Just in case no one else had mentioned it today?

You are amazing.

You are unique and special and incredible and awesome and one-of-a-kind.

And the best part?

You are perfect JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.


I wanted to shout you out from my little corner of the universe and say thank you.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement and e-mails and uplifting words about the new book.

And how better to say thank you than with a giveaway?

Before we get to the giveaway I wanted to share this.

It’s a little video I made for the book a while back that I found yesterday that sums up the message I want to share.

But before we watch can I just point out a couple of quick things:

1. Why did I hold onto that coffee cup so fiercely?  It’s like I’m so determined the coffee is a part of the video and I’m so worried it’s going to spill that I hold it at a random angle.


2. This was taped during my purple nail polish phase.  I need to go back to purple for spring.

3. I wish I would have let go of the coffee and opened up the planner so you could see inside.

4. I need a little Aqua Net.

Enough said.

Here’s a little glimpse inside the planner that the video didn’t show.

It’s full of DIY projects and what to buy at yard sales and how high to hang your chandelier and what flooring is best where and how to plan out your spaces and window treatment ideas.

And pages and pages and pages of practical, funny, joy-filled, encouraging decorating advice.

Want to get your own copy?

Oh good.

Me, too. 🙂

Here’s the link to order your very own copy.

And now to celebrate.

Are you ready?

Happy day my wonderful friend.

I hope its as amazing as you are.

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    1. Image for Amy Rush Amy Rush

      Omg . I love your blog so much and am getting ready to order your book. Too bad you were not around here at a Kirkland’s, I love their stuff and have found so much lately for our cabin in the mountains!

  1. Image for Joanna Joanna

    Such a beautiful book! I love the way you fiercely hold your coffee cup! Treasures need such care! Hoping to win because, who doesn’t want to win? And, today’s my birthday! This could replace the gifts that my six sons would like to have remembered to buy but would take credit for your gift just the same. (You would, of course, receive the thank you note. )

  2. Image for Sarah Sarah

    I am loving the planner. I cannot wait to sit down with my room measurements and plot out all of the furniture, and then move it all around. We are redoing my daughter's room, and this will be perfect!!!

  3. Image for Kari Cox Kari Cox

    Your blog arriving in my inbox is like sunshine streaming in, and I just can't open it, read it, and savor it quickly enough. I loved your first book and can't wait to read this one, and I hope you have people in your life telling you how amazing you are and what a rockstar you are!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Image for Trina Trina

    Would like to use the planner to do my kitchen, dining and living rooms. They are all one big open space. Love your blog!

  5. Image for Robbin Robbin

    My entire house needs an update. I live in a 1960s plain old ranch style home. It needs some TLC!! I can't wait to read your book!!! Blessings from Missouri!!!

  6. Image for Kari Cox Kari Cox

    It probably would have been better to actually READ THE PROMPT before commenting, huh? I would love to use it for my pantry as well as our basement. Thanks again!


    I would love to rethink my kitchen/dining room. It's a small space and requires a lot of creativity to make work.


    I need to do something about my dining room, which I LOVE, but it is very dark...I'm thinking multiple mirrors...like 10?

  9. Image for Kay Brown Kay Brown

    This book came at the perfect time I am helping my son's family refresh their living spaces. I need help with dining room!

  10. Image for Sandra Vigil Sandra Vigil

    I have the book and it’s yummy! I’m planning on redecorating my living room/dining room and am looking forward to utilizing all of your tips. Also, I’m excited about the videos!

  11. Image for Jean Jean

    I'm always looking for ideas for every room in my house but the master bedroom is probably needs the most attention right now.

  12. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Hi Karianne. You just make my day. I love that you can poke fun at the things you do, for we all do silly things and wonder why. You make me laugh, inspire me, and I just have a great feeling after reading your blogs. Good luck with everything.

  13. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    The first things I wish I could tackle would be my laundry room, aka "the back porch" because it is our rear entry, which has evolved into our main entry....sigh. It has a half bath and then leads into the kitchen. Can I just say....U.G.LY. F.L.O.O.R.S. and more! I love this new book!

