Sometimes in life…..all you need is a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

On that long-ago first day of school my son ran into the house and tossed his backpack on the floor with all of the angst and despair a brand-new first grader could muster.  He eyed me mournfully and declared, “Mom…..we have a bully.”

Startled I said, “A bully?  Really?  In first-grade?”

“Yes,” he stated emphatically. “And he’s big.  And strong.  And mean.  And he pushes kids on the playground.”


And that was just the beginning.

Daily….the legend of the bully grew.

There were stories of how he took kids lunches and made mean faces at them and pulled a girl’s hair in math class and punched the air and wrote on the bathroom walls.

And one day he even stole someone’s quarter in the lunchroom.

He was the scariest of the scary.

And toughest of the tough.

And the very meanest of the mean.

Gray Hutch

And I worried.

What should I do?

Should I call the school?  Should I talk to the teacher?  Should I call the principal?

Truly.  It was overwhelming.


And then… day all of a sudden… stopped.

All the tales and the stories of the hair-pulling and the lunch-taking and all those mean faces……I never heard another word about them.

Not another word about the bully…..ever.



To say I was curious is an understatement.  

So one day…..I casually asked my son, “What ever happened to the bully?  I never hear you talk about him anymore?  Is he still bothering anyone?”

My son turned to me and stared. “Mom… day he came up to me on the playground.  And he stared at me with his really mean eyes and started making a really mean face at me and clenching his fist.  And I was so scared.”

Panicked, I said, “The bully came up to you?  On the playground?  What did you do?”

And then he smiled.

He smiled the sweetest most wonderful toothless grin I have ever seen.

“Easy, Mom,” he shrugged.  “I spun around to face him…..

……and turned into a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Then I growled and showed him my claws.  And he turned and ran……

…….and he never ever bothered us again.”



Meet my Tyrannosaurus Rex.
And it’s taking on the flu.
With every wipe and every swipe….it gets rid of cold and flu viruses.
The flu can be scary and overwhelming and the biggest bully…..ever….in the history of ever.
So help prevent the spread of germs by practicing healthy habits like these:

Wash hands frequently: Wash hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds.

Disinfect germ hot spots: Disinfect the surfaces you touch frequently – like the remote control, doorknobs, light switches, faucets and plastic toys with Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes to kill flu viruses.

Do the elbow cough: cough and sneeze into your elbow instead of your hands to help prevent the spread of germs by touch.

Follow good health guidelines:  Eat right, exercise and get plenty of sleep to help boost your body’s ability to fight the effects of colds and flu.


And remember…….never ever face down a bully…..

….without a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

*Use as directed


Which are your favorite Clorox cleaning products that help keep you and your family healthy?   Answer for your chance to win a $1,000 Visa Gift Card!



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  1. Image for Barbara Bachus Barbara Bachus

    I am an elementary school teacher and in spite of every effort to teach my students about germs, someone always gets sick.....Lysol disinfecting wipes are in my office and used on everything from doorknobs, keyboards,scooter handles to playground balls. Love them! Barbara

  2. Image for Tammy C Tammy C

    I love just regular old Clorox bleach....great for keeping my whites white and also great for diluting and using as a disinfectant. Thank you!

  3. Image for Maureen Maureen

    I work in a medical office and use Clorox wipes daily to wipe down door handles, pens, my keyboard, exam beds, just to name a few things! Oh, I absolutely love the power of a first grader! Who else would have known that T-Rex does conquer all!! Even bullies!

  4. Image for Amy@The Avery House Amy@The Avery House

    What a fantastic analogy. :-) The Flu is a mean one indeed and I use Clorox wipes daily practically every second of the day to keep our surfaces in the house and car and elsewhere germ free. As a former first grade teacher I went through at least one container of Clorox wipes weekly wiping down desks, doorknobs, tables, pencils, you name it. I still use them regularly in my Sunday school classroom. I also use the Clorox sprays. I love everything Clorox, maybe a bit too much. But it sure ca nclean! Loved your story of your first grader. I can just picture those t-Rex teeth and growl that he gave that bully. Way to go! :-)

  5. Image for Gina Gina

    Just like my mom did, I use Clorox as my "go to" cleaner. I love the smaller concentrated bottles now- so easy to carry! I use it on my kitchen counters, on my tile floors, and the laundry on all my white sheets and towels. Just last night I headed to the grocery store for what...more Clorox!

