Looking for easy staircase wall ideas? Here’s a simple idea to add character and design flair to your staircase wall.

This past weekend I went yardsaling.

I was supposed to be working. The calendar was full of ZOOM meetings and I sat down in my chair and pulled up my computer and looked out the window longingly at the sunshine.

And then I saw it.

Peeking out from behind the neighbors’ shrubbery.

A hand-lettered yard sale sign.

What? A yard sale? Two houses down the street? Should I log in for my meetings?

Or would I?

Could I?

Should I be late for the meetings and run over to the yard sale?

Ummm. Good thing I made the right decision.

Because it was THE BEST YARD SALE EVER. Wait until you see what I got.

Closeup of staircase wall ideas.

Just between us?

You never know what you are going to find at a yard sale. For example, when I headed out on that bright, sunny day following the siren song of a handwritten yard sale sign, I had no idea I was going to find giant, distressed, gilded oversized frames.

There were actually two of them that were the same size, but they had different patterns. The frames measure 36″ x 24″ and they were…wait for it…

….only $5 each.

I bought the two frames, a smaller frame, another frame with a chalkboard in it and the prettiest wood tray with gilded fox handles all for $25. I told you I made the right decision—skipping a meeting for a yard sale.

Assortment of mirrors as staircase wall ideas.

But what’s a person to do with oversized gilded frames?

I had a couple of ideas–including hanging them on the wall with Christmas wreaths on velvet ribbons on them.

And then?

I looked at this wall.

Remember when we hung all these mirrors going up the staircase?

I always planned on going back and adding more mirrors, but then I was worried about layering mirrors on top of other mirrors going up the stairs. It seemed a little challenging.

But what if I layered those frames instead?

So now?

Simple Staircase Wall Ideas

The staircase looks like this.

I only added the three frames and I love the look.

They are lightweight and we hung them on longer nails so they would layer in perfectly.

The gilded edges of the frames layer perfectly with the existing mirrors.

Because the frames were so oversized, it was easy to layer over three or four other mirrors.

I just filled in the spaces with the frames.

Broad view of staircase wall ideas.

Here’s another view of the staircase from this side.

You can see the frame at the top and at the bottom.

I need to add more—so of course—that means more yard sales.

Overlap of frames as staircase wall ideas.

Overall staircase wall ideas

Aren’t yard sales the best?

You never know what you are going to find.

Sometimes life hands you a gift. One minute you are facing a day full of ZOOMs and the next minute you are skipping down the yard sale with the sunlight dancing across a pair of vintage distressed gold frames.

The moral of this yard sale story?

If a yard sale sign calls your name…

….stop and introduce yourself. 🙂

PS Here are pictures of the fox tray for everyone asking. 🙂

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  1. Image for Sandy Sandy

    How clever and attractive! I'd like to know how you "revived" the frames. Did you simply paint them......and with what paint? Or did you do a little rehabbing first? Love all your posts, always feel like I'm having a personal conversation with my McKinney friend!

  2. Image for JC JC

    This looks fantastic! I love the layered look! Just think of it this way....you saved on the time and gas driving around looking for yard sale signs, so that means these frames were even better....FREE! ;)

  3. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    Ahhhhmazing, ka! Love those, and have always loved the layered look with frames, especially ornate ones surrounding mirrors! Seems you just step into “gold!” everywhere you go! What great finds those were ~ and sooo cheap! I’m sure your Zoom buddies forgave you for being a bit late after hearing *that* fun story …. ! I’ve been faithfully keeping up with you and your family, just haven’t commented lately. Still love you and all your “goings on” … always hoping someday I might run into you on/just off the Mc Square! Have a girls’ trip in mind when the temps are really lower/Fall-like! kj

  4. Image for Maley Maley

    Gorgeous!!! And I absolutely love the “moral” of this story. My family and friends are very much aware that I seldom hesitate to introduce myself. 😉

  5. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Very pretty. Did you paint them? I too would love to see this tray. Inquiring minds need to know and see.

  6. Image for Betty Ellis Betty Ellis

    Beautiful frames displayed in such an interesting way. Off the subject, I cannot find your directions on making the really cute trolls or tomtens you featured a few weeks ago, I just remember using a saran wrap roll to wind yarn around for the beard. They can be hung on trees or used as gift tags as they are small. Would you be so kind as to send me the directions again? Thanking you, Betty E

  7. Image for Dee Turk Dee Turk

    You made the right choice in going to the yard sale I mean seriously, two doors down? No brainer! 😄 What a great find all those lovely things for only $25! Such a creative use with the layering!

  8. Image for Marlene Marlene

    Those are beautiful and good decision. I love a great deal and your finds were the greatest! How many times have you had to stop and look at that wall?!

  9. Image for Linda Linda

    Yes the frames are pretty and look really pretty on the wall with the mirrors. But o my goodness I love the tray. Those fox are adorable.

  10. Image for Debbie Deaton Debbie Deaton

    Oh my goodness! What treasures! I have never been lucky enough to find those type of beautiful items! Maybe I need you as my shopper! You are simply amazing Karrianne! I wish I had you as my neighbor. We could yard sale and craft all the time! Your home as usual is beautiful! Blessings to you! XFebbie

  11. Image for Susan Susan

    Anyone who has followed you for a hot minute KNOWS that KariAnne + yard sale = Beautiful Decor Ideas! I am also a sucker for those types of frames :)

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