The sun rising

I know I’ve mentioned a few thousand times that I live in the middle of the country in the middle of nowhere.

But in all those descriptions, I just realized that I left out a minor detail.

I live in the middle of the country in the middle of nowhere….

….surrounded by water.


I live near four rivers, two lakes, dozens of creeks and hundreds of scattered ponds.

It gives the words “you’re wearing high waters” new meaning. 🙂

Sunrise on the water

But this week I saw all that water from a new perspective.


A friend of ours is a commercial fisherman and he and his wife asked me if I wanted to go out on the boat on a fishing expedition with them.

And they promised coffee.

I was in.

water and sunrise

We got up at dark thirty and hooked up the boat and drove down winding roads to the boat ramp and unhooked the boat from the trailer and grabbed our coffee and climbed aboard and turned on the motor and off we went.

My job was grabbing the coffee.

Of course.

And as the boat left the cove and turned the corner into the open lake….

….the glory of the skies around us opened up.

sunrise in the east

The water was still and calm.

The boat motor hummed ever so softly as we skimmed across the surface of the lake.

No one really spoke.

In those first few moments, silence reigned.

We just sat in the stillness and watched the vivid hues and colors dance across the sky.

fishing line

And then the fishing began.

There’s something magical about watching someone do what they love.

Something they have done for years and years.

Something that fills their heart and breathes life into every bit of who they are.

It was incredible.

And awe-inspiring.

And a little like watching the conductor of a symphony.

fishing bobber

We pulled in the lines and watched the bobbers dance and the waves toss the boat.

The catch that day was average.

I was a little sad.

I wanted this to be the day of the record catch.

The day where the big one didn’t get away.

A day to talk about for years to come.


My fisherman conductor didn’t seem fazed.

He simply pulled up the anchor and shrugged.

He smiled at me and said with the wisdom of someone who has done this for years, “Sometimes it’s like that.  Sometimes we haul in a boat overflowing with fish and sometimes the fish don’t bite.”

The sun rising

Silently, I marveled at his understanding and calm acceptance of the situation.

All that work.

All that hoping and dreaming and planning.

All that running up lines and pulling and boat driving.

And then suddenly I looked around and realized what I had missed and my fisherman conductor had understood all along.

The truth that was dancing across the water.

No matter what the day brings, no matter what lies ahead, no matter the challenges or circumstances or catch of the day….

….there’s always another sunrise. 🙂

The most amazing fisherman

PS  Here’s my fisherman friend and life coach.

I told him he looked like Sean Connery.

He told me I’d been drinking too much coffee. 🙂

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  1. Image for Judie Judie

    Your blog is one of the first things I look at, sometimes you move me to tears, today you started my day with a smile...........thank you

  2. Image for Claudia Claudia

    It is one of those tricky lessons in hard and reap the bounty. The bounty may be an overflow of fish or it may be an overflow of beauty- win-win either way~ Thanks for sharing so much love- as always~

  3. Image for Amy W. Amy W.

    Beautiful Pictures and Words Karianne!! There are beautiful sunrises this week here also, in comparison to the storms of life that I mentioned in my last comment last week. God is the one Beautiful Creator! Wishing you and your family a super fantastic day!! :)

  4. Image for Andrea Andrea

    Love this blog and it makes me want to go out on the lake at the crack of dawn. (I live by the big lake-Lake Michigan). And yes he does look like Sean Connery :)

  5. Image for Nancy @ Slightly Coastal Nancy @ Slightly Coastal

    What a great story and what a great life lesson. Beautiful pictures. There's nothing like coffee on the lake. I grew up in Minnesota fishing with two older brothers and my parents and my grandparents. I loved that time...even as a kid. :) Have a great weekend!

  6. Image for Sarah @ Tomfo Sarah @ Tomfo

    Oh fishing... There's many lessons to be learnt at the end of a fishing rod. I found that out this year, I think it's patience and acceptance and stopping long enough to enjoy the view. I was waiting for your pics and you didn't disappoint me as usual. Happy weekend lovely x

  7. Image for Wesley Wesley

    The apple doesnt fall far from the tree. His sister is just ss passionate about life. She's also my life cosch! They are a great family and Im blessed to know both of them. Im just wondering why I didnt get to hold the coffee when I went????

  8. Image for Pat Pat

    Thank you for the beautiful photos and a lovely serene start to my morning. Sunrise is such a peaceful way to be inspired for the day!

  9. Image for Stephanie Ray Brown Stephanie Ray Brown

    Love the pics and that area! Growing up we went fishing almost every weekend before it was warm enough to swim. I admit I never liked the fishing that much but loved listening to my mom sing softly or point out something in nature she wanted us to enjoy. As I got older I realized why mom wanted to go fish. It allowed her a chance to escape, time to think, and yes spend time as a single mom just enjoying her three instead of fussing over messy rooms. She treasured sunrises... Me more of a sunset gal. But thanks to you I now have sunrises to enjoy like my mom did. Bless you!!!

  10. Image for Winnie Winnie

    What a llovelyk way to start the day! I just love sunrise (and picture-taking) (and coffee)!!! Thanks for the pictures, mental and otherwise!!!

  11. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I understand completely -- my Honey has fishing fever and wherever we go it has got to be near salt water. He loves the vastness of the ocean and he is completely captivated by the challenge of fishing in salt water -- you never know what is biting at the end of that line. But KariAnne, did you keep quiet or did you talk? I can't quite imagine you keeping silent. I can see you quietly murmuring to the fish -- beckoning them to come. Singing a little tune. Yep!! I can even imagine you dreaming up some fish inspired craft. Beautiful sunrise!! The fish are there -- another day. Big Hugs!!

