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A little over a month ago Birch Lane contacted me to see if there was a space in my house I wanted to add a little spring refresh to.

And did I need a little help?


As a matter of fact I do.

Then I jumped up and down and tried a cart-wheel and thought I might take up yodeling to celebrate.

Birch Lane Spring Refresh Campaign Photo

I knew I had the perfect space for the refresh.  I’ve been wanting to add a little something to the laundry room.

At least that’s how the conversation went when I explained it all to my husband later.  Just a little bit here and there, I told him.

And somewhere between a little bit and a little something…..

….I kind of got a little carried away.

And completely made over the entire room. 🙂

laundry room before before

Now here’s the before before.

This is the laundry room before I wrote a blog when we first bought the house.  I had no idea how much I would one day need before pictures.  This is all the before I have.

The walls were yellow.

The trim was dark.

laundry room before

Here’s the during.

I love the space.  I love that window.  I love the black and white and I love the pieces and how they fit in the space.

I love the green trees outside in this picture that are currently brown.

The room had looked like this for five years and I loved every minute of those five years, but I was ready for a change.

And now?

laundry room

Now it looks like this.

Can you even believe it?

Please scroll to that before before picture one more time.


Laundry has never made me so happy.

shelving in laundry room

We started the make-over by painting the room.

The new paint color is SW Rice Grain.

I think it lightened up the space and made it all look a little fresher.

criss cross light

We wrapped the paint onto the ceiling too.

There was an old fluorescent light up there and we took it down, attached a ceiling medallion and added this chandelier.

It’s perfect for the space because it’s light and airy and the burnished gold color is so pretty against the paint color on the walls.

It comes in different colors, too, and it’s even on sale right now.

painted armoire

Then we painted the big pieces of furniture that were already in the space with a fresh coat of white paint.

This armoire used to be black.

I bought it years ago at a yard sale for $5 with the best story behind it.

I didn’t want to change it out for something else, so we painted it and striped the door with more SW Rice Grain.

burnished gold hardware

We also added new handles.

These were just plain silver handles from the hardware store.

Super inexpensive.

I simply sprayed them with a coat of burnished gold spray paint.


The large piece on the other side?

I added ship lap to the back of it and hung a twig basket in the middle of the ship lap.

It’s perfect for paper towel storage.

shelving in laundry room

Here’s a better view of the armoire painted with its new burnished gold jewelry.

I love these wire baskets with burlap liners and they make the perfect storage for folded laundry on top of the washer and dryer.

But my favorite part of the new room?

Drum roll please.

laundry room barn door

It’s the sliding barn door with burnished gold hinges above the washer and dryer.

I’m going to show the DIY later, but we bought the hinges and track at Tractor Supply and I spray painted them gold.

You can roll the door from side to side on the track.

barn door slider laundry room

Here’s another angle so you can see how the hinges roll on the track.

It’s the perfect place to put laundry and cleaning supplies that aren’t cute.

Use what you need and then slide it closed when you’re done.

It slides so easily across the track.

laundry room

We also added an indoor/outdoor rug to the space.

Because the area is high traffic and gets a lot of water, this runner was a great option for adding a graphic pattern to the floor.

The room was finished this week and I did laundry in here yesterday.  I went around and asked everyone if they had towels to wash so I could try it out. I was hoping that since the room was new and improved and made over, it might want to wash the towels for me.

I’m still waiting. 🙂

Birch Lane Spring Refresh Campaign Photo

PS  A GIANT shout out to Birch Lane for inspiring the make-over and putting together the spring refresh program.  Yesterday, Lucy from Craftberry Bush showed us her spring refresh and tomorrow Melissa from The Inspired Room is sharing with us her room.  And I’m also taking over the Birch Lane Instagram today.  You can follow along with me here.

disclosure:  Birch Lane sponsored this post and compensated me for the campaign.

All opinions on barn doors and burnished gold and amazing light fixtures are completely my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.

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  1. Image for Mimi - 247 Mulberry Lane Mimi - 247 Mulberry Lane

    KariAnne, I love your sense of style! I have decided that Rice Grain is my new favorite color. I'm in the process of painting my kitchen that color and I adore how it looks on my walls...and me. Every day one of my students discovers a new patch on the back of my arm, in my hair, etc. Obviously I am not a careful painter...or showerer. Yikes! Thanks for all the inspiration! P.S. I covet those wire baskets! :-)

  2. Image for Jeanne@ I Dream on Jeanne Marie Jeanne@ I Dream on Jeanne Marie

    Hi KariAnne, Our 1892 fixer upper house didn't really have a laundry room when we bought it, but my hubby said he could make his 8x8 "office" space with all his work clothes, the washer and dryer, a file cabinet and the dog Bad idea! It's not nearly as impressive as your room, nor nearly as beautiful... I love everything you did in there. Oh to do laundry in a room like that! *sigh* Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Image for Terri Terri

    OHHH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( as JoAnna Gaines would say... ) :) ... Can I make a reservation?? I just need a pillow and a little chair right in front of that amazing window!!! lolol..... just gorgeous Karianne!!!!! Every single bit of it!!! Between the window and that little sliding barn door and the ship lap... and ....... :) .. sigh!!! I could do laundry alll day!!!!!!!

