Looking for one of the simplest no sew pillow covers DIY? You can make this drop cloth hydrangea pillow in an afternoon. Step-by-step and a video included.

no sew pillow covers diy

You all know I’m all about a hydrangea. In my heart, they are one of the prettiest flowers on the planet.

I’ve learned tips on how to grow them.

I’ve discovered how to dry them and decorate with them.

I’ve made a wreath from them.

But I’ve never decorated a pillow with them before.

Until now.

(total aside: this is one of those projects that I dream up and cross my fingers that it works and then it turns out CUTER THAN I EVEN IMAGINED.)

And to make it even easier?

I made a video for us, too, with the step-by-step.

Here’s one of the easiest no sew pillow covers DIY that I’ve ever made.

How to make a drop cloth hydrangea pillow.

no sew pillow covers diy hydrangea

no-sew pillow covers DIY: drop cloth hydrangea pillow


drop cloth

fabric glue


painters tape

fabric paint (or use a medium to turn your paint into fabric paint)

pillow cover

down insert

no sew pillow covers diy instructions

Step 1: get your pillow covers ready

Make sure to put a piece of paper or another barrier between the two parts of the pillow cover.

This will ensure you don’t have paint bleed.

I used heavy duty brown packing paper.

no sew pillow covers diy tape off pillow

Step 2 no sew pillow covers DIY: tape off pillow

I just used regular painter’s tape for this.

Place the painter’s tape one tape width apart on the cover.

Press down firmly to make sure all the tape is in place.

no sew pillow covers diy painter's tape

Keep taping until you have taped the entire pillow.

One quick tip: I always start with the painter’s tape on the outside edge because I don’t want my stripe to be on the very end.

You can see how I did this in the video.

no sew pillow covers diy paint

Step 3: paint the pillow

Do not overthink this.

Just paint the stripes lightly.

I painted more in some areas and less in other areas.

Also, I went to the edge of the cover and stopped.

no sew pillow covers diy stripes

Here’s the finished painted pillow.

Don’t you love it?

It looks so vintage.

These are not that serious stripes.

It’s the perfect base for one of the easiest no sew pillow covers DIY ever.

Step 4 no sew pillow covers DIY: cut out your hydrangea petals

Cut out a circle from cardstock that’s 4″ in diameter.

Place on two drop cloth squares.

Cut out.

Step 5: make hydrangea petal

Place a drop of glue in the center of the drop cloth circle.

Fold in half.

Place another drop of glue in the center.

Fold in the center and squeeze together.

Let glue dry and then fluff out the edges to make a petal.

Repeat this step to make between 30-40 hydrangea petals.

Step 6: glue petals onto pillow cover

Add fabric glue to pillow cover in a circle.

Place first hydrangea petal onto the pillow cover and press into place.

Add additional hydrangea petals in a circle.

Keep adding petals until the hydrangea is complete.

Let the glue dry and then remove paper, add in pillow form and fluff.

Here’s the finished pillow in the house.

And just between us?

I am so all about it. I love it when a craft hops from my brain onto my couch.

You can see the step-by-step and a few other hints on how to make the pillow on the video on my new YouTube channel here.

Do you have any other no sew pillow covers DIY that you’ve made?

I’d love to hear your creative ideas.

I know they are going to be amazing.


PS I was blown away by the response to our game yesterday. Over 10,000 of you played along.

And my favorite?

Number 1.

Maybe because—in fun real estate facts—it was used in the original Benji film.

Who knew?

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  1. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    I love this video and hydrangea pillow cover, it will make me a beautiful gift to myself for Mother's day,lol !. Thanks and i pinned it.

  2. Image for Susann Susann

    Sweet, Amazing KariAnne. You always have me at the mention of “Drop cloth”! Can’t wait to try making this pillow. ....Need to ask you a question about your drop cloth curtains — specifically regarding the bay window curtain where your father-in-law BENT the curtain rod to accommodate the the architectural corner of the bay window. What sort of brace did you put in the bent corner to support the entire rod of heavy fabric? My hub and I were trying to hang the curtains today........obviously, something is needed to support that bent corner. Please help when you can. I can tell the curtains are going to look FABULOUS once they’re up. XOOO

  3. Image for Donna Donna

    Very sweet just like you. I like it even without the flower. In some of the first photos, your styling on the chair in front of the shelves with the cozy throw nearby draws us in. I have a very "used" dropcloth in my stash so this would mean a trip to the hardware store. Pinning it for future days doing a craft on my kitchen table. Thanks for giving us courage to not overthink this. Wishing you and yours a very warm and family fun Mother's Day. We will have record cold in the Midwest but look forward to gardening next week. Texas is way ahead of us, but then you knew that already.

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