This is the second post of a mini-series on how to make money blogging.

Super mini

There are only two posts.

Let’s review what we’ve already talked about in case you missed the first one (which you can read here).

1. Blogging is hard work.

2. You can make money (that’s the best part of the entire article).  Yes.  Yes, you can.

3. All clicks on ads are not created equal.

4. Working with brands involves networking and relationships.

5. Keep pushing your snowball.

All caught up?  Oh, good.

Let’s talk more about making money. 🙂

There are five major revenue streams for making money blogging.

1. Ad networks and DFP (totally tied to the amount of page views you have on your blog).

2. Brand partnerships and working with companies (slightly tied to page views on your blog).

And this is the part where you might be getting discouraged.  You might take a sip of coffee and roll your eyes and me and tell me that you are just starting out on the road to blogging and you are a little overwhelmed and the page views aren’t showing up and you might say something like this…..


I know, right?

I said that so many times when I started my blog, too.

Don’t lose heart.

You got this.

There are other ways to make money before your page views catch up to your dreams.

Like Revenue Stream Number 3.

3. Revenue stream number 3:  Selling your own ads

The first thing I did when decided to monetize my blog was sell my own ads on my side bar.

I set my rates for an ad for one month and an ad for three months and came up with ad sizes for the sidebar of my blog.  I put all this information on an advertise button on the blog.  Then I sent out pitch letters to advertisers–small businesses like etsy shops and smaller shops that I had seen advertise on other blogs.  I made sure it the shops and products were a good fit for the blog and were products I could get behind.  Several companies that I pitched were things I had already purchased for my home.  In the pitch letter I told them how I could promote their product on my blog and social media and added up all my reach and sent it to them.

I sent out six.

Guess how many said yes?


I know, right.  I wish you could have seen the cartwheels in my kitchen.

I worked so hard to promote those products.  I told my readers and my friends and my friends of friends and promoted and promoted and promoted (which was easy because I believed in the products).

And it worked.

Readers loved the products as much as I did and the advertisers re-booked for additional months and told their friends and before I knew it, I had a sidebar full of ads.

And slowly the blog started to pay for itself (and pay for a few craft supplies, too).

4.  Revenue stream number 4:  Affiliates

Have you ever had a teacher that was trying to teach you about something and you thought to yourself that they might need to study up on the subject a little more?

That’s me with affiliates.

I know about them.

I know they work.  I have dozens of friends who are bloggers who could sail around the world twice with all the amazing income they make from adding affiliates to their blogs.

Not me.

I made $59.09 last year.

That’s enough to go to Red Lobster for dinner.

However, I add affiliates here because they are a revenue stream.  People use affiliates all the time super successfully.  If you are interested in affiliates, I would recommend signing up to be an Amazon Affiliate or partner with Reward Style.  Both have amazing programs and to use them, you simply recommend products you use and link to the products using an affiliate link (be sure and disclose you are using affiliate links).

Revenue stream number 5:  Monetizing your knowledge

This revenue stream is about using your blog as a platform to educate, inform and demonstrate an idea, a product, a DIY or some skill that you are an expert at.

For example, I know blogging.  I love blogging.  Truly.  So I started sharing my knowledge and helping other people discover the amazing that could help them to grow their blogs.

And I monetized it with blog consulting.

That’s me.

You might be an expert in decorating cakes or making jewelry or building things or faux finishes or turning trash into treasure.

Why not monetize that skill?

Write an e-book and sell it.  Make a product and sell it online.  Partner with a local business to demonstrate that skill to their customers.  Teach a class on a website like Skillshare.

Your blog then becomes the platform to help you promote yourself.


That was a lot.

It’s a lot to take in and a lot to think about and a lot to digest.  Just know I’m an e-mail away if you have any questions.

I’ll leave you with this.

The key to making money from your blog is to be persistent, to persevere, to work on improving your skills, to reach for opportunities and to be consistent….

….and to be true to who you are.

There’s only one you.

You have a voice.  You have a purpose.  You have heart and courage and talent and a unique perspective and a story to tell.

And you got this.


Here’s to being a rock star and to taking on the world….

….one blog post at a time. 🙂

PS  You can see the first part of this mini-mini series here.

PPS  Once a year, I host an Inspire Workshop where you sit at my dining room table and we TALK ALL THINGS MONEY AND HOW TO MAKE IT.

