Mini Rasberry Trifle


Did you think this was a post about raspberries?

And trifles?

I’m getting to all that…..but first…..I really need a big opinion from you.

What do you think about colored jeans with lace on them?

I can’t decide.

I was shopping today and I saw the cutest pink jeans covered in lace and I kind of liked them….well….actually….I wanted to like them….because they looked like something I would should be liking.

But lace?  And jeans?  Isn’t that so close to those lace gloves without fingers?


Those jeans could go either way.

They could go all Jennifer Aniston wearing a bobby pin leaving on a jet plane for the south of France…..

…..or be totally Ginger from Gilligan’s Island.

I can’t tell.  There’s something about the lace that leaves me a little stymied.

I’ll wait patiently for your fashion opinion.

Rasberry Trifle


Now back to our regularly scheduled post.



Mini Raspberry Trifle


1  1/2 cups heavy cream

1/2 cup sugar

1/4 cup sugar

1 (10.75 oz) package prepared pound cake

2 (8 oz) packages cream cheese

3 cups of fresh raspberries

1  1/2 tsp vanilla

1 tsp lemon juice


Pound Cake


1.  In a medium bowl beat cream with 1/4 cup sugar until stiff peaks form.

2.  In another bowl cream together cream cheese, lemon juice, 1/2 cup sugar and vanilla.


Whipped Cream

3.  Fold two cups of whipped cream into cream cheese mixture.  Set aside remaining whipped cream.

4.  Cube pound cake.  Cut raspberries in half.  Layer cubed pound cake with whipped cream/cream cheese mixture and fresh raspberries.

5.  Repeat layers twice.

6.  Top with remaining whipped cream.  Cover and refrigerate for 4 hours before serving.

Vintage Silver With Rasberries




You have to make it.

Now how about those lace pants.  🙂


PS  Did you guess?

If you guessed the bicycle wheel clock you were right!

And the best part!

We (as in me and you and your wonderful voting self) made it through to round 2!

Wait until you see what I planned for next week. 🙂

PS  Looking for a little more recipe inspiration?  Be sure to check out my recipe page.

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  1. Image for Suzan Suzan

    Give to me your leather - Take from me my lace LMHO - I think they sound cute..........not sure though - yeah - think they sound cute - hmm - not sure But I'm most definitely sure that your dessert looks incredible!!!! Big hugs, Suzan

    1. Image for Vicki Vicki

      One of my all time favorite songs!! I totally knew that was your clock and voted for it! Can't wait to see what you have for round 2! I have no opinion about the jeans because I am a total fashion dud but I bet that anyone who looks great in red lipstick and wore Lee Press On Nails and took a roast to a gardening club would totally rock them. :-)

  2. Image for Sal Sal

    My 13 year old granddaughter can't live without them...there's my clue! Nothing she would wear would look 'glam' on gram!

  3. Image for Lori H Lori H

    The dessert looks amazing! Springy and fresh. Lace pants are not my thing...too young for me (but I am pretty sure you are way younger than me, so do what YOU want!) I am not a lacy,ruffly clothing person anyway so what do I know? :)

  4. Image for Andrea D. Andrea D.

    I think I'd pass on the lace jeans just because I think my 16 year old would like them. Generally, if they'd look good on a teen, they wouldn't look so good on a 50-some year old. I voted for your bicycle wheel clock. I absolutely loved it, and I'm not surprised that it was your project. You are just so talented and give all of us such inspiration. Good luck with round 2.

  5. Image for Lorraine@MissFlibbertigibbet Lorraine@MissFlibbertigibbet

    There are very FEW things that you can not totally ROCK! Try on the jeans, take a pic and look at the pic...that's my humble suggestion...some of my worst fashion choices were only discovered when I saw myself in a picture...LOL Rock on Raspberry Trifle and Rock On Bicycle wheel clock!!

  6. Image for Sharon Sharon

    Thanks for sharing such a pretty, yummy sounding dish. Regarding the lace best advice is to ask a teenage girl. They are brutally honest. Have a wonderful day KariAnne.

  7. Image for judy judy

    I am finding myself looking forward to everyone of the posts you share, and am so thankful that I discovered that I could have each one sent to my inbox each day. It is a bit difficult though, since I am sitting here at the computer with my hot mug of coffee this morning and seeing every one of the raspberry creation pictures. What an appealing way in which you shared these! Of course I will copy the recipe, although the thought of eating this dessert and laced jeans do not go together for me:) I am a part of the sandwich generation, which leaves me continually striving to not dress like my mother or like my 20 and 30 year old daughters:) The colored jeans are fine with me, the lace will not work, but I do think some can pull it off. Thank you so much for spending time sharing the huge dose of creativity that you have been blessed with. It is an inspiration to me daily.

