Looking for a creative and stylish option for your office? Here’s my design plan featuring tons of storage and blue and white decor.


Drumroll, please.

Let the office makeover commence.

It’s been a weekend of basketball and painting. We are about 1/3 of the way through the makeover and my heart is pounding with excitement.

This is the time during a room makeover when you can see everything coming together. And in amazing news? It’s going even better than I even imagined.

Just between us?

I was a little worried about the curtains, but they got here and they were the right length and the right navy and the right (kind of a bold choice) pattern. I went a little bolder with the pillows to balance it all out and now…

…I think it’s going to be a little slice of office heaven.

Here’s where we started last week. I want to share a 360-degree tour of the room and the entire design plan. I thought it might be fun to take you along with me from this before to all the afters.

Want to see where we are going?

Oh, good.

Me, too.

Because the design plan looks like this.

blue and white decor design plan

Office Design Plan: Blue and White Decor

Are your eyes blinking?

(Hopefully you are not rolling them).

We are going from neutral to office storage and functionality and blue and white decor and color and pattern and WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE FIREPLACE.

First, let me start by linking everything in the picture above in case you want to reference it in the post.

(total aside: let me know if you have any questions about anything I’ve listed here).

And now?

Let me show you how I’m going to use all this in the room.

Here’s a 360-degree tour of the space.

(total aside: and in amazing news, I’m going to show you each of these angles with the new design so you can get an idea of the entire room makeover because each wall of the room has its own design idea.)

Let’s start with the overview of the space.

  • it measures 17′ x 19′–a slight rectangle
  • there’s a working fireplace and antique stove in the corner of the room
  • there’s a door on one wall
  • there are three windows in the space (one of them is a mini-bay window)
  • there are two hidden full-sized closets on the wall with the bay window
  • the ceilings are 9 1/2 feet tall
  • there’s a light fixture in the center of the room (I think I’m going to change this, too, in the future)
  • we are keeping the rug and the desk–the rest of the furniture is going to other rooms in the house or I gave it to my brothers
  • there is a LOT of natural light in this space because of the large windows

1. Paint

We are painting the walls SW Pure White.

You can see the color here.

It’s a pretty, creamy white that works perfectly in this room because it gets so much natural light from the windows.

We had a leak in the ceiling last year from one of the upstairs bathrooms so there was some slight staining on the ceiling that needed to be painted. We already primed the area and then painted the ceiling a flat white ceiling paint from Sherwin-Williams.

The molding in the room is painted SW Extra White (which gives such a nice contrast to the SW Pure White). It’s the prettiest combination.


But the real change is going to be in the fireplace (see it posing in the corner)?

It’s going BOLD.

Yes. Yes, it IS.


We are going to paint it with SW Naval and then hang this round beaded mirror in the center. The mirror is wood, but I’m going to paint it gold to make it stand out from the fireplace.

I’m doing an entire tutorial on it and the paint we are using that works for brick.

2. Furniture

So now the room is white with a navy fireplace.

What’s next?

Some new furniture.

I’m starting with these cabinets from IKEA.

They are going to line the walls on either side of the fireplace.

One side will have two and the other side will have three.

You can see the smaller one here.

You can see the larger one here.

There’s going to be a little bit of a challenge with the angle of the fireplace, so we may build something on the side that faces the fireplace to make them fit (like corner shelves) or maybe not. 🙂

We have to get them installed to see what they look like first.

I’m also switching out the chairs in the room.

I got these chairs last year and they are currently in the family room. They are a great size and the covers detach to easily wash and keep clean. It actually comes in several different colors (including the prettiest blue that would be perfect in this room). But I already ordered these so I’m going to keep them in the white for now (I may get them upholstered later).

You can see the chair here.

Remember this table that we all loved so much?

I’m going to move one of them in here.

It’s perfect for coffee in the morning in those chairs and I can move it around if I need extra space or photography.

