As soon as February shows up I’m over winter.

I’m not really sure why.

When it’s Christmas and New Year’s, winter seems romantic and full of pumpkin pie and carols.

And then?

All the decking the halls and merriment and stockings hung by the fire go away….

…and it’s just cold.

Cold with overcast skies and winter days.

Even the hot chocolate doesn’t taste as good.

So to cheer myself up and make winter seem a little brighter and lighter, I treated myself to a little bedroom refresh with not ONE but TWO easy budget decorating ideas you can recreate in your own home.

Here’s the room now after my mini bedroom refresh.

(I even added faux peonies to make it happier).

// woven rug // striped linen curtains // gold curtain rod //

Here’s the room now.

Isn’t it cozy?

Here’s a super simple affordable budget tip that I used to warm it up.

I added baskets. I know what you are thinking. Hello Captain Obvious.

But these aren’t just any baskets.

// tassel throw // woven rug // house magazine holder //

Somewhere in 2023 baskets just got cuter.

I found this house magazine basket holder with tiny windows.

It’s made out of woven seagrass with a handle at the top.

You can see the basket magazine holder here.

// house basket // faux peonies // jute flower pots //

And speaking of cute baskets?

Look at these house baskets that I found.

The lid lifts off for storage and they are made from seagrass.

The house baskets also make the cutest vases for faux flowers, too.

You can see the seagrass house baskets here.

// seagrass vase // faux green branches //

I also added this seagrass vase filled with these amazing faux green branches.

I’ve been looking at high-end vases that were super expensive.

And then I found this version that’s so much more budget-friendly.

// faux peonies // jute flower pots // faux green branches //

But I wasn’t done.

Here’s where budget decorating idea number two came in.

Remember those faux pink peonies from the spring living room post?

I added them all over the bedroom, too.

// faux peonies // jute flower pots //

I found these jute flower pots that I used for decorating the spring island last year and tucked these faux peonies into each one.

The little pop of pink all over the room makes me so happy.

The peonies come in sets of four and I tucked each stem into a jute flower pot and then put one on the dressing table, one on the side table and one on the hutch.

// tassel throw // woven rug // striped linen curtains // gold curtain rod //

I fluffed up the space with a cozy duvet cover at the end of the bed and tucked a throw on the bench and added a new vintage sign over the hutch that I found at a yard sale.

And now?

The space is SO COZY.

It’s so warm and welcoming and makes me so happy I almost forgot it was winter.

Here’s to celebrating all the cozy…

….until spring knocks at the door. 🙂

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  1. Image for Kris Kris

    I last a bit longer on enjoying winter. Mid March is when I get sick of it. That's a byproduct of living in Michigan. Winter lasts longer here so I might as well enjoy it. You have great ideas for adding spring touches to your home. I love the baskets. Super cute!

  2. Image for Suz Suz

    Here in Colorado we can have snow til May . I am so over the snow this year , we have had a lot and icky conditions that last for weeks. I finally am seeing our backyard grass u see all the snow . I decided a week ago I was ready to put away my winter cozy stuff I put up after Christmas ….. snowflakes, lots of candles , lots of white accents , snow men , lots of wood look ( like ur wooden round slice arrangement I made from the wire branches ! 🥰. I needed some green in my life so I started adding little bits like green moss balls, some bird houses with birds , eucalyptus , wood beads shamrock plants for the next holiday ………….to brighten up these dreary gray days days . I am also planting some bulbs in a glass bowl today to put by a sunny window and force them to bloom indoor . They will be enjoyable to see in a month !

  3. Image for Kathy Menold Kathy Menold

    Definitely over winter and feel when I turn the calendar to March that spring has arrived. Our weather in N.C. has been unusually wet and warm and we could use some March winds to dry things up so I can get out to do some clean up in my gardens. Can't wait start in on some new plantings I have been thinking of doing.

  4. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Your room is so beautiful and you are so right…those pops of pink brighten it all up. I wish you could come and make my bedroom as beautiful as yours…(sigh). Here’s to warmer weather around the corner!!

  5. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    My daughters make fun of me and call me wicker basket queen. But those baskets of yours are the bees knees. I thought I felt a little drool coming from my lip looking at your big beautiful basket filled bedroom. So pretty. I have to think about where I am gonna use my new baskets. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Image for Gigi Gigi

    Great idea with the baskets. I have a corner space between dresser and end table where things just stuck. I’m going basket hunting for something cute to put ss basket for some books. LOVE your ideas.

  7. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Oh I just adore those cute cute cute house baskets! And your touches with the peonies look amazing in your huge gorgeous bedroom. Well done, KA. Have a happy weekend.

  8. Image for Debbie King Debbie King

    Oh KariAnne, another cute post with pops of “pink”! I ordered faux flowers from your last post and cannot wait to get them!! It’s so warm here now in the low country of SC. I am missing the winter we really never had!! But I am excited to bring some spring pink into our home this year. I have a blue/white home too. Last year I brought in pops of spring green in pretty glass vases. That green added so much to our blue and white. Now I can’t wait to add hints of pretty pink. Thank you KariAnne❣️❣️

  9. Image for Cindy@CountyRoad407 Cindy@CountyRoad407

    Yep, I totally agree - baskets got cuter in 2023! Love the seagrass houses and your room is beautiful and springified! Enjoy

  10. Image for Kristi Essman Kristi Essman

    Oh, Karianne! I just love your new bedroom decor! I guess I haven't seen it since you got it all finished. I love, Love, LOVE the painted floors and well, just everything about it!! All the colors and textures, the way you have it set up and furnished, and everything! It's so cheerful and inviting and relaxing! I think it is my most favorite of all the ones you've had it so far. Just b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!


    KariAnne, your Spring touches are absolutely beautiful in your bedroom. I love how you used your baskets -- and those pink flowers just look so pretty! Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Love the room! Beautiful like all your rooms and the pink is perfection It has warmed up so many times that the Temps although good for February I am totally over!! Come on SPRING!!! Better yet June lol Love your posts

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