  6. Image for Jennifer @ Celebrating Everyday Life Jennifer @ Celebrating Everyday Life

    I love their disinfecting wipes and use them all the time! Whoever invented them is a GENIUS because they really are so "handy". But can I just say that I love your story and will never ever look at my wipes without smiling and hearing them "ROAR" as they seek and destroy all the germs lurking in my house! YAY! Clorox the T-Rex!!!! :-D

  7. Image for Amy Amy

    I love Clorox wipes. I use them in every room of my house. My favorite is orange and lemon because they smell so fresh and clean. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Image for Joyce Joyce

    I am the hiring and operational supervisor for Victoria's Secret - one of my responsibilities is the monthly ordering of our supplies for our store. We have various cleaning and disinfecting products to choose from. I always choose Clorox Wipes! Our 35 employees and core staff wipe down our break tables, head sets, telephones, computer, file cabinets and more! I prefer Clorox Wipes for strong cleaning power, pleasant scent , and I know that if it is a Clorox product it will be good.

  9. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    And who says dinosaurs are extinct!!...good for your little (then) T-Rex!!....and those Clorox Wipes have been a staple in my house for years...great stuff!!...Have a wonderful day!

  10. Image for Stacey Stuwe Stacey Stuwe of your best stories yet!!! As for Clorox Wipes....they are the bomb, i even keep them in my car!

  11. Image for Christy Christy

    Wipe are my favorite too! I use them in the kitchen frequently to wipe up raw meat spills and other yuckiness, and in the bathroom, well....everywhere! With 6 kids, we are always trying to prevent a cold or sickness from spreading to the next person! I couldn't live without my Clorox wipes!

  12. Image for ToTheMoonandBack ToTheMoonandBack

    I am so happy I found your blog. You are an amazing story teller Karianne, and I look forward to finding your blog posts in my email inbox every day. Thank you for always inspiring;)

  13. Image for Sandy Sandy

    Last year during the flu season, I used Clorox Wipes to clean the desk tops in my eighth grade language arts classroom. One sheet, using both sides, wiped three of the twenty-eight desk tops. If it's been some time since you left the halls of middle school, recall these desk tops were used by one hundred thirty-two students each day. Believe me, there were a lot of "designs", love notes?, and "news flashes" that I cleared. I bought the wipes each time there was a sale at my local grocer's and stocked my classroom cabinet. But my favorite Clorox cleaner is their Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach that I use in our three toilets weekly. Easy to use and does its trick to keep these toilet bowls clean. No essay needed here.

  14. Image for molly molly

    ME: ( to the flu! ) RAWWWwrrrrRRRR!!!! :) I ues the CLOROX wipes & the CLOROX spray on everything i possibly can ! :) this time of year, it's all mom's vs. sickness ! it gives me a peace of mind ( atleast) when i know that i have sprayed or wiped anything i can in order to keep the flu "bully" out of my house :) [ get your claws out mom's ! ] ;) p.s. love your blog -- always leaves me feeling lighter after reading :) happy day !

  15. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Great story Karianne! Everyone needs a T-Rex! My favorites are the wipes of course, and seems like I'm using Clorox bleach mixed with water for many other jobs! ;)

  16. Image for Kara Kara

    I love Clorox wipes too, especially for doorknobs, banisters, and remote controls! I also love Clorox all purpose cleaner for countertops and sinks! Hope I win! Kara

  17. Image for Erin Kaven Erin Kaven

    Whenever the store is offering a buy one get one on Clorox wipes I buy up! Then, during flu season I send in extra "free" ones to school for the teacher to use in the classroom. The teachers appreciate not havng to buy from their own pocket AND having a healthy class.

  18. Image for Amy Amy

    We love clorox wipes! When we have unexpected company my kids know their job is to do a quick 3 "wipes" bathroom clean.

  19. Image for Gayle Gayle

    I've been lax this season at using these great wipes to keep the germs in check - and now I have come down with a crummy cold. Hopefully I'll repent and do better so none of the family catches it!

  20. Image for Jessica M. Jessica M.

    You tell the best stories - I love coming here to read them - I have 5 kids so that means lots of germs and very little (little) time to spend cleaning. Clorox wipes are my T-Rex too. I buy them at Sams in the 4 packs. Then put one in each room. Every bathroom, kitchen and the playroom.

  21. Image for Lu Ann M. Lu Ann M.

    I use these wipes every day all over the house as I tend to be a germaphobe! Thankfully, the flu has not made a visit to our house this winter.