  8. Image for Sherry Sherry

    Oh my goodness... that is the prettiest dessert! You always have the most interesting commercials... the jeans and the lace thrown in right in the middle of your post, it keeps me on my toes, I love your sense of humor! Now back to the program, love love the bicycle clock! Love your blog! I mean online magazine. It makes my day!

  9. Image for andrea cammarata andrea cammarata

    oh miss karianne...this dessert looks incredibly scrumptious...raspberries...YUM!!!! now after eating this wonderful delight...the last thing i want to think of is getting into jeans : ) honest opinion...??? i think colored jeans are fine for anyone but me : ) but the lace and the pink...i too am a sandwich generation person and find that i steer away from the respective two generations ahead and behind are adorable and cute and i am sure you can pull them off...but from the heart...i think it might be a little too too you know! : ) but then again...go with your heart! hugs...

  10. Image for debi debi

    Your trifle looks too beautiful to pass up! A perfect spring-time dessert! Now we just have to wait for spring. :)

  11. Image for Carmen Carmen

    I just found your blog and I think the post I read about the contest was the second post of yours I have ever read. I looked at the entries and had no way of knowing which one was yours....and I voted for the bicycle clock! I picked the best one with no bias at all! Great job and I really like your blog!

  12. Image for Gina Gina

    I am so excited! I voted for your clock!! And the jeans sound nice, but you would have to model for us before I could give you a thumbs up!

  13. Image for Gayle Gayle

    I love your website and you look like a darling young mother. You have to ask yourself when buying clothing if this is "style". We all have one. Are you one who is willing to be a little more than "traditional mommy" style and are you willing to wear things that are a little quirky and fun? If you are, then go for it. Even if you're not we can all shake it up a bit:)

  14. Image for Dottie Dottie

    Congratulations on your victory and on the wonderfully creative project! I am a recent devotee of Thistlewood Farms and have already benefitted greatly. (One of my lamps is sporting a burlap tassel!) I agree with the commenter's advice to ask a teen age girl what she thinks about you wearing those pink lace jeans. They really have their finger on the pulse of what is good for them and for anyone else for that matter.

  15. Image for Angie Wierman Angie Wierman

    I have to admit that I didn't think that was your project. I thought it was the blue-ish cabinet closer to the bottom of the list. But the clock is fabulous. Congrat's!

  16. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    I have no fashion you don't want my lace jeans opinion. I do have dessert sense though, and that trifle looks wonderful! That clock had Karianne written all over made it to round 2!! Congratulations!!! ;)

  17. Image for gina gina

    you had me at cream cheese! yum! now, about the lacey jeans...not you. i mean, in all your pics you seem to be like me: mostly in black. the only time i would wear lace is under a black cardigan or under my clothes!

  18. Image for Rosanne Rosanne

    I say get the only live once! I just bought a coral pleather jacket from JCP... I tried it on 3 times, left the store, drove around the block, went back to the store, tried it on again. Standing in line I still had big doubts. The cashier said she loves this jacket, (l thought in my head ...liar) Got home tried on said jacket 3 more times with different outfits...hmmm, still not sure. But something about the jacket says "happy" and who can't use more "happy. Wore it to work the next day, got tons of compliments! (although, these people are my friends so who knows what they really think) point is, if you love them and they make you feel happy (coral pleather happy) I say get them!!

  19. Image for Barb @ The Everyday Home Barb @ The Everyday Home

    NO to lace jeans. Too "what a feeling" flash dance for me. I would feel like I also had to purchase some neon colored leg warmers and an off-the-shoulder shirt. And at my age and my size - I am pretty sure I would NOT look like that Jennifer chic, even though in my own mind when I dance thats what I think I look like. haha Yes to anything raspberries. And whenever you post a post about one of your projects that is supposed to be a secret, don't say a thing. Just post what it is and not another word. Your post was about as hidden as a 8' tall gorilla in a room full of monkeys. :) Loved it btw. xxoo

  20. Image for Lorene Halfmann Lorene Halfmann

    LOL! That bicycle clock just screamed "Karianne" to me! I love it--paint lid and all! Trifle looks yummy; as for those jeans, I mean, seem so impractical :) I would be having a "lace hang-up" if you know what I know, on my car keys...on my cabinet handle...on my zipper.....