You can see the table here.

3. Rug

Okay, remember when we talked about the rugs and which one went in the living room?

I ended up keeping both. LOL. Of course, I did.

This blue and white rug has ended up in the study (for now—I’m going to move them around because I actually love them both so much). It’s the perfect foundation for this blue and white decor plan.

You can see the rug here.

4. Curtains

The drop cloth curtains are coming down. When my husband took them down he asked me what I wanted to do with them.

I told him we could always use them for dropcloths. 🙂


I’m replacing them with these curtains.

blue and white decor  curtains

These were the ones that I was worried about.

I thought they might be a little bold.

Which they are—but it’s actually the perfect amount of bold blue and white decor. They are 108″ long and fully lined with a blackout lining for when we have guests sleep in this room. The pattern and material look so much higher end than what I paid for them.

Absolute bold perfection.

You can see the curtains here.

I’m going to hang them on these gold curtain rods from these gold curtain clips.

blue and white decor pillow
blue and white decor small print pillow

5. Pillows

I went with a bold and a smaller print pillow (both from Walmart).

I’m hoping the bolder print will work in the chairs across from the boldness of the curtains on the walls.

You can see this blue and white pillow here.

And this blue pom pom pillow

Just a reminder.

Here’s where we are starting.

I can’t WAIT to show you the finished design.

They say the cuter your office is—the more productive you are.

If that’s true? I’m going to move mountains. 🙂

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  1. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    My office is in my living room so I can be with my family. I know it not the norm, but it works for us!!! It's also a roll top desk so I can "clean" it up just by closing it!!! Lol

    1. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

      We used it for a couple of years and then gave it away! It works so well in a space, but we needed more room!

  2. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Its going to be beautiful. I love the curtains for your office, it gives it pizzazz. Those Ikea cabinets is what I wanted to use to build in a pantry like in my kitchen. I would love to know if they are hard to put together. I can't wait to see it all. Im sure you are so anxious.

  3. Image for laura laura

    good morning! love it! Do you like your desk facing out away from windows? zi am thinking of moving my huge desk in same position. my husband thinks it chews up to much space but i told him i have a visceral reaction to my back to the door ( similar reaction to rounded fonts) 🙃 My walls are navy and live it against wood floors! looks amazing . xo laura

    1. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

      Laura, Yes! I like it facing away from the windows – – but when I do zoom calls, I move the chair around to the other side, so the window light is coming in, and I look “more lit” on camera! Lol! happy day, karianne

  4. Image for Lara Lara

    KariAnne, I absolutely LOVE everything you are doing with the office! I can’t wait to see the final results. And I agree…The cuter your office, the more productive you are😊

  5. Image for Deborah Craig Deborah Craig

    I love your choices! Your room will be bold and beautiful! Thank you for taking us along on this project.

  6. Image for Tracy Tracy

    So excited to see the results! Happy your’re going back to blue and white, I’ve always loved that as well! Any thoughts on coming to Ohio, we could work on my house next!!! Haha! 😉❤️

  7. Image for Sharon Bowman Sharon Bowman

    I find the placement of your molding( about a foot or two below ceiling) very interesting. I like it. I’m a “more molding is better” person. I’m wondering if you had pictures hanging from it at one time.

    1. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

      Sharon, I know, right? It’s so random! It’s actually holding the paneling up on the wall. We were thinking about removing it and moving it up to the top of the ceiling – – but I’m worried that it might cause more damage to the wall. Do you think it would be weird if we had to crown molding is there? happy day, karianne

  8. Image for Barbara Barbara

    Wow your design looks fabulous! I'm a blue and white girl too:) Wish I was one of your brothers!! Can't wait to see it finished♥

  9. Image for Janette Janette

    Dying to see this. I mean it will look seriously stunningly and those curtains are gorgeous. I always think how amazing it is that so much of the original home you grew up in is still there, if you know what I mean, like the window seat cushions on the stair case, how wonderful so many things were waiting for your return. Xx

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      I feel like all that dust on the staircase is still there from when I grew up, too! LOL! I was looking at it the other day and trying to figure out how to get a duster extender to get it all down.

