Before we watched the entire first season of Duck Dynasty on a 900 mile road trip.

Before we sang “Rhinestone Cowboy” at mile 829.

Before the brilliant idea of hiding a flat screen TV with a frame of venetian blinds.

There was my incredible brother.

And a grill.

And a little bit of heaven….

….called Nutella Smores Recipe.


Nutella Smores Recipe



tiny marshmallows

flat crust pre-made pizza dough

(three ingredients never tasted so good together)


Step 1:  Take the pizza dough out of the package

(total aside:  you probably already knew that)


Step 2:  Spread dough with a thick layer of Nutella

The thicker…the better.


Step 3:  Add a layer of marshmallows

Spread the marshmallows evenly to the edge of the dough.


Step 4:  Grill smores pizza

Grill until marshmallows are melted and pizza crust is crispy….about 5 to 10 minutes….depending on your grill.

Nutella Smores Recipe.

Three ingredients.


Not as amazing as our version of  “Rhinestone Cowboy”…..

….but pretty close. 🙂

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  1. Image for Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

    YUM! We've done this many times at the campground (and many other variations too)!! LOVING your Joss & Main sale...I am hooked on the website now! Hoping to gather some inspiration for my master bedroom makeover this you make housecalls?! Wish you could, just love your style!

  2. Image for Angela Angela

    OMGosh! Nutella is my ultimate favorite! Love this simple but explosion in your mouth!! Can't wait to try this!! Have a blessed day, rock star!~~Angela

  3. Image for andrea cammarata andrea cammarata

    Morning sweetie! I see great minds eat alike : ) LOL!!!! you have to check out my post from yesterday : ) This looks scrumptious!!! One thing to remember in life...everything's better with Nutella : ) sending hugs...and love!

  4. Image for Rosanne Rosanne

    Everything is better with Nutella!! One of my lastest obessions is grilled glazed donuts for dessert (who am I kidding....actually anytime) Lightly spray with Pam and grill donuts until lightly carmelized and then my favorite part...smear with Nutella! Heavn I tell you!

  5. Image for Susan Susan

    I'm in the mode to use up the plethora (I love that word) of supplies I have in my pantry before we move in 2 1/2 weeks and Nutella is one of them--yum pizza, XOXO

  6. Image for Regina Regina

    Hmmmm . . . I'm not such a Nutella fan, but I wonder if you could do the same with milk-chocolate chips? It looks yummy, anyway!

  7. Image for Pam W Pam W

    Oh how decadent!!! My first taste of Nutella was ordering up a crepe from a street vendor outside the Louvre in Paris in 2006. I have never forgotten that yummy taste. Now I will have to try this. Thanks for the wonderful post. My mouth is watering reading this.

  8. Image for bj bj

    We are grilling burgers with family Fri night and I'll make a couple of these...they sound amazing. Did you see that I made your No bake Cho. Bars...??? What?????? you didn't see the post here??

  9. Image for Mike (CraftyDad) Mike (CraftyDad)

    Wow. All I can say is, "Holy Carbohydrates!" Translated, that means: "Step-aside-I-want-one-of-these-right-now!" This would be a great treat for us to make when we're at the lake. We love sitting by the campfire in the evening. Now we'll have a treat to enjoy. Nutella? Um. Yes, please. Thanks for sharing!

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