Looking for a simple way to make your wreath cuter? Transform your Christmas wreath with a plaid scarf and this simple wreath hack.

wreath hack

Are you sitting down?

I have the best five-minute Christmas wreath hack.

The other day I unpacked my Christmas boxes and discovered a treasure trove of unused scarves left over from a party from last year.

I thought about using them for our annual caroling party.

I thought about monogramming them and giving them as gifts.

I thought about saving them for a potential snowstorm in case the snowmen needed them.

And then?

I came up with this idea that—at the risk of stating the obvious–is TOTALLY BRILLIANT.

Now my scarf looks like this.

Christmas wreath hack

I tied it into a bow and hung it on a wreath.

I know, right.


And so inexpensive. Have you priced wide ribbon before? It is super pricy and finding anything wider than 6″ wide is so cost-prohibitive that you couldn’t send children to college.

But why use a ribbon?

When a scarf is such a better choice and holds its shape so much better than a ribbon.

Here’s how I made this bow.

Simple 5-Minute Wreath Hack

wreath hack steps

Step 1: Start with the middle

For this project, you want to make sure to choose a lightweight scarf—not a heavy scarf. If you use a heavier scarf, it’s so much harder to tie the bow.

Fold the scarf in half.

You want to find the middle so when you tie the bow the scarf ends are slightly off-center.

Take the middle of the scarf to start to tie to the bow.

2. Loop and tie

Create a large loop on one side. Then tie the rest of the bow like how you tie the bow on your shoes.

Just a simple regular bow.

Adjust the sides of the bow until they are even. If you start tying the bow in the middle, the ends of the scarf with hang perfectly. Once you have the sides of the bow even, then tighten the center to make sure the bow holds it’s shape.

3. Fluff and pull the sides of the bow

Take each of the sides of the scarf bow and pull them apart.

The amazing thing about using a scarf in place of a ribbon is that it holds its shape perfectly.

The sides of the bow of the scarf stay open and fluffy after you adjust them on the wreath.

4. Attach the bow to the wreath

To attach the bow to the wreath, I wound one of the leaves of the wreath through the center of the bow.

Then I tucked the bow into the wreath.

The fringed edges of the scarf make the perfect ends of the bow.

And now?

The wreath on my door looks like this.

But wait.

There’s more.

Remember when I said I had a stack of scarves? Why stop at one bow when you can create so many more bow projects for Christmas?

Here are some other ideas for your scarf bows:

  • hang on the ends of the garland on the mantel
  • attach to the corners of a hutch
  • wire the bow to a large basket
  • add to the front of urns on the porch
  • add to ends of a doorway garland

Isn’t it wonderful to live in a world where a scarf can transform itself in minutes?

Happy early Christmas. 🙂

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  1. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Oh, I love it. I also like that you tied the ends so that they're slightly staggered (which gives it even more personality). The buffalo plaid is perfect. Great idea. Hope you have a great week. xoxo

  2. Image for Kris Kris

    Ooh, this is great. Love the way the fringes hang on the bottom. You could probably do this with leftover material cut into the right shape, too, and have a bow for all seasons.

  3. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Goegeous, beautiful, fabulous I could go on and on. What a brilliant idea. Got to find some scarves Thanks again for your brilliance.

  4. Image for Julie Julie

    LOVE the simplicity - so pretty! I use these types of scarves around the necks of my cement rabbits that sit on my stoop during winter.

  5. Image for Monique-Marie Monique-Marie

    Love this lovely wreath. My son is building a cabin in the Catskill. I will be sure and make him one with this plaid tissue. I will suit a cabin just fine. Thanks you so much Love Monique-Marie

  6. Image for Colleen Colleen

    I love it, but you lost me in your instructions after you folded it in half when you said "take the middle of the scarf to start to tie to the bow."…I have no idea what you did? Help!

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