  14. Image for Lee Ann Oliverio Lee Ann Oliverio

    Oh my goodness I'm in the midst of getting my house ready to sell, and then I'll be buying a new house! So I need this for every corner! Thank you Karianne, you are awesome!

  15. Image for Carrie Cheecham Carrie Cheecham

    Beautiful planner!! If I just won the planner I'd be super pleased!! I need help planning a bathroom makeover :)

  16. Image for laura laura

    my kitchen could use more than a little help! i have a vision in my head but am having a bit of trouble getting it to come out!! p.s. got my book on wednesday! almost finished and almost through the videos too!! awesome!!!

  17. Image for Pam Kaufman Pam Kaufman

    Your blog is so fun to read! You have the best outlook on life. Absolutely adore your home. You make decorating look so easy.

  18. Image for Vicki S Vicki S

    I pre-ordered and received earlier this week. Taking a road trip this weekend and plan on taking in all your ideas for my new home we built and just moved into! Perfect timing. Thanks and you too are amazing!

  19. Image for Valerie Valerie

    I received my planner already! Gift certificate would come in handy helping my daughter decorate her apartment.

  20. Image for Joanna Milewski Joanna Milewski

    Fantastic! Thank you so much....I want to work on making my open space more connected between the kitchen, living room, and dining room more cohesive.

  21. Image for Rae Endreola Rae Endreola

    I just downsized to a small condo. I need your planner to help decorate small spaces! Love your blog!

  22. Image for Mira Brown Mira Brown

    I'm so happy for you and excited about your book! Can't wait to see you at the Becoming conference next month!

  23. Image for Kelly W. Kelly W.

    I definitely need to work on our family room and master bedroom. I pre-ordered the DIY Planner and it arrived about a week ago. I have been poring over it every day! Thank you so much!

  24. Image for Joy Shanor Joy Shanor

    My entire house could use some help!! We bought it a little over a year ago and we've done a few things (new living room furniture and a shower remodel currently happening) but I have almost NOTHING on my walls and have a teeny tiny budget to work with. I love your blog and I hope someday my home is as beautiful as yours...only in a different style (since I don't live in a farmhouse or anywhere near a farm) ;-) Your stories always brighten my day!

  25. Image for Jan Fusco Jan Fusco

    I love this book and would love another to share with a friend. Your ideas are so inspiring. I'm working on a room right now that you helped me get started by suggesting SW Repose Gray. I love it. Now on to the furniture and accessories.

  26. Image for Heather S Heather S

    I love your blog! It feels like were just friends chatting (well, you're chatting - i'm just listening) over coffee. Have a great day! In case no one told you today, you're amazing!

  27. Image for Donna Donna

    The book looks like a big smile..... so cute and clean,and refreshing ! I am sure it is packed full of information and with a fun twist ! Thanks for all you do !

  28. Image for CK CK

    Both of my daughters could use some help in the decorating department- one with two young kids, and the other in her first apartment! Love your blog, and yes, I was worried about that coffee spilling : ) !!

  29. Image for Diane Lillegard Diane Lillegard

    What a lovely planner.... Where have you been all my life? Going to start working on my dining room soon and this will be sooooo helpful

  30. Image for Missy Missy

    I want to redo my laundry room in the worst way! I love how encouraging you always! Thanks for the happy you spread!

  31. Image for Mary Mary

    Can't wait to get your planner and start working on my living room...then my master bedroom, kitchen...the list goes on and on.

  32. Image for Tammy C Tammy C

    My whole house needs remodeling. Seriously! Starting with the kitchen and the living room would be great places to start. Thank you!

  33. Image for Darcie Darcie

    Our master bedroom. It has no soul, no fun, it's just a room with a bed right now - and cute paint on the walls, but it needs to be finished in the worst way. Help me Karianne!