  21. Image for Linda Adams Linda Adams

    Good Morning Karianne, Congratulations on the clock project. It's so you. By the way, does it really work? The raspberry dessert looks good even though I am not a fan of raspberries. I can't get past the seeds, somehow they are different than strawberry seeds. Now about the lace covered jeans. If you like them, get them and enjoy them. They sound cute so do it now while you can get away with wearing them. They would not be right for someone my age and size even if I love them. Dance Karianna, dance! Hugs, Linda

  22. Image for Detra Detra

    If you didn't "have to have the jeans", you probably shouldn't have them. Sounds like they whispered instead of shouted your name.

  23. Image for Peggy Peggy

    OH I KNEW it!! The bicycle clock was/is yours! I am totally smitten with it! Oh raspberry trifle.... DELICIOUS! We make ours with macerated strawberries.... once again one of those things that I love but rarely make. Only when strawberries are in season. Now the pink jeans covered in lace.... ummm... well if they were just pink I would say go for it but adding the lace, well I think I tend to agree the others. Maybe no so much with the lace... but like I said straight up pink jeans... well yeah you could totally rock those!

  24. Image for Kelli Kelli

    I'm not sure about the jeans. I just bought a mint green purse...and I cannot grasp it yet. (I mean...I can carry understand.) It's not that I am opposed to carrying crazy purses or loud purses (I am a fan of Vera B.) but didn't we just all ditch large amounts of mint and peach back in the late 80's and 90's? Oh wait...that was quite a while ago. ;) I am not helping here. I do want to tell you though...that those trifles look AMAZING! I love raspberry....just about anything. AND....the photos? I could see those little hair thingys on the raspberries! Wondermous! k.

  25. Image for Susan Susan

    At 62, I'm not sure I could pull off coloured jeans...with lace, but I think you'd look perfect! The raspberry trifle looks amazing and so spring-like; I have those mini trifle bowls! I did guess the bicycle clock and thought it would be perfect for my son-in-law who is an avid cyclist. Yeah! next round, XOXO

  26. Image for Tanya Tanya

    Super excited for your fabulous clock making it to round two!! The trifle looks amazing, the jeans, if it was me I would wear a classic jean with a lacy top and maybe a pretty fedora. I am not one to attract attention to my mid-section these days lol :) xo, Tanya

  27. Image for Bethanie Bethanie

    ok, so....I knew that was your clock. I want some raspberry trifle, now about the pants... I would say no....BUT, I havent seen them--and that makes a big difference. I bought a pair this winter that werent really lace, but kind of looked it. They were black with a pale beigey/cream under cannot even explain them. But I bought them thinking that my 17 and 19 year old daughters would either laugh in my face, or want to borrow them... I wore them with a simple dressy blouse, and I gotta say, I DID look like a rockstar! :) I have two pretty opinionated chicas in my house, and the other day I said, "will you please tell me if you ever think Im trying too hard to look too young?" (dumb question, they'll tell me for sure!!) I dont want to be the frumpy mom that thinks because I am 44, as of last week, that I cant still be cute and stylish. BUT...I dont want to be the one (we can ALL think of someone) who you just wanna say, "look lady, you need to look in the mirror!" I try and stay pretty classic and not real trendy...but sometimes you just have to have fun and rock it while you can!! :) xoxox

  28. Image for judi judi

    the chairs and table gave it away that it was your entry! but i voted for you (anonymously, of course). the bicycle wheel clock. VERY cool. speaking of cool...i'm not a lace wearing, liking kind of girl, therefore, they wouldn't be cool for me. you on the other hand, could wear anything and be COOL! my thesis is, if your still "thinking" about the item a few days after you've left the store then run back and get them. and YUM to the nth stop it with those delicious desserts! (just kidding)

  29. Image for Shannon Shannon

    Ahhh haaa...I knew your project was the clock! It was my favorite. Let me just say..." You are a rock star!!" Now you just have to ask rock stars wear lace jeans? I think if they make you feel good, you should do as you please. Be the leader..have your own style. No worries.

