Looking for spring decorating ideas and inspiration? This home has all the flowers and the decor and the stories. Come take the spring home tour.

I love a house tour that starts with once upon a time.

It’s true.

It’s like stepping into the pages of a fairy tale.

That’s exactly how I feel about these rooms and this kitchen and this basket and this countertop and these brilliantly colored hydrangeas. If you are stopping by from one of the other houses on Marty’s tour today and I’m just meeting you, the story behind this house starts here. The Reader’s Digest version? I grew up in this house. I got married. We moved away. My mother sold it. We bought it back—so much life lived in those five sentences.

And now?

I am lucky enough to get to walk into this kitchen every single day.

Want to take a little tour with me?


I need coffee first.

(sound of steps shuffling)


I’m back. Let’s take the spring home tour of my once upon a time house.

spring home tour

Let’s start the spring home tour with the back door I’ve walked through 4,956,219 times.


I brought two tiny dancers home from the hospital and left to go on the first date with an angry lemon through that back door.

You can see the laundry room through the vintage french door.

We replaced the door that was there with this door that we found in the attic. It lets light through and helps keep the heat and air in all at the same time.

flowers from spring home tour

spring home tour flowers in dough bowl

If you walk around the corner?

You’ll come into our family room. This is our television watching room. Our hangout room.

When I was growing up we used to call it the stink room.

I used to sit in this room in my add-a-bead necklace and Lee Press On Nails and bat my eyes at the cutest guy with sparkling brown eyes and dimples.

spring home tour coffee table

spring home tour family room

basket from the spring home tour

Next up on the spring home tour? The family room. I don’t overthink the decorating in this space—nothing is perfectly matched.

It’s designed for comfort with those couches and chairs and tables and floor cushions that we pull out when the room is full.

Oh, the stories this room could tell.

Like this one and this one…and oh wait…this one.

faucet in the spring home tour

We remodeled this kitchen when we moved into the house, but this is where we used to gather in highschool.

I’d sit on the stools and giggle and laugh and eat Captain Crunch and listen to my father tell me the entire history of the Revolutionary War.

I’d do my homework at the counter and roll my eyes at my mother and talk on the phone with a cord stretched around the island in front of the refrigerator.

spring home tour kitchen

spring home tour farm letters


This house is my fairytale.

It has a place to dance and trestles full of food and a winding staircase and a handsome prince and his two sons and two ladies in waiting and a trusty steed named Buddy.

Right now because it’s been raining so much—-it even has a moat and a drawbridge.

spring home tour

This is our house.

It’s full of love and life and joy and hope and the occasional random quiz over all 50 states and their capitals.

It’s where I fell in love with a prince and he swept me into his arms on the curb and all these years later he can stand in this kitchen making scrambled eggs and my heart still flutters.

This is the house of all the stories and happily ever afters.

The end.

I hope you enjoyed the spring home tour

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  1. Image for Denise M Johnson Denise M Johnson

    LOVE your house,when I come to visit (wink), we will sit have tea a discuss lots if fun easy and done not so easy projects. Can you come live next yo me Colorado springs, co.. 😜🤗😁thanks fir sharing your smiles, laughter and your home. Hugs dear friend Denise J

  2. Image for Deedra Deedra

    That was the sweetest read this morning and I thoroughly enjoyed it. What a gift you have! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    I never tire of hearing or reading about your personal fairy tale! The house looks so happy that it waited for your return. Just beautiful.

  4. Image for Pam Harris Pam Harris

    Your blog is a sane place to land during this very trying time for our world. Thank you for being there with heart warming, upbeat stories that make me laugh and cry and taking me a way from my reality for a few minutes. You ARE the superstar!

  5. Image for Betsy Betsy

    Great tour! It sure made me happy. You should see our backyard. Before we were quarantined people would stop in for tea and when they saw our backyard and be aghast I would try to convince them we had a pool out there and it over flowed. Some actually believed it. Be safe. xoxoxoxoxo

  6. Image for Chelsea Chelsea

    How magical to live in your childhood home and make amazing memories with your family! Of course, it's beautiful but I bet it's a wonderful feeling waking up there each morning! Happy spring, Kari Anne!

  7. Image for Marty Marty

    Oh I do love this house and I love your stories about this house. So perfect and definitely a fairytale. Thanks so much for joining the tour again this season, love it all.

  8. Image for Victoria Schwalbe Victoria Schwalbe

    Lovely tour of your home. But I missed one thing... not one AWESOME!!!! Keep using the word and keep telling me I’m awesome. There are days I don’t feel awesome... you too? ... oh good . Sound familiar. Be you, you are awesome, really you are. Victoria

  9. Image for Kris Kris

    So, was your coffee good? Hopefully you have a good stash of it stored away somewhere. I think what I love about your home is that while it is so, so pretty, it also looks like a home where people live rather than a showpiece. While I'm writing this, I'm waiting for a phone call for my new furniture to arrive--can you believe it? I ordered it earlier this winter and was shocked to hear that it came into the warehouse. I thought I'd be waiting on it till December. And yes, I have already sterilized everything and I plan to again when the movers leave (and they will quiz me when they call to make sure everyone in my home is healthy).

  10. Image for PJ PJ

    The Stink Room? Bet there's a story behind that. What are the flowers in the dough bowl, please? I've seen them before, but can't remember. Thanks for a beautiful tour. Blessings.

  11. Image for Denise Denise

    Beautiful home and beautiful story! I need that runner that's in your kitchen. Would you please provide details of where i might find it?

  12. Image for Rebecca Rebecca

    Your posts are always the highlight of my morning reads. I,too, have come back to live in the house I grew up in that my grandfather built for us the year I was born. There are so many memories within the walls of my home. Thanks for all your uplifting stories! 😊

  13. Image for Yarlette Yarlette

    Absolutely love your home . You have done an amazing job on decorating it. That is so neat that you and your family are living in the home you grew up in and have so many wonderful memories.

  14. Image for Donna Donna

    Ditto with others' comments about your lovely blooms in the dough bowl & & & your brother's letters on the wall add so much fun texture. Your home is the right mix of neutrals, woods, muted colors and casual comfort. Way to go. . . . . oops that comment is way too 1980.

  15. Image for Rev. Suzanne Taylor Rev. Suzanne Taylor

    Beautiful lady. Beautiful family. Beautiful stories. Beautiful home. What more can I say? You are amazing! That's all.

  16. Image for Donna Donna

    I have never posted before but I have been a faithful follower of your blog from the very beginning. You are a breath of fresh air and feel like my very best friend and I look forward to every single post. I have a question about your kitchen hardwood floors. We finished ours in a high gloss about 20 years ago, as we assumed it would last longer ,as it did but I never liked that high gloss look. It will be our next project to re-finish them. What is the finish of your floors, what did you seal them with and how are they wearing? Thank you in advance Kari-Ann.


    KariAnne, keep on telling those wonderful stories and making new memories in your gorgeous "old" home! You are such a bright spot in our day! Bless you dear friend!

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