DIY Farmhouse Table Project

Here’s my new farmhouse table for the back porch that I before and aftered for only $10.97.

Not including tax.

Don’t spread this around, but I would marry it if I could.  Or at least take it to Vegas to watch the Elvis impersonators.

It’s that cute.

Here’s a zoomed-in picture so you can see all that cuteness close up.

Farmhouse Table Flowers

If you read this blog a couple of weeks ago, you might have seen those two chairs on the back porch and remembered that there used to be a round white table there.

I know.

I remember it too.

But then I moved that round table to the library and painted it blue and white.

These are the kind of fast-paced action scenes that happen when you write a DIY blog.

Farmhouse Table DIY Project

And that left me with a big, empty space in the middle of the porch between all the chairs.

So I looked around for a replacement.

And I found this table.

Except it didn’t look like this when I found it…..

….it looked like this.

Farmhouse Table Before

And this.

Distressed Table Top

It had been sitting back behind the workshop holding up parts of a wheelbarrow and some bags of mulch.

The top was warped and the paint was peeling and it looked at me with sad eyes and told me that the wheelbarrow was getting on its nerves and could I please rescue it and introduce it to the back porch.

Who was I to tell a sad-eyed table no?

Farmhouse Table White

So we painted it white using a paint with primer to save a step.

It needed two coats and it looked better.

But why settle for better when for $10.97 (not including tax) you can have it look like this.

Farmhouse Table During

I know….right?


And here’s how we did it.

Farmhouse Table DIY

I bought a 24″ x 48″ piece of really thin plywood from the lumber department at Lowe’s.

It was slightly larger than the table.

Then we cut it into approximately 4″ strips of wood.

You can always have them cut it for you at the home improvement store, too.

Farmhouse Table Project

Farmhouse Tabletop

Then we simply glued the pieces of plywood to the table top with wood glue.



That’s it.

We just glued the new table top on and walked away.  And then we stained it with Provincial stain (my favorite) and let it dry.  I’m going to seal it with polyurethane because it’s on the back porch.

DIY Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse Table

It’s amazing.

The finish looks authentic and rich and I love how the dark wood top contrasts with the white base.

Can you see why I’m taking it to Vegas?

I hope it’s a high roller though….

….because I already spent all the $10.97 I had. 🙂

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  1. Image for Pam @ House of Hawthornes Pam @ House of Hawthornes

    That wood on the top makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE!!! I assume you bought this bad boy at the thrift store? I don't know where in the world (or why) they come up with their weird pricing. Why $10.97 and not $10.99??? Well, either way it's the best slightly under $11 that you've ever spent :)

  2. Image for Rowena Philbeck Rowena Philbeck

    Looks great. My son has the exact table on their back porch but its a reddish brown color. Great idea…I have a small table that I bought for 5.00 that I have in my garage with my tool box on. I may do something like that as well. Looks great and thanks for the idea.

  3. Image for Shirley Shirley

    The table looks great, top definitely makes it. Doesn't look like plywood. You could while away many an hour on that porch! Have a lovely weekend Karianne.

  4. Image for Dianne Bell in Michigan Dianne Bell in Michigan

    Just Love the table. I'm sure it is so happy you rescued it, Especially if the wheelbarrow was getting on its nerves. Poor thing! Fabulous job. Since this is on your back porch, is your rug, which is great, indoor/outdoor? Have a good day,KariAnne.

  5. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Well, I guess the room/furniture whisperer strikes again. And I must say, does twinkling brown eyes know that you are lusting after a hunk of wood -- albeit an adorable one?? Remember, if you're tempted to do something rash -- like run off to parts unknown -- just call and I'll talk you out of it. Tables can turn out a little temperamental. They start off pretty easy and then they are demanding waxing, or a little touch up polish, or they whine that the outside is too hot or cold. Pretty soon you'll have to take it inside and baby it. Just you wait -- the table will start complaining that you're putting to much weight on it and it will just demand a few of the pink petals. I'm just saying . . . be careful of sexy tables. Have a great weekend XXXOOO

  6. Image for Nancy @ Slightly Coastal Nancy @ Slightly Coastal

    Beautiful update on the table. I love the simple thin plywood on the top which gives it a fresh look. I'm having my high school woodshop build a table for me right now for my back patio ( a long one like Joanna Gaines builds). I love the DIY but local high schools are often looking for projects for the kids to do and they usually only charge the cost of materials. One of my special ed students built my long buffet for my dining room last year for just $100. He was SUPER proud.

