Are you sick of the arrows yet?


Do you remember those pre-arrow days with great fondness?

Before Paint and PicMonkey and Picasa…..when all the pictures on the blog were footloose and arrow-free.

And now…

And now I have the nerve to add borders.

And words.


All in the endless quest to write the perfect tutorial.


Sailcloth Shower Curtain Tutorial


Red Cotton fabric from Wal-mart (the thicker the better)



White Shower Curtain



Random bunches of grapevine to take pictures on


Red Fabric


Step 1:  

Take red fabric and drape it over a wooden box in your dining room.

Take a picture.

Just because.

Because you wanted to.

Even though is has absolutely nothing to do with this tutorial other than the light was just so beautiful and the fabric was so….well….so red.  And you were trying different focus options to get the clearest shot and this picture just made you smile.

Next, remove red fabric draped over box and proceed to step 2.



Step 2:  

Print out extremely large numbers on your computer in Ariel Bold.

These were printed at 700 x.

Cut out numbers and photograph them on grapevine.

Because printed numbers photographed on the table just aren’t the same.

And because you have been pinning photo props on Pinterest in your quest to be a highly sought after grapevine numbers photographer.


Number four image


Step 3:

Take your 700x Bold Ariel Font numbers and trace them with a sharpie.


Because when you traced them frontwards….the sharpie showed.

And even though you tried to fray the sharpie off the edges.

You still knew it was there.

And the little bits of sharpie that still showed even after you tried to fray the edges took on the proportions of the Empire State Building lit up red white and blue for the fourth of July.

Trust me.

Backwards is so much more sharpieless.


Number cutout


Step 4:

Cut out the numbers.

And then pin them onto the white shower curtain.

I pinned them diagonally.

To create the impression that I had just ripped the sail off a sailboat.

And hung it up as a shower curtain in the bathroom.

And so it would look like this without spending the $100.



Step 5:

Pin the numbers onto the shower curtain.

Stitch a one-inch border in contrasting thread.

Fray the edges.

And hang shower curtain and liner on nickel-plated hooks.



Total cost if you would have bought it online:  $100.00.

Total cost for project:  $16.93.



For less than the cost of a movie, popcorn and a box of thin mints.


And I’ll throw in the arrows for free 🙂


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  1. Image for Aunt Lou Aunt Lou

    OK, really cute! I'd be laughing out loud if I were awake. As it is, I'm grinning on the inside in appreciation of those all important photography steps. :)

  2. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    I was unsuccessful in placing a number on a pillow....Now I know where I went wrong!!...I forgot to place the fabric over my wooden, lavender filled box on the dining room table, and darn it, I forgot to put the number over a grapevine for off I go, to start over...but please tell my sewing group ladies that this is the PROPER way to sew on a number on a pillow...!!! They steered me wrong! I thank you for the wonderful "toot"...oh I mean "tu"......Great number that 42 and great curtain too....!

  3. Image for the salvage collection the salvage collection

    i need arrows to keep me focused... though i'm not happy about that. love the simple sewing tutorial. too bad it's beyond my needle skills! it looks fab!

  4. Image for Karah @ thespacebetweenblog Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

    Hahahaha, I can TOTALLY relate to the sharpie on the back because sharpie on the front is a bad idea step ... been there more than once. Some lessons are harder to learn. :) This is beautiful, perfectly nautical without being over the top. Karah

  5. Image for Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    I love doing the grapevine! Remember Jane Fonda - she led us in the grapevine along with feeling the burn! In her terrycloth headband, striped leotard and perfectly coiffed hair! Ah, back when my money maker was in full force. You know I LOVE red - maybe that number needs to find it's way onto another pillow, stuff itself into a box, somehow get itself to the Post Office where it will be delivered to my red family room! Because although this pillow rocks, I can't sew a button and now I am sad and depressed because that red number will never be mine! Kelly

  6. Image for Gwen Gwen

    Yes. It's becoming a photo-montage-horse-race out there... I'd better up my game or I'm gonna get left behind. Dahlink showah curtain. Just Dahlink.

