Need to update your curtains? These ruffled drop cloth curtains are adorable and simple to make and they add great texture and beauty to a neutral room.

These gorgeous drop cloth curtains are surprisingly simple

I can’t decide.

I can’t decide if I should make five more of these ruffled drop cloth curtains or stop while I’m ahead.


They are so good light/bad light.

One minute…..I’m looking at them and I am so all about them.  I want to marry them and invite the entire country over for sweet tea….just so I can work my ruffled drop cloth curtains into conversation.

And then I leave the room.

And when I return and take a second look…..all I can think is…..“bless their little drop cloth heart.”

Here's a closer look at the burlap curtains


I saw them over on the Anthropologie website.

And I loved them.

They were so grand and full and ruffly and wonderful.

But $208 a panel?


So wonderful.  But so out of my budget.  But then I thought of drop cloth.  I mean….can’t you make everything and anything out of a drop cloth?

And Anthro curtains should be no exception.


These gorgeous curtains are so easy to create on your own

So I made them from 6 x 9 drop-cloths that were only $10.96 at Lowe’s.

I just sewed a ruffle down the center and hung them from the curtain rods.

And when I saw them, my heart smiled.

I was so all about them.

They were ruffly and kind of looked like linen if you squinted and poufy in all the right places and the perfect length for the windows.

These curtains look great in the space

And then I left the room.

And when I came back…


My heart plummeted.

It was good light/bad light all over again.

It looked to me like someone had stuck a random ruffle onto a drop cloth and passed it off as curtains.

These drop cloth ruffle curtains are perfect

So before I make five more….let’s discuss.

Only big opinions needed 🙂

Are you good light or bad light on these?

PS  Don’t give extra points to the curtains for the roses or that fun finish on the table 🙂

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  1. Image for beth beth

    luv the ruffles...if you wanted them to look more like the anthropologie panels .maybe the ruffles just need to be wider...more ruffled...and the edges need to be frayed?

  2. Image for Pam @ Frippery Pam @ Frippery

    I say good light. But if you are unsure, definitely wait on making more until you feel happy with them. Otherwise, down the road you will always be second guessing yourself about them.

  3. Image for Teresa Vanselow Teresa Vanselow

    I really like them, but personally think you should toss them in the washer and dryer a time or two to soften the looks of them a bit.

  4. Image for Anne Anne

    Um I say bad light but then I'm not really a ruffly kinda girl... Love the colour of them. btw if you're anything like me, that bi-polar feeling you have means you don't really love them yourself and need to keep tweaking them until you do love them. :)

  5. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Good light/bad light...Red light/green light....I say that you are stuck on the "caution light"...not sure whether to stop or go...keep them or not... So throw "caution to the wind"...marry them for now...and if after 72 days of good light/bad light, you may have to break down and get an annulment. Seriously, they are adorable in the pictures...but it's one of those things that when it starts to bother you, it may just become a great tablecloth!....

  6. Image for Jean Jean

    I kinda like 'em. I'm not really a ruffle-y kinda gal, either. But I agree with someone above...wash them several times to get the stiffness out. Them you'll probably love them, too.

  7. Image for Sharon Smith Sharon Smith

    Something tells me your not completely happy with final look. Maybe loose the ruffles! I would keep if for one window, but not several more. I just found a burlap curtain panel at Ballards that length for $49.00 with twine fringe. They are lined and do not shed like burlap. Your heart will tell you what to do.

  8. Image for jeanette from everton terrace jeanette from everton terrace

    I'm feeling the love, but perhaps only one ruffle a side for me (or way more, I like a lot or a little). Also agree on the washing suggestion, though I wouldn't have thought of it had it not been mentioned. I'm thinking of recovering some chairs with drop cloth, can it be dyed I wonder...

  9. Image for Barbara Barbara

    The color is perfect!! But put me down with the other two who said you should wash them to soften them a bit. Also by doing that, they'll look more linen-like. Can't wait to see what you decide to do!

  10. Image for Tammy Tammy

    I think they need a little tweaking before I say "good light"! Maybe the ruffle needs to be fuller/gathered tighter (also, maybe wash the ruffle part before attaching so it has a softer look). They have great potential, just play a bit more :)! Love your blog btw! ~Tammy

  11. Image for Jill Flory Jill Flory

    Ok my first impression is 'I love them'. Then I left the room and came back later.... ;) Seriously, I like them - but I kinda see what you mean. Could you sew those ruffles down again about 1/2 to 3/4 inch on either side of the original stitching? I wonder if that wouldn't be better with the stiffer drop cloth fabric. Lighter weight linen would drape differently. But if you decide you love them as is I would still love to come over for some sweet tea and a chat!!

