In the year 2023 this is what my front porch looks like.

But what about all the years that have gone before?

I mean, I’ve been writing this blog for 10 years—that is a lot of porches and a lot of fall and pumpkins and hay and lanterns and mums. And there are even years when I doubled up. I posted a front and a back porch. Researching this post was so much fun.

There were porches I loved.

And porches I tried to avert my eyes from. Those porches did not hold up to the test of time.

So today I thought it might be fun to take a look back and combine it with a little giveaway for my latest book, 10-Minute Decorating Ideas.

I’m going to post all the porches from the last 10 years (there was one year I skipped because we moved back from the farmhouse). Then I’ll ask you to vote on which is your favorite in the comments and I’ll choose 10 comments by random draw and send TEN winners a little package with the book and a bonus gift.

Are you ready?

Which fall porch is your favorite?

2023 front porch

This is the current state of the front porch.

If you drive by and wave right now? This is the porch that will be waving back.

Orange is the theme of the day. I put orange leaves into urns and added grapevine pumpkins and solar lanterns (I love those lanterns so much—they’ve been on the porch since summer) and orange and white pumpkins.

The monogram planters have orange arrangements and there’s a fall orange wreath on the door.

2023 Back porch

We are still in 2023 and this is the state of the back porch.

Striped rug with (please act surprised) more orange.

There are fall ficus trees and orange and white pumpkins and a fall wreath on the back door and a garland over the top of the door.

2022 front porch

This was the year of the purple.

I think I went with purple because when I went to go find mums the only ones that were available were purple mums. Just between us, I really think that purple mums are the flower girls of fall porch mums.

They always go first.

Same monogrammed planters with purple mums and same grapevine pumpkins with eucalyptus instead of orange foliage.

2021 front porch

I’m not sure what I was thinking with this porch.

Don’t pick this one.

It’s just not cute. I think I was busy writing a book and I just tossed a bunch of random stuff onto the porch and kind of glumped it all in the middle.

What was I thinking with those awkward pumpkin topiaries? The one on the right looks like a snowman.

(total aside: I just showed my husband this picture and he informed me he thought they looked like snowmen AT THE TIME of this porch installation and somehow he never mentioned it. The very least he could have done was tell me we had Frosty in an urn on our porch.)

2020 front porch

Do not be swayed by Buddy in this picture.

He’s super cute, but he should not in any way affect your ability to judge a porch.

I like the concept of this one. Good job KariAnne. But you should have stopped at six mums and 10 pumpkins.

Just like highlights in your hair—sometimes too much isn’t a good thing.


2019 front porch

This porch is all business on the steps and party over the door.

Again, I like the contrast of the two colors, but I should have introduced a few orange pumpkins into my neutral avant-garde interpretation of a pumpkin display.

I’m also thinking that my continuous assessment of my porches may be swaying your vote in some way.

Don’t listen to me.

Stay strong.

2019 back porch

In 2019 apparently, I took all the orange that was missing from the front porch and added it to the back.

I do, however, like the simplicity of this porch.

Orange and orange and some more orange.

2018 front porch

I cannot.

I have no words.

Okay. Maybe four words will suffice.

What. Was. I. Thinking.

Either A.) There was a giant sale on pumpkins at the grocery store or B.) I wanted my pumpkin porch to be seen from space.

2016 front porch

I have to note here that 2016 is not a mistype. I skipped 2017 because we were in the middle of moving back to Texas.

So this is 2016.

I love those cornstalks because they were free. We cut them down in the field across from our house. I’ve never decorated with cornstalks since because I can’t bring myself to pay for them.

I also like the idea of pumpkins in lanterns.

I may revisit that next year.

2016 back porch

This is such a fun porch DIY.

I took a runner and added it to the door instead of a wreath. My mother loved this idea so much that she recreated it at her house, too. I also cut up another runner and added fabric leaves to the top of the pumpkins.

Those monogram pumpkins? They are coasters I glued onto the front of the pumpkin.

If we are voting just on creativity? This porch should win.

2015 fall porch

I was on a budget this year.

The sticks are from the yard. The flowers are from the grocery store. The ladder is from the side of the road.

I like this porch a lot with one exception. Why are those silver spheres hanging from jute twine so plain? They need something.

It’s too late now, but if I could take a time machine back, I’d add leaves and bows to the top of them.

Fall Front Door

2014 front porch

More mums. More cornstalks. More garland. But we have a new element on this porch. See those metal spheres. I still have them, but they are rusted and old now and I love them.

I also love the basket with the flowers on the front door.

You may see that again on next year’s porch.

2014 back porch

Look at those cute pumpkins on the ladder. I forgot I ever decorated like that.

And the chair back and the plate on the door in place of a wreath?

Brilliant idea, KariAnne.

Trend alert: Apparently my back porches are more fun and less serious than my front door porches.

2013 front porch

Look at those lanterns.

How could I have forgotten that idea? I hung them on chains on either side of the door and made a monogrammed doormat, too. I also tucked dried hydrangeas into a ready-made garland to make it look more custom.

And I love the pumpkin topiaries on a wreath—another idea I forgot about.

I just needed to go back in time to my old porches for tons of fall decorating ideas.

Before we vote I had to show you this picture I found of the twinnies from all those years ago at the farmhouse.


The cutest cowgirls ever.

Now—back to the task at hand.

10 years of porches.

10 years of decorating.

10 years of changing porch style.

