Shop My Favorite Finds

Do you know what one of my favorite things in the world is?


Yep. Ever since I lost 105 pounds, I discovered I like shopping so much more than eating chocolate chip cookies. Come shop with me and discover what I’ve found.

Wasn’t that fun?

Just know I’m here if you ever have any questions or need me to source anything for your home or an upcoming event. Also, let me know if you have specific questions about items I’m sharing, such as sizing, hue, texture or pattern.

Here are a few other shopping resources:

My YouTube Channel

I also share tons of content and shopping ideas on my YouTube channel each week.

Every Wednesday I share a shopping video where I curate all my favorite finds from the week. You can see the products up close in action.

You can check out all my weekly videos here.

Thank you so much for following along. 🙂

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