  30. Image for Amy Watson Amy Watson

    I love Lace...I really really really LOVE lace.....But I am not sure about loving pink jeans covered in lace...afterall I am not a size 10 or 12 :) But I love lace so much that I took a pair of my skinny jeans (?) not sooooo skinny...anyway..I had a beautiful length of lase that was about 4 inches wide and sewed it just around the bottom of my jeans...that was a couple of years ago and I STILL get compliments on them and questions about where did I get them....Turns out I really do like lace on my jeans...Just not covered..just a little dab will do ya....Yep just a little...The raspberry trifle looks awesome and one that I will most def.... have a go at it!!!!! Thanks Karianne..wonderful blog post always :)

  31. Image for Regina Regina

    First, a question - could I do STRAWberries instead of RASPberries? I'm one of those weirdos that doesn't like raspberries. My family despairs of my ever being able to eat in public sometimes. ;) Well, the foodie family members, anyway. They're so CUTE, though! (the dessert, not my family members, although they could hold their own in a cute contest . . .) Lace jeans . . . I love the idea of them. My 18-year-old would TOTALLY wear them. If I wore them, she would never wear them again. But then nobody wants to see THAT much lace. If you know what I mean. But on you? I think they would be perfect. :)

  32. Image for AnnaM AnnaM

    I love the idea of the lace pink jeans. If you want them, get them. Life's too short to worry. Just put them on with a simple, unadorned top and they will be beautiful. You would look pretty and spring like. I knew that clock was yours. I voted for you and I'm sure I will next round.

  33. Image for Jessica@DesignersSweetSpot Jessica@DesignersSweetSpot

    Love the clock, I totally knew that was you. I love the raspberries, I am gaining weight just looking at those photos. As far as the jeans, I think lace is a bad idea. If it's all over the jeans it will make even the skinniest girl look heavier. If it's only on the pockets? Maybe, but who wants to draw attention to their rear end? Color for color lace, is out, I don't think so. Classic white lace, maybe, still a bit too frumpy for the sleek modern girl. Just my two cents!

  34. Image for carol d carol d

    I'd pass on the lace part, pink is good though. Your blog is starting to depress me, because it always looks so bright, beautiful and chipper!

  35. Image for michelle michelle

    Oh my goodness! I am now hungry!! It's 9:55am in Seattle and all I am thinking about is raspberry triffle!!! Personally I say NO to the pink lace jeans! Can't even picture them in my head! BUT if YOU like them, get them and post a pic on instagram!! Can't wait for round two!!

  36. Image for Cynthia Toone Riley Cynthia Toone Riley

    I chose the clock! Mainly because it really was my favorite..and figuring if it was my favorite, it had to be yours! The trifle looks perfect for our Easter table...thanks!

  37. Image for Kathy :) Kathy :)

    Of course I knew the clock was yours lol .....woo hoo round 2 congrats !!! Okay now for those lace duds not sure but I'm getting a picture in my mind : red lipstick , lace jeans, a bobby pin and oh yeah lace ruffled ankle socks hmm let me sleep on it :) Awesome dessert..... please excuse me substituting raspberries w/strawberries not a fan of the rasp !!! Have a great day Karianne,

  38. Image for Beverly Beverly

    What? You didn't purchase them??? Get back there now. I'll take care of eating the trifle. And, I think I should take the time to tell me that you are slaying me with all of this cooking. You are succeeding. I need to get off my butt and be productive. Will you please give me a nudge?

  39. Image for Gwen Gwen

    Oh I sooo loved the clock bike wheel seat on books. AND chalk nos. right weren't they? It's my Dad, who tinkered and fixed and got all sorts of clocks running so he had clock parts everywhere on top of his armoire (makes me smile and cry at the same time)'s my Mom and me and my sis, all teachers at one time in life...(chalk)....and my Tall thin brother who still rides a bike to work and made me my own first ten speed with skinny rims just like that and a skinny seat and because the frame was so light I would speed ahead of the gang and never tire as they tredged along on their heavy Schwinns...and all of us? Avid readers. So this was my no 1 choice it just jumped out at me!!! Oh and yardsticks? I just have this thing about them. They used to be FREE!! I paid 69c for the guys for their Christmas stocking!! Inflation. Ah I digress. Pink jeans with lace our opinions. I do believe some are very opinionated. I'd say if you can fit into a pair of pink lace jeans you deserve to buy them. We are not breaking the bank with the purchase and when I was your age someone would show up to a party and have a striking unusual piece no one else wore and the right shoes and jewelry and sandals and I don't know they seemed to smile bigger and be more confident than those who arrived in basics. So keep that in mind as you make your decision ok? Recipe? So very pretty.

  40. Image for Violetta Cordes Violetta Cordes

    HOW fantatstic is your post and how I am happy to meet you here in the great virtual world Kari Anne!!! Thank you for a wonderful joy and sweet smile:-)* I look forward to your new posts,you are so inspirational!!! Warmly, ***Violetta***

  41. Image for Crystal Crystal

    I haven't been reading your blog for long, so I didn't KNOW that the bicycle clock was yours...but it was immediately my #1 favorite. Congratulations! Love your style, creativity, and "stories".....

