Did you know even doorknobs celebrate Christmas?

I found these at my favorite antique shop in downtown McKinney. It’s a tradition around here. Every year I go downtown and shop for one vintage Christmas item for the house.

This year?

I found four things. If you watched the video of our Christmas home tour you may have spotted them. There was the rusty vintage truck on my kitchen island full of Christmas trees and the Christmas tree growers sign hanging on the chalkboard and the Christmas flashcards and there’s also a large vintage sleigh by the front door.

And I also found an idea.

You know.

I saw something that inspired me and then I found these doorknobs and knew I had the easiest, simplest Christmas project for this year.

I took these doorknobs and turned them into this.

Oh wait.

That’s not what I made.

That’s the idea.

I found this set of adorable Christmas trees on blocks. Someone at the antique store had the brilliant idea of marrying blocks and bottle brush trees.


They just took a bottle brush tree and glued it to the top of a block.

So simple and yet?


I was so inspired to make my own.

But I couldn’t find any blocks.


I found these.

And these trees.

There are three of them in different sizes.

Tiny, mini bottle brush trees with wood slice bases.

And now?

The doorknobs and the trees?

They got together and made this.


It’s a tiny door handle bottle brush DIY vintage Christmas tree project.

And the best part?


Simple DIY VIntage Christmas Tree Project



mini bottle brush tree

hot glue

1. Start with the knob

You can find knobs like this at yard sales, thrift stores, antique shops, tag sales and even your grandmother’s attic.

The only challenge with attaching the tree to the knob is the metal rod in the center.

Not all knobs have this, but the ones I used had them.

You can see them sticking out at the back in this picture.

Use a hacksaw to saw them off and remove them.

This is what the doorknob looked like after the center rod was removed.

It looks like it was made for a project.

Perfect surface for a tree.

2. Hot glue the tree

Add a ring of hot glue at the top of the doorknob.

Then press the wood slice on the bottom of the tree in place.

That’s IT.

(total aside: I added this pic so you could see that I also used a vintage bottle stopper as a base for the tree, too)

I repeated my steps for the other three trees.

Aren’t they the cutest?

And in amazing news? Why not get creative if you don’t have a doorknob at the ready. You could create this craft with something YOU MAY HAVE AROUND THE HOUSE RIGHT NOW.


Do you have a mini bottle brush tree?

You could add it to:

  • a teacup
  • a wooden block
  • a letter
  • an ornament
  • a flipped upside down basket
  • the end of a spoon
  • a sleigh
  • an upside-down flowerpot


Here’s to simple, easy crafts that make the holiday a little brighter and make sure to have a weekend as AMAZING as you are. 🙂

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  1. Image for Anne Southard Anne Southard

    Just adore. I’ll be scavenging all year. Thanks for being a true inspiration to each of us who were lucky enough to find you.

  2. Image for Kim Kim

    I did the same thing with the door knob off of my husband's late grandmother's farmhouse. She passed earlier this year at the age of 98. My father-in-law bought her farmhouse and completely remodeled it. I found the doorknob laying on the ground outside during the remodel and asked if I could have it. It has been a wonderful treasure for me in my Christmas decor. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Image for Lyn Lyn

    So cute. This fall my husband and I went to a local huge antique barn, and I found myself thinking "now, what would Karianne" do with this?" After weeks of being inundated with Christmas consumerism, it's refreshing to see what can be done with a small thing like a door knob! I loved your home Christmas video - such talent. Merry Christmas!

  4. Image for carol cupp carol cupp

    KariAnne Love all the Advent Calendars, I have several but now more fun ideas for next Christmas. Your joy shines through your lovely house. All the way to California Carol

  5. Image for Loryl Loryl

    I have door knobs from my Grandmother’s farmhouse that would be perfect for this !!! Thanks for the inspiration🎄

  6. Image for Eileen Eileen

    Fabulous idea! When my husband's parents were selling their very old, grand house, I went through and removed the crystal knobs from the bathroom cabinets. (btw, the new owners were demolishing the house). I had large old brass cup hooks and they screwed in PERFECTLY into the base of the knobs and I hung them on one of my miniature trees. So pretty!!

  7. Image for Joy Joy

    This is a cute idea! I have some neat old doorknobs & just the other night I showed them to my husband & told him I wanted to do something with them. Now I have some inspiration! Thank you!

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