master bedroom makeover

You know that segment on the Today show where Matt Lauer leave the main studio and re-appears in the most random places and you always had to guess where he was.

Kind of like where’s Waldo from 7-9am.

Today on the blog is kind of like that.

I’m not here siting in my new master bedroom by the fire with a laptop and coffee and a Gray’s Anatomy marathon.

I’m somewhere else.

Some place that may or may not rhyme with yew fork witty.

And I can’t WAIT to tell you all about it.  Like a million pictures of the city and drinking coffee from the corner of 55th and Broadway and taking every bit of it in so I can tell you all about it and working with an awesome brand and watching the behind-the-scenes of a photo shoot and getting to meet famous people who may or may not be called Brooke Shields.

I KNOW…..right?

And I’m so over-the-moon excited that I want to check and make sure they meant to invite me.

master bedroom

But that’s not for today.

Today I want to talk about how I transformed this bed.

When I started on the master bedroom makeover, I began with the bed.  It seemed the most obvious place to start.  I wanted to upgrade to a queen bed and in my mind I had visions of finding a bed at a yard sale or thrift store or clearance center and it would be marked $50 and I would take it and transform it and make it amazing.  When I wasn’t looking for a bed, I’d seen tons of them before.

How hard could finding a bed be?



4 trips to the thrift store, 10 yard sales, a junk store shopping trip and a visit to the clearance sale.

And not a single solitary queen-sized bed under $400.

It seemed like everyone was very impressed with their used beds.

master bedroom refresh

So I started searching online and I found this bed from Overstock.

It was queen-size.  Check.

And it had a canopy.  Check and bonus because I hadn’t really been looking for a canopy.

But it was dark and some sort of metal.  Not check.

And the fabric on the headboard didn’t really match.  Not check.

But it was on sale (at the time) for only $229.00.  Check.

And I’m a DIY’er.

Check, check and double check.

drop cloth curtains

So the first thing I did was spray paint the bed.

I know what you are thinking.

You pay $229 for a bed and then you spray paint it?

It was easy and only two cans of silver spray paint and now the color fit in the room and looked like a more expensive version of a canopy bed.


Next, the headboard was tufted.

It was a simple transformation.

You could just unscrew the fabric part from the frame and with a little drop cloth fabric and some buttons, the headboard looks so much more expensive.

bed frame

And lastly, I simply added clip-on rings from the home improvement store and drop cloths for curtains.

Since so many of you asked about them.  Here’s my 411 on drop cloths.

1.  These are 6′ x 9′ drop cloths.

2.  I buy them at Lowe’s.  You can buy them at other stores, but I like the color of Lowe’s and this size doesn’t have a seam.

3.  If you buy them larger than that, you will have a seam.  But I think the seam kind of looks industrial.  Also, watch out for pencil writing on the drop cloth.  I don’t know why they write on them, but sometimes they do.  Just spray and wash it when you wash them.

4.   You can wash them and bleach them to look more like linen.  Here’s some great ideas for washing and bleaching from my friend Marion.

5.  My favorite thing about drop-cloths is that you can “train” them to do exactly what you want.  I usually clip the folds with a clothes pin.

That’s it.

Now go forth and drop-cloth decorate.

PS  And maybe I’ll ask Brooke if she has any drop cloth tips for us. 🙂


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  1. Image for Mercy Mercy

    I just LOVE how when I read your blog I feel like I'm sitting across from you at the kitchen table with a really good cup of coffee and we're just talking. It's the best thing EVER!

  2. Image for Michelle Rudis Michelle Rudis

    Such a good writer. Love reading your posts, Karri Anne--even when I know I should be doing other things. I just can't help myself! Can't wait to see your pics from 'yew' know where...

  3. Image for Michele Michele

    Whoo hoo- such a fun city, what an honor - and not at ALL surprising! You are the one they'd want. I am so excited for you. Also this is a great tutorial-ish post. Your bed is so perfect in your room. Brooke Shields is and has always been one of the worlds most classy and beautiful gals. I hope she isn't TOO tall to stand next to.......haha. Hugs and blessed Easter be yours!

  4. Image for Becky Becky

    Your bedroom looks amazing. Two years ago I did the same thing, after searching literally for years for a bed and having my heart set on an antique bed, I finally bought one off of Joss and Main and we love it. Also, thanks so much for the tips on drop cloths. I see everyone using them but I just didn't know what to buy or how to do it. Id like to try them as curtains in my living room. I see a trip to Lowes in the very near future.

  5. Image for Nan, Odessa, DE Nan, Odessa, DE

    I approve! Your space is lovely. What color is the paint on the walls? I am using a drop cloth as a dust ruffle at this time. How many drop cloths did you use? Please find more uses for using drop cloths. I think one could write a book on uses for drop cloth. Because they are sooooooooo stiff upon purchase, most don't consider using them. Thanks for a wonderful post, as usual!

  6. Image for Leslie Leslie

    Oh, my goodness!!! How very fun!! Drink it all in...the coffee...the sights...and moments with Brooke and those other great people! By the way, they will love meeting YOU! Simply excited for you! The anticipation is like reading a really great novel and having to wait for the sequel and can I tell you???...the sequel can't be soon enough!

  7. Image for Amy W. Amy W.

    What A Super Fantastic Time Of The Year To Be In Y.F.W! Can't wait to hear of all your doings there! Thanks also for sparking my intellect with the whole bit of neutralizing with Hydrogen Peroxide and Chlorine Bleach. I'm on the hunt to do more investigation on what this process is all about! Take care!

  8. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Okay -- It is April 1 -- Are you pulling a joke? -- You're really in New York City?? Wow I am jumping in my chair excited. I love your ingenuity and how you transformed your bedroom. So all I can say is New York watch out!! Big Hugs!!

  9. Image for Norma Jean Norma Jean

    Hey Girl! Did I not tell you, you were headed for bigger things? Congratulations! Can't wait to hear all about it. Now, I know, you would not be pulling our legs just because it's April Fool's Day, right? Love the bedroom, but where did the wingback chairs end up?

  10. Image for Pat Pat

    Hi, and thanks for all your wonderful posts. Just like everyone else, I feel I know you and your home, and really look forward to reading your news. I'm really sorry, but I don't know what a drop cloth is! I'm in England - do you think that's why? Please can someone tell me?

      1. Image for Pat Pat

        Hi Trina, and thanks so much for your reply. I get the idea now! I've seen professional decorators use them, but in our diy stores they tend just to be horrible plastic sheets that sway when you walk by,stick to stuff you've just painted, and generally move at will so are of little use. I think we call them ground sheets. But there's certainly lots of inexpensive fabric out there. Thanks again.

  11. Image for Juju Juju

    You've turned me into a DIY drop-cloth lover! I bought a drop to make new Christmas stockings, and now I'm thinking of painting and upholstering our headboard with the leftover piece. Your makeover really inspired me, thanks so much!

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