Remember when I told you that a magazine was coming to a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere in Kentucky with a camera crew.

And I said “big announcement” and I was over-the-moon and decorating like Princess Kate was coming for tea?

But I didn’t mention the magazine or details…..or if they even knew I lived down the street from a chicken barn….

….because I was super nervous that they might change their mind.

PicMonkey Collage Upstairs Guest Bedroom

Guess what?


They didn’t. 🙂


Because next month Better Homes and Gardens is road tripping it to Kentucky to photograph the farmhouse at Christmas time for next year’s special Christmas Ideas issue.

I know….right.

Better Homes and Gardens.


I am just as surprised as you are.


PicMonkey Collage Red Bedroom

I still can’t believe it.

I keep wanting to drop Better Homes and Gardens casually into conversation….but every time I do….

….my eyes open wide and my eyebrows go up….and I start to giggle.

It’s like when I found out I was having twins.

It took me a while to adjust.

Christmas-Mantel (2)

So that is the wonderful glorious incredible news.

And as exciting as that is….there is a little down side.

The bad news is that…..

….I can’t really show you this year’s Christmas tour decorations.


I mean….I can tell you that I’m using gold and silver and the occasional glittered reindeer head and making my own tags and ornaments and building pallet wood wreaths.

And I can show you the Gatehouse tour which looks like the farmhouse’s crazy cousin that shows up randomly from places unknown with pink hair and butterfly tattoo.

But they want everything to be fresh and new and exciting for the magazine….

….so the actual decorations will have to wait.


And I can show you a few projects and vignettes.

But I have to keep mum on everything else until next year.


But Christmas without a little farmhouse decorating?


Just between us….and please don’t tell the gatehouse….

….but I needed a little break from all that color.


I mean….I love pink and blue and bold graphic pattern….but I like to visit it.

And then come home to a house decorated for Christmas like this. 🙂

So….to keep us all company….

….I thought it might be fun to revisit the Christmas farmhouse from 2012.

With all its neutrals and textures and classic Christmas with a little twist.


I can’t wait for you to see next year.

It’s one of the most fun projects I’ve ever worked on.

But until then….I hope you enjoyed the Christmas tour and….

….may all your days be merry and bright.


PS  By the way….just in case you were wondering….yesterday…..

….it snowed. 🙂


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  1. Image for marydon marydon

    Awesome! Karianne!!! How wonderful for you. Dying to see B&H now ... you have such a fabulous touch for decorating. Today we are for the 25th years, doing the Antietam Illumination. Pop by for a visit ... TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. Image for Nana Diana Nana Diana

    Love, love, love it! 'And the stockings were hung on the shutters with care- In hopes that Better Homes & Gardens soon would be there! Congratulations!!!! How very, very exciting! xo Diana

  3. Image for Heather Heather

    as well they should be coming to your house!! What have they been waiting for?! grin! I'm so very, very excited for you and now that the "cat…um magazine…is out of the bag" we can brag on our rockstar friend!!! Love ya girl, to the moon and back! Heather

  4. Image for Jill Jill

    Congratulations KariAnne! That is fantastic news, I am so happy for you and the rest of the world that doesn't yet know you and your cute personality and brillant decorating. Can't wait to see the spread in BHG.

  5. Image for Lynda Lynda

    That is such exciting news I am so happy for you there is no one that deserves it more!!! You go girl! I know one day I'll be saying that Karianne. You know I knew her when .......=)

  6. Image for Cindy Pratt Cindy Pratt

    Your home is beautiful. Although you may not remember me, we lived about a block away from your parents on Waddill Street. At this time of EACH year, I remember your family caroling in the neighborhood. We looked forward to it so much. Just a really good holiday memory for us. Merry Christmas.

  7. Image for Diane Diane

    Congratulations! A few years ago, after we moved into our last new house BH&G contacted us about a photo shoot. I felt much like you....shocked, surprised and WOW, a bit overwhelmed! I had never even known anyone else that had their house in a national magazine! All those years and all that money spent on decorating magazines was justified! You will be amazed at how they set up for each shot. Enjoy it!

