Did you know even doorknobs celebrate Christmas?

I think I heard them singing Jolly Old St. Nicholas the other day.

Doorknobs are funny like that.

Sometimes you find something like a doorknob at a vintage store or a yard sale or a thrift shop and you have no idea what to do with it.

If you have a doorknob lying around…

…I have the BEST idea.

I found the idea when I was shopping downtown McKinney. Remember when I found those vintage houses that we all fell in love with and I brought them home and made a village?

(total aside: I met the artist yesterday when she brought me over the CUTEST vintage house that she made that looks JUST LIKE MY HOUSE. I’ll share it next week—but I digress. Today we are talking about doorknobs instead of houses).

Let’s go.

I saw something that inspired me and I knew I had the easiest, simplest Christmas project for this year.

I took these doorknobs and turned them into this.

Oh wait.

That’s not what I made.

That’s the idea.

I found this set of adorable Christmas trees on blocks. Someone at the antique store had the brilliant idea of marrying blocks and bottle brush trees.


They just took a bottle brush tree and glued it to the top of a block.

So simple and yet?


I was so inspired to make my own.

But I couldn’t find any blocks.


I found these.

// white bottle brush trees //

And these bottle brush trees.

There are three of them in different sizes.

Tiny, mini bottle brush trees with wood slice bases.

And now?

The doorknobs and the trees?

They got together and made this.

// Christmas tree poster // bottle brush trees green // white bottle brush trees //

// bottle brush tree green //

// Christmas tree poster // bottle brush tree green // white bottle brush trees //



You may have noticed them when I shared my kitchen tour.

It’s a tiny-door-handle-bottle-brush-DIY-vintage-Christmas tree project.

And the best part?


Simple DIY Vintage Christmas Tree Project



mini bottle brush tree

hot glue

1. Start with the knob

You can find knobs like this at yard sales, thrift stores, antique shops, tag sales and even your grandmother’s attic.

The only challenge with attaching the tree to the knob is the metal rod in the center.

Not all knobs have this, but the ones I used had them.

You can see them sticking out at the back in this picture.

Use a hacksaw to saw them off and remove them.

This is what the doorknob looked like after the center rod was removed.

It looks like it was made for a project.

Perfect surface for a tree.

2. Hot glue the tree

Add a ring of hot glue at the top of the doorknob.

Then press the wood slice on the bottom of the tree in place.

That’s IT.

(total aside: I added this pic so you could see that I also used a vintage bottle stopper as a base for the tree, too)

// Christmas tree poster // white bottle brush trees //

// Christmas tree poster // white bottle brush trees //

 I repeated my steps for the other trees and added them to my collection that I already had from vintage stores.

Aren’t they the cutest?

And in amazing news? Why not get creative if you don’t have a doorknob at the ready? You could create this craft with something YOU MAY HAVE AROUND THE HOUSE RIGHT NOW.


Do you have a mini bottle brush tree?

You could add it to:

  • a teacup
  • a wooden block
  • a letter
  • an ornament
  • a flipped upside-down basket
  • the end of a spoon
  • a sleigh
  • an upside-down flowerpot


Here’s to simple, easy crafts that make the holiday a little brighter and make sure to have a weekend as AMAZING as you are. 🙂

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  1. Image for Alice Hanson Alice Hanson

    KariAnne, I have a great collection of vintage door knobs! 😉 shocking I know! Your little Tree & knob line up is adorable! I didn’t think I needed more bottle brush trees but…… ☺️ Merry Christmas Smiles, alice

  2. Image for Jan Fusco Jan Fusco

    I love them! I just attended Vintage Market in Jacksonville, FL. I love bottlebrush trees. I bought one on a door knob and two that were on very old vintage blocks.

  3. Image for Paula Paula

    I am so sorry to bother you... I have been looking for where it was that you discussed which artificial trees ( not Christmas) you prefer and I can't find them. Can you help? Looking for olive and fiddle leaf.

  4. Image for Diana Diana

    This is genius ! I love bottlebrush trees but they tend to fall over at some point. I have some mini pots who are about to get some bottlebrush trees glued to them. LOL

  5. Image for Rizae Rizae

    Such a cute idea! Bottle brush trees are so whimsical, they go with anything. I love your creativity. Where do you come up with these things??? Big Hugs,

  6. Image for Michelle Crowley Michelle Crowley

    What a fantastic idea!!! I'll have to try these! This actually reminds me to still be mad at my husband for a door knob fiasco from 17 years ago 🤦‍♀️ We bought an old historic home as a short term investment property in Downtown Salt Lake - a remodel to flip. When we got into the house I discovered that all the original doors had original brass knobs with the Beehive State symbol on every knob in the house. They were fabulous!!! I asked my husband to be sure to have the workers remove the knobs and get them to me! I reminded him repeatedly - until one day he admitted he had forgotten and that they had all been taken to the dump!!! Yep - still super mad about that agian - still!!!

  7. Image for Ken Carpenter Ken Carpenter

    I LOVE door knobs and key holes and bottle brush trees. This article is so beautiful and your ideas are so right on target for Christmas. Thank You!!

  8. Image for Marlene Marlene

    I love my bottle brush trees and you gave me so many cute ideas that I never thought to do. Thanks and have a blessed day.

  9. Image for JJ JJ

    I love vintage things, I own a 1920s Craftsman home. But I really don't like when vintage items that are difficult to come by are being repurposed for nonsense decor that is going to end up.in the trash. If you find a vintage item in a thrift store, and do not need it for its functioning purpose, please leave it behind. I have these glass knows and do not want new replacements. Would like the original. Please be aware of what you are using to repurpose. Too many of these things are irreplaceable and things like quilts, doillies, handmade handkerchiefs are lost arts and are being cut up and made into items that Any fabric could be used. There are people looking for these things but want them intact. Thank you. Have a great day

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