  7. Image for CAS CAS

    You're so funny! Great idea for a shower curtain. I'm absolutely going to check out PicMonkey -- I want to do some of those arrows! CAS

  8. Image for Linda @ it all started with paint Linda @ it all started with paint

    This project probably took three times longer than it should have with all those extra photo shoots on the grapevine and in the dining room ... I see you and your camera and your tripod moving all over the house staging fabric numbers and cut outs and sharpies ... Looks great! :) Linda

  9. Image for judi judi

    very cool! thanks for the grand idea for a future project! now where did you find your white shower curtain...assuming its all cotton too? i suppose a dropcloth woud work with grommets to hang?! *for all those who don't sew...iron on the numbers and use a fine white sharpie to make stitching lines to get that faux look...OR find someone who sews! judi

  10. Image for Lynn Lynn

    You have finally done it! You have created the perfect step-by-step tutorial complete with arrows and labeled photos! Bravo, bravo!! I love your shower curtain by the way... -Lynn

  11. Image for Kathryn Kathryn

    Looks terrific! And I love the subtle nautical-ness (nauticality?)- like an old sailor who still carries the faint scent of the sea on his trousers. Just an idea for those (like me) who have an innate distrust of the sewing machine: you could use Heat-n-Bond iron-on fabric tape to attach the letters (or just use hot glue-it works surprisingly well on fabric), then use a white fabric marker to "draw" the stitches on. Cheating, I know... BTW, I'm still trying to decide what I love best about your blog: your gorgeous house, your mad photography skills (who would have thought of staging numbers on top of grapevine!), or your sparkling wit that dishes it all out to us. Love it all!

  12. Image for everton terrace everton terrace

    I was SO in until you used the word "stitch" and I was out. That and the fact I don't actually have shower curtains, both our showers are walk in thingys, but I was thinking pillow, yes pillows would be cute, more stitching though. Will just admire how cute it looks, and your clever use of arrows, borders and words - you are quite a multi-talent!

  13. Image for Becca Becca

    I love your posts! They are chalked full of personality! I'll make sure to get some arrow and grape vine for my next tutorial! Great saving and great shower curtain. I love me a knock off! xo Becca

  14. Image for stacey stacey

    Do you know how much i love this project?? First of all not only am i in love with the idea of ripping the sail off of the boat and hanging it your bathroom, but then it cost you under 17 buckaroonies.............. my heart just skipped a beat! Yours truly, Mrs. Cheapster! tehe!

  15. Image for dee dee dee dee

    Karianne, Oh Karianne....I'm adding up MY costs to replicate your project..... Shower curtain- $35 Red fabric- $5 Grapevine wreath-$10 Box- $45 (this isn't KY, free on the road side doesn't just happen every day in Ohio!) Red Lipstick-$5 (just because i'm convinced it's your secret to all things beautiful) You my dear are a bundle of creativity, and a source of smiles! Have a wonderful day! dee dee

  16. Image for kelly@refresheddesigns. kelly@refresheddesigns.

    What a great little project and super tutorial. I definitely need a tutorial for anything that involves sewing! You made me laugh with your arrow comments- I've been desperately learning Photoshop in an effort to put all kinds of arrows and catchy circles, etc. on my blog pics as well. Gotta look professional, right? :)

  17. Image for Tammy Tammy

    Red is one of my favorite colors and those numbers just make this white shower curtain pop - plus your photo's are always amazing!

  18. Image for Karen Karen

    I love this keeping it real tutorial. I also really love popcorn, a diet coke, and Junior Mints with my movies. A good investment in my sanity, a movie with treats, every once in a while. PS Pinning this. Too cute!

  19. Image for amy amy

    This faceless person ---->, that one ---->, the one over there ----> REALLY loves this project. Simple, graphic, bold. Love the pop of red! And, if you haven't already guess, I'm a fan of the arrows too!

  20. Image for Stephanie Stephanie

    Adorable! I'm assuming this bath may be for the kids? LOVE it! Great tutorial, too. You may have just ruined me from using other peep's tutorials ~ you are definitely the Queen of Grapevininess! Big TX Hugs, Stephanie

  21. Image for Mary Mary

    LOVE IT!!! Where can I get a plain white shower curtain? Everything I've come across is waffle weave, lace, etc.... I can't wait to try this, I see red numbers all over my house, shower, pillows, duvet covers, table cloth......

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