  8. Image for Diane Diane

    So excited to see it....everything is so beautiful! I love how real you are! And it snowed here (Bixby, OK) yesterday too! 5 inches. Beautiful....I just love your blog, and am so excited everyday when I get your email!

  9. Image for Gloria Gloria

    Making us KY Proud! BHG certainly scooped So. Living. Their loss. However, I think your literary skills in painting a picture for the reader are deserving of a monthly column for SL. Thanks for the snowy photo of the gatehouse. I knew it would be beautiful. We've got more ice coming tonight. Speaking of ice, I need 3 of the tinsel snowflakes for my monster red hutch. Tell me where to slide into.

  10. Image for Amy W. Amy W.

    This is the Best News Ever!! I'm making sure my Better Homes and Gardens subscription gets updated so I don't miss it!! Ooooooo can't wait til next Christmas 2014 already!! You so deserve this nationwide exposure!! Congratulations!!! Wishing you the Very Best!! Merry Christmas!!

  11. Image for Catherine McD Catherine McD

    That is just PHENOMENAL news!!! I am so so happy for you but not surprised at all - the effect that your work presents is so polished and beautiful and professional, yet so down-to-earth, warm, and attainable. Your talent and hard work is being rewarded as it should be!! Don't forget us "little guys" who love your blog and to open our mailboxes to share in your post every day!! :) Wishing you the merriest Christmas!

  12. Image for melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

    Woo Hoo! What an amazing thing to be a part of! So excited for you! Can't wait to see it! I always buy that magazine and take it on our annual beach trip in October and sit on the beach and gather Christmas ideas! I know yours will be amazing! Life to the full! Melissa

  13. Image for Joanne Joanne

    I am not surprised BH&G is coming to your gorgeous home. Your home is beautiful and so are you. Congratulations!

  14. Image for Sherry Sherry

    Time to renew my subscription! I can't wait to see one of my favorite bloggers in print! On real paper! And on my coffee table! :-) Congratulations! So happy for you!

  15. Image for Shelley Shelley that explains it!!! I've been checking and double checking and sometimes triple checking your blog on a daily basis wondering why you haven't invited us in to look around this year...I of course took the tour of the gatehouse but was just sitting on pins and needles waiting for the farmhouse reveal...I remember you had exciting news for us all but I didn't connect the dots...I'm so very excited for you! Congratulations!!! You deserve all the glory!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  16. Image for Anne Presley Anne Presley

    Happy Advent and Merry Christmas. This announcement is like opening a window in the advent calendar and seeing something you never expected! Yipee - can't wait to see the reveal- I know it will be amazing. Your creativity makes us all wish we were in the top 3%. Enjoy your snow and stay warm- we are dealing with much ice and loss of trees.

  17. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    BOY, did it snow! :) And today, the sun shining on all that beautiful whiteness! I AM SO EXCITED about BH&G coming to your HOUSE! This is fantastic! Here's the catch, though...we have to wait a whole YEAR! We're counting on you to remind us, and often. That's one issue I'll definitely be buying and displaying on my coffee table for years to come, right next to whatever Southern Living's Christmas Cake of the year that I love to look at but never make . .. ;) Congratulations, my friend! Happy dance!!!

  18. Image for Anne@DesignDreams Anne@DesignDreams

    I'm so pleased for you that you're receiving all the attention you deserve. You are one amazingly talented decorator. I would KILL for those shutters... well, not really, just a figure of speech. ;) I will live vicariously through you as my blog winds down for good. So glad we me. xox

  19. Image for Kris Kris

    Wahhh! I don't wanna wait a whole year! There, now that I let my inner three-year-old out, I just want to say that every time I look in BG&G, I think, hmm, KariAnne should be in here--she could knock this outta the park! What a thrill. Thanks for letting us along vicariously for the ride.

  20. Image for Marty Walden Marty Walden

    That is so exciting! You have arrived (like we didn't all already know it!) Cannot wait to see your feature, but I guess I'll have to. A year is a long time away. Congrats, my friend!

  21. Image for Peggy Peggy

    Oh KariAnne, I am so excited for you!! First Missy makes the cover of This Old House Magazine, Marian (a life long friend) got word that her manuscript was accepted and will be published as a Harlequin Inspired Suspense book, and now you will be in the BH&G Christmas edition!! Congratulations!! I am so excited for you!!!

