Never, ever, ever, ever.

In a million years ever.

Did I imagine all the places this blog would take me.  When I pressed publish on that first post a zillion years ago could I even imagine the journey ahead?  I started writing a blog because I lived in the middle of the country and I liked to talk.

And I was lonely.

And across the miles and states and highways and byways of the internet….

…I found all of you.

I cannot even with how grateful I am.

And the best part?

WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE BIG PLANS FOR 2023!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I digress.  I think that’s the challenge with me writing a blog.  I’m always digressing.  Before we go forward with big announcements and exciting news, let’s take a moment to look back. I’m so excited to be joining my friend Leslie from My 100-year-old Home for a week of all our favorites from 2022. So today we are sharing our favorite projects.

Here are my top ten DIY projects of 2022.

(and between us—they are a little random—just like me).

Number 10

Let’s start the countdown with a DIY curtain project.

This room makeover was your number 10 most favorite project.

See the before and after painted curtain project here.

Number 9

This was SUCH a simple furniture makeover, but it made all the difference to the kitchen.

I found these bar stools at the thrift store for under $45 for all four of them.

See the before and after furniture makeover here.

Number 8

I was kind of surprised at number eight on the list.

Maybe because it’s so easy.

And you can make it with paper bags you probably have sitting around the house.

Here’s how to make a paper bag leaf garland.

Number 7

Looking for an inexpensive organizing option?

We made these shoe shelves for the closet.

Perfect project for January.

You can see these DIY shoe shelves here.

Number 6

Y’all were all about this post with a little before and after chari makeover.

I found them at a thrift store and changed up the look with a new seat cover.

See the entire chair makeover here.

Number 5

We must have some gardeners or chefs who read this blog because so many of you saved this post. And this is the perfect project for your spring kitchen island.

It’s an herb garden right on the kitchen counter.

See the entire spring kitchen island DIY here.

Number 4

I can’t decide if this post was so popular because of the wedding?

Or because you liked the centerpieces I made for the rehearsal dinner with these.

See these super easy rehearsal (or wedding) centerpieces here.

Number 3

Did you know I used to own a faux finish business?

Faux finishes are one of the easiest ways to update a piece of furniture.

Here’s the step-by-step to recreate the look of plaster with drywall mud.

Number 2

I knew this project would be at the top of the list and you all LOVED this makeover as much as I did. These shutters were sitting by the side of the road.

And wait until you see what I did with them.

You can see the entire before and after here.

Number 1

And the top project of 2020?

I’ll give you a hint.

Here’s where it started.

And now?

Here’s a little before and after of the front of the house.

I just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you for following along.

Thank you for all the encouragement and laughter and joy during the year that was 2022.

You made my year.

PS Overstock is having a GIANT end-of-year clearance right now until 12/29 online and in the app. I got the softest sheets and duvet cover that were so affordable.

You can shop all the deals here.

And now here’s what Leslie had to say about her top 10 craft projects of 2022:

“Wow. Who knew picking my top ten craft projects for this year would be this hard? I cannot wait to see if you agree!

One of my favorite things to do is create things with my hands and I wish I had more time to spend in my craft room. I am very excited to share with you today my top ten craft projects from 2022.”

See all her craft projects here.

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  1. Image for Lee Stearns Lee Stearns

    I follow your blog for so much more than your amazing projects! I follow it because of YOU! Always upbeat, encouraging, creative, thrifty, humble, funny, honest…. I’m so glad you were “lonely” when this began! Look at the friends we’ve all gained now! Can’t wait to see what 2023 brings for all of us! Health and happiness are on the top of my list!

    1. Image for Gail Cunningham Gail Cunningham

      Ditto Lee Stearns! Lee stated my feelings perfectly...your upbeat personality can lift my own spirits, all the way over to North Carolina!

  2. Image for Diana Clark Diana Clark

    I too am so glad to have found your blog. I have read each one over and over and never thought to look back at previous years posts (Thank you Donna Marie). You make me giggle sometimes and I love you are so real. Thank you for lifting our days

  3. Image for Madeline Madeline

    Happy New Year KariAnne! I hope you have a great time on your cruise. I follow you because you always make me feel better about the day ahead. It is a joy to read about such a happy family, and all your ideas are such fun.

  4. Image for Lee Stearns Lee Stearns

    Oh my gosh! I forgot about the cruise! I envision a “ makeover” of some part of the ship, a blog on ways to make the most storage in a 300 sq foot cruise cabin AND a daily workshop on the Lido deck on how to store xmas decor! Anchors away! I’m sure I see a new “ sponsorship” before you disembark! And that process could use a “ tweak” too if you have time!❤️🛳🚢


    I love your posts, KariAnne! You are such a ray of sunshine to all of us! Thanks for sharing your top 10 with us today! I just knew that your gorgeous home would be NUMBER ONE! It's so wonderful that you were able to move back to your lovely childhood home and make so many new memories there! It has been interesting to watch you add all your wonderful personal touches to your home. Thank you for taking us on this journey with you! It has been most enjoyable! We pray that you and your family will be blessed with a wonderful New Year! Bless you for being so special! You are loved so much!

  6. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Karianne Like many others say, you could just walk around your yard or house and talk about how the birds sound that day, or how much your grocery bill was for the week and I would read it. As you personally know this year, at times, has not been a friend to me, "but you were". Thousands of miles away. Never met me face to face, but there you were, checking on me like a life long friend. I Thank you for that and may other reasons. So Thank you for the projects, and stories. But mostly, thanks for being you.

  7. Image for Janette Janette

    When you first announced you were moving from Thistle wood I have to admit, I felt really sad, no idea why other than I was in love with that beautiful old house, but when I saw you back in your old home where you grew up, wow, it was amazing. I love each and every post, you are always so very upbeat about everything and I appreciate that so much. I hope you continue to inspire us all. I must add I have your books, the first is still my favourite and made me lol so much, you are so honest about who you are, bless you. May I wish you and yours all the very best for 2023.xx

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