  10. Image for Lee Stearns Lee Stearns

    It’s gonna be gorgeous, as always! And the “ pop of pink” is the icing on the cake to me! Maybe you’ll find a piece of “ pink art” for another spot! I like to use “ threes” in my rooms! We worked at a university for many years and loved buying art at the student art shows! Sounds like something you’d do too!

  11. Image for Marieza Marieza

    I love your design, KariAnne! It’s going to be gorgeous! I’m also working on a home office design at the moment 😊 One Room Challenge, here we come!

  12. Image for Gretchen Zelek Gretchen Zelek

    Great minds ... (well your great mind!) My office has crazy blue and white wallpaper but it needed MORE- like your new and not to be missed fabulous blue curtains and gorgeous blue rug -the rug I have always adored in your house. I already have the gold curtain rugs and rings, just waiting for me to be put up, so I am on my way. to finally finishing up my office. I love that you are changing things up. Now let's finish up my home gym!

  13. Image for Rizae Rizae

    You are one lucky and blessed lady. Lucky to have a hubby who understands when you need a change and blessed that he keeps quiet when you get to it!!! Waiting to see the finished room put together. Happy first day of spring ⚘

  14. Image for Tara Tara

    I love the color and style! It will be beautiful. I am looking for an antique style filing cabinet with narrow drawers, like the black one you have in this room. Any ideas where i might find something like that? I have so much paperwork and i love the look and think it would be so helpful in getting me organized!

  15. Image for PJ PJ

    I love your vision for this room! Isn't it funny how those of us who love blue and white return to it? I have tried other color schemes, but end up going back to blue and white. Those curtains are especially fun, and I cannot wait to see them in the finished room.

  16. Image for Holly Bullard Holly Bullard

    Sounds pretty! Interested to see how the fireplace looks painted navy. Is that a built in cabinet on one side of the fireplace? Will it remain in the same spot or are you going to place the new IKEA shelves in it place?


    KariAnne, your Office is going to be so beautiful! I love the curtains, the spindle chairs and the cushions. I am looking forward to seeing your painted fireplace with that lovely mirror hung above it and those two white cabinets placed on each side of the fireplace. This office is just going to be so you! Happy that you are making all these changes and look foward to seeing your pictures once everything is all finished. I know your dear Dad would be so happy, too! Have a blessed week!

  18. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    WELL, frankly I am going to miss the neutral. But if you know me, you'd know that I always loved all your neutrals back in the day. it's calm and peaceful and my preference. That said - your whole house will match! : - ) Love the chairs in white. Let those eyes rest. You needn't change them, they're great. And LOVE that round mirror - of course for me I love that wood - but the gold will certainly go with your style these days and will look amazing- so will the navy paint and upping up the cute factor with that fireplace. BTW- if you EVER see a mirror just like that in a 20 inch size please let me know!!!!! I need a smaller size for a place I have a cute one similar in muted silver but it is an oval and I really want a round one - the wood one smaller would be exactly what I have been trying to find. Good luck with your new fun makeover, KA.

    1. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

      Gwen, There's a fold-up twin-size bed (that's really big) that fits perfectly into those hidden closets! I was actually going to have my husband build out shelves to hold the sheets and bedding! happy day! KariAnne

  19. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    OH...MY...GOSH!!! KARIANNE!!! WOW! That is going to be such a gorgeous room! I'm drooling in anticipation! I cannot wait to see the finished results. Oh, hurry please! LOL 🤣

  20. Image for Amelie Amelie

    Beautiful choices. So fresh. I am loving the brass curtain rings and the small martini table for next to the chairs. How I wish I had the space to do this! Best, Amelie

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