Looking for some simple ideas for art? Here are nine creative, unique art project ideas that you can make for your home.

ideas for art

Just in case you were wondering?

I am a talker.


It’s one of my specialties.

Not just a regular talker, but an over-the-top-never-take-a-breath-speaker.

A blue-ribbon conversationalist.

A gold-medal chatterer. Anytime. Anywhere. I always have a lot to say. I’ve heard someone’s life story at Big Lots. And listened to the best engagement tale ever at the grocery store.

I’ve had random conversations about parties and pumpkins and why it’s so hard to find a cute concrete birdbath and why is printer ink so expensive and did anyone know if they even made Lee Press-On Nails any more and I even told a complete stranger that I couldn’t cook a roast.

But right now? 

My conversations are limited to the rooms of this house.

Maybe that’s why I’m talking my living room’s ears off.

Yesterday we were discussing ideas for art. Simple, clever, unique ways to create art for your walls. I thought I might share our conversation with you.

The dining room told me to.

Here are some creative tips and projects and ideas for art for your home.

Simple Decorating: Ideas for Art

ideas for art collage

1. Ideas for art? Create a multi-frame art installation

Here’s a picture I created for the living room.

I took one large image to a printer and had them divide it up into six different frames—each with a piece of the overall artwork.

Each frame measures 11″x 16″.

Then I hung all six frames together.

Another idea might be to frame an over-sized map like this, too.

You can see more about the project here.

ideas for art pictures

2. Frame encyclopedia pages

This is one of the easiest ideas for art. I simply bought these frames from IKEA and framed encyclopedia book pages.

You could also frame illustrations from a book.

Simply place the book page with double-stick tape on a larger piece of paper in a contrasting color and frame.

ideas for art paint brush frame

3. create your own art by framing something ordinary

All you really need to create art is a frame.

Here, I created art by finding something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary.

This is a paint brush with my name on it.

I just added it to the wall and placed a vintage frame around it.

ideas for art family room

4. Make your own artwork from pressed leaves

This is one of my favorite ideas for art—especially because you can make it for free.

I just went out to the yard and found some leaves from different trees.

Then I pressed them between books until they dried. Next, I attached them to large pieces of cardstock with tiny adhesive dots.

Free artwork is my middle name.

5. Create art from a wood frame

You can transform a wood frame like this with things you already have at your home.

Hang a basket from a rope and fill it with fresh flowers in a vase tucked inside.

Here are three other ways to decorate a wood window like this.

6. Layer the windows

Here’s another wood window idea from a Christmas installation.

Layer windows hung from rope to create art.

You can hang wreaths from the center of the windows.

7. Art ideas? Make an abacus

Looking for creative ideas for art?

This giant abacus is a fun project to make for your walls. It’s a conversation piece and an interactive art installation all rolled into one.

You can see the DIY instructions here.

8. Hang cabinet doors

These doors came off of the front of a piece I was working on.

I painted them white, distressed them and hung a map on the front.

There are so many things around your house that you can repurpose into art—you just have to look at things from a new perspective.

ideas for art picture frame

ideas for art map

9. Art ideas? Frame something you found

Sometimes art turns up where you least expect it.

Like this map.

It’s a plat of the neighborhood where I live.

And you will never guess where I found it.

Read my FAVORITE art story ever here.

ideas for art blue and white

Recently, I moved the map across the room to the back corner.

Which is where it was sitting when I was having my living room conversation yesterday.


So much conversation to be had and only my house to talk to.

Good thing it’s a great listener. 🙂

PS In fairness, my family listens too. I’ve just worn them out over the past four weeks, so I’m giving them a break while I talk to the furniture. 🙂

And now? Here are a few more ideas for art from some of my favorite friends.

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Looking for some simple ideas for art? Here are nine creative, unique art project ideas that you can make for your home.

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  1. Image for Betty in Arlington Betty in Arlington

    Hi Karianne, So happy with this post today! I wish thrift stores were open around here to scavange for frames to use for my cool pictures, items!

