I live my life in #soclosetoamazing moments.

You know.

Where I’m trying every single day with everything I have to be the very best me I know how to be…

…and then?

Something happens.

Like slipping on ice on my way to a clearance sale or wearing two different pairs of tennis shoes or spilling paint in my robe all over the back hallway or dragging paper around stuck to my shoe or leaving the price tag on my jacket or stepping in dog poop or opening my mouth in the checkout line at WalMart and inserting my foot.

Or having the blog completely redesigned…

…with a spelling error.

So to celebrate the pre-launch of the book and the new website and the spelling error, I’m giving away a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

But first?

Let’s take a stroll down the pages of the new blog.

When you go to thistlewoodfarms.com, you’ll see this page.

It’s a landing page with all of the different things I’m working on.

There’s the blog.

There’s a page on the book.

There’s the product line over at Painted Fox.

There’s a page for brands or companies to contact me if they are interested in working with me.

There’s also a place to sign up for the newsletter, a footer bar that helps navigate the site at the top and at the bottom and a few of the recent stories on the blog.

When you click into the blog page it looks like this.

The two most recent posts are at the top.

Then the rest of the posts are thumbnailed after that for easy access.

And then?

There’s a superhero feature.

See where it says “More Ideas and Inspiration”?

If you click on that arrow a drop-down menu pops up to the REST OF THE CATEGORIES ON THE BLOG.

And when you click one of the categories—like “the holidays” for example–guess what happens?

It pulls up all the holidays right there in thumbnail form.

No searching.

No digging around and wondering where the holidays are–with one click they all pop up.

And when you’re done with holidays?  There are projects and stories and befores and afters and laughs and so many more posts all categorized for your reading convenience.

When you click on the book page (you can either click from the landing page on the blog or the link at the very top under “My Books”…

…this page opens up.

It tells you what the book, So Close To Amazing is about.

There’s also a slider at the bottom that will have more pictures from the book soon.

If you scroll on down, there’s a section with book endorsements.

These are people who got an advanced copy of So Close To Amazing and read it and shared their hearts about it.

Below that is a section where you can pre-order the book, So Close To Amazing.

It actually releases to bookstores and shops all over the country on September 5, but it’s available for pre-order NOW!

You can click on any of the retailers listed above and it takes you right to the page to order.  In awesome news, you can reserve a copy now and most of the retailers won’t charge your credit card until the book actually ships.

There’s a whole section at the top (under speaking) with FAQ’s.

I need a little help with this.

I need some more FAQ–so if you have one–please send it my way.

Under speaking, there’s a section with different topics I speak on and a calendar of my speaking events.

It looks like this.

There’s also a google map location for each of these events and dates and times.

You can click into each event for more information about it.


That was a lot.

A lot of changes.  A lot of new things to get used to.  A lot of different ways of getting to the same place.

There are so many AWESOME things on the horizon that I cannot even believe they are all happening and coming true and I can’t wait to share each and every one with you.

And I just wanted to say thank you.

Not a lower case thank you.  A GIANT ALL CAP THANK YOU.

Thank you for coming along with me on this crazy ride.  None of this journey–not a single step, not a single opportunity, not a single moment would have been possible without you.

The wonderful, amazing, incredible you on the other side of this screen.

I. Adore. You.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now about that giveaway. 🙂

Somewhere on this blog is a misspelled word.

Here’s a hint.

It’s not too hard to find.

Look around a little bit at the new blog and when you find the word,

shout it out using the Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win the $100 Amazon gift card.

Good luck and I hope you have a day as amazing as you are. 🙂

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  1. Image for Moriah Cameron Moriah Cameron

    You are amazing big and I am soooo happy for you! May God continue to richly bless you and your family :)

  2. Image for Becky Becky

    Oh my, I'm laughing over your dear knight in shinging armor. Isn't it always the way, though? One tiny little detail and it has to be on the front page. lol I love your blog and all of your ideas. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. You make each day brighter.

  3. Image for Andrea Boudreau Andrea Boudreau

    I don't think I'm using the Amazon card giveaway right because it says I have four entries but clicks to nothing :). I think I have the word though.

  4. Image for Mercy Heston Mercy Heston

    A knight in "shinging" armor? Maybe "singing" with a lisp? Love your blog! Congratulations on the book--can't wait to read it!