  34. Image for Tracy H Tracy H

    Thank you for being so kind. I get excited when I see you have a new post. You make me feel special and it is greatly appreciated. Take care.

  35. Image for Nancy Diggs Nancy Diggs

    My book should be delivered today and I am heading to Kirkland’s this afternoon. I am ready to start on an extra bedroom and then the bedroom my granddaughter uses! Can’t wait to start.

  36. Image for Kathy Kathy

    Redoing my house after a flood some time back and am to the stage of a bit more of painting and decorating. Would love to win this as I want to go in a new direction in the decorations. Love your blog and and your enthusiasm!

  37. Image for Cindy D Cindy D

    You always bring me joy. I look forward to your blog post every time you send one. Thank you for being you. ;) And I appreciate the chance. You're so thoughtful.

  38. Image for Kathy Kathy

    You are so fun, down-to-earth and real. In the video you sounded just like I hear you in my head as I read your posts. I enjoy your blog and what you are doing to your home. I need to figure out storage in my house. I guess organization is where I need the most help. I do need your planner. It looks awesome!

  39. Image for Andrea Boudreau Andrea Boudreau

    You are so cute with your cup of coffee :) Thanks for sharing. I think the book illustrations are so wonderful I'd want to tear them out and frame them!

  40. Image for Kathi Kathi

    Have purchased a fixer upper, and want to do the whole house. As soon as the old house sells, we are going to be renovating the new one. A new Kirkland’s is opening up near new place, cannot wait to see what it is like. Win or lose, this exciting. And a lot of work.

  41. Image for Betsy Pike Betsy Pike

    I am on my way creating happy places in each room of my home and your photos and comments are inspriring me soooooo much!

  42. Image for Betsy Pike Betsy Pike

    Betsy Pike Mar 9, 2018 at 9:04 am I am on my way creating happy places in each room of my home and your photos and comments are inspriring me soooooo much!

  43. Image for Peggy Peggy

    Perfect timing! We are in the “new house” planning stages and my husband is soooooo tired of discussing window heights, trim, colors....well, you know! ☺️Thanks for practical, helpful information in a lovely format.

  44. Image for christina purvis christina purvis

    We have moved into a brand new house that has builtins near the fireplace. I would love to learn how to decorate & style the bookcase. Thanks for the opportunity to win your book!

  45. Image for Margy Vogel-Coomer Margy Vogel-Coomer

    I LOVED your first book and have already read it twice! I'd love to win this one!! YOU are amazing!

  46. Image for Susan Susan

    I would love to use the book for my master bedroom, always the last room to receive any love. It is also a challenge, small, with little wall space that is not already used with windows, doors, or fire place. Help!

  47. Image for Diane Diane

    I could use help in my entire house, haha, but especially in my master bedroom and master bath! You have great taste and give much inspiration! Thank you!

  48. Image for Lynada Lynada

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this planner. I would love to plan a reno on my living room....no wait...my bathroom. Oh and the kitchen too. Love your blogs by the way.

  49. Image for Cindy Cindy

    I loved the video and cannot start my day without coffee! You have so many great ideas and I hope to win your planner because I need help to start changing my house around to make it more comfortable and inviting for my family. Thank you for this giveaway.

  50. Image for Mercy Mercy

    Oh, Karianne, where to start?!? My entire home is a work in progress: My living room needs paint & new flooring (hardwoods? Yes please!), my kitchen is a disaster—I mean, seriously, who needs 2 refrigerators in the same kitchen?!? My bathroom is almost done, just trim and caulk, but it’s been nearly a year! My bedrooms are about the same stage as my living room, and the master bath is orange with rust from our water, even with a water softener! But congratulations on your second (did you ever even thonk in your woldest dreams you’d write a FIRST book, let alone a SECOND?!?)! I’m so happy for you! Mercy

  51. Image for Cynthia Hilliard Cynthia Hilliard

    First of all, I splurged and got your book. Love it! And every day I look forward to your blog! I need help with my living room. I'm an empty- nester, went from a 2 bedroom house, to an apt. I really need help trying to condense everything to just a living room.