  22. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    T- Rex is a great one to take care of you! This is such a cute story! You are a wonderful mom! I use the "T-Rex" Clorox wipes too! They're amazing! They go all over our house!

  23. Image for Mrs. C Mrs. C

    Yay to your little guy for being so smart! Love this story, and so thankful he wasn't hurt by the bully. And I'm so thankful for good cleaning products to keep our homes clean, like Clorox wipes! Love them! So far so good around here, I've been pushing our home-brew Elderberry Kombucha like crazy! So thankful for healthy natural things as well, that help protect us from viruses. That's another one of my T-Rex strategies. :D

  24. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    What an adorable (and brave) little boy! SUch a cute story. I keep Clorox wipes on hand all of the time... they stay under my bathroom sinks for easy wipe-downs in the morning; in my kitchen for quick clean-ups, and in my laundry room because I can't stand dusty appliances and the least bit of mold in my washer. Thank goodness for Costco and stocking up!

  25. Image for Gloria Gloria

    I discovered that 2 of the wipes fit perfectly on a (swiffer) mop. Quick and easy for a bathroom floor. Can't beat Clorox.

  26. Image for Audrey Zumwalt Audrey Zumwalt

    Love your story KariAnne. Clorox is a must-have and I love the wipes. I keep them in the cars too. Don't for get to take one along to wipe the handle of the shopping cart in the grocery store. We all need to do our part to fight germs. Audrey Z Timeless Treasures

  27. Image for Jessica Jessica

    I love the Anywhere Hard Surface Spray...I literally spray it "anywhere" No harsh smell, just clean! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  28. Image for Bethanie Bethanie

    I am the queen of the Clorox wipes!! Yesterday I had my Kindergarteners wipe down their pencils, scissors, desks... If only I could wipe each of them down :)...I literally wipe their tables down twice a day. Trying to keep the cooties away!!!

  29. Image for Jean Jean

    Believe it or not, I use those wipes in my bathroom. I can't stand wiping down the bathroom with a rag I have to constantly wash, these are perfect for me!

  30. Image for katie goldsworthy katie goldsworthy

    Love those wipes! I don't take on a little boy bathroom without them! On a totally separate note, I have that same bunny plate! I found it at a thrift store a couple weeks ago! Wow, I thought it was a good find when I saw it, but now I REALLY think it's cool! :) Have a good end of the week! --Katie

  31. Image for Pat@LifeAtLydiasHouse Pat@LifeAtLydiasHouse

    I sound like a germ- a- phob but every day when my husband comes home from the office I am asking him if someone is wiping down all of the doorknobs and elevator buttons at that office to cut down on germs being passed around! I am a firm believer in Clorox wipes!

  32. Image for Mary@athomeonthebay Mary@athomeonthebay

    Good for your son, Karianne. I once had an experience like your son, and I did the same thing and stood up for myself and it worked too. I use those Clorox wipes at work all the time ... so convenient.

  33. Image for Rachel Rachel

    That was such a cute story about the bully. Good for your son. I love Clorox Clean Up with Bleach. Great stuff!

  34. Image for Lisa Huff Kroll Lisa Huff Kroll

    You are the best Storyteller and this T-Rex story was so good too. Love Clorox wipes and bleach. Great way to kill germs.

  35. Image for Regina Regina

    Clorox wipes are what we use at the library to wash down books and surfaces - it's our go-to for germ-killing!! Love your little T-Rex! I guess "the bully" finally got some attention, didn't he? :)

  36. Image for Cassandra Cassandra

    I wonder if turning into a T-Rex will take care of some of the bullies I have in real life. :) Love this story! Have a good day! ~ Cassandra from Renaissance Women

  37. Image for Ashley Sparks Ashley Sparks

    Last year I replaced all of my colorful towels in the house with plain white. What a great decision! I feel like towels harbor a lot of bacteria and now I just use Clorox bleach every time I wash them. I can see and smell the clean!

  38. Image for Gee Gee

    Great post!!! I am a Clorox girl as well. Clorox bleach. toilet bowl cleaner and Clorox wipes! Got to keep the bad bully germs at bay. Cheers, Gee

  39. Image for GinaE GinaE

    Love, love, love those Clorox wipes, couldn't live without them!! Love your son and his bully solution too. Many thanks for the chance to win!