  7. Image for Leona Leona

    Plywood table top, who would think it , but you ! Great job, and boy you are a busy bee. Good to have a workshop and a talking wheelbarrow to get that table in use once again. Years ago, when country was in ( now called farmhouse ) I purchased and still have a farmhouse table, a hutch and an armoire from a very talented man who ran a company called Barn Raising. You photo gives me ideas. Keep them coming XOXOXO

  8. Image for Lynn in FL Lynn in FL

    Oh, how I wish I could borrow you for a month or so! I need you to rummage through my sad little tables, and oh so many other things, and breathe new life into them! And while you were working your magic, I would keep you supplied with sweet tea, and bisquits, and all things southern, and giggles and trips to the beach to collect shells, and.....wait.....oh, live in Kentucky, and I live in Florida...and you have children to get off to school.....and a blog to write.......sigh. But a grammie can dream, can't she? Meanwhile, I will still have my morning coffee with you each and every day, Karianne, because my sad little tables and I all smile whenever you're around! When you are ready for that Florida vacation, though, let me know!

  9. Image for Michele Michele

    Ya made it look like a million dollahs (plus tax), KA! Well done! Love frugal DYIs that work right the first time around. Have a fab-o weekend. Hugs.

  10. Image for Judy Judy

    Love the new table but I'm also eyeing up those clear glass bottles you're using for your flower arrangements! Perfect idea to add for a special party or backyard dinner!

  11. Image for Sue B. Sue B.

    I'm willing to "bet" (right here in OH, not Vegas) that you could take any "sad-eyed" item and make it look incredible for $10.97 or less. Great job!!

  12. Image for Joanne B. Joanne B.

    Cute idea to update this table! I even liked it "before", but we all know how we cannot leave well enough alone, can we? I love the idea of the planked top too. Can I make a suggestion, if at all possible? I think if you could add a 'strip' of wood to the edges to make 'sides' of the 'palnks', it'll look more like thick planks of wood. I'm not exactly sure of that can be done- maybe wood glue that strip along that whole long edge?

  13. Image for Susan Susan

    This is truly a Cinderella story...where once this table was hidden behind your workshop under bags of mulch and a temperamental wheelbarrow with no chance of ever showing off how it can shine, it now is the belle of the ball up on your porch where all eyes can see, shining like the star it always was...all it needed was a little love and elbow grease! LOVE everything about your porch, looks sooooooo inviting...and your sweet, little table fits right in! Hope you and yours have a most fantabulous weekend!

  14. Image for Linda St.Laurent Linda St.Laurent

    I can't wait to do this to a old black table up at my cottage. In the pictures you showed, with the Provencial stain on the wood? I thought that was a darker stain color. Either way, it looks fantastic! Thanks for the idea.

  15. Image for Rebecca Rebecca

    You really should write a book. Maybe one of those detective stories with lots and lots of humor. I vote your blog the best!!

  16. Image for Leslie Leslie

    So thankful you rescued that sweet table and gave it new life!! It is smiling! :) I can see it from here!! Kudos, my friend!

  17. Image for Dale D. Dale D.

    Love when I change up a room and time to rethink what else that I might have picked up at a yard sale, flea market or estate sales that might work to fill a now empty spot . I will usually check out the garage or junk room and I swear I can feel the light bulb click on as I spot a piece of decor or furniture that just might do. Adding plywood strips for the table top really was a genius idea and love the contrast. Your outdoor area looks charming and a good place to settle in and day dream over a glass of sweet tea, your furry companion nestled at your feet. The problem looking at pics of your home is I can picture too many places inside and out calling me to settle in with a good book or lively conversation, smile.

  18. Image for Teresa Teresa

    Great job on your table makeover! Love your idea of gluing plywood onto the top. Now I need to go looking for a table to make over

  19. Image for Mary Mary

    YOU are the tablesaver! And so darn FUNNY!! My wheelbarrow hasn't spoken to me lately but I hang my straw hat on it's little handle... hope it doesn't mind. Your table turned out just as cute as you. No clamps?? Just glue and the wood sits like good wood should? I'd be wanting to put something heavy on it to make sure it stays in place. Ha! Don't stop writing... you are so FUNNY! Oh.. I already said that.

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