  52. Image for Karen Robbins Karen Robbins

    I just received your new book in the mail yesterday. It is beautiful. I can't wait to use it to help me with the changes I'd like to make to our house. I love your blog and have used so many of your ideas. I know this book will be a BIG help.

  53. Image for LibbyMcCarty LibbyMcCarty

    We have a large open concept living room and kitchen area. I need this planner to help me! Really I need this planner to help with my entire house. It is so empty. So afraid to mess it up on my own.

  54. Image for Carla C Carla C

    Organization is my number one priority at the moment, but I am planning to paint my kitchen cabinets in the very near future.

  55. Image for Sue Sue

    I'm interested in your book and perhaps it could help me with my laundry room/mud room. That would be awesome! I read your blog every day. :)

  56. Image for Elizabeth Elizabeth

    I love your blog! I think your old/new house is gorgeous. What a great blessing to raise your family in the house you were raised in. I’d use your planner to design my living room/dining room!

  57. Image for Charity Kiser Charity Kiser

    Thanks so much! I pre-bought the book and it's so nice! If I win I'll give the other one as a gift but I could definitely use the frog tape and $100 Kirkland's gift card!

  58. Image for Mary Mary

    I got mine promptly on release day from Amazon.... and can't wait to devour the entire book!!! YOU are so amazing and encouraging and we all thank you for your blog and your books in our lives!

  59. Image for Debbie Nolker Debbie Nolker

    Good morning! Such an encouraging word :-). The part of my house that I would like to update is my bedroom. It is just a bit dated and new ideas would be fun to see.

  60. Image for carol butts carol butts

    I love your book & I am in the planning stage of spring cleaning/decorating my living room (+ entire house needs a little something, something).

  61. Image for Brenda in Tennessee Brenda in Tennessee

    We built our home 27 years ago. A classic southern living plan for a brick home. Over the years we have done updates. My kitchen is my next big project. I get so overwhelmed by the hard surface choices that need to blend together that have the project in a stall mode. I need inspiration to spur my decision making alone. Thanks for the opportunity.

  62. Image for Brenda Brenda

    Love your blog and your new home. Your farmhouse in Kentucky was gorgeous. Always wanted a farmhouse with a big porch to sit and visit and drink sweet tea. I'm going to start redoing my kitchen in June. So hoping your planner will give me lots of ideas.

  63. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I have your new book and am getting ready to dig in to the planning. I only hope that I come out of this with just one room as beautiful as yours!

  64. Image for Veronica R. Veronica R.

    This looks like a very useful tool. We have a living/dinning room space that's got me wondering how to make it work

  65. Image for Peggy Harzinski Peggy Harzinski

    Reading your blog is the first thing I do every morning. Thanks for all the the cheer and inspiration! Spring is my favorite season for new projects so I can't wait to get started on my family room. It needs some love!

  66. Image for Linda Linda

    I had pre-ordered your planner and got it Tuesday! Haven't had a chance to get into it yet, but hope to this weekend! Would love the $100 Kirkland's gift.

  67. Image for Jen Jen

    I just adore you and your posts! I would love to work on my kitchen and in general how to use my space more efficiently!

  68. Image for Karen W. Karen W.

    My laundry room needs help! It is also used for craft storage. I am certain your great book would start me on the right path.

  69. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    I loved the video, coffee cup and all! 😊 I am trying to fix up a few rooms in my home. What is it about spring that gets us purging and painting?! Happy Spring friend! 💕🌷☀️

  70. Image for Jenifer Scherlin Jenifer Scherlin

    It would have to be my kitchen! I used to think I was an organized person. But, I have an area of my kitchen that may have an avalanche at any moment! Paper! Paper may be the death of me. I can't get it under control. Insurance forms, bills, mail, things that I need to keep, things that I might need to keep, and on and on and ON!