  2. Image for Sue Sue

    KariAnne, Here is one you may have already done, and I missed it. Take a white canvas (or paper, whatever you have on hand.) Give it a light coat of white paint- again, whatever you have. Once that is dry, add some dots or small blobs of whatever colors you'd like . Make sure the canvas is on a tarp or something to protect the floor or table, and propped up on something so you can let it air dry. Then take a blow dryer and gently blow the paint blobs in different directions, making patterns and shapes that appeal to you. It usually comes out like abstract flowers. You can blow the paint around the edges of the canvas if you like. Really, you could use a brush or sponge, or whatever, to move the paint around, make it swirly, it is up to you, the artist, lol! Have fun.

  3. Image for Julie Julie

    My hubby is the talker though he would disagree. I'm his Dear Diary too where I tend to keep such thoughts inward because i feel I am more emotionally supportive than he. I find my support and encouragement comes from friends and God...meaning what's stopping you and you can do it and I have made some grand accomplishments in my life with more being planned. Karianne you never know what thoughts and ideas can come from your room chats so keep it up! Elbow hugs!

  4. Image for Sheila Sheila

    You have the BEST creative ideas for making your own art!! Love them, but I must say that pretty blue plat of your neighborhood is the most fabulous one yet!! What a find KariAnne, and the COLOR!! Gorgeous! Sheila xo


    Love all the creative ideas for art. You are so creative! Love the blue print of your neighborhood, as it reminds me of all the years I worked with blue prints. :)

  6. Image for Marty Marty

    Your art always looks amazing. I am sure you house loves to hear you talk. I am talking to mine too since I am now officially bored. I can't mop my floors one more time today or rearrange anything or my whole house might rebel. lol

  7. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    Love your artwork, and love seeing it in your house!! Bless you, KariAnne! I'm more of a listener, but my poor husband is a TALKER. I've been holed up in my office trying to finish a novel, and he and my daughter have been educating our future generations from the living room. They talk to each other, thank goodness. One day Ellen came in the door and I'd already been upstairs for a while (and I'm even less talkative in the morning!), and he literally talked to her for fifteen minutes straight before she got a word in! LOL!!!

  8. Image for Sharon Sharon

    Well, talking can be a blessing. It seems I run into people all the time at Walmart that just need a little blessing from someone they don't know. I recently met a young man who was trying to decide on a shower curtain. He was separated from his children and getting a place on his own. We talked and then I prayed with him. I think he just needed to talk to someone who wasn't related to him! I continue to pray for him. On a personal note, my hubby can't hear very well and the poor dog is now listening to me since we are staying in!! Gracie seems to like hearing my voice! Anyway all stay safe.

  9. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    Thanks, these were so good and i have already wrote down some ideas i have and pinned this so i won't forget. When things start getting back to normal i have got a list that will last me till Fall, lol!! Stay healthy and pray all your family are well.

  10. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Love this post. I am curious how you are able to hang such a variety of different pieces of art work without needing to fill holes when you change to different art? Could you please share a behind the scenes how to on what you use and how you decide what to use, if you are going to change to something different without tons of nail holes. Thanks

  11. Image for Kris Kris

    I have borrowed your floating frame idea--I wish I could locate the frames I found on the Hobby Lobby website but no such luck. They are etched gold and dangle from a gold chain. I am no great photographer, but I had a couple of pictures I took during recent vacations that I thought turned out pretty well (pats self on back) and I used those in the frames. It makes me smile every time I look at them. It was serendipitous that I did this shortly before the stay-at-home orders. Thanks for the ideas and keep them coming! Oh, and by the way .... I think of myself as a listener rather than a talker but man, do I miss chatting in real time with people! My son and I did a screen door window visit with my sister and BIL and my mood improved approximately 205%. So, chat away at us! We all need it!

  12. Image for Cathy Cahill Cathy Cahill

    Thanks for the stories. Would you please let me the size of your family room sofas, who made them and are you happy with them?

  13. Image for Vicki Vicki

    These are excellent and inexpensive ideas! I never have noticed much of your artwork because there are SO MANY wonderful places for eyes to land on. One thing I do remember is the wonder addition of mirrors! I think my favorite might be the framed leaves! I’ve wanted to add some green to my neutral bedroom and that’s a splendid idea! Thanks! All great ideas! I wish I could go looking for encyclopedias! And finding a page describing something that matters to me might be fun!

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