What do we think?

Which one is your favorite? I have my favorite, but I can’t wait to see which you all pick.

Comment below with the year and either front or back porch and I’ll choose TEN comments by random draw and send ten winners a little package with the book and a bonus gift.

Happy voting.

Edited to add: This giveaway is now closed and all winners have been notified.

PS If you want to order a copy of my latest book, 10-Minute Decorating Ideas you can see it here.

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    1. Image for Dauphine Dauphine

      I really like 2020 and 2018 but I think I’ll go with 2020 it just looks so inviting and calm with a large dash of class.

    1. Image for Brandy O'Connell Brandy O'Connell

      2022 front is my fave followed by 2023 front porch. Pumpkins and mums never go out of style and I have a weakness for white and fairytale pumpkins 😊

  1. Image for Naomi B. Naomi B.

    Fall is just my favorite time of year EVER! and seeing these porches makes me so happy! I am just about to go decorate mine, so PERFECT timing! I really love the 2019 front porch, so cute and put together, but I am also a huge fan of 2016 front porch as well... I think 2019 wins 😃

  2. Image for Lyn Lyn

    I like the 2019 front porch the best with the 2023 front porch a close second. I picked the 2019 porch because it was simplistic and I am from the less is best school. I love the vivid orange and the fall colors they will always win me over the muted dead colors. I love all your photos and you are very clever with the materials you use.

    1. Image for Kim Kim

      I love them all!! But my number one favorite is this years 2023! I love the beautiful fall colors along with the grapevine pumpkins. It’s so cheerful and inviting.

  3. Image for Cathy Connor Grundhoefer Cathy Connor Grundhoefer

    My favorite is the one with lots of orange pumpkins, etc. “falling” down both sides of the red brick steps!

  4. Image for Sharon Sharon

    I love, love the 2019 back porch, it is lush and lovely! Your decorating style is beautiful and so creative. Fall is such a gorgeous time of the year for decorating with pumpkins, leaves, scarecrows, and a little love! Thank you for posting porches from the past for us to enjoy!

  5. Image for Nuss Laura Nuss Laura

    I love and remember many of these porches! I remember the pumpkin sale! I used tulle a few years ago and my porch looked like it was do a strip tease on the first windy day! Have fun at conference! 💕laura

  6. Image for Bootsie Dominick Bootsie Dominick

    I love the back porch this year, 2023...I think your rug with all the fall colors looks great !!! HAPPY FALL !!!!! 😊

  7. Image for Maggie Wallem Rowe Maggie Wallem Rowe

    They are ALL amazing (even the ones you think are cringeworthy) but I am a kind of less-is-more girl so I'm voting for 2016 Front Porch to get the crown! and yes, I would love to win a copy of your book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I love all the lanterns in the 2019 front porch. In second place would again be the lanterns in the 2020 front porch (and I don’t think you have too many mums or pumpkins!)

  9. Image for Marcy Moravec Marcy Moravec

    Wow! Ten years of porches, congratulations. That is so fun to look back. I love Fall Porch 2015. I love the muted colors and the creativity. All of the front and back porches are beautiful but 2015 is creative, fun and beautiful. Thanks for sharing. That was a lot of fun to look back. Thank you!

  10. Image for terie karaus terie karaus

    LOVE all of them. but the 2023 front porch is my favorite! thank you for sharing all of your creative porch ideas.

  11. Image for Denise Denise

    2023 Back Porch! Such my vibe! I am a total lover of the orange. I mean isn’t October what it’s all about! I live in Indiana and we are lovers of the leaves changing colors from the golds, reds, browns and who could not love the orange in our book! If you haven’t been to the midwest, to see a spectacular Fall, you are missing out, come see us and add to your visit our neighbor Michigan! Spectacular! This back porch is a 10 in my book!! 🍁🍁🍁

  12. Image for Cyndie Cyndie

    Hi. Those are tough chouces But. I lije tge 2014 back porch! The lanterns...doormat....the hydrangeas mixed in. You have given me several ideas...although this year's back porch is a close 2nd. Thank you for sharing

  13. Image for Karenann S. Karenann S.

    I love all your beautiful porches. One prettier than the other. But I think my most favorite is your 2023 front and back porch. I love all the detail to the fall leaves, brings in so much color!

  14. Image for kesha kesha

    They are all so pretty! If I had to pick one it would be the 2023 porch! I just love all of the fall colors and how vibrant it is!

  15. Image for Ruth Pope Ruth Pope

    2023 Front and back porches are beautiful and it is hard to decide. Since I am using your front porch as my wall paper on my computer I will have to go with the front porch. 2020 with Buddy is wonderful too.

  16. Image for Joyce Howell Joyce Howell

    I love the front porch year 2020 I prefer simple and purple . I love the lantern set up in fact I may have to try that next year on my small porch . You have a great eye for decorating it was fun looking thru the years . 💕

  17. Image for Kathy Stephenson Kathy Stephenson

    They’re all great (even the ones you don’t like 🙂), but I have to vote for 2013 front porch.

  18. Image for Mary D Mary D

    The 2023 back porch is my favorite. something drew me in, the rug perhaps or the combination of the rug and the colors. All were beautiful but 2023 back porch inspired me the most.

  19. Image for Mary Mary

    I love all your ideas you are definitely gifted. My choice was between 2019 back porch and 2023, ultimately decided on 2023

  20. Image for Ann Ann

    I love them all! 2023 front porch is my fave, so flawlessly designed. It’s the swag/garland over the door for me.

