and I are catching our collective breaths.

But the missing Christmas tree isn’t the only that’s changed about this room now.

Did you notice anything different?

Something that wasn’t there before?

Something that’s kind of rocking my world and making me believe in miracles again?

The room now officially has a new….


What do we think?

Do we like it?

It’s kind of the same and kind of different all at the same time.

Here’s the link if you want more information on it.

You can see the rug up close on the post from yesterday about the Christmas present my sister made me.

The new rug has so much depth with layers of pattern.

There are different shades of blue from light blue to darker navy.

I’m trying to give you a 360-degree tour of the rug so you can give me an opinion.

Because just between us?

I can’t decide.

I actually ordered this rug for the study with grand plans of putting up wallpaper and going lighter and brighter with new curtains and new chairs and this new rug.

And then the rug showed up and I unrolled it into the front room to look at it and decided it might need to stay.

So I moved the other rug and put this one in its place and I’ve been living with it for a couple of weeks.

If you are ever unsure about a rug or piece of furniture it’s always a good idea to date it first before jumping into a serious commitment.

(total aside: I’ve told the twins this advice applies to boys as well as household goods.)

So here we are.

A new living room refresh with some rearranged accessories and flowers and books.

And a new rug.

Or do we actually have a new rug in the space?

That’s where you come in.

I was sitting in the living room pondering the rug and a brilliant thought occurred to me.

“KariAnne,” I thought. “Why make a rug decision like this completely on your own? When you have friends?”

Friends with RUG OPINIONS.

So I’m going to show the old rug in the space and the new rug in the space (I’m going to try and get the same angles so it’s easier for us to decide.)

And then?

You can let me know what you think.

Are you ready?

Do you need refreshments before we get started?

Let’s GO.


(linked here for reference)


(linked here for reference)


(linked here for reference)


(linked here for reference)


(linked here for reference)


(linked here for reference)

See what I mean?

It’s a really hard decision.

For reference, the rugs are both about the same color. A few things in the living room have changed in the pictures that might throw you off like the navy bookcases so just keep your eyes on the rug.

Let me know what you think.

Should I keep the old rug?

Or get into a new rug relationship in 2023.

Opinions, please.

Okay. GO. 🙂

PS I linked some of my other favorite blue and white rugs below in case you were shopping and needed a few other options.

1. blue and white rug with center medallion

2. blue rug with overall pattern

3. classic blue and white rug

4. faded geometric pattern

5. washable blue and white rug

6. navy and cream rug

7. my living room rug from last year

8. floral pattern blue and white rug

9. vintage looking blue and white rug

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  1. Image for Alice Alice

    I like the quiet of the new rug. Space is more contemplative. It also allows your pieces to shine, less competition with the rug.

    1. Image for Anne Anne

      Thinking the new rug reflects your lightness as a person. Serene and uplifting look. I like it. And I loved the first one.

    2. Image for Cathie Collins Cathie Collins

      I completely agree! I have the old rug in my kitchen, as per your site. The new rug adds another dimension. They are both pretty rugs but I vote for the new one.

    3. Image for mary mary

      love, love, love the new rug!! a little quieter, lets the rest of the room shine! loved the original until you showed us this one :)

  2. Image for Connie Connie

    I love the new rug. It’s a little more subdued than the previous rug, although both are beautiful. I may pick up the new one for my living room as well.

  3. Image for Teresa H. Fields Teresa H. Fields

    I really like the new one. When compared to old one, the old one looks to over power the other things in the room.

  4. Image for Teresa H. Fields Teresa H. Fields

    I really like the new one. When compared to old one, the old one looks to over power the other things in the room. The new one adds a softness and seams calmer.

    1. Image for Jane Jane

      Jane Tutterow formerly from Keller, Texas, and back in home state of SC. I like the new one with the center medallion. It completes the room instead of competing with the room. I loved the old one until you showed us the new one. I wish I had an all blue and white room. My entrance hall is blue and white though.

