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As soon as January shows up I’m over winter.

I’m not really sure why.

When it’s Christmas and New Year’s, winter seems romantic and full of pumpkin pie and carols.

And then?

All the decking the halls and merriment and stockings hung by the fire go away….

…and it’s just cold.

Cold with overcast skies and winter days.

Even the hot chocolate doesn’t taste as good.

So to cheer myself up and make winter seem a little brighter and lighter, I treated myself to a little bedroom refresh with not ONE but TWO easy budget decorating ideas you can recreate in your own home.

Here’s the room now after my mini bedroom refresh.

(I even added tulips to make it happier).

Here’s the room now.

Isn’t it cozy?

Here’s a super simple affordable budget tip that I used to warm it up.

I layered my rugs.

I already had these large white area rugs that I just bought for the room.

You can see similar rugs here.

I couldn’t afford to replace them because there are two large rugs in this room.

So instead? I just bought this smaller rug and layered it on top. The key to layering? You want to turn it at an angle so it looks purposeful. It looks like you wanted to have two rugs in the space. And the best part?

It makes it even cozier.

Buddy is laying on this rug right now instead of next to me at the computer. Why? Because this rug feels so good under your feet and it has this raised pattern that makes it look super high end.

Then I added these pillows to the chairs.

They are SO CUTE and affordable.

The pillows have a tassel at each corner and there’s a raised trellis pattern on the pillow itself.

It’s the perfect pillow to take you from winter into spring.

Next, I changed out the bedding.

I found these sheets and this comforter with tufting at my local Walmart store (you can see a similar one here to order online) that looks so cute on the bed.

And I added two of these soft, cozy pillows in front of the shams.

It all went together perfectly (and is there ANYTHING better than fresh bedding).

But I wasn’t done.

Here’s where budget decorating idea number two came in.

I needed a duvet cover for the down insert at the end of the bed.

SO I MADE MY OWN out of sheets.


I said it.


Remember when we made curtains out of sheets? You can make a duvet cover out of sheets, too.

You can see the entire DIY on how to make a duvet cover out of sheets here, but the Reader’s Digest version is you buy two sets of sheets.

Put the fitted sheet on the bed (so it doesn’t go to waste) and all the pillow covers to the pillows on the bed, too.

Then use the two flat sheets and part of the other fitted sheet to make a duvet cover.

I love these sheets that I used, but these are SO pretty, too.

I added this wooden tray to the bed (or it can rotate to the ottoman, too) for late-night tea and magazines and books.

And now?

The space is SO COZY.

It’s so warm and welcoming and makes me so happy I almost forgot it was winter.

Here’s to celebrating all the cozy…

….until spring knocks at the door. 🙂

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  1. Image for Kris Kris

    I'm distracted by how stinkin' cute you look--love the hair and the turtleneck. You look like you should be on a skiing vacation somewhere. Your bedroom is lovely, especially with the tulips (my weakness ..... ) and I'm wondering if you actually play your Chinese checkers game.

  2. Image for Linda Linda

    Your room looks so pretty and yes warm and cozy. You look great as well ! Was hoping when you said Buddy was lying on the rug that you had a picture of him. I love seeing Buddy. So do my two Goldens Scobbee and Merlin

  3. Image for LORRI LORRI

    Smarty pants you!! Looks lovely and yes very cozy..but I dont see any blue and I thought that was your favorite color? You know, you just gave me a idea for my one bedroom that I can't find a bedspread for..going to look for some pretty pink sheets..oh dear another project too.. lol..

    1. Image for Graham Graham

      If you find pink sheets, please let us know where. I've been searching the internet for a few years looking for some that are not mauve.

  4. Image for Nancy Nancy

    It does look cozy, tidy, inviting. But what I like best is seeing YOU. You look wonderful - not that you didn’t always look great. I know you have worked very hard on your health the past several months and it shows! Good girl - winter is the killer on weight etc.!

  5. Image for Mary Mary

    I love neutrals and grays too, so this is right up my alley! Super cute, I would love to have a bedroom that large! And I love your sweater, do you remember where you got it?

  6. Image for Jan Fusco Jan Fusco

    Good morning Karrianne! What's cookin' good lookin? You look amazing btw. Your bedroom looks so welcoming. I wish my bedroom were that size but it's pretty small. I was wondering about the chests on either side of your bed. Love them. Where did you get them? I was wondering about their spacing from the bed. They seem further away from the bed than I would think a bedside table would be.

