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Remember the room that I turned into my office at the top of the stairs?

It used to look like this.

And then?

We lightened it and brightened it and painted the walls and found a thrift store table and a couple of chairs from the attic and repurposed a vintage fabric holder from the 1940’s.

And it became my office.

A functional bright cheery office is a very important thing when you are working from home and you need a space that makes you happy. Please raise your hand if you understand.

So to start 2021 off right, I decided to organize my office (which also triples as a studio and a craft room).

I came up with creative ways and ideas and unusual storage solutions for all that stuff.

Want to see the room now?

Here it is along with my best tips for organizing an office or any space that needs to live large.

Here’s an overview of the room from this side.

There’s a large table in the center of the space, that we just painted the top of to give it a little more personality. The color is SW Interesting Aqua.

This is where I blog and write my posts.

We installed a charging center in the bookshelves where I can charge my phone and my ipad and my computer.

There are two rolling baskets in this space.

The one under the table stores all my studio equipment.

There’s a ring light and microphones and also a table pad that helps absorb sound.

The basket back in the corner stores extra throws and pillows for when I’m cold or need extra cozy.

I loved the old curtains at the window (and I kept them). They are stored in the window seat right now.

I just needed something a little brighter and lighter at the windows that didn’t give off a yellow cast when I was filming.

So I came up with the perfect solution.




I showed in my Instagram stories how I used these sheets and made a no-sew curtain project.

If you have Instagram you can follow along with me and get all the behind-the-scenes projects like this one here. I just clipped them onto curtain clips and hung them on the rod. They are the perfect pattern to use as a backdrop for filming.

In the center of the table, I added a vintage toolbox that I found at a vintage sale.

There’s a compartment on one side that I added craft supplies to and on the other side, I added these little lidded boxes and a container for scissors.

These boxes hold tape and clips and other office supplies I need for the space.

On the other wall of the room, there’s a closet.

Next to the closet, I added this chair from BHG Live Better to give me another option for filming.


It’s super affordable and lightweight and looks high-end.

The closet has a roll-out vintage shelving unit where I keep all my photography styling props and some additional props and a few craft supplies in these organizers and these baskets. I just purged all my craft supplies, so my stash has shrunk considerably.

I’ll have to re-photograph this closet at the end of 2021 and those bins will be full again.

Extra microphones and photography supplies are also stored in this hanging unit in the closet.

On the other wall is this giant vintage sewing cabinet from the 1940’s.

I repurposed it to store craft supplies.

There are books and magazines in the bottom and paint and brushes on the top.

And then I added these tiny seagrass baskets to the center shelf to store extra painting and faux finish supplies.

I was also thinking about adding these baskets that I used in my laundry room makeover.

This is my seat.

This is where I sit and dream and plan and hope and giggle.

This space makes me so happy.

And the only thing that’s better than a happy space?

A happy space that’s organized. 🙂

I am so happy and honored to be part of the BHG Live Better Influencer Network at Walmart.

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  1. Image for SUSAN SUSAN

    Never seen anyone so organized. Please tell me it doesn’t look like that all the time 😌. What happened to your downstairs office?

  2. Image for Sherry Sherry

    Love this room!!! I am currently trying to convert my daughter's room (she is married now) into my craft room, so this gives me some good ideas. But I have waaaaaaaaaaay more stuff than you do, so mine will never look as good!

  3. Image for Judy Judy

    How did you do the curtains? Did you have to buy multiple sets? Did you cut the flat sheets in half? They look great.

    1. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

      Judy, You are the sweetest! I bought four twin sheets. I used one sheet for each window. Then I clipped the clips and hung it on a rod! Does that make sense? happy day!KariAnne

  4. Image for Barbara at Mantel and Table Barbara at Mantel and Table

    Beautiful KariAnne! And such pretty organization - your closet is a dream! Thanks for all the great ideas. My office remodel I've been planning for about a year is on my 2021 goal list, and this really helps! Happy Thursday my friend!

  5. Image for Rachel Burch Rachel Burch

    Following my daughter’s wedding two weeks ago, I have an empty bedroom at my disposal. I have so many dreams about what it could look like. I hope it looks this good when I finish.

  6. Image for Lisa Lisa

    What a great space to create and innovate! Would love to know where you found those large rolling baskets (under the table and in the corner). Thank you for all of the helpful links and tips! Your influence sure is positive!

  7. Image for Ann C Ann C

    What do you use the office space that had the corner fireplace for now? Maybe you turned it into a bedroom for your son? Is my memory really getting that bad? I loved that room. This looks more like a craft room than an office space. Love that big antique fabric holder. You’ve used it several ways. Always love your ideas.


    Nice job, KariAnne, in organizing your room so that it works well for you. Your room looks so nice and bright! This is such a great space to work in -- and it's so pretty too! Just enjoy all the time you spend in there! It's great to have a room to work in and just close the door when you leave! No one but you knows what's left out for another day!

  9. Image for Maria Maria

    Wow! what an organized space. I love how you use vintage items in new ways to hide this and that. I also think I need to get some hanging shelves:) Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Image for Amy Amy

    That is so gorgeous, and so beautifully organized! I never imagined in a million years that acrylic paint bottles could be organized in such a way that it looks like art. The first question that popped into my head was, what did she do with all the beautiful things that used to be in that room, and where will they reappear? I love seeing how you take a room that already looks perfect and magazine-worthy and up-style it so it's a fabulous new room! I'm relieved you saved those curtains. I've enjoyed watching their journey through your home over the years and think they are still so pretty. PS--I proofread this comment...baby steps!😂

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