  21. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    I like what you did in 2016 the best, I think. Just enough and not too much...and I love that photo of the twins! I'm heading into my second week of converting my summer decor into fall both inside and on the balcony of my apartment and I even dreamed about it last night! I was traveling with my parents, both now deceased, but in my dream they were all packed and ready for our flight, but I was not, missed the flight and still had not been able to find my hotel room so I could pack by the time I made myself wake up. So, yes, my parents went on and left me behind to "cope with the chaos of life" solo! Directly related, I'm sure, to the continuing chaos in my apartment! How do you winnow out your decor when you know how much money you have invested/frittered away? Just bite the bullet? Any and all tips welcome.

  22. Image for Mary Mary

    I think my favorite is the 2022 porch, because I love those colors. It's followed closely by the 2023 porch because I love all those colors, too.

  23. Image for Dawn Dawn

    Kari, 2023 is my favorite! I love the addition of your white pumpkins on the stairs to balance the orange. Beautiful fall! I do have to add that the use of the chair back is so pretty on your door on the back porch of 2014.😍

  24. Image for Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces

    So many wonderful porches! It was fun to revisit all of those years with you, KariAnne! My favorite is the 2014 front porch...I love all the classic natural elements and textures! Fun giveaway!

  25. Image for Linda Linda

    I especially like the 2018 “what was I thinking” porch, which is really just the steps. Everything else is so simple that the “falling down” pumpkins, as someone else called them, take center stage. Most of all, I was struck by how different all your porch pictures are, some brick, some wood, so many variations. Just very interesting.

  26. Image for Monica Monica

    They are all lovely, but your 2023 front porch is my favorite. Just the right amount of color. Can I just add that the chair back and plate on the 2014 back porch; swoon!!! Thanks for the lookback. It was fun.

  27. Image for Marilyn Marilyn

    I love 2015. It just says “Fall is here” with an appropriate amount of fuss. I so enjoy this blog every day. You are so creative and fun.

  28. Image for Kim G Kim G

    Although I absolutely adore your porch this year, the 2015 porch is my favorite (minus the hanging spheres). The simplicity of it is what grabs me. I love the natural elements and just the simplicity. I think we now live in a world where we have to have all our homes Pinterest worthy but we forget to just enjoy the seasons.

  29. Image for Stacie Stacie

    2023 Back Porch gets my vote! I love the fall trees; I'm also a Texan and we don't get much natural fall color so we have to add our own too. Have a great week!

  30. Image for Judi B Watkins Judi B Watkins

    You are so creative and amazing and I love them all! Okay, but my favorites are both front and back porch of 2023, with the porches from 2014 a close second.

  31. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Adorable pic of the girls. All the porches are so pretty, and I really wanted to choose Front porch 2020, But...I love a nice wreath on a door. So I am going with Front porch 2023. So pretty. Have a great day.

  32. Image for Suzan Adams Suzan Adams

    I love each of the porches for different reasons. Each and every one is filled with inspirational ideas that are easy to customize and personalize. However, I am a KISS girl and the 2014 front porch is my favorite. It has the right blend of fall components for me! P.S. I love the metal orbs!

  33. Image for Lisa Cooper Lisa Cooper

    I love the simplicity of the 2019 back porch. They are all fantastic though! Anytime you’d like to come to NC and decorate my front porch, you’d be welcome!

  34. Image for Laurie Schroeder Laurie Schroeder

    Your commentary is hysterical. How can we not be swayed by Buddy? ❤️ My vote is for the 2023 back porch. I LOVE all the back porch photos!! Second is 2023 front porch.

  35. Image for Sandy Sandy

    Year 2022 is my favorite porch arrangement. Mums represent the Fall season—no matter what color—and there’s just enough color to set off the white pumpkins—nice change!!

  36. Image for Lorri Lorri

    I Love 2023! They really are all so pretty and it was fun to look back and see what you created at that point in your life!

  37. Image for Deb Wostmann Deb Wostmann

    Oh boy, memory lane! They are all so beautiful snowmen or not. If I have to choose I really like 2023 front porch and how colorful it is. Very cheery and welcoming.

  38. Image for Lindsay Lindsay

    2015 budget porch. Love the simplicity and neutrals. Sometimes less is perfect! Loved all the commentaries.... you're a hoot!

  39. Image for Julie Julie

    I have to go with 2023! It's full of autumn colors and decorations from the top to the bottom of the steps and beyond!

  40. Image for Kat Kat

    What a fun idea! I love the retrospective of the porches. And I am so happy to hear the self-critiques of years passed. I do the same thing! Lessons learned. :) I like this year's decor best - I love the mix of orange and white pumpkins. It's just not fall without the orange! Note: the garland over the door ties everything together perfectly - striking!

  41. Image for Joan Joan

    I'm all about orange this year too! So your 2023 porch fills my need for this color. I think it's all about the warmth!!

  42. Image for Sharon Sharon

    The 2014 front is my favorite because of the basket on the door and the cornstarch. This porch looks like Fall to me.

  43. Image for Marilynn Crelier Marilynn Crelier

    I really like the 2023 front porch! It has just the right touch of fall! And can last through Turkey Day!!

