I was thinking through all the spring tours I’ve loved before.

There was the spring tour with emojis.

And the yard sale spring tour.

And the spring door decorating tour.

But this year?  I think this year is my favorite.

Maybe it’s because I’m back in my new (old) house.

Maybe it’s because so many befores have turned into afters.

Or maybe.  Just maybe.  It’s because the sunshine showed up. 🙂

I’m so happy to be joining my friend Marty for her spring tour this year.  If you are stopping by from the amazing tour over at my friend Laura’s Duke Manor Farm, it’s so nice to meet you.

And now?

Let’s get touring. 🙂

You’ve heard me say it before, but every morning, I wake up the house.

I know.  I get it.  It’s a little random.  I just can’t help it.

I’m in a committed relationship with my house.

And when I walk into the front of the house and see the sunshine in the dining room, I say.

Hello, dining room.

You and your sunshine look beautiful today.

That jasmine smells so sweet and did I tell you how much I love your dough bowl.

Hello living room.

Has anyone mentioned yet that your mantel looks fabulous?

And great idea on the simple hydrangeas in that wood bowl.

I love what you’ve done with the thrift store coffee table.

Hello kitchen.

I’m so all about you today.

Those farm letters?

That mason jar rack?

That adorable pot we just got at Lowe’s for only $7.00?

You’ve never looked so cute. 


Hello, laundry room.

I love your new sign.

And those tiny pots of greenery we added for spring.

And the sunshine tiptoeing in through the dutch door.

You are amazing.

Hello family room.

I love that basket.

And the wall of frames.

And all the fluffy pillows.

March Madness was so much fun last night.

But then Kentucky lost.

I’m not sure if we are going to recover.

Hello, office.

That map?


It looks so cute on you.

You’re ready to take on the day.

Hello, bathroom.

Hello, mirror.

Your towels look so cute on that stool.

And the new tile in the shower?



Just like you.

And you sweet staircase.

I saved the best for last.

You are the heart of this home and you make me smile every day.

Thank you for being you.

I hope you enjoyed the tour.

I hope you enjoyed all the random house conversations (and random house encouragement).

But most importantly?


I hope you enjoy the sunshine. 🙂

There are so many more fun houses on the tour today.

Be sure and stop by the next house on the tour over at Hymns and Verses.

Happy spring. 🙂

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  1. Image for laura janning laura janning

    you have done such an amazing with our old but new again home. I'm sure there are countless stories that you tell your kids about growing up in that same home and those 'I remember when' moments. Love that they can relive those moments through your stories. Happy Spring!

  2. Image for Marty Oravetz Marty Oravetz

    I love, love, love your new old home. It is amazing and you have done so much to totally make it look like you. Thanks so much for joining the tour, it is such a thrill to see your home.

  3. Image for Lola Collins Lola Collins

    Good morning! I just loved touring your home! Absolutely beautiful! I do have a question......where did you get the picture above the mantle with the words from the song “I Hope You Dance”? The words to that song means so much to me and I would love to have that for my country home. Thank you and again your Home is just beautiful! Have a wonderful day!!

  4. Image for Vicki S Vicki S

    You give me so much inspiration! Thank you for your home tour. I too am mourning the Cat's loss last night. I'm a Lexington, KY bleeds blue Wildcat fan living in Spring Hill, Fl. about 1 1/2 hours from Gator country. There's next year!

  5. Image for Design Chic Design Chic

    Every, single room is perfection, KariAnn! I can see the love and attention that went in to creating this beautiful home for you and your precious family. Now you can put your feet up and enjoy! Happy weekend, sweet friend!

  6. Image for Stephanie Stephanie

    I love your memory keeping and making house sweet friend. Can't pick a favorite love it all. Oh my that game..So painful to watch all the turnovers.. all the missed free throws.. Oh my! So close but best team won. They wanted it more. UK tree coming down but will always bleed blue. Hope some of those guys stay at UK next year. But not holding my breath. Sorry so much ball talk. Still trying to realize season is over. Haha

  7. Image for Amy K Amy K

    Totally. AWESOME! I can't believe how much you have accomplished in such a short amount of time. Glad it feels like home.

  8. Image for Terri Terri

    Beautiful and love how you "wake the house" every morning. Your decorating style is one of my very favorites, Karianne! I'm a native Kentuckian and sorry to see our team lose, but will always be a fan. I loved when Coach Cal offered a word of encouragement to one of his discouraged players and no doubt had to comfort a locker room filled with disappointed young freshmen after the loss. Win or lose, the sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home!♥

  9. Image for Tracy Tracy

    I got so involved looking at every little details that my coffee went cold. THAT is a compliment Ü I'm sadly packing up all my treasures as we get ready to put our house on the market and move out of state. Your post came as the most perfect time! I was telling my husband earlier this week that I keep packing up items I wanted to leave out for staging. I threw in that maybe I should pack it all up and just buy a couple of new items for each room for staging then keep them for our new house. Clever way to sell him on it, huh?! He said "Yes". As always, thank you for the beautiful inspirations and warm cozy rooms. I could get lost in every single one of them.