  5. Image for Teresa Teresa

    I like the more muted colors of the new rug. It looks GREAT! Don't second guess. Go with it! Personally I like oushak rugs and handknotted rugs. Have you ever had one of those? I am searching for one in neutral beige colors for our bedroom. I need a 9 x 12 and it will be an investment. :)

  6. Image for christine wheat christine wheat

    sorry all you folk, but i only had to glance and the darker is my choice and that stuck as i went slowly through the pics a few times.

  7. Image for Judy Allen Judy Allen

    New Rug! Makes the room seem bigger and more welcoming. However, none of your choices could be considered wrong. Always gorgeous!

  8. Image for Mary Joan V Mary Joan V

    Oh goodness I love the new rug. I have the same rug as your old rug ( and the same striped chair!) and now I have to go take a look at the new rug for myself!!!

  9. Image for Cristie Cristie

    I agree with most comments.. I like the New rug because it doesn’t overpower the room.. plus the new rug lightens up tge look for spring coming.. Your so sweet to ask our opinion ❣️

  10. Image for Shannon Gryszkiewicz Shannon Gryszkiewicz

    I love the new rug!!! It’s such a soft look and now I notice everything else in the room! Whatever you decide the room is lovely both ways! Happy New Year!

  11. Image for Tj Tj

    I like the new rug. It is amazing the difference even with the same colors. I believe the items in your living shine a little more.

  12. Image for Barbara Moore Barbara Moore

    You inspired many many folks with your original rug in this gorgeous room. So many ran to buy it solely because it looked so beautiful there. Me, included. But. Much to the hubs despair, I enjoy change.. So I would keep the new rug because it's also lovely. That way when I get a hankerin' for something new, I could just swap them back. I love looking at your room. With every change it still remains a beautiful room. One could say, a famous room. I love seeing everything you create. And I love that you will perfectly understand the meaning of hankerin'.

  13. Image for PJ PJ

    Hi, KariAnne. Both rugs are lovely, but the new rug gives me a feeling of calm. So I guess, I would think about what mood you are hoping for. In my world, calm wins.

  14. Image for JJ Jacobs JJ Jacobs

    I vote for the new rug which is gorgeous! It has more white space which makes it less dominant than the older rug (also beautiful). The blank/white space doesn't shout "look at me" which lets the other furniture and accessories in the room shine!

  15. Image for Janet Janet

    I like the new rug. The dark blue in the old rug, I think, jumped out too much. Personal preference is more of the subdued blue in the new rug

  16. Image for Laurs Laurs

    Although they are similar the new rug seems to give the room a more airy, open feel in my opinion. Both are beautiful but if I had to pick I'd go with the new one. Hope this helps and happy new year!

  17. Image for Barb Barb

    I like both rugs. But... with the blue painted book shelf (instead of it being white) I like the old carpet. I think the darker blue compliments the darker blue in the room from the shelving blue to the pillow blue. If you had left the shelf white I may lean toward the new carpet. Whatever you do it will look amazing ! have fun!

  18. Image for Judy Young Judy Young

    I love them both but the “old” rug is much bolder and the furniture isn’t as noticeable. The new rug being more muted in color to me looks expensive and allows the furniture to pop

  19. Image for Barbara Barbara

    New rug as I agree with others about looking brighter and lighter! But definitely use the old rug in another room:)

  20. Image for Renee Mongillo Renee Mongillo

    Hello! I love the new rug because it’s a more tame and doesn’t overpower the room. It softens the room.

  21. Image for Mary V. Mary V.

    The subtle undertones of the new rug reflect beautifully the blue and white designs you have combined in the room. More restful than the original rug, although that one is lovely too!

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      I'm so so sorry! I've fixed everything now! Here's the link to the new rug: https://urlgeni.us/overstock/3RGt

  22. Image for Lynda Lynda

    I could not open the link for the new rug. Will you repost it? I love the new rug much more, although they are both pretty.

  23. Image for Debbie Holyfield Debbie Holyfield

    Hmm! That's a hard one since every room we have seen in your house is beautiful! But my vote is the NEW rug!