  44. Image for Diana Diana

    Karianne, i loved going through these years with everyone here. It was hard but I really love the 2020 front porch and not just because Buddy was in the picture (LOL). You did an outstanding job placing the lanterns , mums and pumpkins. Everything was laid out beautifully. Want to call out 2014 back porch loved it too.

  45. Image for Amy Cohen Amy Cohen

    I vote for the 2013 front porch. I was looking for ideas that did not include mums, as I have trouble keeping them watered every day. I also grow hydrangeas, so I have the dried ones in ready supply. I love your textured pumpkins. All your porches are just lovely. Especially love the orange in this year's front porch. Happy Fall, ya'll!

  46. Image for Mindy Boggs Mindy Boggs

    2014 front porch spoke to me; but you've given us such creative, doable ideas over the years. Thank you!

  47. Image for karen karen

    Well I love love the front door this year 2023 it is just stunning and evokes the feeling of true fall. Love it.

  48. Image for Barbara S Snyder Barbara S Snyder

    2022 front door, with back door 2015 a close #2. (Love that it was a budget year and still so lovely!)

  49. Image for Tory Tory

    2014 Front Door Love Love the basket on the door!!! So very cute and country. But my favorite photo of country is of the 2 cowgirls ….. that should be framed and sat out each fall in you decor!! Such a fun photo!!!’

  50. Image for Marilyn Pieschke Marilyn Pieschke

    I have two favorites. Back porch 2019 and front porch 2018. I loved all the pumpkins that looked like they were spilling down the steps!! I guess I believe you can never have too many pumpkins!! But my favorite, by a close margin, was back porch 2019. It was beautiful and the colors “popped”!

  51. Image for Dianne Miley Dianne Miley

    2022 Front Porch is my vote. I'm not a fan of orange, so I love the purple. My 2nd place vote would be 2016 front porch. I love the simplicity of it -- and there's not too much orange! Sorry, orange. A little of you goes a long way with me. :)

    1. Image for Kathleen Pisacano Kathleen Pisacano


  52. Image for Judy Judy

    2016 Front Porch 🍂🍁🍂, but I also like 2014 Front and 2014 Back Porch coming in third. As always, I love your work everyday and always appreciate your answering my questions! You are spot on every time! Thanks for being the BEST ‼️

  53. Image for Diane Diane

    This years 2023 porch is beautiful but my favorite is 2016. Great ideas in all the porches. Thanks for sharing. Thanks

  54. Image for Shirley Dunn Shirley Dunn

    I love this years front porch best- all those pops of orange& the wicker pumpkins & black lanterns are just adorable. 🍁🎃🥮

  55. Image for Susie Susie

    Front porch 2018! Love love love the pumpkin theme, so quintessential Autumn! Love your posts & positivity! Susie

  56. Image for Camay Camay

    I like 2022 the best. The color of the mums! Although that back porch from 2014 has me scrolling back for another look! 🍁

  57. Image for Jo-Anne Jo-Anne

    How to pick just ONE???? OK. I have to say Front Porch 2022 is my favourite (I'm Canadian, we add the letter "u", in case you were wondering). I absolutely love the colours (there's that "u" again!), they are unexpected and maybe that's why it caught my attention. Funny, orange is my favourite colour (double-whammy), but I shied away from the orange porches!

  58. Image for Lisa H. Lisa H.

    I'm going with this year's front porch, 2023 for the win! I am obsessed with the grapevine pumpkins and am loving the lanterns. So cute together!

  59. Image for Jen Vortriede Jen Vortriede

    They're all beautiful, including the one with an overabundance of pumpkins, but I think your current 2023 front porch is my favorite. I think you have a good balance of orange and white.

  60. Image for Tara Tara

    2023 would be my first pick. 2014 front & back i really like. And the year with all the pumpkins i would do it if i could afford that many!😂 love the fall traditional colors! Fun & beautiful! Too many choices. Had to type fast my phone keeps renewing the page every time a comment is left! Happy Fall Y’all!🎃

  61. Image for Barbara at Mantel and Table Barbara at Mantel and Table

    Isn't it fun to look back?! They're all wonderful, but I'm going to ignore your advice and vote for the 2021 front porch! I love the restful neutral with just enough gentle color to make it interesting. The mums by the door are lovely. The pumpkin snowman topiaries are fun, and they don't draw attention to themselves unless you really look. Then they make me smile! Thanks for sharing it all - you always inspire me!

  62. Image for Julie McAllister Julie McAllister

    All of the front porches are wonderful, but I think my favorite is 2013 followed closely behind 2023. Happy Fall!!

  63. Image for Leslie Smith Leslie Smith

    I absolutely love 2020. I know it’s not the traditional orange but it goes so beautifully with your distinguished old stately home! Buddy doesn’t hurt it either.

  64. Image for Kris Kris

    A tie between 2014 back porch and your 2023 front porch. I like to see autumn colors in autumn--I know neutrals have been popular for a few years, but it doesn't visually pop for me. I'd like to see you combine a few of the purple mums with the oranges sometime--nothing too crazy, but I kinda like the color combo on the porch (it would be too much for me inside of a home, but outside would be great!). I feel like they balance each other out.

  65. Image for Kathy Menold Kathy Menold

    They are all great even the purple mums! I think I like 2016 for its simplicity. I love pumpkins but this year I decided less is more. Also the prices were a sticker shock this year. Thanks for your 10yrs of entertaining us with your wonderful stories and great decorating ideas. You rock girl!!!.

