Looking for quick spring decorating ideas? Here’s an easy 10-minute idea to get your spaces ready for spring.

quick spring decorating ideas

Raise your hand if you remember when my husband trimmed all the trees in the yard?

There were tons of branches covering the ground.

Some people might have called the trash pick-up.

Some people might have left them.

Some people might have hoped the wind might blow them away.

I am not some people.

I took them in and trimmed them down and decorated my house with them.

So today I have a 10 minute spring version of that branch decorating idea for you.


Except it’s even better. 🙂

quick spring decorating ideas leaves

Here are those long-ago branches that covered the yard.

My husband had them stacked up next to the house, ready to get rid of them when I motioned to him from the front door.

“Let’s not throw those away,” I said. “I’m going to make an arrangement of them.”

To his credit? He never blinked. He never questioned. Truth? There was not even a single raised eyebrow.

He’s lived with me for years.

He’s seen it all by now.

quick spring decorating ideas glass vase

I filled a vase with water and then I started trimming the branches to fit the bay window.

Sometimes simple ideas are the best. The branches were a little lopsided. They were a little oversized. They were headed for the trash pile. But all it took was someone changing perspective. All it took was someone recognizing the value of some castoff foilage in the front yard.

quick spring decorating ideas bay window

Here’s what they looked like in the bay window after I arranged them.

And they were an amazing (and FREE) arrangement…

…for about 2 days.

Then the leaves dripped. And dropped. And covered the ground. And over the next week, my display turned into well…

….just branches.

I loved the look.

I loved the leaves.

I loved the easy way to add spring to a corner of the house.

But I didn’t like the mess.

quick spring decorating ideas branches

And then?

I found these faux branches.

They look almost exactly the same as my beloved branches from the yard.

About the same height.

About the same leaf size.

And they look so real. The leaves almost look like ficus leaves and the branches are super long. We actually cut these branches down to fit in the vase. If you left them the original height in a different vase you could get even more height with your arrangement.

Another amazing thing about them is that all of the leaves are flexible—even down to the smallest branches. That’s what gives them the super realistic effect.

You can see the branches I ordered here.

I’ve ordered these branches from Amazon over the last year (four different times) and they are all over my house for spring.

(total aside: for some reason when I snapped these photos, there was a giant divide in the branches. Do NOT arrange the branches like this. Do NOT be like your friend KariAnne. Make sure the branches are distributed evenly.) 

It only took me 10 minutes to brighten up this corner of the room. I took them out of the box, twisted the branches and leaves in different directions, and added them to a glass vase in the bay window.

(The same glass vase I used for the branches from the yard).

They are just like the other leaves I loved so much except they DON’T DROP.

I put them in this corner at the beginning of the week and in the afternoon when the sunlight is dancing around the room they look like I just clipped them from the yard.

Someone wise once told me that every room should have a little bit of greenery to bring it to life.

And after adding these branches? I’m a believer. 🙂

PS You can see the branches here.

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  1. Image for Susan Stevenson Susan Stevenson

    How nice to live in the south where there are actually green leaves on those bushes! We are looking at nothing but branches in NY. I may have to get those faux branches which are my favorite kind of plants anyway!! You have a beautiful home! :)

    1. Image for Rachel Burch Rachel Burch

      If you bring a bare branch inside and put it in water, sometimes it will bud. I think this is called “forcing”.

    2. Image for Becky Poff Alley Becky Poff Alley

      You can force forsythia in water any time in the winter. You just have to find it. Yellow flowers to make us think Spring.

  2. Image for Connie Sumner Connie Sumner

    Love the look of the branches! I have ordered some for myself, but was also wondering if the small azalea plants are faux or real? The color is beautiful in your LR.

  3. Image for Nuss Laura Nuss Laura

    Hi Karianne! I meant to comment on the hutch find! It is similar to mine and i painted the glass shelves and the lower panes! love it! That bay window is gorgeous! I love dead branches and like your ( husband) my guy just adds.. for the blog? Happy Day! we got snow yesterday! It will melt by Friday! laura

  4. Image for Robin Hawkins Plummer Robin Hawkins Plummer

    I like branches too! So many times my mother would send me into the woods to cut branches and then we would spray paint them for arrangements. Cork screw willow trees make the very best for decorating.

  5. Image for Joanne Garnett Joanne Garnett

    Beautiful! Did you find that 3 branches were full enough in a vase or would you suggest 6 branches at 44”?

  6. Image for Kris Kris

    What is that mysterious yellow light out your window? Is that called the SUN???? Can you find a way to make that happen in my home??? If you can't tell, it's been beyond dreary here in Michigan. The green faux foliage is a good idea to brighten up your day.

  7. Image for June June

    Love this!!! So refreshing as I look at more snow coming down adding to the 42” we already have. Your energy sparkles my day with joy😊. I too am in the mood for spring.

  8. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    They look so real and I love them for Spring decorating. I was wanting something for a big old Keosene can I have and these are perfect, thanks so much.


    So pretty, KariAnne! You always do such an amazing job with your decor! I think I have to order some of those branches for our home!

  10. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    They sure do look real. I went to the site from your link and they look so much darker green there. I wish they were a teensy bit more yellowy spring green vs dark green - but I think they're gorgeous. And you are right about real ones dropping leaves eventually! These make your blue and white room look great.

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