  71. Image for Tracy laubham Tracy laubham

    I would use this planner to redesign my kitchen/breakfast nook. It needs space planning help. Round table or square? Island or peninsula?

  72. Image for Debbie Marigoni Debbie Marigoni

    I’m sure you don’t remember but you helped me with my family room remodel. It turned out PERFECT! Thank you so much 😘 Bought your book and will use it to redo my bedroom. After 20 years, it needs some sprucing up. Congrats on all your endeavors! I’m so happy for you

  73. Image for Kathy Kathy

    Love your blog, your style, and your energy! Need inspiration to make our new home (downsized into an apartment) feel fresh and comfy. A copy of your book would be such a treat and a Kirkland gift card would help, too!

  74. Image for Cheryl Brown Cheryl Brown

    I need to better organize my kitchen. I want to change my living room and dining room so when others come I feel better about it all. BUT for me I want to empty my bedroom and start all over! I have NEVER bought anything other than a mattress for my bedroom new! It has all been hand me down or finds just to make do -- nothing I REALLY LOVE!

  75. Image for Donna Donna

    Two months ago I moved into a little cottage built in 1937. It is sweet the way it is, but there are things that I need to do and things that I want to do to really make her shine. I have ideas...but it will take some time for it all to unfold. Kirklands does have some beautiful things. I bought a colander there for my little kitchen just a few weeks ago.

  76. Image for Debra Brown Debra Brown

    Karianne I used to read many decorating blogs weekly. Your blog is the best and now the only one I read. You, my girl, are terrific. Keep up the good work.

  77. Image for Diane @ An Extraordinary Day Diane @ An Extraordinary Day

    I LOVE your energy and excitement!! You amaze me, day in and day out, KariAnne and this new book is no exception. I am uber impressed with how beautifully it is illustrated... you never miss a detail. I'm sure it's going to rise to the top of the best-seller list and STAY there!! xoxo

  78. Image for Kelly Cetro Kelly Cetro

    I got my book yesterday! Timing is perfect as we just made an offer on a house and will be doing lots of decorating!

  79. Image for Suzanne Suzanne

    If that sweet video doesn’t inspire, I don’t know what will! Congratulations on this amazing book and your move back to Texas! P.S. I thought you were going to spill your coffee!!

  80. Image for Maureen Ryan Maureen Ryan

    Hi, Karianne, I am excited to look over your book AND to give it as gifts to my two nieces who are at the early stages of home ownership. They will LOVE this book! Thank you for your very enjoyable blog, too!

  81. Image for Terri Herman Terri Herman

    Oh our Master Bath! It is blown to pieces right now, we’ll the floor is down to the concrete & the tub is one of those big ‘o party tubs from the 80s. It’s. All. Got. To. Go! Thanks for the chance!

  82. Image for Shelby Swing Shelby Swing

    The kitchen! It's mainly used for functionality purposes right now, but I would love to plan it out better and organize (!!!) so there's a better use of space and a cleaner look. If you gotta fix and eat food in there, you want it to be a pretty room, too! Thanks for the generous giveaway, and congrats on the book!

  83. Image for Dale Dale

    I need to plan out/ organize the center of my home (kitchen/dining/living areas). I have downsized dramatically to a 'cute' home just for me and have way too much stuff. This book will really help me plan everything out before I put those plans into action.

  84. Image for Traci Ziemer Traci Ziemer

    Hi KariAnne, I just purchased your book yesterday at my local Kirklands and LOVE it! I love the whimsical way the book is written and designed, it really talks to me and my style! I have forever dreamed of a beautiful and romantic bedroom getaway for my husband and myself! It seems our room is always the last on the list.

  85. Image for Bonnie Bonnie

    I'm so happy for you that you have a new book coming out. I would love to win the package! I need to purchase and hang some new curtains in my bedroom. Mine have definitely seen better days.

  86. Image for Edwina Edwina

    Thank you for this great giveaway and for all you do to inspire/encourage! My basement is a hodge podge....that's the area that needs the most help.

