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This is the time in my house when decor gets a little bit awkward.

It’s November.

It’s fall. There are leaves and hayrides and pumpkins and cups of hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows and sweaters that make you feel all cozy inside.

But my heart?

My heart will always belong to Christmas.

I have to hold myself back from not leaving a tree up until the Fourth of July. I’ve actually contemplated keeping a tree year-round and dressing it up in different outfits like people do with those ducks in their front yards.

But now I’ve discovered a secret. Something that bridges fall and Christmas and you can add it to your house and still feel like you have a foot in both seasons. It’s the perfect amount of Christmas without going all Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

Want to know what it is?



All you have to do to add a little Fallistmas into your home is layer in a little plaid to your space.

Like this bedroom.

I added this plaid rug.

Isn’t it amazing?

I got it at Walmart and you can see it here.

I ordered the 7’10” x 9’10” and the best part?

IT’S UNDER $100.

I know, RIGHT?

Merry Fallistmas to me.

The description says red and black and yellow.

But in the room it takes on the navy of the walls and the white of the bedspreads.

It also comes in blue and black and cream black.

One quick note. Last time I posted some of these Walmart deals they sold out super quickly. But the next day, they restocked. So if you go over there and the rug is sold out, just check back tomorrow.

I also found some red and white pillows over there.

Like the red and white buffalo check pillow that comes with a DOWN insert and it’s only $11.00.

You can see it here.

And this red and white snowflake pillow with a down insert.

It has a tassel on all four corners, too.

You can see it here.

Walmart home has an amazing, inexpensive, holiday collection this year.

You can see and shop it here.

Other than that?

I got the room ready by tucking a few quilts and extra pillows into the baskets at the end of the bed.

And fluffing the duvet covers.

One quick tip: if you size up your down inserts it makes the duvet so much fluffier. For example, add a queen insert to a full-sized duvet cover.

They are so much poufier.

The paint color on the walls is SW Naval and the trim is SW Extra White.

I found this vintage table at the thrift store and my father-in-law cut it down to fit in this space perfectly.

It pulls out and doubles as a desk.

I added a few of these little trees to add some winter greenery.

And fluffed the jute curtains.

And stacked a few books on the side table.

This is an old fabric bolt holder that doubles as a bookshelf.

You can still see the measuring stick on the side where they used to measure the fabric.

I just tucked a few of the boys books and some vintage encyclopedias on the shelf.

And now?

The room is ready for the holidays.

I’m leaving it like this until Valentine’s Day.

And maybe later.

What do you think about outfits for those little trees?

Asking for a friend. 🙂


disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Walmart.

All opinions are my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.

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    Wow- love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You had me at plaid!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just cruised the closest Walmart yesterday.....none of those items...so will shop the links you so helpfully included!!!! Did find some adorable lanterns to use for the front door area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Image for Dorothy Dorothy

    LOVE this room. I plan to show every picture to my daughter-in-law with two extra sweet boys. Who need a navy and plaid bedroom. And an extra fluffy duvet. Thank you so much for that tip.

  3. Image for DeMarie Ingraham DeMarie Ingraham

    Love this room. Can I come visit it??? I’m a cheap date🤪. As for those darling trees, tell your friend I’d put a little red ticking bow around the base of the tree or just small red ticking streamers with ragged edges. That rug is a perfect Christmas or lodge rug!

  4. Image for Mary Watkins Mary Watkins

    This room looks so neat! I think WalMart has some great things this year for Christmas especially! But we all need a decorator like you to pull it together for us! Thanks! And happy Christmas decorating, I love it!

  5. Image for Amy WILLIAMS Amy WILLIAMS

    Joanna who?? You are my spirit animal… I’m stealing all your ideas because they are amazing. I love the plaid!! This room is so charming!

  6. Image for Beth Y Beth Y

    Oooooooohhhhh, that rug!!!! It is gorgeous and makes my decorating eye so happy!!! I wish I had the colors on my walls right now to pull it off in at least one room. The reference to that dress-up duck made me laugh!!! I totally remember those and their little jackets for different seasons. I find that with me and decorating it is a love/hate relationship. I love picturing how a room will look and buying or reusing certain pieces to make it work. Would I love to have someone else pack up and unpack totes....yes, totally...I abhor that part of decorating. Lol!! So, I am with you on leaving up a tree, simply because I hate having to put it up and then take it down a month later. Makes me sad, too!!

