Looking for creative outdoor Easter decor ideas? Create this outdoor Easter Egg playhouse with spray paint and colorful outdoor wooden eggs.

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Here at Thistlewood we are all about decorating for Easter—inside and out.

Especially when all this decorating helps others out.

Homes.com asked me to participate in a challenge they are hosting for charity.  Here’s the basic concept.  They sent a basic Little Tykes playhouse to several bloggers and asked us all to use our imagination and to transform it however we wanted.  Then you all will have the opportunity to vote on your favorite and the winner gets to donate $750 winnings to charity. Doctors Without Borders is my chosen charity. And the best part? Everyone who votes is entered to win $250.

Sound like fun?

Are you ready for a little Easter decorating?

Oh, good.

Me, too.

Here’s a little outdoor Easter egg playhouse before and after just for you.

Here’s where we started.

It arrived in a big box with instructions on how to put it together.

This is what the playhouse looked like before we started.

The roof was red.

The shutters were brown.

The basic playhouse was cream.

And now?

That red and brown and cream playhouse? It got a little color.

And now?

It looks like this.

It’s full of Easter Eggs and polka dots and sunshine.

The entire project started with spray paint.

The base was spray-painted with a white spray paint designed for plastic. It comes in panels and the roof was separate and we spray painted that hot pink.

The door was painted blue.

The shutters were painted purple.

Then we taped off the house panels and painted the side windows turquoise and the mailbox pink.

When you are working on a project like this—you’ll have so much better results if you use a spray paint designed specifically for plastic. You can see it on the label.

Next, we cut out these giant Easter eggs out of plywood.

They have a piece on the back that attaches to help them stand up in the yard.

I traced the egg shapes on the plywood and my husband cut them out with a scroll saw.

The base was painted white and then I decorated them with polka dots and stripes and other patterns.

Next, we cut out an egg out of plywood for the front door of the playhouse.

I painted it in matching colors and then we attached it to the front door of the outdoor Easter egg playhouse.

The back door was painted to match.

Next, we added window boxes on each side and filled them with flowers.

The little purple shutters open up and let the sunshine in.

The window boxes are actually purple Easter baskets that we just attached to the side of the house.

Let’s take one more look at the DIY playhouse transformation.

From this before.

To this after.

All decked out and ready for spring.

This little house is full of color and decorated with green grass and sunshine.

After we finished, I stood back and one thought ran through my head…

it’s a good day to be an Easter bunny. 🙂

And now?

I need your vote

The winner gets to donate $750 winnings to charity.

My selected charity is Doctors Without Borders.

And the best part? Everyone who votes is entered to win $250.

You can go here to vote

Simply scroll to the bottom and the voting is there.

Thank you so much in advance for all your help


disclosure:  This post was written in collaboration with Homes.com.

All opinions are my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.

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  1. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Yours, by far.....not to take away from the talent of the others or their designs! Thinking back to which one my daughter (now a 2nd Lt. Nurse in the Army and stationed far far away) ;( would have run to if all three were in the backyard.....and YOURS would be her choice, just like it is mine. Happy Easter~ may your home and playhouse overflow with laughter and good memories.

  2. Image for Donna Jacobs-Cancik Donna Jacobs-Cancik

    What a cute addition to Easter happiness for any parent & their child/ luv the Spring colors to brighten up the day

  3. Image for Alice Genzlinger Alice Genzlinger

    KariAnne, yours is the very best. I voted for you. I also like who you chose to give to. My doctor works with Doctors Without Borders. A wonderful organization. Hope you win.

  4. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    Oh my goodness, they said the competition was steep, and they were right. All three are adorable, but yours is MOST adorable! Of course I voted for yours!!! LOL, I hope you win for various reasons, but as a retired RN I love that you chose Doctors without Borders.

  5. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    Super-cute!!! You picked all my childhood favorite colors - and the colors that Martha, on "Making the Cut" picks. Have you watched it? Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum on a more upscale version of "Project Runway!!!"

  6. Image for june june

    Love the colors...window boxes are adorable...and those eggs🐰🐥. Can I come over and play? Off to vote and forward this post on to friends.

  7. Image for Gina Gina

    Ohhh! What great memories I have of my now 18 year old son playing in his playhouse log cabin! And I do hooe your charity wins! Thank you to all health care and allied health services for your dedication to making us well. So cute!

  8. Image for Kristina Davidson Kristina Davidson

    This is beyond adorable. What child wouldn't love having this to play in?!? You definitely have my vote!

  9. Image for Katy Ford Katy Ford

    Voted!!!! It was adorable and I think a child would be captivated by your design! Fingers crossed for you! 💕

  10. Image for Sally Brown Sally Brown

    My grandkids and I loved the huge Easter eggs and all the bright spring colors. Simple and colorful always gets children's attention...and I enjoy seeing everything through their eyes!!

  11. Image for Eloise Fitzsimmons Eloise Fitzsimmons

    I just forwarded this post to lots of my friends . I really like your house the best ! I hope you win for your great charity. If I should win, the $$ will go to several places here in my hometown.

  12. Image for Becky Becky

    The others are very cute and creative also, but yours takes the cake. I know which one MY girls would jump for! Simple and sweet!

  13. Image for Chloe Chloe

    It is always wonderful to do something for charity, isn't it? Good luck, I have voted! My favorite thing about your sweet little house is that bushel basket window box! Happy creating!

  14. Image for Laura Harrie Laura Harrie

    KariAnne, loved the colors you chose for the playhouse! So Easterish! Well done, you are always a winner with me! Yes I voted.


    KariAnne, you have done a fabulous job of decorating this playhouse! It is just so cute and amazing -- just like YOU! The colors just look so happy. Those window boxes filled with flowers are beautiful -- as are the other planters. Such a cute idea with the wooden Easter eggs -- so cute! So nice that your dear hubby helped you! I voted for you. Love that you picked the Doctors without Borders as you charity. They do a fabulous job! I am a retired nurse and the medical profession is always close to my heart! I pray your week goes well. Bless you!

  16. Image for Mary in VA Mary in VA

    I voted. I have to say that your design is so far better than the other two, just totally Easter delightful. Good luck, I hope you win!

  17. Image for Ellen Ellen

    I LOVE your creativity! Now, I may be accused of being biased...but in my opinion YOU have the best of the make-overs! How kind and sweet of Mister Thistlewood Farms to help. My Vote went to KariAnne of Thistlewood Farms. As a mother, a grandmother and a retired pediatric nurse for special needs children I love the project and the charity that you chose. Thank-you!

  18. Image for Rev. Suzanne Taylor Rev. Suzanne Taylor

    My vote is in. Guess who I picked to win. Yes! Ms KariAnne! Nice job on that little house, KariAnne.

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