  24. Image for Emily Emily

    I like the new rug better. The pattern is smaller and the and allows the pillows to stand out. The larger spaces of neutral on the rug allow the patterns to play off of each other.

  25. Image for LORRI LORRI

    Absolutely the new rug .To me it just looks softer..not so in your face. . I'm sure you will find another room you can put your Older rug in. I love your painted blue bookcase. It looks lovely in your room. Is this a new find or did you repurpose it from another room?

  26. Image for Barb E Barb E

    In that room - I like the old one. For some reason it gives the room a more spacious look. The new one IS beautiful, though.

  27. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    I LOVE the new rug - so much that I wanted to learn more, but the links are messed up for the old and new rugs - the new rug link brings you to the old rug and the old rug link bring you to 'Big Acrylic Resin Flower Petal Hoop Earrings' - any chance of updating?? Thank you!!

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      I'm so so sorry!!!! I fixed everything now! Here's the link to the new rug: https://urlgeni.us/overstock/3RGt

  28. Image for Lori H Lori H

    After all these opinions..if you even get to them all..both rugs do look well in the room BUT one caveet..You mentioned you were planning on "lighting the space" soon with other shades of color? The new rug gives a calmer vibe to the room and at first glance you might think everything else in the room is too busy? But it works..The new rug would work even better with a more calmer neutral blue or less patterns...even though it works it says "calm" ..like your white/ivory neutrals in the room. Your original is great and works well but it does say hey! I've got lots goin'on ..and that's with the added patterns in the room making it a bit more out going....busy like but good...just a different feel. I see it as a vibe thing and where you plan to take the room from here. It does work either way:0) My 2 cents for what it may be worth. Love them both.

  29. Image for Peg Peg

    If the room were more traditional, and more formal, I would like the new rug. I think it plays very well with the couch, the blue porcelain pieces, and the brass tables!! However, I feel your room is very playful, with bold mix of pillows and patterns, and the old rug compliments that perfectly!! xoxo

  30. Image for Carla Carla

    I actually like the new rug better. It's pattern is smaller and less of a standout but adds a lot of color without being overstated. The larger pattern in the old rug kind of took away from the rest of the furniture in the room. So I vote yes to keep it in the living room!

    1. Image for Tracey Tracey

      I agree with Carla! 😀 the new rug looks more expensive and less trendy as well. It just allows your furniture and accessories to shine!

  31. Image for suzyque suzyque

    The link for the new rug looks to me like the old rug and the link for the old rug shows earrings. I think I like the new rug better.

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      I'm so sorry!!!! I have it all fixed now! Here's the right link to the new rug: https://urlgeni.us/overstock/3RGt

  32. Image for Julie Mumpower Julie Mumpower

    I LOVE your new rug!! I think it’s fun to have a change. The new rug gives the room a different vibe-it feels a little more elevated and sophisticated in a traditional sense. I picture a couple of maiden hair ferns or Boston ferns in this room. Keep “playing” with your house, KariAnne. We all love watching and learning from you!

  33. Image for Betty Betty

    I prefer your first blue rug. The 2nd one has a lovely pattern but there's not enough contrast from the walls and sofa. The eye tends to bounce from wall to sofa to rug to chairs, etc. That being said, both rugs are beautiful and it's your personal choice!

  34. Image for Kristi Essman Kristi Essman

    Well, you have more than enough opinions here, but I do like the new one. As has been said it has a soft, calmness about it that seems to kind of change the whole atmosphere of the room. I liked the old one too especially with the new navy bookcases, I think it would look wonderful, but I can really FEEL that sense of relaxation that probably comes over you as you sit in the room now w/the new one! Happy New Year!

  35. Image for Gail Cunningham Gail Cunningham

    KariAnne, I love them both...I actually have the first one in my bedroom...but the new one is just a tad bit lighter and brighter (and already in place, lol). Keep the new one, move the old. one to the study!

  36. Image for Sherrie Mock Sherrie Mock

    At first I though the old rug should stay…but the new rug is softer looking. I can definitely see why you’re on the horns of a dilemma! I think you should go with the NEW one!

