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I think I started speaking in public when I climbed up on a soapbox in first grade…..

…..and announced all 50 states and capitals to the entire class.

And I’ve been talking ever since.

I’m a story-teller.

And a laugh sharer.

And a bargain-hunter.

And a decorate-for-lesser.

And full to the brim of enthusiasm and jubilance…..sprinkled with inspiration and topped off with joy….

….and I’d love to share my heart with you.

So let’s talk.  🙂

So Close to Amazing

There are days when it’s a simple fact: we are so amazing our heads will spin. The sky is blue. The birds are chirping. The grass is green and the storm clouds are far away.

And then?

There are days when we wear mis-matched shoes and the washer over-flows and you trim your bangs when it really should have been left to a professional. A heart-felt message about learning to live with imperfection in a world obsessed with seeking out the illusion of perfectness.

When the Mountain Seems Unclimbable

Have you ever climbed a mountain? Literally or figuratively? You stand at the bottom and it all seems so overwhelming. You try to positive it.

You try to look at life as a glass that’s half full.

But sometimes the answer isn’t what you want to hear. Sometimes the mountain seems almost unclimbable. This truth-filled message talks about struggling and looking for answers and the true testimony that comes from recognizing that the amazing truth behind God’s plan.

Five Simple Steps to Transform Your House Into a Home

A house is made up of rooms with four walls and floors and ceilings.

But a home is so much more.

A home is filled with warmth and sunshine and provides a respite for your family from the storms of life. With humor sprinkled with creative ideas, KariAnne shares five simple steps to transform those four walls of a house into a home for your family.

Handmade with Heart

Have you ever noticed that the best homes are filled with heart? The kind of heart that comes from creating and designing and hoping and filling your home with things that you love.

KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms has been creating DIY’s since she decorated her first Barbie dream house. Let her show you how to add a little handmade to your spaces.

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