  87. Image for Kathy Kathy

    The room that needs the most help right now is my guest room. It's stuck with bright pink carpet and walls and cast off furniture and boxes of stuff that don't have a home. I also hope to "redo" my kitchen at some point. So much to do!

  88. Image for Vicki crandall Vicki crandall

    Oh, could I come shadow you for a week? ( nothing creepy, just want to see you in action) I need help in my kitchen/ dining space. I know you would work magic on it! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  89. Image for Jenifer Higgins Jenifer Higgins

    I really need to make a plan for my Master bathroom. It’s nice, but builder grade blah and I haven’t done anything with it in the almost 3 years we’ve been here. That’s what I would use the planner for!

  90. Image for Peggy Peggy

    My kitchen needs help. I love your decorating style and your blog. I have your first book now I need this one to help my sad looking kitchen.

  91. Image for cynthia chilson finger cynthia chilson finger

    Congrats! Your new planner looks lovely. (And I love that you didn't spill that coffee!) Kind regards,

  92. Image for Sheila Moore Sheila Moore

    Enjoy reading your blog. Bought 2 copies of your new book, 1 for my daughter for her birthday this month. Can't wait to read my copy.

  93. Image for Kim Kim

    I am so excited for all your success! While I don't know you personally I believe you deserve this success. Congratulations!

  94. Image for Tracey Tracey

    I can't wait to order this book. Thank you for doing this giveaway. My living room is in need of some serious help. Too much clutter and not enough seating and storage.

  95. Image for Mary Kleiner Mary Kleiner

    You are the best I have to say Oh so much I would love to win your book you make my day always every time I read you blog Good Luck with everything you do and God Bless You always!

  96. Image for Connie Bennett Connie Bennett

    I am working on several spaces in the house on a tight budget. We moved into this home a couple of years ago, and I am really trying to work on making my own mark here with my own style. The whole house needs painting, and I want to reimagine some furniture and accessories with some paint and fabrics. I really need all of the help I can get. Thank you for trying to spread your amazing talent and sunshine to those of us who are so inspired by your style and beautiful smile.

  97. Image for Karen U Karen U

    Hi KariAnne, I need this book to help me sort out my basement. We use this space as a guest room/guest livingroom/kids gaming room and a laundry area.... a lot of expectation from a small space!

  98. Image for Yolanda McLean Yolanda McLean

    Our bedroom looks like a dump - I need the motivation and encouragement that you give in this book and on your blog.

  99. Image for Jo Wyrosdick Jo Wyrosdick

    I enjoyed your first book. I gave it to my daughter to read. And to pass on. I’m excited about the daily planner.

  100. Image for Margaret Mills Margaret Mills

    Need all the help I can get in decorating. All my creativity was pinched out of me by my first grade teacher, so I need Karianne to help with my dilemma.

  101. Image for Marta Marta

    We just purchased a little house on a lake that needs total revamping. I am redoing everything - floors, kitchen, bathrooms, you name it. This book is just what I needed to help me organize and make sure there is a cohesive flow. Actually on my way to Kirkland's after work to pick it up. Thank you so much for your blog and for writing this book. It will be my go-to workbook.

  102. Image for Sherry Sherry

    Your video was perfect and I really heard your heart as you spoke. Your book is on my list and I’m excited about reading it! Thanks for being so uplifting! We all need that!❤️

  103. Image for Pat Pat

    So happy for you and best wishes on the success of your new book. Looks like a fun read, makes a great gift for newlyweds and really anyone. Pat

  104. Image for Pat Pat

    Thrilled for you and best wishes on the success of your new book. Looks like a fun read, makes a great gift for newlyweds and really anyone. Pat

  105. Image for Donna Donna

    Your new book would be an inspiration to any part of my home. Thank you for sharing your gift and inspiration. Best wishes.

  106. Image for Babette Babette

    I want to plan and redesign my kitchen. It has such an awkward layout. The laundry is in there also and not enough room. Although we are going to be moving this year and are just going to refresh it. But I can’t wait to use your planner for my new home!! You’re amazing and I’m so very happy for you!!