  37. Image for Mary Joan V Mary Joan V

    Oh my goodness I'm so confused! The old rug link is for earrings and the new rug link is the old rug and I can't figure out where the new rug is because I love it-help!

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      I'm so so so sorry! I've fixed everything now and here's the right link for the new rug: https://urlgeni.us/overstock/3RGt

  38. Image for Sheila Anderson Sheila Anderson

    I love the new rug. Personally, I never liked the other one. The new one lets the rest of the room shine without screaming for attention.

  39. Image for Wendy Wendy

    I like the new rug because it doesn't compete with the furnishings and accessories. However, I did like the old one as well.

  40. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Since you asked…I prefer the old one. It has more personality…like you! The new one is a little too subtle for the room I think…it’s too restful. But…if that’s what you are going for…carry on. It will be interesting to see which one you choose. Enjoy your day! ;)

  41. Image for Dianne Miley Dianne Miley

    I can’t believe I’m saying this. New Rug. There. I said it. My first thought was, NO! I love that rug. I OWN thst rug! (It’s in my bedroom, thanks to Kari Anne.) But… the new rug is more subtle and less busy. It allows other patterns to shine. And it’s always fun to change things up. Plus, now you can move the old rug into a new space and give it a whole new life!

  42. Image for Joy Joy

    The older rug is very nice. But, after comparing it with the new one, it seems to stand out too much. In my opinion, the new one should stay. 😊

  43. Image for Kimberley Owens Kimberley Owens

    Beautiful friend- When I look at the rugs, I see: Old rug- “vibrant & alive” New rug- “demure and subdued” You, my friend, are all about “life”, giving new life, pouring new life, into others through your expression of what you do. Honestly, it depends on where your heart is that brings you peace in this season. I do love the old rug, however. So bold and bright and full of life! And, perhaps, I like it because I have it in my own living room. 😬 May I add that everyone who comes into our home LOVES that rug! Blessings to you, Kimberley

  44. Image for Ella fitzgerald Ella fitzgerald

    New rug for a fresh new year. You will have the old rug available for the living room anytime you would like a change.

  45. Image for Ange Ange

    The living room seems much more serene with the new rug. Both are lovely though. Does that mean the old rug will be going into the study?

  46. Image for Cora Cora

    What a great way to compare! I thought I would prefer the old rug but when I looked at the pictures, I really think the new rug looks calmer, quieter, better because it compliments everything in the room rather than dominating the eye.

  47. Image for Sara Sara

    The new rug is too traditional and quiet. To my mind, it doesn't reflect your big bold personality. I say stick with tried and true (also good dating advice) - in other words call that old boyfriend and make up with him lol!

  48. Image for Kris Kris

    I don't think you can go wrong with either one. That said, I prefer the pattern on the new rug and I think it plays better with the rest of the room. Have fun deciding!

  49. Image for DeMarie Ingraham DeMarie Ingraham

    Both are fabulous, but the new one is more fab! My eye rests on the old one, whereas the new one doesn’t compete with what’s going on in the room. If you want the rug to be one of the focal points, I’d stay with the old one, otherwise, I’d go with the subtlety of the new one. I don’t think you can go wrong with either.

  50. Image for Jackie Jackie

    Old. The old rug anchors the room and does not fight with the striped chairs. I'm amazed at the number of people that have chosen the new rug!

  51. Image for Liz Shivel Liz Shivel

    Love both rugs, but I vote for the NEW one! It’s cozier and a bit subdued. The OLD rug is brighter and a little livelier, which is all good, but I’m voting the NEW.

  52. Image for Zolane Zolane

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new rug! It is subtle and beautiful and accents your furniture perfectly without being the center of attention. GORGEOUS!

  53. Image for Denise Denise

    NEW rug! It's has a more sophisticated feel - maybe more mature and confident in it's "quietness". Great job - keep the new rug in the living room.