  12. Image for FrenchGardenHouse FrenchGardenHouse

    Such a beautiful, thoughtful post. The photos? Amazing. The life lesson, even better. You are a blessing to so many, Karianne, your thoughts and writing truly is a delight to read. Xo Lidy

  13. Image for Denise Denise

    I look forward to reading this blog each morning. As you have grown and added more ads it seems to take longer and longer to download. Has anyone else had a problem? Some mornings I just give up. I'm still happy you have grown your talent into a business which allows you to stay home with the kids and share yourself with us!

  14. Image for Barbara Barbara

    Beeeeautiful! And I also see the resemblance to 007!:) We live in the mountains and the sunsets are incredible. I have a zillion photos of them:)

  15. Image for LaurieRae LaurieRae

    Sunrises always bring us closer to GOD. I love to talk to him, in nature, during a sunrise. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos and lovely story

  16. Image for Tish Tish

    God's beauty is the best beauty of all and you captured it:) We live in a small town everything around is farm related and I thought my husband was the only one that got up at dark thirty:)) Have a wonderful weekend:)))

  17. Image for Karen Karen

    I thank God for a new sunrise every day and a new day of life! and your friend was probably right about too much coffee. Although he does kind of look like Sean Connery.

  18. Image for Judy Judy

    What a beautiful way to start your day. There is something magical about being on the water. Thanks for sharing, Karianne.

  19. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    Beautiful post, karianne. And your fisherman friend is beautiful too. Strong face, but gentle at the same time. Makes one appreciate the phrase, "it's not the destination, but the journey that counts". You had an awesome journey that day, and the blessings seem to be everywhere you looked. thanks for sharing.

  20. Image for Stacey Stacey

    How beautiful! Your pictures are amazing. We went on a cruise last week and got up each and every morning to watch the sunrise. We also saw the eclipse one night. Sigh...

  21. Image for Colleen@LilacDriveDesigns Colleen@LilacDriveDesigns

    I love early mornings like that (when I'm actually awake for them., hahaha). That magical time right before the sun comes up that gives off the most amazing glow really makes for great photos. We have a boat and love to go fishing whenever we get a chance. My husband and his dad went fishing this morning...I promise you, it's the only time you can get my husband out of bed at the crack of and leaving on vacation, that's about it. He was gone before I left for work...I looked for tire marks in the driveway from him peeling out of the driveway, lol. Fish On!!

  22. Image for Chris Chris

    Sometimes the best “catch” is the experience itself. A beautiful sunrise, a serene, zen-like morning on the water, and time spent with friends. I’d say that is a good haul any day.

  23. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Life lessons come from many different places...don't they! Thank you dear fisherman friend of Karianne for that gentle reminder! ;)

  24. Image for gina gina

    This reminds me of my husband and hunting. I think he loves it for the planning and the sitting amongst the quiet trees...for hours. Even if he doesnt see his's a good day! The pictures are beautiful. This week I saw something I never saw before...a rainbow coming out of the ocean on the horizon. Like your renewed me. One day I'd like to see the sunrise over the Atlantic near me in SE Florida and then drive to Naples to witness the sunset over the Gulf on the west coast. I need to buy a better canera first!

  25. Image for Theresa Theresa

    WOW!!! Magnificent, majestic, glimmery, and inspiring!!! ....and the life coach does kinda sorta look like Sean Connery. You have such a gift for sharing and I thank you.

  26. Image for Darren Loveless Darren Loveless

    Hey cuz! Never thought I'd see your pic on a blog! LOL. In my past life i too pulled the lines and the nets. It's been many years since i did it for income and i have worked in the automotive industry for about 15 years. But to this day, when i step out the door to go to work and the wind is calm and i know the waters would be slick, i miss it. So much hard work then, but so many memories on the water with my brother, so many sunrises and sunsets, Once you live this lifestyle, its in your blood forever.

  27. Image for Jane Jane

    Your pictures are stunning...sometimes you have to go that extra mile to capture the moment---with your camera and your soul. I've lived in 'Nowhere Michigan' (I say that lovingly but truthfully), on a lake part time for 25 years. We've been out on our boat at every conceivable hour. It's always exciting yet restful. A way to recharge yet rest. I love the water but I also love the fields and woods and old country roads. And I still come back to my forever home in the city. I'm so blessed (and have multi personalities to boot) Ha! Jane x

  28. Image for Melanie Melanie

    As I started reading, I thought this might reference the devastating flooding in SC. Water here is a horrifying and destructive concept. I am here in Columbia right in the middle of it. Your message is still spot-on. There is hope and there is tomorrow. Praise be to God.

  29. Image for Susan Susan

    Such glorious photos of your time with the sunrise...there is something magical about that time of day and you captured it perfectly! Maybe it's because *YOU* are much like a sunrise...warm, bright, exciting, welcoming, and beautiful...both of you really know how to touch hearts! Thank you for sharing these most precious photos with us...seeing a sunrise through your eyes is like seeing it for the very first time...a true revelation!

  30. Image for Becky Mullowney Becky Mullowney

    I finally am catching up on all your posts that have been waiting while we moved and are unpacking! Just had to comment on this one since you shared the story with me at the conference! The pictures are incredible! (Thanks for being so selective in what your photographed! :) Blessings to you and yours, Becky M.

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