Yesterday, I stood in front of an amazing group of women and spoke about transforming your house into a home.

We talked about paint colors and accessories and creative projects and shopping tips and what you should always do at a yard sale.

I showed them pictures of my house and pictures of projects I’d done before and pictures of the farmhouse.

And everything looked perfect.

Every piece was in place.

Every floor was shiny.

Every french door looked ready to open.

And then?

I told them this story.  It’s one I told three years ago, but the reminder is one that we all need every day.

All about imperfect people and the houses that love them.

Every morning when the sun peeks its sleepy head up over the horizon and the birds are waking up from their nests, I grab a cup of coffee and wake up the house.

Some people might think it’s silly or random or a little odd, and I totally get that.

But it’s kind of my thing.

You see, we are best friends… house and I.

And when the house is quiet and the rooms are still and no one is awake yet to ask where the Captain Crunch is ….

….we have a heart to heart.

And yesterday was no exception.

Yesterday I walked down the stairs and talked about how it was about to be painted.

I told it I was still deciding between SW Repose Gray and SW Sandbar and we needed to discuss.

I brushed off the newel post and walked down the stairs.

And told the staircase it looked amazing.

Then I put a load of clothes in the dryer and folded a dish towel.

I pushed burlap-lined basket back into its cubby and put a few dishes away and wiped off the top of the microwave.

And I told the laundry room that it sparkled.

In the living room, I fluffed two pillows, rearranged the chairs and fixed the table.

I picked up a deck of cards left over from last night.

And sighed.

And wondered why cards and monopoly games never seem to pick themselves up.

Then I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a cup of coffee.

And turned on a light.

And started the dishwasher.

And told the kitchen I needed a hair appointment.

Then I turned on the lights in the bathroom.

And straightened the towels.

And folded a washcloth.

I saved the dining room for last.

It’s my favorite.

In the morning, the sun comes shining through the windows, making the chandelier sparkle and the burlap curtains glow.

It’s extra fancy.

I told the dining room table I needed to fix the centerpiece and rearranged the dishes and started to fluff the curtains.

The house was almost ready for the day.

The day was going to be amazing.

And as I quietly, almost reverently, walked behind the chairs….

….suddenly I jumped like someone told me there was a sale in the dollar aisle at Target.


What in the world?

What was that in my sparkling, shining, twinkling, almost-woken-up dining room?

And I looked down at the perfectly patterned rug that coordinated with the beautiful gray color on the walls next to my linen covered dining room armchairs seated at my newly painted white table….

….to see dog poop between my toes.

Life lessons from a house.

Some days you are amazing.

And some days you step in it. 🙂

PS Buddy was smiling at me as I wrote this.

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  1. Image for Mary Miller Mary Miller

    Kari-Anne, Where did you find those dining room chairs? They look so comfortable! xo Mary PS We closed the Sweet Soles and moved home to Maine. There are places that fill your heart with sunshine on matter the weather...we are home. xo Mary

  2. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    Oh your house is looking amazing! I love that story - makes me chuckle every time! I have laundry room envy! I want cubbies like that! Poor Bruce. His to do list just keeps growing. Lol. Thanks for inspiring and making me laugh.

  3. Image for Nancy Nancy

    This is the story that made me want to come back and read your blog over and over again. I have read this story out loud to more than one person. Love it! Nancy

  4. Image for Becky Becky

    Thanks for always sharing your authentic self. Perfect ending. First you wake up the house...then it wakes you up in return.

  5. Image for Elizabeth Fencl Elizabeth Fencl

    OMG...You are HILaRiOuS!! I was sitting here, with my 70 lb lap Lab (who thinks she is human) laying on my legs, casually reading this, sipping my morning coffee thinking, Wow...what a beautiful home, perfect in every way possible and how eloquently you were delivering your story...and I get to the last part and I damn near spilled my coffee on myself laughing!! You spin a good yarn sister!

  6. Image for Alice Genzlinger Alice Genzlinger

    I love your personality. Those mean bloggers need to take a lesson from you. Keep being your sweet self. I do the same waking up the house every morning. It's my quite time and blog reading time.

  7. Image for Mary S Mary S

    Yep - been there - except my house isn't as beautiful as yours. You always have such funny things for us to read. Thank you for being YOU.

  8. Image for Marilyn Marilyn

    My morning favorite is cat barf (dried or fresh) enmeshed in the fringe of the vintage rug(s) which I try to ignore so husband can be more grossed out than me. Combing out crusty fringe is not cute.

  9. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    Houses - and pets - have a way of keeping us humble, don't they? LOLOL Have a fantabulous Texas day while we look at the ice hanging from the trees in KY!

  10. Image for Denise Cox Denise Cox

    Lol... Girlfriend you are TOO much.. 🤣. I have never done well at potty training my pups.. ( my MinPin, Clarice, RIP) and my four year old Chihuahua, Maddie). So yes, I have expedienced those surprises as well.. 😣

  11. Image for Sandi Sandi

    😂😂😂 yes I have had those little surprises also! I love how you write and enjoy seeing pictures of your beautiful home. Hugs,

  12. Image for Michelle Michelle

    This makes me laugh out loud - seriously! One of the funniest videos I've seen on the Internet was when someone got a new little puppy and a robotic vacuum cleaner. While they were out the puppy had an accident and the robotic vacuum tried its best to clean up the mess. They arrived back home to find tracks of puppy poop criss-crossed all over the room LOL. By the way, the house really looks amazing. What a wonderful way to wake up ever morning!

