I love using fresh greenery in the house.

Especially when the Christmas trees come down and you want to introduce a little cozy to the house.

Real greenery is amazing and I’m SO ALL ABOUT IT.

Just between us though?

The challenge with fresh greenery is that it looks amazing and smells amazing for a hot winter minute. And then? It starts looking a little faded and sad weeks and starts shedding all over your living room.

So this year I’m changing things up by mixing in a little with faux greenery with my fresh branches from the yard.


Have you seen the greenery options on the market now?

The greenery looks so good and SO REAL.

Here’s my favorite faux greenery for winter (and tons of tips on how to decorate with them).

1. Faux Eucalyptus

I’ve tried different Eucalyptus options and bought this one from Pottery Barn years ago. You can’t get the pottery barn set now, but this set is so super similar and amazing.

I really like the silver dollar eucalyptus instead of other versions of Eucalyptus. It looks a little more 2024. The leaves on each stem are slightly farther apart rounder and it looks higher end to me.

If you are lookiing for another even more affordable option this one is great here.

And here’s another version of eucalyptus here.

And if you are all about seeded Eucalyptus, here’s a pretty garland (I used almost an identical one for Zack’s rehearsal dinner.

2. Faux Pine branches

I love this pine garland. Most of the ones I found don’t have enough pine in them.

But this one?

It’s super thick and looks so real.

I also love these cypress pine stems here and these pinecone stems here.

3. Faux Cedar

This cedar garland is so realistic. It would be perfect to mix with another garland on a porch on inside on a mantel.

We have cedar in abundance here in Texas, but so many people are allergic to it.

I think with cedar, faux is better.

I love this stem here and this set of cedar topiaries here.

4. Faux branches

Never underestimate the texture of branches.

You can always shop the yard for branches to add to your decor.

Or here are a few suggestions for branches to use to decorate for Christmas:



5. Boxwood

Oh boxwood how I love you.

I love boxwood topiaries like these.

They have lasted me for years and they look so realistic. I use them outside.

I used this boxwood wreath last year and I’m about to put it on the door again.

It’s so pretty and sturdy and holds up well on an exterior door.

You can see it here.

I also ordered these boxwood spheres for outside, too.

They come in two different halves and you put the halves together. You could even just put a half in each basket to get more greenery for your purchase.

You can see the boxwood spheres here.

One last suggestion–if you are using faux greenery outside and you want to protect it?

Use a UV protectant spray like this one from Krylon (follow directions when applying and use outdoors with safety googles and a mask)

This will help the faux plants from fading.

Also, as a total aside?

This staircase? Remember when I decorated it for Thanksgiving and for Christmas? I can’t wait for you to see how I’m decorating it for winter. I’m planning on decorating it with snowflakes and snowballs.

A wonderful, wonderful reader sent me the best ideas for decorating with this snowflake garland and this snowball garland.

I’ll share with you soon when all the garlands come in.

It’s going to be EPIC. 🙂

I’ve tried to load almost everything from the post over on my Amazon page so you can shop everything in one place.

You can see all the faux greenery here.

disclosure: affiliate links are used in this post.

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