Happy almost New Year’s.

Someone wise once wrote:

Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?

I think that applies to rooms, too.

They are like old friends.

And for me?  2023 was the year of the rooms.

There were updates and refreshes and new additions and makeovers.

That’s why I write my tales and pen my words about rooms on this blog.  It’s so much fun watching them change and morph and grow and I want to keep them close and remember them all.

Today I’m sharing all the rooms along with Leslie from My 100-Year-old Home and Janine from Happy Happy Nester in our end-of-the-year series. In case you need a little room inspiration for your soul…

…here are my favorite top rooms of 2023.

And you’ll never guess which one was number one. 🙂

10. Christmas Dining Room

I picked my favorite of all the Christmas rooms and the dining room won hands down.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what these rooms look like in real life because I’m photographing them in 2-D, but the dining room is so much larger than it looks. I come from a big family (there are 26 of us with all of our spouses and kids) and they can all fit in the dining room together. We put two round tables as well as the larger dining room table and we all fit.

My favorite thing about the dining room this year?

I added these tiny glitter houses everywhere and they made the easiest and cutest centerpiece with bottle brush trees. My sister came over and saw it and that inspired her handmade present (stay tuned for all the handmade presents next week).

It’s such a happy, cheery space and it rolls in at number 10 on our favorite rooms list.

9. This Fall Bathroom

This rustic fall bathroom is number 9 on our list (every time I type that I think of Casey Kasem and his top 40 lists from when I was younger).

I loved the neutrals with the blue for fall.

It’s so Laura Ingalls Wilder and it looks so crisp and fresh and the wood-carved pumpkins leapt into the space and made themselves at home.

But the real reason why I chose it?

Because of the toilet paper flowers. They are so easy to make and they make the bathroom so much cuter for the holidays.

You can see how to make a toilet paper flower like this here.

7. This Fall Hallway

Remember the garland that we all fell in love with?

The garland that took us from fall to Christmas and is currently looking at spending winter with me, too.

I added it to the staircase with a new rug and new decor and I LOVE how it turned out.

This is the backdoor entrance and it’s been here since 1908. All the molding and flooring and the staircase is original to the house.

I like to imagine the stories it could tell us all.

6. This Garden Bedroom

This was my room growing up and now it’s Westleigh’s room.

Can you even believe it?

When it was my space, I decorated it (every single surface) with Laura Ashley blue and white fabrics and wallpaper. All the surfaces matched and kind of ran into each other.


It was redone this year with new accessories and new bedding including this amazing quilted set that Westleigh loves. The closet is a faux wallpaper that I created with a stencil.

You can see how I painted it here.

how-to-make-a-wreath-bow-1-1243x1536 (1)


5. This Back Door Porch

I’m counting this as a room because I LOVE to sit out here in the spring.

And it’s number 5 on the list.

When I was dating my husband, I used to sit out here on the porch swing and talk about the crickets in the yard and the moon and the stars and how I was going to be a mother one day.

Who knew then that one day I would have four kids that sat on this exact porch?

You can see the picture they recreated on the porch at Christmas here.




4. This Reading Nook

You know how much I love to read.

Just in case you missed it? Here are my top 10 books I loved from 2023.

And this is where I love to read.

This room is at the top of the house in the very center and it has these bright windows that overlook the sidewalk and the tops of the trees are at eye level. You feel like you are sitting in the clouds.

And that couch is SO COZY. I love, love, love it and I love the mini makeover that the room got this year that made it even cozier.

3. This Outdoor Pergola

We live in Texas.

Texas is hot and it’s so hard to spend time outside when the temperature heats up.

This pergola is a lifesaver. The screens come down to prevent the bugs from coming in and you can turn on the fan and it’s the perfect place for a party or family movie night.

It got a makeover this year and I love the flowers with this amazing outdoor furniture from Walmart (that looks so much like another high-end brand).

2. This Spring Living Room

This living room is usually my favorite room in the house, but it rolls in at number two on the list because I love number one so much now.

I like the living room best in spring.

I think it loves spring as much as I do because it always shows up with flowers and bright colors and it is the happiest room in the entire house. The thing I love most about the house? We use every room. When I was younger and growing up in this house, no one was really allowed in the front room. It was closed off except for company and we used the back living room instead.


This is my favorite (almost) happy place in the house.

1. This Office Makeover

And now?

For number one on the list?

This office. This office. This office.

It’s where I start my days and write my books and sit for my ZOOM calls and everyone who enters says the same thing.

“This room is SO HAPPY.”

Just. Like. Me.

You can see the entire office makeover from start to finish here.

And now?

Here are some other fun top 10 lists from some of my favorite friends

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  1. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    The whole dag-gone house is beautiful. But my favorite thing about your house is the natural brightness. I have a North facing Ranch now and I miss the brightness of my East facing two story. While building it never dawned on me the direction it would face. 😒 oh well, I am still grateful for my home and my life. Your house shines just like you do. Have a beautiful bright day.

  2. Image for Lee Stearns Lee Stearns

    I love every inch of every room! I’ve studied each so much I could walk thru with my eyes closed and never bump into anything! But… have you ever tried or thought of using matchstick blinds over the sofa in your cozy reading nook! I feel like it would be a nice contrast against all the white and play off the baskets! Not a criticism- just another idea- not like YOU need more ideas!😁. Thanks for your top ten countdown “Casey”!

  3. Image for Gina Gina

    I agree with Peg, I couldn't pick a favorite because they're ALL gorgeous. I love the history. Just a thought .... I think it would be fun to share photos of the different rooms of your house as it looked when you were growing up there.

  4. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    All lovely, but my personal favorite is the garden guest room….it’s that gorgeous shade of green. And your dining room! Sorry to mention it, but what happened to #8…it seems to be misplaced lol! Are you going to keep us guessing til next year? All kidding aside, I’m wishing you and your family all the best in 2024!! ;)

  5. Image for Janet Janet

    I love all these rooms too and would be hard-pressed to choose my favorite from among them. However, my personal very favorite is the peach and gold room you created for the twins awhile back. Oh, my. I could just live in that room alone and be perfectly content.

  6. Image for Jo Jo

    All lovely! My favourite room is your living room! I love the blue and white area rug! I commands the room! Where is room #8? Haha!

  7. Image for Kim Kim

    I dont understand how you could pick just 1, your home is just beautiful, and homey. I want to come and live with you. Happy New Year to you and your family. Kim XOXO

  8. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Oh my! Every time I see your beautiful home I love it more! Only wish I could steal you away so I could pick your brain and add some life to my house! It’s so boring!!! Look forward to reading your blog every day!

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