  13. Image for Kris Kris

    This is about a cat, not a dog, but the first time I heard it, I think I snorted:

  14. Image for Laura Laura

    Haahahaaa! This was so timely for me to read. I got a new rug in my living area and a pet pooped on it. I was so dismayed because I was really enjoying the perfection of that new rug. It was easily cleaned and is hardly visible but your story made me remember that houses are to live in, not to stand in the doorway and stare at "perfection!"

    1. Image for Debbie Klausing Debbie Klausing

      Any suggestions how to clean dried poop from a wool Karastan? My grandson discovered it, and we don't even have a dog! So grossed out! It's almost invisible but I know it's there! Thanks! Love this blog!

  15. Image for Deb Deb

    Karianne~ It is refreshing to know that your stunning home has "those" moments too. Thank's for keeping it real, girl. You are truly refreshing! Deb :-)

  16. Image for Gina Gina

    Karianne, as the one who rises first in my house, I wake up the house. Many times as I open the curtains to let the promise of a new sunshining day in, I think back to this post and think of you! Funny, you also come to mind as I drop blueberries onto my pancakes while in the pan! :)

  17. Image for glenda glenda

    Oh KariAnne.... you make me laugh.... I love our perfectly imperfect homes. Our people and our animals live there..... It is a blessing from GOD.... All of it! Thank you kindly for the reminder and the smiles!

  18. Image for Sherri Sherri

    YOU ARE SOOOOO FUNNY! Great story, I've been there. It's only funny a few days later though, or if it happens to somebody else. God bless you, you made my day!

  19. Image for penny grieco penny grieco

    been there. done that!! why is it they always decide to use a carpet to leave a gift on? hysyerical story!

  20. Image for Debbie - MountainMama Debbie - MountainMama

    I REMEMBER THAT POST!!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed and laughed and showed it to my family and they laughed even harder.....because WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!!!!!!!!! I stepped in one on my kitchen rug the other evening, nearly lost my mind! My old girl is 15+ now and sometimes she just can't make it out the door....sigh, we love her so much.

  21. Image for Linda Linda

    Awwwww... I love this. I thought I was the only person in the world who walks through the early morning house, talking to things, putting little stuff in place, making plans out loud....sighing and loving the quiet moments before others join in. It's ritual I've enjoyed over the years. No Pup to leave little treasures, but plenty of cat hair to brush away from the rim of the lightshades form time to time. The Cat (Gracie Allen) loves to brush her whiskers around the edge of the lampshades here and there.

  22. Image for Linda Linda

    I really smiled at this story. And knew in my heart that you looked at Buddy and was just so thankful for him.....regardless of what he does. My how we all love our pets. And how we miss them when they are gone. How we miss all of our loved husband has been gone 4 years today, Thank you for making me smile . .

  23. Image for Babette Babette

    Oh KariAnne, I love this story!! 😂😂😂😂 it is even a shock when you step in it outside much less inside!! Bleh!!! Thank you for keeping it real! I think I will have to try waking my house up!! Xoxo

  24. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    I’ve decided that your beautiful new home has moved up to Farmhouse Glam. And Buddy is just reminding you to keep it real...and you do that so well, friend. Loved the morning wake up tour!!! Gorgeous!


    KariAnne, I love how you wake up your house in the morning! And, yes, our precious pets will leave us a little "surprise" every now and then! Love that picture of your Buddy -- precious! Blessings!

  26. Image for Cheri Cheri

    I love your writing and how you describe things but I did not expect you to say “dog poop” and that had me laughing. Been there.

  27. Image for Tamra B Tamra B

    I’ve read your blog regularly for years but have missed it since last summer when my parents came to live with us. My Mom was diagnosed with metastatic cancer and told she might have 6-12 mo. She barely made six. Out of all my favorite blogs, yours is the one I would go to intermittently when I had a few spare moments & you never failed to cheer me up. My Mom passed away a few weeks ago and I’m back to being a regular old faithful. This post made me belly laugh. Been there, experienced that too many times. We even call out “poop check” when we come home 🙄 but wouldn’t trade our two Furbabies for anything. And they always choose the heavily patterned rug so it’s hard to see right away. Lol I’m the one that “wakes up our home” every morning. I love that thought. You’re a doll and I enjoy you so.

  28. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    I have removed all my area rugs because of that problem. I can always smell it afterwards...doesn't matter what I do. :(

  29. Image for Julie Julie

    You slay! In all the best ways. I was SO with you in that story as you woke up the house. And friend, your home is beautiful! How have I missed that light and bright bathroom and laundry room? Two hard-working rooms that couldn't be more inspiring and inviting. Let's not even get started on the stairway. wow. And then the ending of your story, just perfect. We all sighed relief as we relate. Xo

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