  5. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Love the new look 👍 Congrats on your book......very exciting! Found the "Knights in shinging armor ". To funny :)

  6. Image for Andrea Smith Andrea Smith

    I just discovered your blog and I am in LOVE! I've signed up for your newsletter to get updates and am pouring over every post! And thanks for the giveaway. I, too, am a fan of my own knight in shining armor!

  7. Image for renee renee

    We should all have Shinging Armor! Thanks so much for everything you so graciously share with us! Love ya to pieces!!!

  8. Image for L L

    Love how organized your new site is. A massive undertaking and, really, just one typo? That is good! So shinging-shining. Great idea to make it a contest!

  9. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    This is amazing!! So many things that I love and that are truly amazing...not just "so close". Truly! And that book. My favorite. Every. Single. Chapter. Spoke deeply to my heart. Can't wait for the next one!

  10. Image for Leen Leen

    I can't keep up with you! Every time I think "how does she do it all?" I find out you were doing even more than I had thought! I am loving the book and being part of the group. the new look for the blog is amazing too :)

  11. Image for Beverly N Ozburn Beverly N Ozburn

    I love it when something is organized and shinging and shining! Wish you were here helping me clean and organize my closet!

  12. Image for Ellen Ellen

    Love the new look, but nothing was wrong with the former one - except that "shinging" was spelled differently!! Thanks for the tips on navigating, as I could easily get myself lost amidst all of the intriguing choices. Eagerly anticipating the BOOK!

  13. Image for Jean Jean

    I'm sure your knight in shinging honor is still shining! Love your blog - Jam-packed with beautiful inspiration....

  14. Image for liz liz

    I had a friend with ill fitting dentures. When she said the word singing, it came out sounding like shinging - so I think it is absolutely wonderful that you like knights in "shinging" armor - at least you would always know when they were approaching! :)

  15. Image for Sue Sue

    The new look will take some getting used to but eventually I will love it too. May the sun keep 'shining' in your corner of the world. The spelling error just keeps you human to us. :)

  16. Image for Amy K Amy K

    Your knight in shinging armor. Reminds me of shindig. Remember that show? Probably before your time. Anyway, I look forward to each and every post. You brighten my day and I can't wait to read your book.

  17. Image for Cindnt Cindnt

    Knights in shinging armor. How funny I've had the same issue on several websites we've developed. Something always slips through the cracks. Easy fix on the backend!

  18. Image for Christi Wallander Christi Wallander

    Congratulations on your book! You are an inspiration in so many ways....I love how you are teaching your girls, among other things, to not make fun of people...to recognize the preciousness of the person. Blessings.

  19. Image for Cindy Richter Cindy Richter

    LOL - "shinging". When I saw this in my email, I first thought... oh, maybe she's changed her hair and a big NO came out of my mouth. Then when I saw this new blog look, I was delighted because it's so pretty. Love the new colors and especially like the Superhero (Category) section! I had decided long ago that if I ever got to meet you in person I was just going to smile from ear to ear, shake your hand and try to control myself. Now I just might have to kiss your shoes... Everything is beautiful!

  20. Image for MIchelle MIchelle

    Love the new look and easy navigation!! However, I've looked through the entire blog. Twice, Backwards, forwards, at 200% zoom and even blessed my heart a couple of times but I still can't find that misspelled word. AGH!! I spent 27 years as an Executive Secretary, for gosh sakes, and I had to be such a stickler for perfection. I even used to correct the misspellings and bad grammar in my kids' notes to me LOL. Granted, I've relaxed a bit over the years and have even posted a couple of comments on your blog with misspellings, etc. Now that's embarrassing but I know I can tell anything and you'll still be my friend :-) About the FAQ, please add this: How in the world do you find time to get everything done and keep everything organized??? I've asked you this before and you've answered it but it's still completely mind-boggling to me that you are able to accomplish sooooo much in a day! You truly are amazing!!

  21. Image for Karen W. Karen W.

    Your knight's armor is both shining and singing...at the same time!!! Love the new format and look forward to exploring in more detail.

  22. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    Congratulations on all the wonderful new updates! I love a good story with a knight in shinging armor! 😂 You always make me smile!!

  23. Image for Yvonne Shafer Yvonne Shafer

    Found the shining but I think Lets Talk should be Let's Talk. Or else it is because my eyes are getting bad and I can't see the print! Love whatever you do!