  40. Image for Heather Guerard Heather Guerard

    Loved this story! We use Clorox wipes and disinfecting spray to clean down EVERYTHING ! Every keyboard,phone,doorknob ,toilet,sink or handle that someone touches is wiped or sprayed. When someone comes to visit and they have a cough or cold as soon as I say goodbye at the door the wipes and spray come out! My kids just roll their eyes and say "Here she goes..."

  41. Image for Catherine Catherine

    Loved your post today ... the story was cute, the pictures are so pretty and ... a surprise ending. I use the Clorox wipes all of the time. I hit the doorknobs throughout the house, inside and out. I do the phones (especially cell) and the remotes and the keyboards. Well, you know. As more and more people all around the community go down with a variety of nasty viruses, I'm am wiping away and holding my breath. Love your blog.

  42. Image for Suzi Suzi

    Good, old fashioned Clorox with the white bedding, in the toilet, to scrub the Shower. Tried other brands but they don"t hold a candle to Clorox!

  43. Image for Diane Mansil Diane Mansil

    Wow, Clorox wipes are good for disinfecting, too? LOL I use them for clean toilets, remove soap scum from showers, dissolve grease on stovetops...seriously, they are my #1 cleaning product! And they kill germs, too? Cool!

  44. Image for Karen H. Karen H.

    We use a lot of Clorox in our house! Clorox wipes for the counters, Clorox bleach for the wash, Clorox Foaming Cleaner for the toilets. I don't know what I'd do without my Clorox cleaners! I always feel so much better after having cleaned with my Clorox! Thanks for the cute story.... your son has quite an imagination!

  45. Image for Katie Morene Katie Morene

    I love the story. We use Clorox wipes and Clorox toilet cleaner. I haven't used some of the other products people listed here, I'll have to give them a try.

  46. Image for talia talia

    What a cute story! Perhaps you have a writer on your hands?! I love and can't live without Clorox wipes. I use them all.the.time. At the office and home and let's not forget the steering wheel of the car!!

  47. Image for megan turner megan turner

    love the wipes! i work in a medical office and we can't live without them! they keep me from bringing cooties home to my family from work!

  48. Image for Jolie C. Jolie C.

    I love the Clorox Wipes! Great to use between cleanings to wipe down faucets, door knobs, lightswitches etc.. We always have them on hand at our house.

  49. Image for Laura Laura

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Lysol Disinfecting Wipes....I use them every single morning at work to wipe down my shared work-station and all the time at home to keep germs to a minimum! Couldn't function without them!

  50. Image for Kate Kate

    I am addicted to the Clorox Wipes. I pretty much swipe everything in our house that we touch during the cold and flu season. I even convinced my kids to play the "Germ Catcher" game and do the swiping for me, even the car, our phones, computer keyboards, you name it. We all love the germ catcher game. All I have to do is get out the container and say, "Catch those germs" and it is done! Some bullies definitely need a T-Rex to put them in their place! Too funny! And much more effective than if the teacher had had to step in.

  51. Image for trish trish

    I use these same wipes at home and work all day long! Access was denied to the official rules link. Boo hoo..I couldn't get another chance! Thanks anyway for the one chance to win.

  52. Image for Michelle Michelle

    I love how T-Rex out did the bully. What a smart boy you have. I wonder if I turned into T-rex if that would work on an adult bully that I know??? I should have stock in Clorox. I use just plain old Clorox in my laundry to make my whites brighter and I also use it my bathrooms. Whoever invented Clorox wipes is a genius. I love them. I use them on everything. I wipe all door handles, key boards, remotes lunch boxes,back packs you name it I wipe it. I think my husband thinks I have lost it but I feel so much better knowing that things are disinfected and we are keeping all the germs away. I have Clorox wipes in my car and when we travel I put some in my suitcase. You just never know when they will come in handy.

  53. Image for Heidi @ Decor & More Heidi @ Decor & More

    Aw, good for him!! Brave little toothless T Rex! I swear by my Clorox wipes -- I spend an HOUR every week wiping down my classroom with these things! Pencils, chairs, toys, legos, ponies, books, the computer keyboard. You name it, it knows Clorox! Fingers crossed -- I would love a $1000 gift card! xo Heidi PS -- thanks for hosting!