  54. Image for Jill Brewster Jill Brewster

    Both are beautiful rugs, and both work well with your color scheme. It all comes down to personal choice. For me, I choose the new rug. The colors are a little more muted, softer, and blends well. The old rug is more dramatic, says "look at me", kind of sassy, and fun. Like I said personal choice....I am more a blend in kind of person, but I think you are more kind of sassy and fun loving, so good luck with you final decision.....and you can always change back.

  55. Image for Karyn Karyn

    I like the new rug. The color is softer, which allows the bolder pops to really POP. The old one sort of competed with the more deeply-toned items. The new one lets them shine.

  56. Image for Leisa Haynes Leisa Haynes

    I like the old one. It looks richer and softer. I like the Navy colors. The new one looks rung out with muted colors and not soft to walk on it.

  57. Image for Patricia Patricia

    Definitely OLD rug as it anchors your room and pulls all your blues together. The new rug is too subtle and doesn’t pull your large living room together.

  58. Image for Mary PatPurcell Mary PatPurcell

    The old rug seems to SHOUT, COME ON IN! While the new rug make a gentle suggestion of, welcome to my house and I am happy that you came to visit. The old rug is a bit overwhelming in the soft light of the room, and the new rug slips in and says, hello, please stay awhile. Also, I have to confess that seeing how you use old Reader's Digest books in your rooms, makes me smile. I grew up with these in the living room at my parent's home and seeing them takes me back there. Thanks!

  59. Image for Cheryl Cheryl

    Love the new rug KariAnne! It makes the room feel lighter to me. Love the old one but for this space, I would go for the new rug! Happy New Year!!

  60. Image for Sue Sue

    I think the new rug is the prettier of the two rugs. But somehow it doesn't work as well with your sofas. It almost makes them look dingy. They stand out in the room instead of blending with the rest of it. The darker blue of the old rug contrasts better with the sofas, making them look whiter and brighter. It also works better with the rest of the room.

  61. Image for Michele M, Michele M,

    Well, KA - I like the newer rug better. (But I will always pick calm over bold.) The new one is such a subtle difference, but it affects one's mood. As long as you utilize the old one somewhere else I say keep new. If you were given the new rug in compensation as a talented successful influencer then keep it there b/c it is better imho. But if you paid for it and won't be using the old one the change is so subtle it makes more sense to keep old one there. But I love the more muted calm of the new one. All the above well stated reasons for being Team New Rug need not be stated again.

  62. Image for Carla Erickson Carla Erickson

    Karianne, your room is beautiful with both rugs! I love the new rug better, as it allows the other blues in the room to stand out more! The blue in the old rug is strong, maybe overpowering your other blue items like pillows and chairs! So lovely either way!!

  63. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Both rugs are beautiful but the new one is my favorite. The softer color gives the eye a place to land and find calm within the strikingly beautiful pieces you’ve chosen for the rest of the room. The new rug makes the space appear larger and more airy as well. Plus I think the new rug compliments your personality. The vivid blues in the room express your enthusiasm for life while the muted colors in the rug expresses your sweet, kind and sentimental side of you.

  64. Image for Lisa Lisa

    The new rug is quiet elegance, like you, it needs a subtle background to highlight all that charming exuberance, love it and your style!!

  65. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    Hmmm . . . as much as I love the old rug, I think the new rug is perfect!! I like the muted tones. I wish I could say my Christmas decorations were put away, but I made the mistake of ordering ornament storage boxes that won't be her until NEXT WEEK!! LOL!! My Jan. 13 birthday daughter loves it - she says it should stay up until after her birthday, anyway! Ha!!!

  66. Image for Lisa Lisa

    KariAnne,meant to ask if you are planning to post pics of all those cute dresses you bought for the cruise, need some inspiration for my trip! Thanks so much.

  67. Image for Wendy Wendy

    I like the new rug. Hopefully the old rug will go nicely in the area you wanted to use the new rug in! But girl go back to your design mistakes you have made in the past and do what your heart says. The only opinion that really matters is yours! Happy designing

  68. Image for Rizae Pfiefle Rizae Pfiefle

    I love both rugs but... The old just seems to make the furniture stand out in a beautiful way. The new rug just doesnt seem to fit the design of the decore. And yet..... It's your home, your decision. And both rugs are gorgeous in their own style.

