Looking for a simple space saving solution? Space can be found everywhere if you just look. Here’s a simple tip to get more storage in your living room.

I have lived in a tiny one-room apartment with a twin bed that doubled as a couch and I have lived in houses with enough space to do an entire rhythmic gymnastics routine.

And do you know what I’ve discovered along the way?

There is always extra space to be found.

You just have to look for it.

I’ve found space in the kick plate underneath cabinets and space between the washer and dryer and space between studs in the wall and space at the very top of my closet and space behind a mirror in the dining room.

But one of my favorite space-saving ideas?

It’s in my living room.

And the best part?

No one really knows that it’s there. I only share it with my best friends who I know will appreciate it.

Just. Like. You.

Here’s a simple space saving solution for the living room.

space saving solution family room

See this couch in my living room?

Doesn’t it look like it’s pushed against the wall?

I know, right?

Everyone always asks me where I got the floor lamps behind the couch.


Except they aren’t floor lamps.


Table lamps that are sitting on this table.

space saving solution

This console is the perfect space saving solution. It’s SUPER narrow–just under 12″.

Just deep enough for the width of a lamp base.

It’s the perfect table for this space because it just disappears.

space saving solution table in living room

I actually have two of these tables behind the couch end to end.

Here’s a wider view so you can see both of the tables.

End to end they run almost the entire length of the couch.

I found this diagram of the dimensions of the table.

It’s 31 1/2″ tall and 11 3/4″ deep and 39 3/8 wide.

And the best part?

It’s open in the middle.


space saving solution family room

So when you look at these couches?

You don’t notice the table at all. See what I mean? The perfect space saving solution.

It also accomplishes something else, too. I always tell everyone to bring their furniture into a space. If you pull the sofa or chairs or sectional into the space it just makes the room feel cozier.

And this table?

It helps the sofa into the family room.

The difference is super subtle, but pulling it 12 inches away from the wall makes the entire room feel more welcoming.

Here’s the side view of the table against the wall.

I have baskets that I use for storage. Here are a few things that I have kept at different times under these tables:

  • extra linens
  • floor pillows
  • seasonal decor
  • extra vases
  • blankets
  • board games
  • serving trays

It’s such an amazing space for storing things out of sight.

And no one ever notices all that extra storage that’s there.

I put together a few other space-saving solutions.

These are all narrow tables (most of them under 12″ deep) in different styles and colors.

You can use them behind your couch or here are a few other places they might work:

  • hallway
  • bathroom
  • a narrow wall between rooms
  • under a pass-through
  • entryway
  • in a bay window

I hope this post inspired you.

Space can be found.

It’s everywhere if you just look.

And now?

Anyone up for me performing that rhythmic gymnastics routine? 🙂

PS I have more ideas like this on my organizing Pinterest board.

PPS Looking for super simple coffee table decorating ideas?

Here are 21 of my favorites.


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  1. Image for david david

    I'm all about finding secret storage and that would be a great addition to our living room. Thank you! (does turning a seldom used shower into a closet count as finding secret storage?! No? That's just hoarding? Yeah, I get it). The one I always fantasize about (but don't have) are the slide out drawers that replace the toe-kicks in the kitchen. I'm not sure I really NEED them but they are just so dang cool!

  2. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    Do you have you couch on coasters and does it "move" into the tables??? Do you understand my question? I have a sectional couch which we have on coasters to protect our hardwood floors and it moves so I wonder about using a table behind it for that reason.

    1. Image for june june

      Donna, I had the same concern when I went to hardwood floors. My furniture delivery person told me to go to my local big box and get floor pads that not only are perfect but they dont let the furniture slide when sitting down or getting up. They are not felt on the bottom but a rubber type material. Its been almost five years...not one mark on our floors.

      1. Image for Jeannie Jeannie

        This is great to know, as I am having that problem right now with a couch and a chair moving slightly. Thank you!!

      2. Image for Mary S Mary S

        Hello June May I ask where you found the furniture glides? I could use some help in that area too. Thanks so much. Mary mary.syron@att.net

  3. Image for Diane Ruebel Diane Ruebel

    Good morning Karianne, from Camano Island, This simple table is ingenious. Not soon, but too soon, we will be moving from our home with more than ample storage to a 2 bedroom unit in a retirement community. Your table and instructions are now pinned so that we can duplicate it. I especially like that it brings the sofa further into the room and allows for storage. You made my summer day. I hope yours is full of simple pleasures and ways to stay cool. Diney

  4. Image for Jean Waldrop Jean Waldrop

    Just wonder where you purchased your sofa. I have been looking for a while and love the shape and nail heads on yours.

  5. Image for Anne-Marie Anne-Marie

    I just watched your video for the first time : you have such à soft sweet voice ! Plants and flowers bring life to à room. Neutral colors are To be used if you want to sell. 😘

  6. Image for Carole Carole

    I love this console-table-behind-the-couch idea! When we moved into our new downsized home I used this idea behind both living room couches. One console hides some seasonal decorations and candles, and the other console hides the porch & patio cushions. I especially love the space on top of the console for extra lighting and decor.

  7. Image for Jeannette Jeannette

    I did this in my first home! I had a long bookshelf - short and unattractive - that lived like a troll behind my sofa. The ends of the bookshelf were open so we could slide things off the shelves easily. You’re right - it’s a great idea!

  8. Image for Dora Bennage Dora Bennage

    When my daughter was born my mother made a dust ruffle that fitted underneath the baby bed mattress. It was extra long and went down to the floor. Made for such nice storage in her small nursery but didn't interfere with the cute factor as it matched her baby comforter/pillow/crib bumper set.

  9. Image for Jeannie Jeannie

    Not only do you gain storage space, but this is a great way to position lamps behind your couch, plus add a cute decor thing or two! Thanks!!

  10. Image for Kris Kris

    I'm all about saving space--keep the articles coming! My sofa "floats" in my living room to divide the seating into 2 areas. I'm contemplating a console table behind my sofa, so this was timely. I'm not sure I can add to your good ideas for creating space, but I would tell anyone looking for a new home to be aware of the storage areas. While our house is a smaller ranch, one of the things that appealed to me was the ample closet storage space. When you are living in "little", storage matters. A lot. I have found the Ikea website to have some great space-saving ideas--even if you don't buy their merchandise, it's worth it to check it out and see their thought processes.

  11. Image for Carol@BlueskyatHome Carol@BlueskyatHome

    I have a long skinny table that hid behind the sofa for a few years and then I moved it out in front of the breakfast room window. I’ve been thinking about moving it back behind the sofa. You’re right and great hiding place for stuff. I think you convinced me.

  12. Image for Dianne Miley Dianne Miley

    I’ve created space on my closet walls. I hang key racks to hold necklaces and belts. I hang larger hooks for robes, pjs, and jeans I want to wear again before washing. (Tell me I’m not the only one!) In my office, I hang shelves with small cubbies to store extra supplies. Boxes of envelopes, etc. fit on top of the shelf. I hang hooks in the broom closet/pantry for ...ahem... brooms. Okay, Captain Obvious! And I use under-the-bed storage boxes for Christmas gifts and wrappings, extra blankets, off season clothing, etc.

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