  24. Image for Anne Anne

    Oh to have a knight in shining armor when I need one :) Love the new blog, congrats and much success to you in the future :)

  25. Image for Anne-Marie Anne-Marie

    I love reading you all the time ! I didn't find any mispelled word, firstly, because there was a lot to read and secondly, I didn't put on my glasses ! ..... I'm very happy everything is going well for you ! You deserve it !

  26. Image for Claudine Pender Claudine Pender

    Darling, that was "SO CLOSE", LOL! I love the new blog but I loved the "old" one!!! I can't wait to look at in on my desktop (I'm on my cell now)! I have been reading your blog for years now (4?) and I love you!!! Your vulnerability makes me laugh and cry, and wear dangling (right word?) earrings for confidence, too! I lovethe life tips, the decoration tips and the business advice! Thank you, darling, for bring there for all of us!! You are nothing short of amazing... mwah 💋

  27. Image for Pat Pat

    Hi Karianne, I'm Pat, I too love chalkboard paint, and crickets and mismatched chairs, but keeping that armor shingling is just. too. much. work! The new blog design looks great, and can't wait to read your book. xo Pat

  28. Image for Vickie Vickie

    Whew! Looks like lots of work, and looks great! Looked high and low - loved your 'shinging' armor! Look forward to reading your book - hope to win the Amazon card so I can order it along with all the other stuff in my basket!!!

  29. Image for Deborah Broadwater Deborah Broadwater

    Shinging instead of shining. People make mistakes all the time. I always told my students I was checking to see if they actually read the assignment when I made mistakes in things:-)

  30. Image for Erin Erin

    Shonging....wondering if it's really a word since auto correct/spell check didn't catch you? Congrats on this new chapter (or chapters!) we 😘

  31. Image for Heather Heather

    I have absolutely no idea what the misspelled word is but as I'm typing this nearly all of my words have been misspelled. No lie. My fingers have a mind of their own! =P So excited to check out the newly revamped site! Your stories are so cheerful and enjoyable to read- even better I get to read them while at work! =D

  32. Image for Missy Elam Mangum Missy Elam Mangum

    I have so many questions - How many projects do you have waiting in the wings and how do you prioritize on which is the next one to complete? Where is your favorite "go to" place for gleaning ideas on projects? What is the biggest DIY project you have ever finished or hope to finish? What is your favorite hidden talent? (mine is chimp mouth/knees - but you have to see it - it can't be explained).

  33. Image for Teresa Teresa

    Karianne, can we talk? As a long time reader of your blog, I'm going to say something that won't make me popular. But I'm not crazy about the new look of the blog. I've been following you for several years. Probably right after you started blogging. And I found you through a post on another blog I was following. Yvonne's I think. And from the first click on your site what captured my heart right away was 1) your gorgeous logo (please don't ever change that), and 2) the overall look of your site which so perfectly captured the style of your home. I remember that I saw it, and went, "ahh, yes! I love this home!" You see some of us live in places like Miami, FL, where all the houses are made of concrete to withstand the hurricanes, and have ugly aluminum windows. Definitely not farmhouse. And we dream of having a home like yours. And the old blog had your farmhouse charm all over it, and made my heart sing. And then I started reading your stories, and realized that you have such a unique voice, and you make me laugh and cry and smile every day. The new look is definitely clean and pretty, but kind of contemporary, and I understand that you have many talents and avenues that you are pursuing and that the new site maybe keeps it organized better, but I do feel that a little bit of you is missing in all this aqua and white. To me, it seems to tell a different story than the story of Thistlewood Farms. Now, that's only my humble opinion, which doesn't count for anything. And will I cease to read your blog, of course not. (And I've already pre-ordered your book!). You are definitely a Rock Star, and maybe I'm totally off-base here, but if you should find any changes in blog activity, as a friend, I thought I would offer my opinion. Still love everything you do and the stories you share, and please, don't give up the red lipstick!

  34. Image for Cynthia L. Silvas Cynthia L. Silvas

    I love your blog! I have been following you for quite a while! I wish I was I had your talent! I'm hoping to learn from you and become brave enough to try something on my own and not look back! Thank you for your amazing inspirational designs!

  35. Image for Tracy Nielsen Tracy Nielsen

    Shinging instead of shining 😊 . LOVE the new makeover & blessings on the release of your book! Tracy Nielsen

  36. Image for Brenda Brenda

    Shining is your word. If it were me I would have had tons of errors ( and argued with spell check for hours! ;) ) I'm a creature of habit and it will take me awhile to get used to the changes. That said, CONGRATS on the changes! When I see the mistake I'll think there's our Rockstar out there shining! P.s. Spell check wouldn't even let me spell your name!!!

