Remember the smocked burlap curtains from the dining room?

I wanted two more sets of curtains for the library and the source I ordered them from doesn’t sell them anymore and the few resources I found were not really budget-friendly.

And remember the four children that live here?

They really want to go to college one day.

So to prevent frittering away a college fund on smocked burlap curtains….

….I decided to make my own.


I mean how hard could smocking be?


Really not easy at all.


That’s why I decided to practice on stockings.

And so I read the tutorials and tried to follow the directions and studied the diagrams until my eyes crossed and my head hurt.


Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So I just invented my own method of smocking.

It really is easy once you understand how to do it.  This stocking took me about 30 minutes to make.  Well….actually the first stocking took me almost two hours with the original method….and it looked like it had been to one of those “what happens in Vegas….stays in Vegas” kind of weekends.  But once I invented my own method….the second stocking was a walk in the park.

Now if you are a smocker…..f you are a professional with perfectly seamed edges and beautiful hand-smocking…..

….this is really not the post for you.

Your time would be much better spent looking at the Christmas home tour.

But if you can handle a needle and thread and you have pins and burlap and a will to succeed…..

….read on for the how-to’s.


How to Make Smocked Burlap Stockings

gray burlap

(You can find the burlap at the Online Fabric Store for only 3.90/yard)

one yard will easily make a stocking….maybe two depending on the size you want

white thread


chalk marker


Step 1:  Trace the outline of the stocking on the burlap

I placed a stocking I already had onto the burlap and traced around it with a chalk marker.

(total aside:  have you tried these chalk markers yet?  I’m telling you….life-changing.)


quick tip #1:  when you are using another stocking to create your pattern….you want to add extra at the top.

You can’t tell from this picture….but I cut mine with a super wide mouth at the top…..almost like a reverse triangle.

Don’t cut the back of the stocking yet….because you need to trace the back once you are done smocking to get an accurate pattern.

Does that make sense?  If not…..just email me.


Step 2:  Pin top of first diamond

The goal that we are trying to create is to make diamonds in the burlap and then stitch each of the corners of the diamonds.

So start with the top of the first diamond.   Gather the fabric and pin.  Before I practiced a bit….I just pinned all the corners of the diamonds before I stitched them.

That way….I could see the overall pattern.

Stitch the top of the diamond in place.

Does that make sense?  If not…..just email me.


Step 3:  PIn and stitch all the rest of the diamonds

See the overall pattern you create?

You are just gathering the burlap….pinning it into place and stitching it.


You want to alternate the rows of diamonds.

I had one row of two that I stitched and then one row of three.

Here you can see the overall pattern.

Does that make sense?  If not…..just email me.


Step 4:  Cut out back of stocking

Once you have finished smocking the front of the stocking….trace a pattern for the back with the chalk marker and cut out.

Place the two stockings together inside out and stitch together on the sewing machine.

Then hem the top and turn inside out and iron your finished stocking.


It really was so much easier than standard smocking and looks just like the pattern on the burlap curtains.

The tutorial was a little hard to understand.  Much easier to create….then to write it.

So if you have any questions or need further explanation…..just email me…..and I’ll try to help!

I’m working on a tutorial for the curtains in January….

…..just in case you like saving a little money too. 🙂

disclosure:  I was provided with the fabric from Online Fabric Store for this project….but all opinions are my own.

Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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  1. Image for andrea cammarata andrea cammarata

    I am HOPELESSLY IN LOVE with this project! Head over heels...heart beating with a quickened pace...dizzy near fainting in LOVE!!!!! It is so perfect in it's simplicity but more elegant than the perfect black dress...I need these...yes...I do! Thank you thank you for this splendid year I do believe that smocked stockings will be hung with care...hoping that Saint Nicholas soon will be there!!!! Hugs!

  2. Image for Beverly Beverly

    You clever girl, you. Love the stocking. And, I do love your smocked curtains. I started my holiday home tour. Please come by for a visit.

  3. Image for Kimberly Kimberly

    It's 5:10am. I have a psych exam (finals, don'tcha know - I'm too old for these all nighters...when did that happen? I was sane when I thought I'd go back to university. I'm sure of it. Mostly.) in a few hours. And I had to check my email. Because, well, textbooks are boring. And I happen to see this adorable sweetness. You, woman, are cruel. You HAD to do this BEFORE my exam. I can't copycat this for hours yet! I'm dutch so I'm sending black pietche (Sinterklaus' sidekick, Black Peter) to give you a switch in your fabulously smocked stocking as payback, teehee! You're 89 kinds of awesome.