  54. Image for Diane Diane

    I love Clorox wipes and I use them year round on door handles, I keep the door handles clean and disinfected because they are touched by everyone and spread the most germs so I keep em clean and germ free, only takes a minute, I hit all the doors with a wipe in each hand and let them air dry. ~Diane

  55. Image for Gwen Gwen

    Forgive me for not reading every story but I taught first grade. I did not take bullying lightly because it never stops...the bully gains strength and becomes revered by peers as they get older for being a bully. Some parents--yes strange--to your face say they will talk to their child about being a bully but at home the child is rewarded (gang prep)....tell the teacher if this kid is bullying everywhere. Your child was so specific where, to whom, and even though he was bullied and the kid walked off, it may not be the end--the bully may just be more cruel to another kid. Yes, bullying has always been around. But as a teacher of first graders, I reminded very openly without naming the name, why hang around mean people when there's nice people. And I'd name all the nice kids all around the bully as good friends and why. We did a week unit on bullying. Our school had zero tolerance. Bullies are sneaky and do their bullying very slyly and with great denial if confronted. Even now yes I'd talk to his teacher briefly or write her a note just what you wrote here. Because your child conquered this bully does not mean the bully has stopped!

  56. Image for Yvonne Ester Yvonne Ester

    I love Clorox Clean Up!!!!! I use it in my kitchen,bathroom and in the laundry. Thank you for this giveaway !

  57. Image for Becki Becki

    First of all, Clorox wipes are great. BUT I am commenting on this post because the photo's are so beautiful! Typically I like color to add some personality, but those rooms are exceptional in their! Nicely done-

  58. Image for Lydia Lydia

    What a sweet story!! We LOVE Clorox wipes in this house! 5 kids age 10 and under plus two indoor pets- we go through the wipes like crazy.

  59. Image for Melissa Boyce Melissa Boyce

    Good ol' Clorox bleach, baby! For some reason, I like the Clorox Green Works for everyday cleaning in the bathroom but in my kitchen, it's bleach and water. Kills any gross bugs in my sink or on my sponge!

  60. Image for Karen Karen

    I keep a container of wipes right on my kitchen counter and wipe off my counter and refrigerator doors constantly!

  61. Image for Roxanne Reinhart Roxanne Reinhart

    Wow. What an amazing giveaway. We use Clorox wipes at the office too. We have had a couple of people come down with the flu but we keep everything wiped down in our area with these wipes and we have been flu free!! I love your home, your blog and your amazing way of telling stories!! You are the bomb Thanks

  62. Image for Jan G. Jan G.

    Clorox Citrus Kitchen cleaner... IT EVEN CLEANS THE COUNTERS AFTER MY HUSBAND COOKS!!! good stuff and thanks for reminding good hygiene to help fight this nasty flu!

  63. Image for Zolane Zolane

    I love a good Tyrannosaurus Rex story :) and I love my Clorox Clean-Up and Clorox Disinfecting Wipes for home and work. Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity, KariAnne!

  64. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Your home is beautiful and I Love the TREX story! I use the same clorox wipes that you have pictured. I find they also help to get out stains on my carpet.

  65. Image for Lonna Lonna

    The Chlorox wipes are the best! My girlfriends and I use them at the gym to disinfect all the equipment after we use it- and sometimes before when some of our male counterparts haven't bothered to do so!

  66. Image for Pam Pam

    They (who are they?) say the kitchen sink is one of the germiest places ever! Well, I use Clorox Clean-Up spray in my sink all the time. It always keeps my drain smelling fresh too!

  67. Image for Sandy Docherty Sandy Docherty

    Clorox Wipes are GREAT! I wipe door knobs, phone, keyboard, car steering wheel .......anything that doesn't move! :-)

  68. Image for Peggy in TN Peggy in TN

    I used to teach at a preschool and we always used Clorox wipes on every surface of the classroom, faucets and knobs. We also used Clorox bleach in the dishwasher and would run the plastic toys through a cycle to disinfect them too! This company has been around for a long time because we all know the power of bleach!

  69. Image for Camilla Camilla

    Besides using them at home, what I do to Clorox Wipes is to keep a few in a plastic baggie in my purse. That way I always have them for several things. If I have to use the dreaded public restroom while I'm out and about I pull out one of my little Clorox wipes and wipe the handle as I'm going in, wipe the latch on the stall door, and wipe the flush handle. At that point I send the wipe down the commode, go to the hand washing station, and wash my hands. Then I pull out yet another wipe so I can grab the scary handle on the door to get out of the restroom. I also use them for the handle of a shopping cart and anytime I'm going in and out of a store my Clorox Wipes are there to save me from the myriad of germs on the door handles that are just waiting to make me ill.