  66. Image for Nancy Nancy

    My first vote is for 2016 (the year we moved from McKinney to North Carolina) and then 2014! Both simple of very Fallish.

  67. Image for Jackie Ludwig Jackie Ludwig

    While 2014 is my favorite, each one is a favorite as it reflects who you are at the time. That’s why, deep down, I hate to pick just one favorite. Each year is you and your ideas, etc. they should all be your favorites as they are all you from that time. Can’t wait to see next years.

  68. Image for Val Val

    They’re all beautiful! My favorite is the 2023 Back Porch. I love the faux trees with all the brilliant fall colors. It reminds me of my visit to Vermont in the Fall. I would love to have your new book. Thank you Karianne for your wonderful blog.

  69. Image for Ronda Thacker Ronda Thacker

    Fall porch 2015. Love the branches and simplicity. You Brought up the spheres. My feeling is instead of decorating them…. eliminate the spheres. Hind sight is always 20/20!

  70. Image for Marti Marti

    🧡 2016! Love the simplicity & organic touch & height of the cornstalks coming out of the grapevine wreaths on the urns. Also love the pumpkin filled lanterns (I guess because I like to fill my big lanterns too!)

  71. Image for Rita Rita

    2014 Front I lovwe this one in particular. It is so refreshing. I always enjoy all of your posts, especially the ones telling about your precious family.

  72. Image for Kristin Kristin

    I love the 2016 Front Porch. Simple and classic; a true ode to fall. I love all the natural elements complimenting one another.

  73. Image for Kristine Kristine

    All of the porches are wonderful in their own way! My favorite is 2015! Sometimes, often times, less is more. I love how being on a budget can bring out our most creative ideas. The texture of the sticks and pumpkins pairs well with the shininess of the urns. I also love that the flowers are something different than mums. I adore mums and have them on my own front porch right now. I just love this different option.

  74. Image for Christy Christy

    I guess I am the odd ball but I love the purple 2022 front porch with the 2023 back porch close tie. All are gorgeous and thoughtfully and lovingly displayed.

  75. Image for Jan Jan

    Love the 2014 Back Porch. I am a person that likes to have the decor be seen not overpowering. Love the peacefulness that the porch provides. Love it.

  76. Image for joy joy

    I LOVE the 2023 Fall Front porch, stunning and simply stated at the same time. Can hardly wait for your 10 years of Christmas porches! And inside decorations.

  77. Image for Rizae Rizae

    2023 back porch 1st. 2023 front porch 2nd. Any of the 10 years is a winner including the snowmen porch!!! I like that you kept it even if you thought it was a fail...

  78. Image for Elaine Beale Elaine Beale

    2014 back porch Playful, creative and understated. Like the pumpkins on ladder, esp the one black one amid the orange.

  79. Image for Beth Beth

    Love 2019 . Love the contrast between white pumpkins and black accents on the house. The use of black and white is classy. I might have even left off the orange swag around the front door and just added a little eucalyptus.

  80. Image for Diana Clark Diana Clark

    KariAnne I think you have developed your style over the years and made 2023 a beautiful porch. It was fun looking at the changes. I never keep things the same. I have favorite items I use in different ways like you do. I actually loved the huge pumpkin display in 2018. My first thought is that must have cost a fortune. LOL Thank you for all your inspiration!

  81. Image for Carolyn Carolyn

    2014 front porch. All of them are beautiful but I love the simplicity of the classic fall cornstalks, mums and I love love love the basket of leaves on the door! Thank you for sharing the evolution of your fall porch! I think it is fun to compare and see how tastes and trends change over time

  82. Image for Stephanie Stephanie

    They are all beautiful, but my favorites are the 2019 Back Porch and I have a tie for Front Porch - I love 2023's and 2015's decor.

  83. Image for Becky Becky

    It was tough but I gotta say 2023 front porch. I must really like the open twig pumpkins. So many great idea from each porch.

  84. Image for Cynthia Chilson Finger Cynthia Chilson Finger

    2013 Front Porch .... Although they're all lovely and creative. 2013 has natural elements, hard elements, and lots of texture, in just the right amounts. 2023 front porch is a close second though!

  85. Image for mary mary

    I guess my vote is for 2023. However there are components of all the others that I really liked as well. I especially loved the pretty cornstalks that you had harvested yourself. I like the tumbling pumpkins "explosion" of many pumpkins and they would be so much prettier now that your porch is not orangey/red. On the 2023 porch, I would prefer no garland across the top of door. Your head must be constantly spinning with creativity!

  86. Image for Gayle Gayle

    2014 is the winner for me. I love the front and the back porch. The black doors make such a statement and I love to decorate with natural elements. Looks so cozy. I would love to walk right in and see what is behind those doors!

  87. Image for Jo Jo

    2023 Front Porch! It’s beautiful & bright and welcoming. I don’t who wouldn’t want to sit on that porch and drink pumpkin spice lattes!

  88. Image for Elle Elle

    2015. The only decor that could come close to where I live. Not everyone has those beautiful orange/yellow/gold leaves. I cannot find twigs, but how about gigantic palm fronds? When the haboob blows through the fronds are everywhere! Today my pool is 85° and it will be 92° In the sun. Use what you have from your own yard—no matter where you live! (PS-that would be Palm Springs). Fresh pumpkins would turn to mush in a day or two outdoors.

  89. Image for Michele Michele

    2016 front porch is my favorite, but I really, really like 2023 as well. Your comments on some years' are hilarious.

