Remember this before and after bedroom?

I decorated the entire room on a budget.

And when you are on a budget, you have to get creative.

Just between us?

Getting creative is my favorite part. If you had unlimited funds to decorate with, you’d just walk into the store, pick out what you want and leave. Exciting, maybe, but not as challenging as decorating a room where every single penny counts.

Like this room.

Like this wall.

A big blank wall without a solution.

So my budget and I got creative.

Here’s a fun idea for simple, unique wall art you can create in minutes.

This is the view that you see when you walk in the entrance to the bedroom.

The walls are original shiplap to the space.

When it was my bedroom when I was younger, we thought there was drywall in the room, but it turned out to be wallpaper put up years and years ago with cheesecloth behind it.

When my mother sold the house, the couple that bought it took down the wallpaper and painted the shiplap walls.

Best decision ever.

Here’s the other wall in the room.

That door leads to a jack and jill bathroom that the twins share.

The closet was added later to the room and those walls are drywalled (and stenciled now in the room makeover).

Then there’s the wall across from the stenciled wall.

It has a window and I added this bookcase to fill up the space.

This wooden ampersand was made my brother.

And then there’s this wall.

When I was planning out the room, I already had the mirror for this space.

But that is a lot of wall for just a mirror.

So I came up with a solution.

A solution that looks like this.

An entire family of gold butterflies.


The butterflies come in a set of 72 BUTTERFLIES FOR ONLY $8.99.

There are three sizes and three different styles of butterflies.

Each of the wings is bendable, so you can adjust them to look like they are flying.

The patterns on the wings are different and so pretty.

The set of butterflies come with glue dots that you peel off and stick on the back of the butterfly and then the butterfly will stick to anything.

I created a “flock” of butterflies flying across the wall.

The key was to map out a “flight path” from one corner of the mirror to the other corner of the mirror.

The butterflies are varied in size and pattern on the wall.

I even put some on the edge of the mirror.

The glue dots are really strong and hold the butterflies up without any problem and the gold of the mirror matches the gold of the butterflies and they sparkle when the sun catches them as well as the lights at night.

It’s the perfect solution for a big blank wall like this or a dorm room or a rental space or an apartment.

All this sparkle.

All this joy.

All this wall space filled up for only $8.99.

Budget decorating.

It’s the BEST. 🙂

PS If you are looking for any of the sources in the room, you can find them all here.

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  1. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    You do all this and I cannot get the woodwork painted where the flooring men boogered it up 3 years ago!!!

  2. Image for Barbara Barbara

    I loved this when you showed the room reveal and saved the source- thanks! I see that the butterflies come in different colors too, but who doesn't want a little gold in their room:) Perfect flight pattern !


    You are so amazing, KariAnne! Those butterflies are so pretty! This room is beautiful and I know that your girls will just love it.

  4. Image for Shelley Shelley

    Can you share where you purchased the framed artwork and the rug? This room is SO warm and inviting-I love all the details!

  5. Image for Karen Shutt Karen Shutt

    Hi Karianne, This bedroom makeover is so beautiful! I have a new space to use as a guest room and your ideas will help SO much! Silly question though...did you have to buy 4 sets of twin size striped sheets to get the 4 window panels?? Thank you! Karen Shutt

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