  22. Image for Kim K Kim K

    Surprised???? Not at all, and I'm pretty sure you should get used to it!!! I think you will be making the rounds with all the shelter magazines...... Just wondering what took them so long!! Everything you do is awesome & fun & I know we all feel lucky to get to watch & share in all of your creativity. One question though---will you be wearing a hula skirt in the article??? haha Have a great weekend-you're the best :) Kim

  23. Image for Michelle Michelle

    This? Is HUGE!!!! So, SO PROUD for you!!! Coincidentally, I picked up a sort of obscure little magazine the other day. It was a precious little woodsy-meets-cottage-holiday-type. It's called Holiday Cottage. I sat with my green chai tea, curled up with this precious little magazine, drinking I. Every detail that makes a house cozy, no matter if it's a castle or a cottage. And there, as I turned over page 39, I felt a sense of home. Of maybe if visited here??? What THA What? And then I saw the milk glass....and the "I Hope You Dance" quote....and that front porch, And I thought, "Ahhhhhh, of course-it's my friend KariAnne's house!" While I haven't personally BEEN to Thistle wood Farm, I have visited with you there many times! Cheers, my Friend!

  24. Image for Stephanie Halliday Stephanie Halliday

    KariAnne, You decorate beautifully and with such fun style! Thank you for sharing! I wish someone like you lived close by, I'd hire you/them to decorate my home for the holidays. : ) Congrats on BHG!

  25. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Super duper mega congratulations, sweetie. Well deserved. You are welcome to link your holiday posts at Pink Saturday this month.

  26. Image for Bobbie Bobbie

    NEXT YEAR? That is a long time to wait! This couldn't happen to a better person! I am so happy for you. I will wait . . . . even if I have to wait until next year. Patience IS a virtue. Bobbie

  27. Image for Dawna Dawna

    That is awesome with a capital "A" Wow,,,you are so talented and I can't wait to see what you will come up with! You do know that all of us regular peeps just get frustrated when we decorate though,,,we just want it all to look like your beautiful house!! But we keep trying :) I love that you called the gatehouse the crazy cousin!! I love the gatehouse too, but I am a neutral and traditional girl at heart! But it is fun to try new things! Have a wonderful day!

  28. Image for anita anita

    Your farmhouse is gorgeous! Look forward to seeing it in the magazine. Welcome to the world of snow! It is -37 Celsius, in Alberta, Canada. How is that for winter? Take me away to Mexico or anywhere warmer!!!

  29. Image for Richella Parham Richella Parham

    Oh, Karianne. What a dream come true. Honestly--I started reading my mom's Better Homes and Gardens magazines when I was 11 years old. I remember it so clearly. I would pore over the magazines, starting in 6th grade--and I loved them. Absolutely loved them. Still do! So now I've been loving BH&G for 39 years!! It'll be so wonderful to see you featured there! Congratulations!!

  30. Image for Sarah Sarah

    Exciting news, Karianne! You seem to be making the magazine rounds. I just bet there will be more on the horizon. Can't wait to see the article. No snow here, but it is COLD! I'm staying inside and busy with getting my own "halls" decked. Absolute bliss! ~ Sarah

  31. Image for gina gina

    Yes, I will be so overjoyed to see you in BHG, but, my friend, I wish I could be standing right next to you while you find your issue at the store next year so I can shout to all the other shoppers that "We have a celebrity in the house!!!" I think I would be a smiley, overjoyed, tearful MESS! Congratulations!

  32. Image for Linda Andersen Linda Andersen

    oh Karianne, I'm not surprised in the least!!! what took them so long??!! you are the best there is!! congratulations!!!! xoxo

  33. Image for Jan Jan

    That is so fantastic! I'm so glad for you. I love B&H! I've taken that magazine for years and years and years. You go girl!

  34. Image for Christa Christa

    Not only are you an amazing decorator, you are so good at keeping a secret!!! And what a fabulous secret. Congratultions, I look forward to seeing you in BHG!