  37. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Shining, shinging...tomatos, tomatoes :) A little laugh is always a good thing! I love the new layout btw...that has always been a time suck for me, especially when I'm looking for something I didn't know I needed to look for, ha! You're a great inspiration, and some well-needed humility in this crazy world!

  38. Image for Constance Colvin Constance Colvin

    Yep! I see the shinging! For a minute I thought it was "sweater" in the book promo! Must just be a little smudgy on my computer! lol :-D

  39. Image for Diane Walters Diane Walters

    It's all about the armor Baby! Looks like you're going to be one very busy lady...good luck with all of it.

  40. Image for Kymberlye Hinton Kymberlye Hinton

    shinging hee hee, I like the thought of my husband as being my knight in shinging armour.. sounds melodic in a medieval minstrel kind of way!! love the new look btw

  41. Image for Bonnie Bonnie

    I'm so happy for you and looking so forward to reading your new book. The word shinging was typed but we all knew what you meant to say - HA!

  42. Image for Edwina Edwina

    Thanks for all the inspiration AND for this shinging chance to win! lol Maybe another contest with a prize for the best definition of 'shinging'?

  43. Image for Judy Judy

    Shinging, shining, what does it matter. We know what you meant. You are very blessed!! with your wonderful family, and this wonderful blog you have created. Shine On!!

  44. Image for Terry H Terry H

    I read the entire blog page and didn't notice an error, so I started over and there it was, right at the top. Your hubby is a "shinging" knight? Love you, your blog, your projects, your beautiful family, and most of all I love your JOY! Thanks for coming into my day and "shiniging" it up a bit!

  45. Image for Mary Mary

    Congrats on the cool new look and I am racing through the book. But I'm doing it one chapter at a time, per week, so I can savior each chapter!

  46. Image for michele michele

    shining ...love your blog...changes look great!...lots of happiness to your in all your endeavors...and thanks for the chance to win a giftcard!

  47. Image for Belinda Medlin Belinda Medlin

    LOL! shinging armor... you know that is a very special kind of armor, it Shines and Sings at the same time = shinging! :)

  48. Image for Candice Luther Candice Luther

    Love the new look! It has that shinging armor look. Your poor husband...shinging armor...poor you, first day.

  49. Image for Brenda Brewster Brenda Brewster

    You've added a new word to the dictionary. Shinging. We gals in the south have our own language anyway. So no problem.

  50. Image for Jackie Eckert Jackie Eckert

    I looks forward to reading your book! Shinging- I think you created a new word in the blogging world! I love the new look!

  51. Image for Jean McGee Jean McGee

    "shinghing".....is that the noise armor makes when it has been hit......it doesn't sing - it shings????? I have enjoyed your blog for years and now I sure do hope I can learn how to work this new look and not get tooooo frustrated. Jean McGee

  52. Image for Vee Muller Vee Muller

    I too love knights in shinging armor! Been married to mine for 41 years (at the end of June!) New to your lovely blog! You make me smile!

  53. Image for Babette Thurston Babette Thurston

    Oh Karianne! You are truly funny and so real! The word is Shinging! I love the new blog design! It is beautiful and very organized. Can't wait to explore and thanks girly for keeping it real!!

  54. Image for Julie Briones Julie Briones

    I think there may be TWO.... "LETS TALK" should be "LET'S TALK"...But, yeah, 'shinging armor' should be 'shining armor'. :-)

  55. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    AWWW, your knight in shinging armor! So close to amazing! (So I wrote a post about my daughter's upcoming wedding and said they were going to say their "vowels". I was thinking vows, I swear, but it came out all wrong. Please come sit by me so I don't feel so bad! lol. Love the new look of the webpage. It's amazing, typo and all! hugs, Cecilia

  56. Image for Rosalie McCreary Rosalie McCreary

    Everyone needs a knight in shining armour! Your blog is busy but these old eyes will enjoy it only because you are a super star! I missed the error at first but I reread it again and saw it. Looking forward to reading your book!

  57. Image for Donna H Donna H

    Thank goodness for all of the knights in shining armor ! Where would we be without them? Congrats on your book , I can't wait to read it .