  90. Image for Janice Byrd Janice Byrd

    I like the 2014 front porch with the addition of gold, one of my favorite colors, especially for the fall.

  91. Image for Alice Hanson Alice Hanson

    Oh KariAnne! My favorite is 2018! I love the spilled look of all those wonderful pumpkins! They just make me smile! That is my humble opinion as I sit in a B & B in central coast Australia! Smiles, alice

  92. Image for Kim Frederick Kim Frederick

    2015 is my pick although they all are beautiful! I love how unique each one is. You are a gifted decorator and communicator:)

  93. Image for Missy Missy

    I definitely like the 2020 porch the best. I love the symmetry and the colors. All of them are enviable and beautiful.

  94. Image for Lori H Lori H

    2020!!! but I also liked 2016 but I do have to say Buddy tipped my vote:0)....Changing the porch up and making it your own is what makes all of them special...Happy Fall ya'll!!!

  95. Image for Kim Lennie Kim Lennie

    I definitely liked 2015 Fall porch but I also liked the 2013 front porch too. Quite honestly there was elements from all your beautiful porches that I could see incorporated into next years porch for me. I think though the 2015 porch was my absolute favorite with it's simplicity which surprises me because I'm a more the merrier kind of gal.

  96. Image for Sally Jo Sally Jo

    1. 2019, 2. 2014, 3. 2016 and the twinnies picture is priceless. Also love the purple mums with Buddy and without (sorry Buddy)!

  97. Image for Susan Susan

    2014 Front porch! It has the perfect balance of fall color in the garland with neutral in cornstalks and ever do restful black accents. Well done. Sorry to have to tell you this but the fall colored ficus trees hurt my eyes! Maybe because I know ficus is never fall colored? I would have liked the tall black planters in front but with something else in them. They would balance the black urns below. But that’s just me…you do you! 👍🏻💕

  98. Image for Fran Fran

    2016 front is the best for me. I also love 2023 front but it is a bit too much for me since I am in a season of paring back!

  99. Image for Loryl Loryl

    2023 for me! But I did love the EXPLOSION of pumpkins the year you did that 🤣 I think it might have even influenced me to do the same.🎃

  100. Image for Kim Kim

    Hi Karianne, I love all of them, but my favorite front is this year 2023. Love those urns with the rattan pumpkins in them. My facorite back was 2016 with the table runner. So colorful, who would of thought you could turn a table runner into door art. Kim

  101. Image for Robin holland Robin holland

    It’s interesting see how your style has changed but 2023 front porch is my pick. Classic. It just needs Buddy out there someplace !

  102. Image for Maria Pappano Maria Pappano

    Definitely 2022! I kept looking just in case I saw one I would like better, but I love the colors you used last year.

  103. Image for Jenise Powell Jenise Powell

    I love the year 2018! To me all of the beautiful pumpkins in different shapes and sizes, and colors. They’re all so unique and natural no artificial. Sooo beautiful.

  104. Image for Kristie Kristie

    I LOVE your front porch now…..but I think my favorite is the 2020 front porch! Love the pink! 🩷🩷🩷

  105. Image for Carole Francisco Carole Francisco

    There were so many great choices, but for me, Fall is all about Orange, so I am loving this 2023 porch the best. Love your creativity always!

  106. Image for Evelyn R Sims Evelyn R Sims

    I have to confess I love the 2018 front porch best! It was simple, elegant, uncluttered and colorful !

  107. Image for Carey Carey

    2016 front porch although, it is super hard to decide. Some are a little bit more entertaining than others. I love the colors and especially what you have done with the lanterns. Thanks for the great ideas.

  108. Image for Robin Robin

    I love them all but 2014 was my fav. I was interested in how different each year looked since I seem to decorate basically the same each year. I’m taking a leaf out of your decorating and change it up a little

  109. Image for Lana Lana

    I love these all but I’d use to say my favorite is 2022 the pink just sets the porch off! Just beautiful! 💖

  110. Image for Teresa Buik Teresa Buik

    2022 Front Porch🩷! So pretty in pink & purple, and love the white pumpkins 😍! Love reading your blog… great ideas & you always make me laugh out loud! 🥰😂 Happy fall y’all 🍁🌻🩷!

  111. Image for Babette Thurston Babette Thurston

    I definitely love the 2014 Front Porch! I loved the metal spheres and all the cornstalks! Although I like quite a few of them! Thank you for the giveaway!

  112. Image for Diane Yarrington Diane Yarrington

    I vote for 2016 front porch! I love the simplicity and all the fall colors but not so much as to overwhelm the beauty of the porch itself.

  113. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Oh my gosh you are so funny editing your own porches. They're each awesome in one way or another. But I think you kinda really nailed 2019 - both front and back are amazing. I really like your back porch there, but it was a difficult decision. And tell Mr KA that those stacked white pumpkins do NOT look like snowmen, yeesh, LOL. This was super fun. Crossing my fingers - thank you for the generous giveaway!!!!

  114. Image for Tammy Keeton Tammy Keeton

    Hi KariAnne! My favorite "Front Porch," is 2016. I love the grapevine pumpkin (with the Fall leaves). The cornstalks add the southern elegance to bring harvest abundance. Also, the warmth of light from the laterns has a cozy "Welcome Home Friends." You totally rocked 2016 Front and Back Porch Decor.