  12. Image for Niki Blake Niki Blake

    HI there! Well I LOVE them....not like. They are actually a little different than anything I have seen and so for that, I am always game!! Niki :)

  13. Image for Traci Traci

    That is so funny! I just sewed some drop cloth curtains for my lv room and have been debating wether to add a ruffle or not? Now having seen your gorgeous ruffles I'm all over it! Having just bought a ruffler foot what a stroke of luck! How did you do your ruffles? They are not too ruffly. Beautiful job! So glad I have discovered your blog!! Please make my tea unsweetened though! Traci

  14. Image for Judy Judy

    As soon as I saw them I fell in love with them. I thought you had bought them. Now, your photos are also awesome so it's so hard to tell just from the photos. You have definitely presented them in their "best light". I can imagine what they really look like knowing how heavy the drop cloth fabric can look in person. My guess is the Anthropologie ones are made from a lighter weight fabric. Maybe that's the issue. BTW I saw you featured over at At The Picket Fence today. I am now following you on FB, pinterest and twitter. I hope you will stop by and join in my link party. Would love to have you share these drapes.

  15. Image for Sillyrabt Sillyrabt

    Eh, I'm in the bad light camp on this particular one. Without the ruffles, I'm amazed that drop-cloth curtains are made of, well, drop cloths. They are so richly substantial looking. But I wouldn't dress them up at all, I think suddenly that takes away from the grand look. Leave them alone and they're worlds better than dressed up. I do really like the short curtain rod approach; I'm going to do that here soon. And I do really like the roses, table finish......

  16. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    I like them! The photo makes them look great! I'm a Yankee tea girl though! I'll be right over and we can decide! I have voted on HGTV and Country Living! Good luck, my friend!

  17. Image for Lori Z Lori Z

    I like 'em. A lot. And I have two Big Opinions. One, if you didn't wash them prior to sewing the ruffle and hanging, isn't there a chance they will shrink and then possibly be too short or distorted? That would be my fear. Two, not to go all Jo Pearson on you, but I would cut all the wayward strings to tidy up the look. =) Is it OK to say that?! I do really like 'em. They're a keeper.

  18. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Love to see the whole room. Sometimes it is hard to judge something by just seeing a snapshot instead of the portrait. I am thinking thar less is better. In other words----one ruffle rather than two. Love the short rod idea,

  19. Image for Peggy Peggy

    Okay I have to admit I'm not a ruffle girl so I would have to go bad light but then I love drop cloth curtains so I might have to go good light. But seriously if you left the room and came back in and were immediately bad light then I think you have the answer... Did you wash them before you sewed them? Because that can really change the look... because it washes all the sizing out and you get a wonderful drape where there was only stiffness before. Trust me I am having the same issue with the curtain on the front of the side board... oh what to do! But the table and the roses... lovely, simply lovely! Have a wonderful day!!

  20. Image for Kathy :) Kathy :)

    Good light, I think they're adorable, but less is more!!! Leaves you free to come up with other super duper ideas  I've only had sweet tea once, not a fan must be my Yankee tastebuds  Have a great day 

  21. Image for charisse charisse

    I like the texture, color but agree that perhaps without the creases/fold lines it might drape a bit better. I have never used drop clothes, but worry about how they would hold up in the washer. Perhaps just throwing them in the dryer with a damp towel and a few fabric softener sheet might do the job for you. WOuld like to see a phot of the window with both panels, as just the one, not even full length doesn't show allow for a full picture of the effect. Think I may have to get some drop clothes and try making some panels for somewhere! charisse

  22. Image for Linda@Coastal Charm Linda@Coastal Charm

    What can I say...I'm just not sure, and I hate that. Maybe, you should just live with them for a few weeks and see how it goes. Blessings, Linda

  23. Image for Jennifer Pacheco Jennifer Pacheco

    I LOVE the idea of them, but I would tweak it a bit. It looks to me as if one ruffle is .... ruffled and the other is more of a streamlined pleat. That is throwing me off a bit. I would pick which one you like more and have them match. Anyhow, a little bit of fluffing (or unruffling? lol) and I think you will love them. I do!