  58. Image for Beverly M Beverly M

    The misspelled word is it's which should not have the apostrophe in the possessive case. I thought I'd never find it but did. Thanks for the challenge, I know you did a lot of work with the new blog design but I loved the former one too. I hope to win. Thanks.

  59. Image for Trudi Trudi

    It's perfect! Now I picture a handsome knight in shining armor, singing with a rich baritone voice, all the while perched atop a regal horse.

  60. Image for Patty B. Patty B.

    Love love LOVE your blog, I've been a follower for a long time. Enjoy each and every post. Keep on going forward even if you are without your "armor". You are great! Thanks

  61. Image for L. E. Bruce L. E. Bruce

    Shinging! Shinging armor sounds way more difficult. Congrats on your new blog. It is as lovely as your sparkling personality and your sweet soul.

  62. Image for Peggy Peggy

    Shinging could be a lot like singing or maybe shining. Goes to show, the devil's in the details -- sometimes. Love the new look and can't wait to read your book.

  63. Image for Kathie Craig Kathie Craig

    Tomatoe or tomato, shinging or shining. I would love a knight in any kind of armor. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  64. Image for Cheryl A. Cheryl A.

    Everyone's having fun with this, Karianne! Like I said, you have a gift for making something good come from nothing and seeing the possibilities in everything! Even a typo! And the blog looks great, shinging armor and all!

  65. Image for Pam Pam

    I don't know if "shingling" was intentional or not, but I like the technique. It encourages close reading! Your new site is awesome!

  66. Image for Julie Maier Julie Maier

    I really love the new look! I'm so excited for you and all that's happening for you right now. But just be aware of those knights in shinging armor - they're tricky little guys!


    thunderstorms & knights in ( shinging ) ====Misspelled armor....sounds like a winner to me ( Shining ) armor I a winner for sure..Thanks....

  68. Image for Lynn Spencer Lynn Spencer

    Wait a minute...I thought shinging was a word!!! Learn a new thing everyday. 😉 BTW...think the drop down showing all the different categories of past projects is the bomb diggity!

  69. Image for Carla Erickson Carla Erickson

    The "shinging" word is wrong! Love your blog new and old! Thanks for your candor and humor as well as your creativity!!

  70. Image for Susan Susan

    Shining is misspelled; part of your charm is accepting human error with grace and humor! Your blog is my favorite!! 🙋

  71. Image for Nancy Marler Nancy Marler

    In talking about your wonderful husband, you used Shinging - the misspelled word. Instead of Shining Armor. Thanks for all your work!

  72. Image for Jackie Cruthirds Jackie Cruthirds

    We all need a knight in shining (not shinging) armour and a $100 Amazon gift card! Thanks for making it not too hard to find. : )

  73. Image for Maggie Nelson Maggie Nelson

    Love the 'updated look of your blog and the word is" shinging" armor. A lot of new doors are opening for you., Blessings!

  74. Image for Cynthia Cynthia

    I like your new look, but have to admit that the top area of the blog is making reading your blog very difficult. It's hard to look at the photos you post. Is there a way to make that header go away? Am I doing something wrong?


    KariAnne, your new blog layout is great! I am really looking forward to getting a copy of your book! Blessings!

  76. Image for Rebecca Musser Rebecca Musser

    Love both versions of your blog, but look forward to finding things more easily with the new version. Shinging should be a word.

  77. Image for Karen Karen

    You are so clever!! My husband who never reads any of this stood up to the challange. Big surprise 😍 The misspelled word is right below your picture! Shinging as in shining armor!! Again, how clever 😏 Love your blog. Wish we were next door neighbors. Congrats on your new book!

  78. Image for norma vaughn norma vaughn

    I could not find the error...so I cheated and read what the others found....SHINGING...instead of shining! Oh well, couldn't spell in school either! Gonna LOVE the new post...loooks like a moubtain of work has gone into this...can't wait. (can anyone find my typo?????

  79. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Singing about the shinging armor!!! Some men just deserve an extra letter!!! Maybe that G is for "grateful" he's mine!!!

  80. Image for Shawn Shawn

    Well I missed shinging armor the first time around, because I was so busy admiring your new photo! love it! Hope your book is a best seller!

  81. Image for Carol Ann Carol Ann

    Usually I can spot a misspelled word right out of the gate, but my editing skills must be losing it's shing. Love your blog!

  82. Image for Debbi Debbi

    If I recall correctly, our "shining" knight does sing to you sometimes!! (I couldn't figure out how to leave a comment in the contest box....sorry)

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