  69. Image for Billie Billie

    New rug, but I like both. The new rug looks more delicate or quieter allowing the furniture & other items in the room to shine.

  70. Image for Sharon Sharon

    Wow! They are both beautiful. I think the new one makes the room have a sense of calm and is gorgeous for a change of pace. But the old one, I have always adored. I would probably keep both and just swap then periodically. Big help I am, huh? And thank you for the other blue rugs! I am looking for a new rug with blue in it and my first thought was your original one. Now I am more confused 🤪

  71. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Sorry y’all, even though both rugs are beautiful in there own way. With the bookcase painted that beautiful shade of blue, the old rug definitely makes more of a statement now.

  72. Image for Susan Susan

    Both are fabulous! Seems like the new rug blends in better and isn’t trying to overpower the room. Can’t go wrong with either though.

  73. Image for Jean Hamberg Jean Hamberg

    Well, with your sense of style and taste, you can't go wrong with either rug - duh! However, I choose the new rug, mainly because I love the lighter background, which makes the whole room look lighter and airier. And that fits the "new you" too!

  74. Image for JC JC

    Love the NEW RUG! It has more of a muted tone. It leans more towards a "vintage" look and is much softer in the space. I like the balance it brings to everything ele in the space.

  75. Image for Lisa Broussard Lisa Broussard

    At first I didn't notice a change in the room. Then you showed the before and after. The old rug's blue color is very strong while the new rug's blue is subtle. I find the striped chairs pop in the picture. So keep the new rug!!!!

  76. Image for Stacy Stacy

    Well I am not help. I love them both! But I have to say I am still in love with the first rug. You can't go wrong with either one.

  77. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    YES! The NEW one! I loved the old one but the new one is even better! Most everyone has said what I was going to say: it's quieter, more restful. Not as busy. Softer. Understated. More elegant. The room looks bigger. It's wonderful! 😍

  78. Image for celestial celestial

    I really prefer the old one for several reasons; 1. It has more punch and contrast than the second one and provides more interest in the room 2. The new one is much more subtle and the chroma of all the blues in the room is so similar that it tends to read meh. 3. The new rug might work if you change up your pillows to have more of a solid navy impact than the patterned ones now present.

  79. Image for Colleen Colleen

    I like the old rug, KariAnne. I think it’s more vibrant and makes the room nice and bright. The new one makes the room look dull and grey and worn out looking. All of a sudden the new rug made all your furniture look dull and grey too. Totally changed the look of your sofa's, but not in a good way. But, your house, you do as you please…

  80. Image for Colleen Colleen

    Sorry..I had another thing to say, KariAnne..lol..I also think that if you had to ask for peoples opinion, you aren’t really sure whether you like the look of the new rug either..I don’t think the rug "dating" thing would cut it with me.lol..As soon as I put that rug down, I would know whether I liked it in that room or not. You shouldn’t have to get use to it to make a decision. You either like it or you don’t. I still vote for the old. The new rug (to me), now makes the room look old, tired, faded and worn out. It lost all of "your" personality.

  81. Image for Linda Linda

    I like the new rug for spring and summer and the old rug for fall and winter. The new rug is lighter and airier and the old rug is darker and warmer.

  82. Image for Patrice Luckey Patrice Luckey

    LOVE the new rug! It looks more expensive! More sophisticated! The room looks more curated with the new rug...more dimensional... The old rug was good - the new rug is awesome! If you feel you need morr contrast in the room, add a couple deep colored throws casually draped over one shoulder of each sofa - perhaps in a shade of the color of the flowers in your vases in any given season! Or keep the throws neutral, but contrasting by keeping them in a navy...and/or have one or two of the pillows on the sofas be in a deep solid velvet...

  83. Image for GayLynn Pack GayLynn Pack

    New rug! For all the reasons stated above. It lets your furniture shine more than the old one. Definitely better.