  24. Image for kristin M kristin M

    I'm not really a ruffle girl and I'd like to see them in a whole room shot rather than just the up close. You've already gotten all the suggestions for *one ruffle *wash to soften *wider fuller ruffle *try it for a while. My first impression is a thumbs down.

  25. Image for Angela Angela

    Ok, so I just finished up something VERY similar to this last night. My ruffle is in a different place now, because I didn't like how it originally came out. I like how yours are vertical! Great job as always! :)

  26. Image for Angela Angela

    Oh, and I forgot to leave my suggestion...duh! If you are wanting the ruffles a little more like the ones from Anthro, you might try a muslin just for the ruffle part. It's super cheap and might give you more of their look. Just a suggestion.

  27. Image for Mah Mah

    I must say that I like yours much more than the Anthro ones!!! All the people that don't like ruffles will be on board in just a little while! It always happens with new and repeat decorating fads! I remember years ago ruffles were big and when it repeats itself, this time around it will be more modernized. I say make all that you need and enjoy them!

  28. Image for Kerri Kerri

    I can't decide either. I love the idea of them. I love things made of drop cloth. I think you should make more, maybe just one panel isn't enough, I believe you need more ruffles. Maybe throw it in the dryer with a couple tennis balls to soften it up a little and make the ruffles more fluffy.

  29. Image for Anna Starner Anna Starner

    Love the idea! But I think you aren't feeling the love that you will when you get them "Just right". My first thought when I saw them was "They should have been washed first". That would give them a softer look and the ruffle wouldn't be so pleated looking. I love the way drop cloths soften and hang after they are washed. They will shrink so I would wash BEFORE I sew them. I may have to go buy some drop cloths and make some panels. I've been toying with the idea for a while. No ruffles for me Yeah!!. So much quicker.

  30. Image for Shannon Fox Shannon Fox

    Live with them a little longer... and if the continue to "bug" you, you'll know they have to come down. If they grow on you... then it's all good :) I think they are pretty cute, but sometimes something is just off and it'll come to you if they don't settle into place.

  31. Image for Stephanie Halliday Stephanie Halliday

    I like the idea of them, however, I would not hem the ruffles. It makes them look rather stiff. Something to make the ruffles softer and perhaps pleated a little more... Or a lighter weight fabric for the ruffles such as a thin cotton blend...

  32. Image for Chris Chris

    Hmmmm.......I agree with some of the ladies. More gathered ruffles and a good visit to the laundryroom. I love your abbreviated rods. They keep the curtains where you want them instead of 'not me' pulling them closed cause the sunlight ruins the tv picture. I see a trip around the house happening to find a spot to do that. Oh, I'm not an iced tea fan but I do love iced coffee!

  33. Image for Andrea Andrea

    with pretty much every home decor project I do, I have a moment of doubt. I remember not at all liking the curtains I sewed for the master bedroom, but now I adore them-how could I have doubted their fabulosity? I say you need to live with them for at least 2 weeks to know whether you will end up loving them or not. From what I can see, they are absolutely perfect, and fit the window, and your smocked/ruffled/neutral burlapy/drop clothy style to a T.

  34. Image for Mrs. C Mrs. C

    The first thing that caught my eye, is the ruffle next to the corner, it isn't flowing w/ the rest of the curtain. I wish I could see a full length shot of the curtains, because maybe not so close up they look different perhaps??? But something about that ruffle just isn't meshing, it almost looks like it's hanging alone in the picture, and maybe that's where the love/hate relationship started for you??? I love the idea, and I really believe with a little tweaking you'll get it just right!!! Trust that instinct, that feeling, that something isn't just right, just yet. You'll get there, I know you will! Had a little discussion about drop cloths w/ one of my daughters just a few minutes ago, I l do love all of the many projects I've seen where women like you are turning them into works of beauty for their homes!!! Hugs to you "k"!

