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I have been on an organizing tear lately.


I’ve organized the linen closet and got rid of tons of random pillowcases and combined sheet sets in stacks of linen boxes.

I’ve done an entire closet edit on my closet and sorted and purged and grouped clothes by color on the prettiest velvet hangers.

I’ve cleaned out the junk drawer.

I’ve cleaned out cabinets.

I’ve sorted all my socks.

And on and on and organizing on.

It’s like I got rid of all that extra weight and now my heart wants to get rid of all that extra stuff.

Does that even make sense?

This week I decided to tackle the bathroom. There were drawers to organize and towels that needed to be replaced and cabinets that were full of stuff and don’t even get me started on the situation under the bathroom sink.

And now?

The bathroom is so much skinnier.

Here are some simple bathroom organizing tips I used to refresh our guest bath.

1. Use containers with compartments

I know that seems Captain Obvious.

But it works.

I found these cute metal containers from Better Homes and Gardens.

They have compartments with metal divider and a handle you can lift out. Then I pulled everything out from under the sink and set it on the counter. I tossed most of what was under there and divided the rest into two categories.

  • In one container, I organized all of our pet supplies, like shampoo, conditioner, pet spray to clean up messes.
  • In the other container, I added all the cleaning supplies.

Then whenever I need pet supplies or cleaning supplies, I can just pull out the container and everything is organized into the different compartments.

In the back, I added a seagrass basket like this one and filled it with stacks of toilet paper.

2. Use trays to organize drawers

There’s a flat center drawer in the middle of the bathroom vanity.

I decided I wanted to keep extra make-up and jewelry in the guest bath so that I didn’t have to go all the way back upstairs when I wanted to touch up my lipstick before I left the house.

I found these marble trays that fit the drawer perfectly. The drawer is super narrow and it was hard for regular organizers to fit, so the trays were the perfect solution. I took everything out of the drawer, got rid of most of it and placed the trays in the center.

  • To one tray I added lipstick, lipstick pencil, blush and a blush brush.
  • To the other tray, I placed extra bracelets and earrings to add to an outfit without going back upstairs. Also, sometimes the earrings I’m wearing can get heavy, so this is a great place to store them after I take them off.

3. Replace towels and stack them

The towels that we had in here were pitiful, y’all.

They had bleach spots on them and I just kept folding them up and putting them out again. I’m donating all the towels to our local Humane Society (it’s a great place to donate your old linens to).

And then?

I found these towels to replace them. They are SO PRETTY and they match the blue wall color perfectly. The design is actually raised and looks like embroidery. And they are REVERSABLE.


The hand towels at the top are folded on the blue side and the towels at the bottom are folded on the white side.

4. Use a hook to hang your hand towel

We added this hook to the wall by the sink and used it instead of a towel ring.

I love towel rings, too, but for some reason, the hand towel in this bathroom always looked messy with the towel ring. With the hook, the hand towel just hangs perfectly in place and it’s easy to replace with fresh hand towels in the drawer.

5. Add a mirror to the bathroom

There’s a large central mirror on the wall in this bathroom.

I love it, but I wanted something smaller to apply last-minute make-up up close and to check the back of my hair.

(total aside: I never knew how much I needed a mirror like this until I got one.)

This mirror is perfect for the space with its marble base. It has a regular side and a 5 times magnifying side.

6. Add a trashcan

Never underestimate the power of a really good clean trash can. I added one to the bathroom right around the corner in the bathroom by the toilet.

We had a smaller one in the space (that had seen better days), and I wanted a bigger one so we didn’t have to empty it as much.

I love the size of this trash can and the brushed nickel finish looks super high-end.

7. Add double-sided hooks

Sometimes the littlest things can provide the best solutions.

I LOVE these brushed nickel hooks.

They have two sides and look so vintage and they don’t rust.

I added the white shower curtain on one side and a new heavy-duty liner on the other side of the hook.

This hook helps keep both sides of the shower curtain happy.

I also added these reversible rugs to the space.

8. Keep extra washcloths in the drawer

I didn’t even have washcloths in this bathroom.

Can you even believe it?

In shameful news, when I needed a washcloth, I’d head to the kitchen and use a dishtowel.