  10. Image for Moriah Moriah

    Your home is absolutely gorgeous. It’s so beautiful and your photos truly capture all of it - big and small. Well done!

  11. Image for Sharon Sharon

    When you blog about your house, I think about my childhood home. My momma lived there for 60 years. She was so progressive and could make curtains, slipcovers and our home really looked good. When she could no longer live there, our daughter purchased the house. When they wanted to move on, we thought about buying it and fate stepped in. The hospital wanted it; it was sold and of course, tore down. So sad for me...but...when I go by there, I still see one of the laundry posts. Somehow, it was left. It reminds me of happy times in my childhood home. So glad you are in yours!!

  12. Image for Laura Taylor Laura Taylor

    Beautiful tour!! What a great experience to have your children grow up in the house you did! I love the “house” sign ..,,can you tell me where you got it?

  13. Image for SUSAN SUSAN

    Maybe I missed something along the way, but I was just wondering if you have a beautiful outdoor space like you did before.

  14. Image for Charley Charley

    Beautiful post! You have accomplished so much in so little time. I'm glad you recognize that because sometimes with a new house or redo we just think about what we haven't done yet rather than focusing on what we have already accomplished. Also the sunlight in your house is my favorite feature, I love a sunny room & disposition!

  15. Image for Vel Vel

    I almost thought I was looking thru a beautiful magazine shoot Karianne! WOW!!!! Love everything in your home! Just very classy and stylish, yet so warm and pretty too!!!! Where'd you get that HOME sign by the stairs? WANT IT! LOL! So honored to share this home tour with you! Cheers!

  16. Image for Julie Briones Julie Briones

    You, my friend, are my photography hero (and so many other heroes to me, as well!) I just need to sit and study your pics... study, sigh, and drool. Yep. That's what I think I'll do tonight for homework... such FUN homework, huh?!;-)

  17. Image for Mari Mari

    Hi Karianne, Love your home, Everything is just beautiful. I see two wall pictures...look a like metal map over a primted map. Did you ourchase that or did someone make that? Just love that look!

  18. Image for Terri Terri

    That map!!! Seriously???? Did I miss that post?? Where did you get the map???? Love it!!! Loved the tour ... Every single little tidbit!!!!! Gorgeousness !!! the sunshine across your Dining oom?? Gets me every time !!!!

  19. Image for Lesley Torr Lesley Torr

    May l say your home is absolutely wonderful. I feel like you my home is alive. When l come inside l just feel better. When l buy something new l sit & look at it. If is not in the right place l will get up & down until it is right. All my adult life l have loved my home.they make me feel better. I just sat peacefully looking at your home & l completely understand. Thank you for sharing your home with me. 💙

  20. Image for Botanic Bleu Botanic Bleu

    KariAnne, Everything is so inspiring... signs, furniture with family memories, house talks, furniture arrangements, and all the WHITE. Beautifully done. Judith

  21. Image for Lorri Rauscher Lorri Rauscher

    Karianne..your photograhy of your place is lovely. You are getting so good with closeups..love it. I know it takes practice because when I take pictures I want them to have the same look as yours. Your place is so comfy looking and you should be so proud of all you have accomolished. Simoly beautiful😃

  22. Image for Lisa Lisa

    I purposely did not read this post until after I was able to tour your amazing home yesterday.♥️♥️♥️ I must admit, it’s a surreal experience reading today knowing I was standing in these very rooms yesterday. Everything is stunning. P.S. that color looked fantastic on you

  23. Image for Joanna Joanna

    WOW! Your home is beautiful. Each and every room shows the love of the family that lives there. What a great job! I was wondering where you found your adorable laundry sign that you have on your laundry room door? Also, did you paint over the sign? It looks white. Fabulous job!

  24. Image for Patricia Krank Patricia Krank

    What fun to see so many rooms at the same time in this new-old home Spring tour. You are amazing. How did you ever pull it together so quickly? Every single room makes me smile and I'm sure you must feel that way too. Love it my friend.

  25. Image for Kaye Kaye

    Light and bright pretty and appealing ....love everything you have done.....it's gorgeous and such a reflection of who you must be!💐

  26. Image for Jacy Cole Jacy Cole

    I truly love your gorgeous home! It is not only beautiful and inspiring but a true reflection of you. The skill and care and attention to detail really show. Thank you for sharing! Also I am really enjoying your new book!


    KariAnne, your home is absolutely beautiful -- just like you and your precious family. I just love all those lovely personal touches you have added! You have done so much in such a short time! Enjoy your gorgeous home! God bless you all!

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