  115. Image for Claudia Willey Claudia Willey

    2016 fall porch is my favorite. I would never think to put a table runner on a door. It works so well. You are so creative. Love your blog.

  116. Image for Cynthia Spurlock Cynthia Spurlock

    Back porch 2014 I love the pumpkins on the ladder. The clever use of the chair back with a plate replacing a wreath is inspiring!

  117. Image for Jem Jem

    I just now had the chance to study all your photos, I had to go back and forth sever times! I would say your current porch for me depicts the loveliness of the fall 🍁. Mynumber two choice would be 2021. All are beautiful and welcoming, KariAnne!

  118. Image for Sherry B. Sherry B.

    I love 2023! The colors just pop and say fall. I found it interesting to see how the color of the stairs changed the total vibe of the decorations as well thru the years.

  119. Image for Carol Huff Carol Huff

    I must like the decade time span because I really enjoy the simplicity of 2013 and it looks very doable on a small budget. I believe I have everything to do that to my own porch this year. Also loving 2023.

  120. Image for Heather Strohl Heather Strohl

    My favorite is 2014 back porch! But I do love the huge lanterns you have on the 2016 front porch. So that is a close second! Which is your favorite??

  121. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    The best pic is of the cowgirls! Oh wait….that wasn’t a choice now was it. In that case my favorite is the front porch of 2016! Understated but elegant! Enjoy your day! ;)

  122. Image for Elizabeth Hudson Elizabeth Hudson

    All your porches are beautiful! The 2023 front porch is my favorite with the 2023 porch a very close second! Thank you for the inspirations!

  123. Image for Sue Sue

    It is very hard to choose just one. I like some element of all of them, but I think your front porch from 2016 is my favorite. The simple cornstalks and lovely pumpkin wreath and the few pumpkins on display is not too much, not too little, but just right to me.

  124. Image for Lauren SCHMIDT Lauren SCHMIDT

    My favorite porch is your 2023 front porch. It's so fun and festive. I adore the orange and the lanterns. It shouts fall is here and it's fabulous!

  125. Image for Cynthia Cynthia

    All they are so beautiful would have to my favorite is the 2020 Front Porch! It is so perfectly symmetrical and precise and colors are my favorite! ❤️

  126. Image for Heather H Heather H

    2018 Front Porch You may not have known what you were thinking, but I love it! It’s simple and festive.

  127. Image for Sharleen M Sharleen M

    2022 front porch....I like the green and subtle pumpkins. It gives the eyes a rest from all the orange we see at this season.

  128. Image for Chrystal Graham Chrystal Graham

    2022 is my absolute favorite! Which truly surprises me, because I’m an orange girl! I adore those twig pumpkins…can I have them when you tire of them? Kidding, not really! Happy Fall 🧡

  129. Image for Heather Anne Heather Anne

    2018 all the way! And you crack me up because they are all really lovely! Too much analysis my friend! I laughed out loud at 'The very least he could have done was tell me we had Frosty in an urn on our porch.' ... got to love a tactful hubby!!! They are a true blessing from the LORD above!

  130. Image for Carol Granger Carol Granger

    I saw your 2023 Front Porch and couldn't get it out of my mind while scrolling through all the other past fall porch designs. I love how you took pieces from prior years and reused them in a classic, colorful and seasonal way. Everything melded together in such a beautiful fall porch design that brought to my mind photos I've seen in the pages of Southern Living and Traditional Homes. You hit this one out of the ballpark, Karianne! Happy Fall to you and yours.

  131. Image for Judy Young Judy Young

    I love your 2023 front porch the best, but I also reallly love 2018 and 2019 front porches!! They are all wonderful!

  132. Image for Sheila Sheila

    I genuinely preferred 2021, but since you said not to choose that one, I would go with 2020. I like the non traditional fall ones.

  133. Image for PJ PJ

    I like 2023 a lot, but I really think 2015 is my favorite. I'm a less is more person. Now, if Buddy was sitting on the mat....(big smile)

  134. Image for Laura Laura

    I love the 2020 front porch with the white pumpkins with pop of pinkish in there with green. Great job on all the years of your porch designs. Love the inspirations!

  135. Image for Shelley Shelley

    All of them have fabulous features, but as a whole, I really like what you did in 2015! Especially if you take the time machine back and add some leaves to the spheres :)

  136. Image for Peg Peg

    Holy moly! I had to scroll FOREVA to get to the bottom of the comments!! Is this a record? LOL Well, if I really must pick a favorite, there is something about the 2016 front porch that speaks to me. Just beautiful!!

  137. Image for Joanne Joanne

    As always, you make me laugh, and put a smile on my face. I was just about to decorate my porch when I noticed your post. As I am keeping it simple this year, I so appreciate gazing at all of your creative and colorful designs. While they are all so pretty, my favorite is 2019 Front Porch design. I just love the whites and neutrals. I also love the creative simplicity of your 2015 Fall Porch. Happy Fall!

  138. Image for JC JC

    Boy, looking at all of these makes me think we've been through a lot if pumpkins, Mums, baskets, raffia, etc. together through the years! They all are charming and welcoming, but I'd have to say my bsolute favorite in your 2020 front porch! It's magazine worthy 😁

  139. Image for Marianne Miller Marianne Miller

    They are all so Beautiful, You are so blessed to have such a beautiful porch/home! I love this years, but I think my favorite is 2015, being on a budget you used more natural elements , it appears warm and cozy!