Now? I have stacks of these white washcloths folded in the drawer in case myself (or a guest) needs one. They are fluffy and coordinate with the blue and white towels perfectly.

The bathroom is happy.

It’s organized and everything in the space has a purpose.

It went on a diet, lost all its stuff, and got a new outfit.

Skinny bathrooms are the best. ๐Ÿ™‚

PS Here’s a closer look at the ceiling in the space. I love the trend of painted ceilings and this is such a simple way to add detail to a small space like a guest bath.

I am so happy and honored to be part of the BHG Live Better Influencer Network at Walmart.

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  1. Image for Michelle Michelle

    I especially love the double-sided hook suggestion! Who knew they made double-sided hooks? Apparently, not me but I love the idea!

  2. Image for Dianne Dianne

    Love your towels. Would you mind sharing where you found them at? Thanks! Your bathroom looks wonderful! ๐Ÿ’™

  3. Image for Deedra Deedra

    What a pretty space!!! I love everything about it including your white tile countertops!! Such a neat vintage look to it! And the wall color looks so good with all the white.๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Image for Lorraine Lorraine

    Yep, I'm stealing the hook idea for hand towels. I always disliked the round ones. I just painted my small windowless bathroom yellow all the accents are white including the shower curtain.. I'm keeping the nautical theme with all of the shells and incidentals that I have and use the pictures on my camera I took of the ocean to hang on the walls. I've used bins underneath the cabinets for years because of everything being too small. It's a great idea. Next is refinishing this chair of mine and the two mahogany nightstands.

  5. Image for Lyn Lyn

    I have never been a Wal-Mart shopper until NOW. After reading today's post I quickly drove over to one near my house. Those towels are beautiful. I bought their last two hand towels in blue, and two in the grey for our master bathroom. I would have bought more if they had them. I love the fact that they are reversible - I have mine with the white showing. Of course, I had to pick up new dish towels as well. Isn't it fun to freshen up our homes?? Great job, as usual.

  6. Image for Kris Kris

    Double-sided hooks are a genius idea!!!! I also need to use drawer organizers in the bathroom. I have them in the kitchen but somehow it never occurred to me that the bathroom could use them, as well.

  7. Image for Maria Maria

    I find that organizing the home, a room, or even a drawer is equivalent to organizing the mind! You have outlined some great tips to keeping the bathroom organized, fresh, and pretty. So glad your bathroom is skinny too :) :)

  8. Image for Kakie Kakie

    I have the same color bathroom as you. I love your blue and white (not so long and thick towels). In addition, I have tried the medium aqua color fish on the walls.

  9. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    There is no better feeling of that sense of freedom organizing brings. Well done, KA. That sure is a cute and unique bathroom - your special decor stamp on it elevated it a ton. Love it.

  10. Image for JC JC

    Pretty! Love the Fresh and Clean tote to add cuteness to the cleaners and whatnots. It's important to have those whatnots looking cute. ;). The towels are lovely.

  11. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Not very tech savvy, but on what i bought on Wednesday,after watching, how do i find the link to buy some of those items you speak about, please!!!

  12. Image for Stephanie Stephanie

    Double sided shower hooks! Who knew? Certainly not me. It's always been a pain (yes, I know, first-world problems) to first hook on the inner liner, and then hook on the shower curtain afterwards, with the round curtain rings . As silly as it may sound, these will be a real time-saver when it comes to removing the curtains to wash them, and then putting them back up after they've dried! So thank you! Also, you truly are an influencer. The seagrass baskets are sold out, and there are only four of the metal containers left. I hope Walmart gives you a commission for every item sold. ;) And thank you again for your cute "voice". I love getting your email/ blog posts: they make my day. They're so happy! And you are so adorable. Reading your writings makes me want to be best friends with you! Congratulations on the twins' upcoming graduation! Job well done, Mom and Dad. As difficult as it is, you've raised them to do what young adults need to do--leave the nest and fly! But until then, you've created a lot of bathro0m storage space to stock up on extra Kleenex.

  13. Image for Ivory Ivory

    Everything in this space is fabulous. I will be going out later today getting many if the items you listed. Can you please tell me where did you get those fantastic floor tiles from, and how much are they are? Thanks

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