See when the next workshop is here.

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  1. Image for Carla from Kansas Carla from Kansas

    Thanks for the information KariAnne. Off subject but what is the name of the beautiful paint on that wall?

  2. Image for Meagan Marshall Meagan Marshall

    Thank you for this post. I am trying SO hard to get my new blog up and running but feel like I'm getting nowhere. It's nice to hear someone say "just stick with it." On a side was really hard to concentrate on what I was reading with all the pictures of your GORGEOUS room!?

  3. Image for Nan, Odessa, DE Nan, Odessa, DE

    Lots of us read blog to stimulate us to make a change, iimprovement. We probably read the same ones everyday. Can't miss YOU! But these new bloggers need to get their sites in front of us. We will read and participate. NO MORE THROW PILLOWS , Rule #1 Enough already! Love ya, Kerri

  4. Image for Michele Riggsbee Michele Riggsbee

    You, my sweet friend are the driving force behind my blogging efforts! Thanks for all you do! You are my IDOL! :) Thank you also for always being such a positive influence to all of your readers!

  5. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Sorry, I'm late in commenting! I was learning things the hard way -- the school of hard knocks. Oh, it isn't that bad but I've been taking a photography course -- an assignment every day. Well, I had the most fantastic shots for yesterday's assignment. Pelicans flying, dolphins swimming, boats whizzing by, and when the day was through every, single, shot was over-exposed! AAARRRRGGGGHHHH! Lesson? Check settings after a few shots even though the sun is bright it's blinding and the screen is hard to see-- just go somewhere and check. Now, I can attest that you are the greatest cheerleader and helper for anyone getting started. :-) Also I would add one more thing to your list, if I may be so bold. Don't be afraid -- reach for your dream. I'm still working on my courage. Have a beautiful day!! Hugs!

  6. Image for Claudine Pender Claudine Pender

    Thank you so much, dear Karianne! I know, it sounds like a lot of work! I remember enjoying so much when I had my first blog, then it became a chore. Also too aerius, because I started my business so the blog had to do with the business. Do you know what came to my mind while I was reading your post?? That I can also do a 1 session by phone or skype like you! For example yesterday I went to a friend's house and spent 2 hours there. I checked her space (she wanted my advice in how to turn it into a rental). So, I did it and gave her valuable advice. That could have been a session! And today I thanked her and summarized and motivated her to do it. So there! Anyway, I wanted to say that I try to say TOO MUCH in my blog posts (not published yet). So instead, I can give the highlights and if people want to talk to me to analyze their particular situation, then they can pay for a session! That's a way to monetize your blog! Thank you so much for the insight!!! You are brilliant! Mwah ?

  7. Image for Preppy Mtn. Farmer Preppy Mtn. Farmer

    A question: At what number of monthly unique visitors or pageviews should a blogger begin attempting to run ads or apply to be an affiliate? My numbers have grown in my 21 months of blogging, but it is a very gradual increase. Do you also need a large following on social media to be accepted as an affiliate?

  8. Image for Charley Charley

    You are a very kind & generous person. You clearly want others to suceed and are willing to share your success. That's exactly what real women do........we stand with and behind other women and know the pie is big enough for all of us to succeed. That's Success in itself.

  9. Image for MaKaela MaKaela

    Great advice, thank you for the tips! From one friend to another, check the comma in the affiliate cash amount :) That was the one that intrigued me the most, so I read it several times! Your advice was very generous, thanks!

  10. Image for Rebecca Parker Rebecca Parker

    I just want to let everyone know that if you ever need any help with your blog....Kari Anne is the person to turn to. Kari Anne, you are amazing. You teach, inspire, and cheer us all on...every day! All while being a fantastic wife, mom and business woman. Our consultation has transformed my blog...and my life! It lit a fire under me that I so desperately needed and my snow ball is getting bigger every day! The tips (and homework) you gave me have helped me to gain the tools I needed to make my blog more professional and given me the confidence to reach for higher goals. Thank you so much. Way to go, girl! I LOVE this post!!

  11. Image for Jeanette Chaney Jeanette Chaney

    This is why I love blogging and why it's so hard! You have to be yourself. I've found I don't like dealing with brands...for the most part. It reminds me of the corporate world that I spend too many years in. I'm starting to like and understand affiliate marketing. Thanks for your information AND those stunning photos!

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