  35. Image for Karah @ thespacebetweenblog Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

    Ohhhhh ... they have such potential. LOL I love them ... and then I think I agree with the suggestion to wash them to soften them a bit ... something with the ruffle just isn't laying right. But I think you're on the right track ... don't abandon ship yet! :)

  36. Image for sharon sharon

    I definitely know what you mean about good light/bad light. I LOVE the curtains, but what really matters is that you LOVE the curtains. If they bug you, or if the infatuation has turned to "I just want to be friends," then you should go with your gut. I've adopted a LOVE only rule. I have to LOVE "it" to bring into my home or keep "it." You could sell those curtains and use the money to get what you want. Speaking of good light/ bad light, did you see Traci @ Beneath My Heart's post recently about a very similar thing? Her advice is that if something is bugging you, you gotta change it. Sharon

  37. Image for Jule Jule

    I like yours a lot better than the Anthropologie ones! If you aren't sure whether to keep them, here is another idea. You could take the ruffles off and keep the curtains plain and use the ruffles only to hold back the curtains. That's what I would do. ;)

  38. Image for Pat Pat

    As Blake Shelton sings, "Let's just drink on it!" :) I mixed emotions about them, however, YOU are the one that needs to be happy with the result and I don't think you are. You have lots of suggestions already so not sure mine is needed but here it is anyway. :) ~ I don't care for the wrinkles after drop cloths are washed. I'm not a chippy paint person either though. LOL ~ Perhaps make the ruffles out of a lighter weight fabric and make them fuller? ~ Maybe make a lot of ruffles for the bottom and then just one for the top? ~ I think the vertical is getting me as well as one ruffle seems fuller than the other. ~ Bottom line, I'm not really a ruffles type girl. :) I know you'll make the right decision for you. xo Pat

  39. Image for gena gena

    I'm on the fence here too... I like the concept, but would rather have fuller, rufflly ruffles... softer. But, that's me - I'm a frilly kind of girl! gena

  40. Image for Denise Denise

    Like them BETTER than Anthro! Like the idea of washing them to soften as well. Shelve the sweet tea and pour a glass of chardonnay please.

  41. Image for Athena at Minerva's Garden Athena at Minerva's Garden

    Hi KariAnne: I like them, but I think it would depend upon the room they are going into. Some rooms might not work with ruffles, while they could be just the ticket in others. And you certainly did extremely well on the price--love that!

  42. Image for Elizabeth Claire Elizabeth Claire

    I like yours BETTER than Anthropologie's. Your "ruffle" is unique, has good scale/proportion, and doesn't fight (for attention) with the rest of your elements. If you have any trepidation about their current location, then perhaps you already had a perfect blend of decor in that part of your home. Try the curtains in an another location, perhaps even as a bathroom curtain treatment. Take care. eClaire

  43. Image for Anne Anne

    Karianne, Go with your gut.I was in the same predicament today.I bought a chair for my inspiration room.I love it but it needed something and I was moving things all over for this chair LOL! I finally found something that works and I am happy.But if it didn't work the chair would have to go! If your not feeling it then out they go! If you are not sure live with it a bit. xx Anne

  44. Image for Bethanie Henry Bethanie Henry

    They're just horrible...Make 5 more sets and send them to me... because they're EXACTLY what I've been too lazy to make for my bedroom!! :0) I was thinking about you today, wondering what was going on today at Thistlewood Farms and thinking, "dang, that woman has too much energy." I made half of a burlap wreath last night (ran out of stuff, never fails) and I was exhausted!! Seriously love the curtains, wash or not, fluffier or not, I just love them and know that when you're finished, they will be perfect!!!

  45. Image for jami at freckled laundry jami at freckled laundry

    I think they are awesome but you have to love 'em or they'll bug you every time you walk in the room. (At least that's how I work.) I don't think they look like a random ruffle was slapped on them at all. Have you ever done elastic ruching? It will make those ruffles a lot softer than the pleats and it's SO easy. (I have a video tutorial for elastic ruching on my tutorials page. I wasn't born for impromptu Youtube vids, but it gets the point across!) I don't mind the pleats one bit, but I did see it mentioned above so I thought I'd throw it out there! xo

  46. Image for Beth Beth

    Love the idea, but i think the ruffle looks sort of like an afterthought, maybe smaller and softer, someone said muslin-that would give it a soft look. I think you you definitely have a good light in the making. side table and flowers are beautiful and here In Georgia- we also love some sweet tea!

  47. Image for Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique

    Okay KariAnne, I'm putting my teachers hat on here.... when my creative students are unsure about something they've made I tell them to look at it for a week. You'll be surprised at how many times your mind will change and then suddnely you will know what needs to be done. This is another trick we do.... stand with your back to them and look at the curtains with a mirror; seeing them in reverse gives you a different perspective and often highlights the problem (if there is one). You may look at the curtain and think it needs more ruffles or bigger ruffles etc. Judging from the photo, they look lovely and I love anything made from drop cloth :)

  48. Image for rachel rachel

    Good light. Many people don't read blogs. Those that do don't necessarily read DIY blogs. The only people who would even remotely think they were anything other than ruffly linen burlap curtains are DIY blog aficionados and how many of those come over? Invite over NON blog readers and see how they'l respond. Probably amazement and awe at your creativity!