  4. Image for Leslie Leslie

    Oh, that sliding barn door!!! Genius!! I'll rock on with you at Birch Lane Instagram...if you run out of may head my way. There are several screaming for a new updo! You, my friend, are amazing.

  5. Image for Shirley@housepitalitydesigns Shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Love the new addition to the laundry room....I have been wanting to replace the ho-hum light in my laundry room for some time are inspiring me to do so !....Your laundry room is so pretty and fresh.....yes, beauty and function.

  6. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    It's beautiful...probably too much so to do laundry by itself. Wouldn't want to mess up the gold bling after all. :-D Love, love, love the barn door, the new runner, light, ok all of it. Funny, the laundry room is one of the rooms I'm contemplating redoing. It's gone too rustic for my taste. Needs some balance. Thanks for the inspiration! Happy almost Spring! Cecilia

  7. Image for Mary Mary

    I love your refresh. I liked the laundry room before when you did it, but this is even better! I hope you don't mind if I borrow some of the ideas.

  8. Image for tcmullinax tcmullinax

    Gorgeous! That room is too pretty to do laundry in. My laundry room is coated in lint, top to bottom. I want to redo it, but I won't until I figure out how to avoid the lint confetti. I'm so careful when I clean out that darn lint tray-still, it goes everywhere.

  9. Image for Lisa at celebrate creativity Lisa at celebrate creativity

    Hi KariAnne, OK, I used to covet your laundry room before and now this is even more beautiful. So much brighter and airy. Love all the storage solutions too and the barn door is very clever. Did you paint the washer and dryer too? That really is some gorgeous light that steams into this space too. Do keep that in mind for your food photography locales (smile). I really love the softer, more neutral-tone approaches you've been sharing lately. Have a lovely day.

  10. Image for Michelle Rudis Michelle Rudis

    Wow, I never thought I would say this because laundry is one of my LEAST favorite chores, but I too would probably hunting around for laundry to do just so I could do it in a room like that! Beautiful, Karianne!

  11. Image for Rowena Philbeck Rowena Philbeck

    Love your laundry room. So clean and pretty!! I use to have an laundry room with a sink etc. but moved. Now its one side is the dryer and other across from that is a washer. Each has a cabinet over the top and thats it. I sure miss my big laundry room.

  12. Image for jae jae

    I didnt think you could make the laundry room better.....but you did! love, love, love the new look! Only thing I miss is the tall valance pulling your eye in and making the window look huge....are you planning the inexpensive make-it-taller-with wood that you did on your other windows? But it is stunning just the way it is. I think I would be hunting for laundry to do if mine looked like this!

  13. Image for Gee Gee

    So pretty KariAnne . Sigh... If only it would do the laundry by itself :) I must say, I did like the first make over... but this one is fresh and bright and pretty!!!! Happy laundry days! Hugs, Gee

  14. Image for Kris Kris

    Wow! I liked your last makeover but I think removing the curtain topper makes it even more light and airy. Very pretty. Now if you find a way to get the clothes to fold themselves and put themselves away, I will be truly excited. ;)

  15. Image for Cheryl Ann Cheryl Ann

    Nicely done! Hey I saw your picture when you were near my home in Thompson's Station at the Homestead Manor a couple of weeks ago. That place is our new favorite...we needed it out here! Great food & phenomenal Farmer's Mkt too... Cheryl Ann

  16. Image for Katherines Corner Katherines Corner

    Your before, before, photo made me giggle. I said to my hubby recently, " oh rats I wish I would have taken a before photo of that!" Who knew, we would need them, right? Your before photo is lovely, bright and fresh. Your update is equally bright and has a nice touch of cozy too. You could grab a book and sit right there in the laundry room . I do love all of the little touches too, they can make such a big difference. But, truth be told , it's your view out of the window that really made me smile. All of that wonderful natural light too. Green tree brown tree either way it is lovely. We have a small narrow laundry room with plenty of cupboards which I like very much. But my favorite thing is that it is on the second floor of our home. Hugs my friend

  17. Image for Linda Andersen Linda Andersen

    Well, you did it again. Barn door? Just stop. That striped runner makes the room look twice as long. Love it so much. I love everything about it. Can I ask what the white ruffles were at the end of the room that are gone now? Well done friend.... Linda

  18. Image for Ginny Ginny

    It's Wonderful- my favorite is the light fixture. The only thing I'd add would be a little fabric treatment above the window. A job well done!

  19. Image for Leslie Leslie

    I thought the in progress photo was pretty incredible, but the after photo is amazing! Love all the details, including the chandelier and the sliding door. It makes me wish I had an actual laundry room instead of a laundry nook!

  20. Image for Brandy @ The Prudent Homemaker Brandy @ The Prudent Homemaker

    Very pretty! Clean and organize the laundry room is on my to-do list for this month. I want to take the washer and dryer out and clean behind them :) I love the light you have! My laundry room lacks natural light, but other than that, I love it!

  21. Image for Shelly Shelly

    Kari Anne, I have the dark trim work like you had. What kind of paint did you use? Did you have to strip it first? I would love to paint mine. Thank you for answering. Blessings

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