  35. Image for Gee Gee

    Oh wow!!! Squealing and biting knuckles. I am so excited for you.. but then, a year is a ,sigh, long time to wait. But then, I am not the least bit surprised!! Well done you. Congratulations my friend.

  36. Image for ROBYN ROBYN

    OMG, that is AWESOME and amazing, Merry Christmas! How exciting for you, looking forward to next years issue, ha!

  37. Image for Marisa Franca Marisa Franca

    Oh!! How exciting! I can't wait to see it. Be sure to have the snowplow ready because you never know when our crazy Midwestern weather will dump several feet of snow on us. In Indiana we got nine inches of snow the other day and from all indication you're going to be getting something soon. :-( Stay warm and dry! Congratulation again!! You deserve it cuz you are one talented lady.

  38. Image for Janet Cole Janet Cole

    Congratulations, Sweetie! It couldn't happen to a more wonderful person (or a more beautiful home) - love you!

  39. Image for Vicki Vicki

    The "Rise and Shine and give Gid His Glory (glory, children of The Lord)" decoration takes me right back to church camp in the mountains of North Carolina. My best friend, Angie and I, would awaken the rest of the cabin with our most wonderfully harmonious redemption of this song. Every morning. Six o'clock a.m. Needless to say, we were the most popular in the group. Indeed--Rise and Shine and give God His glory!!

  40. Image for Paula Paula

    This must be very exciting for you. You home is so beautiful and very welcoming, I love to look at all the pics you post and read your blog. I am surprised you haven't been in more magazines Before now.

  41. Image for Christine Christine

    Karianne, This is over the top amazing new!!!! I just don't know how we're all going to waut until next year. I mean next year, is a year away - a year = 365 days. 'That aint right' BH&G WOW -Weeeee!!! This is so super cool!! Were you over anxious?? Did you get scared or were you super organized? I would be a nervous ninny. Well, congratulations Doll!! A year it shall be....

  42. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Wow, BHG!!! Congratulations Karianne!! I'm so excited for you, what a fun time you must be having getting ready for them! I will have to be sure to pick up that copy next year. I can't wait to see what you do, you always make everything look amazing. It's no wonder they asked you to be featured. Debbie :)

  43. Image for Jordan Hansen Jordan Hansen

    Congratulations! But it looks like you deserve a feature :) Can't wait to buy the issue. Have a good one!

  44. Image for Judy Judy

    KariAnne . . . this is incredible news!!! I am so excited for you. It's going to be a gorgeous photo shoot and you'll be beautiful in it. Congratulations!!!

  45. Image for Kari Kari

    CONGRATS, KariAnne!!!! I knew it was going to BHG or maybe Country Living of the BIG ONES!!! I don't know how you do all you do, but your joyful spirit, your humor always, ALWAYS makes my day so much brighter. Thank you for being you! (Wet pants and all!)

  46. Image for kayden kayden

    KariAnne, look. . . .I'm happy for you, thrilled really (no really, I am). But I don't have words to tell you how bummed I am re: waiting an entire Y E A R to see your cotton-pickin' farmhouse all gussied up for the holly-daze. To say more just might make me sound selfish and it's too close to Christmas and Santa might still be kind-of on the fence about me, know what I mean? So congratulations, blah, blah, blah. Kayden

  47. Image for Diana W. Diana W.

    I am thrilled for you!!!! How exciting is that??? (Apparently worthy of several exclamation points and question marks....) I don't blame you a bit, I'd be over the moon too! You deserve it so very much! Congratulations!

  48. Image for Norma Jean Norma Jean

    KarieAnne, I told you that you were on the verge of hitting the Big Time and I was right! Congratulations on Better Homes and Gardens doing a spread on your Christmas house! How exciting. I knew that one day I would be saying "I knew her when....." I am so excited for you and can't wait to see next year's Christmas issue!! hugs, Norma

  49. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Yay, this is such wonderful and happy news. And we can wait...yay we can wait...maybe not patiently...but we can wait. How exciting to have all your hard work and decorating recognized by a magazine. Your house has probably never been cleaner. Bwahahaha....seriously. Your home is always lovely and I always enjoy coming over for a visit to see what you are up to! Merry Christmas, Debbie

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