  49. Image for Joi Joi

    LOVE THEM! I would like to come over, drink some wine and make a few for my house! What a fantastic use of that fabric!

  50. Image for Kim Heavner Kim Heavner

    The drapes are fabulous in good light and bad light. Love the ruffles! Only you know they are made from drop cloth....shhhh....

  51. Image for Jo-Anne Jo-Anne

    They are nice but they do not speak to I would quit while you're Sorry but I think you like us to be honest......

  52. Image for Becky Becky

    What about a second layer to the ruffle? That might make it a little fuller and more "ruffle-y" but overall, I really like them. And, I agree, maybe a wash or two would soften them a bit? It's worth trying them for awhile!!

  53. Image for Sheila @SZInteriors Sheila @SZInteriors

    I saw your pin before your post, and they made me smile. And I'm not a ruffle-kind-of-gal! I think they're keepers, I'd just add one more set of ruffles so you're working with odds instead of evens! And I love the drop cloth colour without a doubt!

  54. Image for Di@Cottage-wishes Di@Cottage-wishes

    Good Light, I like the texture with the ruffle, now if I could just whip me up a pair I would be a happy girl! It looks great to me. I oh yes the milk glass, flowers, table, chair and pillow...a beautiful photo shot!! Di@ Cottage-Wishes

  55. Image for Janet Janet

    How about gathering the ruffles and having unfinished edges rather than pleating them? You could use a gathering foot to make it easy work. I think that that would give you more of the Anthropolgie look....

  56. Image for Heather Heather

    Hi Karianne!! You did a great job with these curtains!! I have a suggestion, the Anthro curtain ruffles are more floppy than what you can do with dropcoth, since dropcloth is a heavier fabric than what they used in the Anthro version...I think if you made the ruffles a smaller width and then maybe added two or three rows of them instead of where each single ruffle is, that might duplicate the 'looseness' look more. Or add another layer or two of the same width of ruffle on top of where you placed each ruffle to sort of beef it up....Or buy a linen type material (maybe inexpensive muslin would work?) that is lighter weight and just make the ruffles out of those.....I have tried to use dropcloths for curtains before too, and to me after I make them they look like mundane dropcloths posing as curtains....I think its the weight of the fabric or something....but I do envy people who can make them look fantastic!!! Good luck! :D Your Bachelor/Bachelorette Buddy!!!

  57. Image for Diane Diane

    I think I need to sit and have a sip of wine and those marshmallow thingies the Gods made, but then the answer would still be gorgeous!

  58. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Really, KariAnne? I'm not seeing what you are seeing. Because I really like these. In fact, I like them much better than those at the big A. I think they are perfect for the look I get from your bedroom. The ruffle style you have created matches your room style perfectly. I don't see your room as a super-ruffly overly feminine style. These add the perfect balance. So ... my vote is great look, and I would leave them just like they are.

  59. Image for tara tara

    I like them...I'm very impressed that you made the ruffle and added it yourself....kudos to you on some handwork! Several people have suggested that you wash them, but if you do, they'll shrink, so I don't think that's really an option, right? I learned this the hard way. :) Could you show us the whole room so we can get a "feel" for what 6 of them would look like in a room?

  60. Image for Teresa Teresa

    The curtains are genius! I must agree with Becky, though...second layer of ruffles and softening the fabric a bit might just complete the look. Great job!!

  61. Image for Nancy Mueller Nancy Mueller

    I know the feeling. What would I do? Make one more. Hang that up and live with it for a week. Watch them in the light as it changes throughout the day and night. I have found that the dropcloths are best washed first, then they are softer. I love those Anthro drapes. But you are right, really, that $$$? Those aren't even linen! So, make one more, look at them in the daily light, just like you would with a paint sample. I think you are clever. Great ruffles. Nancy

  62. Image for Christine Christine

    Hope you didn't change a thing about these... they are wonderful! I was so inspired that I stopped and bought a drop cloth at Lowes on my way home from my Thanksgiving road trip. I started making the curtains yesterday and cannot wait for them to be done!

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