  42. Image for Nanette Hill Nanette Hill

    I knew that was you the minute I saw it!!! I LOVE it! One more thing on my list of things to copy from you. This jealousy is becoming a thing... CONGRATULATIONS! on winning and advancing, I can't wait until next week. p.s. blue jeans and white t-shirts are my thing but for some reason I think you could TOTALLY pull off the lace.. I mean come on.. you wore Lee Press on Nails and kept Aqua Net in the black, Fashion is not new to you.

  43. Image for Pinky Pinky

    Of COURSE I knew the clock was yours and of COURSE I voted for it!!!! It is totally awesome. About the jeans, pink, sure, lace...not so sure. Would have to see them ON. XO, Pinky

  44. Image for Bliss Bliss

    I guess the lace on jeans would look wonderful on one of my daughters or any one with swoon worthy thighs. On me however that would not be the case. Bliss

  45. Image for Diane Diane

    Congrats and oh my I am so hungry now! Whew! I am glad they gave me 3 chances, it was #2 of the 3, but I must say I was not positive that it was you, I thought you may have done that baseball chair, that pillow really looked like you! You were really into pillows for a while there. But the chairs here I thought they were you, but it did not sound like your writing. Go for the jeans too, life is just too short not to have fun! ~Diane

  46. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Congrats on making it to Round 2...was there a doubt?....Glad you can celebrate with your wonderful Raspberry Trifle!

  47. Image for Karen Karen

    I don't know about the you were describing them I was seeing big hair, an off the shoulder top....Maybe I was imagining one of my old outfits...LOL! Have a great Day!

  48. Image for martha martha

    Raspberries!!!! my absolute favorite. My Daddy grew them when I was a little girl (in the 50's) and they always remind me of sunny days and him. Lace jeans.....not so much.... but what do I know?. Did I know the clock was yours??? YES! Can't wait to see next week's contest.

  49. Image for Jenn A Jenn A

    The clock was my very favorite one! My husband is a cyclist and I'd love to put something like that in a "man cave" for him someday. I have no advice about the lace and jeans. I'm no good at clothing fashion...

  50. Image for Trina Miner Trina Miner

    I knew yours was the bike wheel has Thistlewood Farms written all over it! Yippee....that is fab news that you made it to the next round. Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next!

  51. Image for Keri mcPherson Keri mcPherson

    I'm with you on the pink jeans with lace. I mean, lace is deffinately trending right now, but over the jeans??? I don't know. Sounds a little Madonna(ish) I could be wrong though..... Love love love the trifle. Think I will make it for Easter! Thanks for sharing.

  52. Image for Leslie Leslie

    I think the lace and denim sounds lovely! ..and pink would be perfect! Colored jeans are all the rage and the added lace would set them apart from the traditional look. This looks so good and I can't wait to make it. The raspberries are so pretty and I love ALL these flavors! leslie

  53. Image for Jean Jean

    I did not know the clock was "you", but I did vote for it! Pink, lacey for the younger a tween maybe?

  54. Image for Patty O Patty O

    Congratulations on making it to Round 2! You're bicycle wheel clock is BRILLIANT and I loved it immediately! As far as the lace pants...hard to say. Did you try them on? Many times that can be the deciding factor. I have made the decision on the flowered jeans however...I really don't want my ars to look like a flower garden! (And a big one too!)

  55. Image for Leslie Leslie

    I did not know the bicycle wheel clock was yours, but it was my favorite and I felt a little guilty voting for it. So glad it was you. I love your blog but only found you a few months ago ... so I didn't recognize the chairs ... and didn't get it. But maybe the same thing that keeps me coming back to this blog drew me to the clock. Congrats! Am eager to see the next entry. Good Luck!

  56. Image for Babs Babs

    KariAnne, Oh, the raspberry trifle looks so delicious. I'll make it! About the lace jeans...they sound really cute...Question: Did you try them on? Sometimes that helps when you're undecided. If the jeans fit funny, or don't look right, then there's your answer...but if they look awesome..go for it! Hope this helps. Babs

  57. Image for Bonnie @ Uncommon Bonnie @ Uncommon

    Ah..what a way to start my day Karianne! Big smile on my face. I agree, I love lace but the jury is still out on if I would actually wear things with fashion advisor { 13 year old daughter } gave me the "Mom seriously??" look when she say me eyeing them....who knows..maybe I will be a rebel! ;)

  58. Image for Amy @ Choosing Our Own Adventure Amy @ Choosing Our Own Adventure

    Well, this looks fabulous! And perfect for a summer with no oven use! I've never really been a fan of raspberries, but I'm definitely making this one.

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