  7. Image for Michele Bruton Michele Bruton

    I actually left my Christmas tree up one year. I justified my actions by calling it the “holiday tree” and decorated it according to the season. I’ll admit I have a problem but it was a lot of fun. I live in a small town and when I overheard someone refer to me as the girl who doesn’t take her Christmas tree down, I stopped. I love this room and the plaid accents. You have amazing talent and are an inspiration to us all. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  8. Image for Jenn Jenn

    That rug is so perfect! I have one red buffalo check pillow and have been looking for a mate for it! Yay! So glad you have partnered with Walmart! You have enlightened us!

  9. Image for Karen Mary Karen Mary

    Oh, I love plaid! (I already bought different plaid wrapping paper for all the gifts this year.) Great idea to keep some plaid around after Christmas! One thing I struggle with is outdoor decor after Christmas. I'll now put a plaid throw and pillow on the porch bench, but what to do in the window box? (Struggle complicated by the fact that I don't love faux greenery.)

  10. Image for Jillian Jillian

    So cute. Yep, rug is gone. Over at the blog "between naps on the porch" she has an older friend named Marie who does amazing holiday designs. She has a number of visiting blogs. Marie leaves a tree up (out of many) that is awesomely decorated each holiday. I like the idea, but for now I tell myself it is more special when It only comes out at christmas. But maybe a little one...

  11. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    I am totally on board with Fallistmas 🍁🌲 Every year I have my tree up a few days before Thanksgiving...undecorated, but it’s up and lit! I have to get it up because I’m always working Black Friday....this year I’m getting it up earlier than ever because my parents will be visiting 2 days after Thanksgiving!! Believe it or not my tree will be up on the 15th!!!! 😆. It’s really early, but if I don’t get it up then, I won’t make it and I want to enjoy it as long as possible! Super crazy this year 🤪

  12. Image for Jeanine Jeanine

    The rug really makes this room festive! Yup, they are sold out in every size already. 😞 I would dress the little trees in a "sweater sleeve.: to cozy them up. I know it is a tad bit early, but what about hanging faux greenery wreaths in the windows? We have this exact bed in queen at our little cabin and for Christmas, I drape greenery over the footboard and hang my daughter and her husband's stocking and a festive sign the railing. I love this color combo. Happy November, friend!


    I love the room. It's very inviting and warm. Do you have a link for the super baskets you have at the foot of the beds?

  14. Image for Nan, Dessa, D E Nan, Dessa, D E

    Suggestions for quilts or bedspread in tartan or plaid???? These are my colors too! I vote YES unti! valentines.

  15. Image for Christy H Christy H

    Do you know where you got the baskets at the end of the beds? It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  16. Image for Sue Sue

    I LOVE the addition of the red plaid rug to this room! It makes the room look both warmer and more festive. You always seem to find the good stuff at Walmart. Also, thanks for explaining what that bookcase was originally used for!

  17. Image for june june

    Love that plaid rug! You are right Walmart cannot keep items in stock. Hmmmm wonder if it has anything to do with a little bird that lives in Texas🥰. I cannot wait, I ordered the little tree with the red stripe cover on the base. Due in next Tuesday. I don’t have any duvets but was told putting two inserts in gives amazing results.

  18. Image for Botanic Bleu Botanic Bleu

    KariAnne, The red plaid rug and red accents give the room a wonderful Fallistmas feeling. And, I spy that metal 3-D Paris Metro map!!! Do you have my name on a piece of duct tape on the back of it? I still would love first dibs if you decide to sell it. Happy Fallistmas!!!! Judith

  19. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Love it - but ugh - I like sticking to fall as long as possible.......but I know the biz bloggers really can't. I never saw a plaid rug like that - looks awesome in that room. Those wee trees are adorbz. How is your football team doing? Happy weekend.

  20. Image for jo jo

    Love, love, love this! Must say I have shopped more often at Wal-Mart because of your blog....never did before. How fun!!

  21. Image for Jen Vortriede Jen Vortriede

    Love the room! Where did you find the red and blue plaid throw? I would love to throw one of those over the back of my sofa. :)

  22. Image for Mary Jane Mary Jane

    I love it! I would keep it that way all year long. I love plaid and I don’t think it looks Christmasie at all.

  23. Image for Anita Anita

    Would you mind sharing what brand of paint and color this is? i have been wanting to paint a bedroom blue like this , but was afraid it would make it look too small, but I love this. Thank you.

  24. Image for Sevahn Sevahn

    I adore this plaid bedroom. There is nothing more heart-warming and comforting than a bedroom with color and layers of blankets and pillows during the fall and winter seasons. Exquisite display of red and plaid!

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