  7. Image for Lori Lori

    All white and I love it! The night stand just pops. Where did that come from? Ok, here is my question, Is it a faux pas to place area rugs over inlaid carpet? Wall to wall carpet? Our builders insisted we'd love carpet under our feet upstairs so we have carpet. It does keep the noise down and I do have a few area rugs but I'd love to do a sitting area with one showing it's a space all it's own. Acceptable? or Not? I'm for all wood then using area rugs for softness. Tulips add the spring warmness:0)

  8. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Oh, I love this sooo much, friend! I’m all about do-overs with sheets! And I love the layering and that tray! No one gets my love for trays! Thanks for inspiring me today. We are about to empty out the bedroom and repaint and put up new crown molding. Now I have inspiration to get a new mood board done for it!!

  9. Image for Barbara G Barbara G

    Mornin! love checking in daily as to what you have going on.. Thanks to you, I check out what's showing in the Better Homes and Garden site at Wal Mart. Made a few purchases and I never would've thot to go there. Thank you for that!

  10. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Your master bedroom IS super cozy, how do you even get out of bed to leave it in the morning? Love every choice - soooooo love neutrals. You did a great job, KA. Question - thanks for all the great finds to click on. I do have one question: where did you get that adorable stoneware stacked teapot/cup combo? I love that, too. It is 17 degrees here and we have 9 inches of snow covered acreage in back. Winter is here to stay for a long while, I am afraid. So the hot cuppas and the winter feel will be something I will continue to live with - but I did get some tulips to keep smiling. I do love winter but when it snows at Easter I am about insane hating winter at that point. It hasn't in a long while but it HAS before!!!!!! Better not this year!

  11. Image for Be Be

    As always you inspire me. I think I just get satisfied and need to just add a pillow. Love the rug sooo much. How smart you are with your sewing. Room is beautiful , buttttttt YOU look fabulous!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Image for Carrie Carrie

    You find the cutest things and have such style when it comes to pulling it all together! If you EVER want to take on the HUGE, overwhelming challenge , I am your girl and I have the space for YOU! We converted a garage and a breezeway into one large room....(still in stud only stages) and now I am overwhelmed with this 21' x 21' space. I have NO idea how to start. Choosing flooring, lighting, walls, rugs, furniture, even where to put the outlets, how many ceiling lights, etc.... :) I need help! :)

  13. Image for Lyn Lyn

    Fantastic changes - Wal-Mart - Who knew???? I just ordered a 30" round mirror with gold frame from them - can't wait until it arrives.

  14. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    So cozy!!! Love what you have created. I think the issue is we get so hyped up with holidays that are at the end of autumn and beginning of winter (Christmas is 4 days after the start of winter!) and we still have all but 4 days of winter left.


    KariAnne, I have been unable to read your post today -- and all this week -- because of all the advertising on the left hand side of your post. It just goes from one ad to another. Just wanted to let you know that I am really having trouble. I just love reading your posts but today was just impossible as the ads block most of the left hand side of the page. I can usually click on the two "AA's" at the left edge of the URL field and then click on "Show Reader View" but this is not visible on my computer and I have tried everything! Thanks! Sorry to bother you with this problem but I can't even read your posts -- and I absolutely love them!

  16. Image for laura laura

    lOVE THE BEDROOM REFRESH. This is the room where you painted the floors, right? I am still trying to get my husband onboard with this one! ;0) Happy Thursday friend! laura

  17. Image for Kathy Menold Kathy Menold

    You and your bedroom looks great. Amazing how you create such a high end look and not break the budget. I just ordered tour living room rug in the beige and it will be coming today. Can't wait . I too want to know if putting one rug on top another will cause a slippage problem.?

  18. Image for Julia Winniford Horne Julia Winniford Horne

    Kerrianne You have done wonders with the old home place. I know that room but it is amazing to see what you have done with my parent's bedroom. You amaze me with your creativity. Congratulations , Juby Winniford Horne

  19. Image for Cynde Cynde

    Karianne, what an accomplishment with your weight loss!!!! Congrats to you, now rock those boots!!! Can you share how you did it? I’ve recently completed a year long medical journey, now it’s time to lose some weight. My doctors just say, eat right and exercise, that doesn’t work, we all know that, so can you let us in on your amazing success!!!! Love your blog, and your sparkle!!! Thanks,Cynde

  20. Image for Linda Goelz Linda Goelz

    Where did you get the round footstool in your master bedroom. It is pictured and is a grey and white it looks like.

  21. Image for Kim Waldorf Kim Waldorf

    I love the look of the layered rug! So pretty! Amazing that you made the duvet cover out of sheets! Looks beautiful, KariAnne! You’ve shown us another beautiful refresh!!

  22. Image for JoAnn JoAnn

    So pretty! I am shopping for a new headboard. Do you remember where you purchased yours? I really like the shape.

  23. Image for Emma Lucas Emma Lucas

    Great tips KariAnne, but not surprising, your house always looks amazing!! I am planning to do some home improvement work, your posts really helping me in my home project, other than this I'm considering Buildboard App as well. Thanks for sharing with us this post.

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