  84. Image for Linda Scott Linda Scott

    Keep dating!! Love the change!! Put the other beautiful rug in the room you planned to redecorate? I change my rugs from room to room all the time and drive myself nuts bc it is a lot of work. About to do that this weekend!!

  85. Image for Heather Heather

    It’s a New Year out with the old in with the new! The new rug has a bit more softness to it which makes the furniture pop. The old rug has a lot of navy which draws your eye immediately to the rug. You have excellent taste no matter what ;)

  86. Image for Michele Michele

    As much as I love the old rug (and I do, am working on convincing my husband we need one just like it), I think I prefer the new one.

  87. Image for Christine Kennedy Christine Kennedy

    I think the old rug is a much better choice. It balances out your colors and patterns and adds vibrancy to the room design. The new rug looks as though you started with a great design plan and decided to play safe when it came to the rug. The original room plan reflects your bubbly personality much more than the second choice.

  88. Image for Larkrise Larkrise

    Hi Kerrianne! A new Spring Flirt already ha ha! But your First rug catch is still the hottie;). It looks younger, fresher with dash of sizzle! The new one is muted kinda old fashion forgettable except a center diamond that stops the eye and fights with a table. Lastly the new rugs smaller looking pattern will be closer to other fabric choices such as on sofa pillows. The Hottie rug makes a complementary bigger mix. Agree with another commenter that said you would already know if you liked the new one better. Happy New Year & Love you bunches whatever you do!

  89. Image for Mary Mary

    Love them both. I have the old one, but am tempted by the new as well. What really caught my eye is the floral platter. Can you tell me about it, please?

  90. Image for Sandi from the Cape Sandi from the Cape

    Boy, you've got a lot of reading to do! I'm probably in the minority here, but I think the old rug grounds the space and makes the furniture stand out. The new one is nice but the furniture just floats on top. Well that's my opinion and you get just what you paid for it! Good luck and let us know!

  91. Image for Pat Pat

    The old rug was beautiful, but didn’t highlight all your beautiful things in your room. It kind of stole the show! But I love the new rug I think all your furniture and accessories jump out at you when you look at the room.

  92. Image for Jackie Jackie

    I like the new rug over the old. Has a little bit more structure and also variance in the blue shades. But the old was beautiful too!

  93. Image for Nancy Federici Griffiths Nancy Federici Griffiths

    This is really tough! In some shots I like the old better…but then in some I like the new one!!! Such decisions! So if I had to pick…I’d go with the new one!!

  94. Image for Bea Kuchta Bea Kuchta

    KariAnne Both rugs are beautiful. Keep the one you like best and send the other one to me in Pittsburgh (where we NEED rugs because it was 6 degrees below zero a few days before Christmas. Santa probably had frostbite). I'll take good care of it for you. LOL

  95. Image for Diane Greiner Diane Greiner

    I actually had the old rug myself ..looking at your pictures the old rug really stands out in the room so I’d say go with the new rug! Change it up! Btw Happy New Year!

  96. Image for Mary Baver Mary Baver

    KariAnne, The old rug warms the room up, and the new has a lighter, brighter feel. You can use the old rug during the Winter, and new in Spring and Summer. That is, if you don't mind moving them around twice a year!

  97. Image for SUSAN J. SIMS SUSAN J. SIMS

    Well, you can't go wrong with either. My philosophy is that if they are both so similar that you can't decide, you might as well save yourself some money to spend elsewhere, and stay with what you have. Just sayin' . . . ! P.S. I do prefer the white bookcase over the navy one.

  98. Image for Teresa La Voy Teresa La Voy

    When trying on clothes, I always ask myself, " Am I wearing the dress or is the dress wearing me?" The Old rug is wearing the Room. The Room is wearing the New rug. I vote for the new rug. Brightest Blessings!

  99. Image for Stacy Stacy

    I like the new rug...sorta. BUT I LOVE the old rug. The old rug just looks brighter and fresher. New rug looks a little dull compared to the old rug.

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