  140. Image for Connie Connie

    I think my favorite is the 2023 Back porch. I love the simplicity and the attention to the colors of the season. My second is the 2016 front porch and the corn stalks.

  141. Image for Tori D. Tori D.

    I vote for 2023! I think you learn something each year that you decorate the same space, so it can only get better and better.

  142. Image for Sherie Foster Sherie Foster

    Hands down, I LOVE your 2023 front porch the best! All are beautiful but this one really stands out!!

  143. Image for Alice Binford Alice Binford

    They are all gorgeous. So it’s hard to pick just one, so I’m going with 2023. I love the orange. It’s bright and cheerful!

  144. Image for Jan Jan

    I love your front porch for this year—2023! The pumpkin lanterns do it for me giving an extra layer of interest and balance, and I love the traditional fall colors as they make such a splash of color that grabs you from the street and won’t let you go!

  145. Image for Barbara Barbara

    2014, 2015 and 2016 are my choices for stellar back door decorations. Your creativity shines in all. Your posts are joyful and make me happy.

  146. Image for Suzanne G. Suzanne G.

    I like 2020. Maybe it's just because it was a happy spot in an otherwise icky year? (Pandemic, online learning, etc...) This shows none of that - just happiness. :)

  147. Image for Becky Becky

    Back porch 2023 definitely! I especially appreciate your attention to the back porch because that’s where dear friends enter!

  148. Image for JoLynn JoLynn

    Porch 2015 -love the simplicity of it (less is more)🥰 Runner up is 2022 - more but still subtle while giving all the fall vibes! May God bless your fall season! Thanks for the fun voting experience!

  149. Image for Debra Kaiser Murphy Debra Kaiser Murphy

    I really tried to like a different one but 2023 front and back are my very favorites!! Everything you do is my favorite.

  150. Image for Leigh Daugherty Leigh Daugherty

    My favorite is 2023…from the top of the front door to the last step, it all flows with fall colors!

  151. Image for Kimberlee Kimberlee

    They're all amazing, but the 2014 front porch is my favorite! There's just something about corn stalks ob a fall porch!

  152. Image for Carrie Carrie

    I agree with others…they are all lovely but my favourite is 2015 because I’m amazed at what you can do on a budget…love the branches in the urns!!

  153. Image for Paula Paula

    All of your porches are beautiful it was so hard to choose. I am drawn to 2019 Front Porch - the simplicity signals to me a change in the season. Fall is my favorite season as it signals a change in the hot weather here in Central Florida. Your blog and IG are regular visits for me to serve as inspiration! My favorite room in your childhood home in Texas is the living room ( i know we are only voting on the porch but I love the blue and white).

  154. Image for bj collier bj collier

    I have to go with the 2023 back porch. The colors are simply breathtaking. I love the "casually" placed pumpkins with the beautiful colored leaves strewn about, the dynamic black and white rug, the planters....oh my goodness, it's stunning. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  155. Image for Celeste Celeste

    I am torn. I really like what you've done with this year's porch, but ultimately I have to vote for 2020. It has such a calm, cozy vibe and I love the lanterns.

  156. Image for Debbie Smith Debbie Smith

    2014 Front Porch It’s calm and “slow down” Fall Season theme to me. After a busy summer this says time to reflect and sit on the porch watching God do all the color changes.

  157. Image for Patricia O’Brien Patricia O’Brien

    My vote is the 2022 back porch. (I think there was a back porch, right) I really love the striped rug as contrast! And your best friends come in here! I think the 2020 porch pic should have been taken 2 weeks later when the mums would have bloomed more more.

  158. Image for karen karen

    My favorite is the 2022 front porch... just love the colors. I love all your porches and that picture of the twins is priceless!

  159. Image for Nancy Nancy

    I love the 2023 front and back porch. The bright, cheery colors make me smile! Taking time to stop and enjoy the created colors around us pushes me to praise the Lord. Isn’t His color palette amazing, awe inspiring and a gentle hug for the heart?

  160. Image for Beverly E. Beverly E.

    2016 FRONT PORCH. I like the pumpkin on the door and the lanterns. Just enough color without being too busy!

  161. Image for Donna Watkinson Donna Watkinson

    They are all fabulous, but my vote is for your 2020 Front Porch. I love the addition of the purple mums. Everything you do is always stunning!

  162. Image for Jilly Aschenbach Jilly Aschenbach

    I love 2023! She is the Queen of the ball and represents the design progression from years past. What fun memories to look back on. I can picture next year’s porch incorporating all the ideas from years past and will be the next in line for the crown! Thank you for the inspiration, KariAnne!

  163. Image for carol carol

    I Absolutely love, love, love 2023 Front door!!!!!!! There were a few others that came close but I think you've nailed it and I don't know how you will top it going forward but can't wait to see where you go from here. This was fun !! !!

  164. Image for MaryBeth MaryBeth

    I just love the classic and unique flair of both 2019 and 2020 Front Porches. Of course, I love all of the other ones as well but those are my favorites and I just LOVE your pic of the twinnies way bach when!

  165. Image for Karla Karla

    I would love any of them...sadly I don't have a porch to decorate. Since I need to pick, I'd go with this year's front porch, 2023. Orange, to me is fall's primary color!!


    Took me a while to read most of the comments. All true and wonderful... I think I'm going to go odd man out and pick 2013.. I love the simplicity and clean look of you had me at the lanterns...

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