  4. Image for Kimberly Kimberly

    P.S. I've never smocked anything in my life, but after I saw your gorgeous curtains my determined lil self (albeit mathematically challenged to the power of...well, a lot) was going to attempt them, if only to stop the drooling from destroying my almost-refinished-desk (see "christmas break project list" - it's longer than Santa's naughty list). But now I'm worried about your email box. Can it handle all my issues? I mean, I realize you offered...multiple times..which was extremely craz...kind of you... but perhaps you should caution your provider. Just sayin'. :)

  5. Image for Dee M. Dee M.

    My mother-in-law used to make and smock little girl baby dresses for a major dept. store in the 70's. I was so envious. I applaud your endeavors. (I never worked up the courage to try smocking). They turned out wonderfully. Kudos to you!

  6. Image for amy watson amy watson

    I tried to replicate your smocked burlap drapes, because I actually DID learn how to smock when I was a Girl Scout...many,,,,many years ago, well needless to say It was a disaster, but I have the burlap all ready and put a way......I will be awaiting the tutorial :)

  7. Image for Anna @ A Good Home Anna @ A Good Home

    Very well done, lady! :) I love how these turned out. I sell burlap stockings w/ a linen cuff in my Etsy shop, so I sew with burlap A LOT. Like, all the time. I've gotten burlap splinters! I've never tried smocking it, though. This looks so lovely! Maybe next year I'll give this a try. For now, I'm ready to not look at anymore burlap for about 8 months. Oh, and if you need some un-smocked burlap stockings, feel free to stop by ;)

  8. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Well, the stocking is gorgeous....not sure about the talent level to pull this one talent level that is! ;)

  9. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    I love this project! I think it would be a cute look on some stockings I am making from Lily Pulitzer material for my girls .... feather boas and smocking in one project? How much girlier can you get! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Image for Jeannie Jeannie

    BRAVO! You are one BRAVE woman! Stockings turned out Beautiful! I remember helping my mother make smocked pillows when I was about 12... They were wonderful, but have totally turned me away from doing any myself! With your tutorial, I may give it a try. Thanks!!!

  11. Image for Leilani Leilani

    Goodness is it really that beautiful outside your door? :) I am loving all these ideas for decorations that don't scream Jingle Bells. Good thing I like burlap because if I fail at the smocking, at least it is still a pretty fabric. :)

  12. Image for Charlotte Charlotte

    I remember having to learn to smock in order to pass Home Ec (back when Home Ec was a required subject) which is why when I fell in love with the dining room curtains I knew I would have to save a lot of pennies before acquiring the look for my home. Congrats for a skill well learned.

  13. Image for Christa Christa

    Hail the queen...I knew those stockings would be worth braving an ice storm! I love them and truely wish that I had any sewing ability to make them. I'll have to look on Etsy next Christmas for some talented others to make them.

  14. Image for Brandy @ The Prudent Homemaker Brandy @ The Prudent Homemaker

    As someone who has hand-smocked dresses, I want you to know that your method is perfectly acceptable :) Smocking takes TONS of time but I love it. These are lovely. Great job!

  15. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Your stockings are gorgeous! I am still a huge fan of burlap and I've never seen this done with it before. (missed your curtains before) And you really make it look so easy! Debbie :)

  16. Image for melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

    What a great looking stocking! I used to smock scads of dresses back when my girls were little and would wear them :) But, I don't think the same smocking rules would apply to burlap! But, since they won't wear my smocked dresses, maybe they would let me hang some smocked stockings...I don't really like my stockings any more any way. Merry Christmas! Melissa

  17. Image for Gracia Gilbertson Gracia Gilbertson

    I love how you improvised on the smoked stockings after staring at a tutorial...improvisation usually works best for me too! I'm new to blogging and am having fun seeing the things you come up with for Christmas. Congrats on being selected by Better Homes and Garden...that is amazing!

  18. Image for sandi sandi

    I am in love with this post so when I find time, I will read more! I love your humor and down to earth writing. I heard you on our radio station today...WBCL...woo hoo! A new fan...but not a fan of!! LOVE the stocking btw!! Blessings~

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