  70. Image for Maureen Maureen

    I am all about the wipes. They are portable and can be kept in all different parts of the house as I have some in the bathrooms, Kitchen and garage.

  71. Image for MB Bruder MB Bruder

    Love Clorox wipes but I have to say nothing is better than good old fashioned Clorox bleach--gets all our white laundry sparkling clean--and a lttile mixed with lots of water is an awesome cleaner!!

  72. Image for amy pugmire amy pugmire

    We use the Clorox Disinfecting Wipes for EVERYTHING! I don’t know what i would do without them. especially with 3 little ones I am disinfecting our entire house daily.

  73. Image for Cindy Cindy

    I use Clorox clean up spray for my bathrooms and kitchen. Also have the wipes for those quick clean ups. Use Clorox-2 in the wash for my colored fabrics... Have used it for years, can't imagine Clorox not being in my arsenal!!! Blessings, Cindy

  74. Image for Paula Romer Paula Romer

    Hi Karianne... I so enjoy your blog and always leave feeling inspired and charmed by your witty writing style. I will remember the power of a T Rex when the time comes for my son to face those challenges with others! I love the Chlorox products! Especially the dual action wipes with a touch-up side and a scrubbing side... With a pleasant citrus scent. I use them on everything.. Handles, faucets, In the car... An occasional swipe to my cell phone and remotes. Especially during this craze flu season... Chlorox wipes are our best forms of defense! Paula Romer

  75. Image for Sherri Sherri

    We definitely have the Clorox wipes on hand all the time - then they are ready for our house and available to send to school when the classrooms need to be re-supplied :)

  76. Image for Pendra Pendra

    I keep Clorox wipes in both our bathrooms and right on the kitchen sink. They are my "Go To" cleaning product for surfaces, like sink tops, faucets, toilet flusher handle, door knobs and the counter tops especially after meat and eggs. They are so easy to use, you don't have to mix anything, or worry about dirty rags to clean, you just use and throw away! And I LOVE the Lavender Scented wipes, they leave everything smelling so nice!

  77. Image for Jessie C. Jessie C.

    Clorox disinfecting wipes and Clorox bleach my favorite products to keep the house clean and my family healthy. tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  78. Image for Sonya Morris Sonya Morris

    I haven't used a Clorox product that I don't love! I am addicted to the Clorox wipes and use them daily in the kitchen and any other place I feel needs some super germ killing love.

  79. Image for sy sy

    lol your son is so cute and brave. Clorox wipes is my tyrannosaurus rex too, I use it to clean things we touch a lot, door knobs, faucet, keyboard, mouse. And we use clorox spray for large counters. songyueyu at gmail

  80. Image for Ashley Hatten Ashley Hatten

    I love the Clorox wipes and spray, which are both convenient and great to have on hand! I use them both pretty much on a daily basis to reduce germs! Thanks! ashleygatewood1(AT)

  81. Image for Amy Tong Amy Tong

    My favorite Clorox cleaning products that help keep me and my family healthy is definitely the disinfecting wipes too. It's perfect to clean up the toys and my kids' play area. amy [at] utry [dot] it

  82. Image for LAMusing LAMusing

    My T Rex is Clorox spray with bleach - it's the only thing that can take on my kitchen counter grout and get it clean and germ free. I'd love to ditch the tile, but until then I have Clorox!

  83. Image for Jammie Jammie

    The clorex wipes! We have them in the kitchen and bathroom. I will also carry some in my purse, can never be to careful. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  84. Image for Janice Cooper Janice Cooper

    I love using Clorox clean up for the kitchen and bathroom and Clorox wipes. We even keep Clorox Disinfecting wipes in the car for our hands

  85. Image for Carmen Carmen

    Love the story of the T-Rex :). I don't know if Clorox wipes are that ferocious in our home but they are a necessity

  86. Image for Whitney Whitney

    The clorox wipes are so good for the office too. Being so close to so many sick people, I need SOMETHING to help fight the germs! wlbellows at gmail dot com

  87. Image for Nanette Romo Nanette Romo

    I use the wipes for ease but Clorox bleach has lots of uses around my house...from laundry to ridding my rooftop of moss!

  88. Image for anash anash

    Tweeted: Thanks for the chance to win! email: anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  89. Image for angie lilly angie lilly

    I was so happy when Clorox came out with the Green Works line and I even got my mom to finally try green cleaning products because of them! I use them too! I love the all purpose cleaner best!

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