  107. Image for Marie Marie

    My living room/dining room needs so much help. I have many ideas, but I'm hoping I'll have an "aha" moment regarding the floors. I know your positive attitude will rub off and encourage me, so I'm not so terrified of making the wrong decision.

  108. Image for Rachel B Rachel B

    I had literally just finished and closed "So Close to Amazing" when the new book arrived in the mail! I am prolonging the anticipation just a couple days before I dive into it. I can hardly wait...

  109. Image for Deanna Deanna

    You are amazing! I so love your upbeat messages. They help when I'm having a rough day. Kind of like today. Thanks...

  110. Image for Sandy Sandy

    I would definitely want to change our 39 yr. old family room. It had chair rail, barnside paneling underneath, and grasscloth (which I loved) above. Eight yrs ago, we removed the grasscloth, paneling, and chair rail. We had the room painted four times and still the wall area below where the paneling was is terrible looking. We definitely need to replace the drywall.

  111. Image for Gabi Gabi

    Karianne, you always make my day! I feel like you live next door and we share all our decorating ideas over mugs of coffee or tea...and maybe a tiny slice of something sinfully chocolate! Your blog inspires me and gives me so many great ideas. I just wish the days were less crazy (and you know what I mean) so that I could accomplish more! Thanks for being my virtual friend ;o)

  112. Image for Sherry Sherry

    I would like to focus on planning my bedroom first and then move on to other areas of our home. I just checked out your book from our library, I know I will need my own copy.

  113. Image for Yvonne Yvonne

    I pre-ordered THE DIY Home Planner and received it yesterday. YAY!!! I looked thru it and loved it! It’s my family room that needs a little help with furniture placement. It’s been the same way for years;)

  114. Image for Myra Graves Myra Graves

    Love your blog. I have found so many helpful ideas from your wonderful information. Such fun to read. Thank you!

  115. Image for Erin Kaven Erin Kaven

    My room off the kitchen that needs to be totally reworked because, right now, it is a second TV room, where as the living room has a tv and the dining table...but I don't want to give up the TV in the room off the kitchen for when I want to watch Hallmark Movies and the rest of the family doesn't (and I'm not ready for bed) and I need to finish the dishes/craft project/rubbing the dogs tummy, but I don't have a table in it because I want a comfy couch/chair...but I need a table out of the living room/tv room...just shoot me now...I need your video (that goes with the awesome book) soon!

  116. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Hi, congratulations on your new old home and your book! Love your home so I would ask you which room I should redo.

  117. Image for michele michele

    love your blog ...would love to use the planner and tape and giftcard for our "country kitchen refresh...thanks!

  118. Image for Botanic Bleu Botanic Bleu

    Hi, KariAnne, See you tomorrow in Ft. Worth at Kirklands. My sister wants your book for the grid layout and furniture cutouts. She was just about to make her own when I told her about the ones in your book. She was excited this will save her time. Judith

  119. Image for DGaddis DGaddis

    Girlfriend! Yes you were rockin' that coffee cup...but never splashed a drop! You are So Close to Amazing! I did get my first copy of your DIY Home Planner yesterday, but HAVE to pick up a couple more...al least! I know I have a wedding shower or two for this Spring and I can't imagine a better gift than this book with a gift card. There ya go! Keep inspiring all of us....much love from Kentucky!

  120. Image for Kathy Kathy

    Love your blog! Honestly, pretty much my whole house could use some planning and inspiration. Would love to win!

  121. Image for Judy H Judy H

    I could use your planner for my kitchen and living room to keep track of my ideas and dimensions. It looks useful and fun.

  122. Image for Julie Briones Julie Briones

    Posted about the book in several places today! LOVE! I'm so completely happy and thrilled for you, KariAnne... (and totally looking forward to a Haven Launch Party, too!)

  123. Image for linda m linda m

    Pre-ordered your book It came and I'm hoping it can help me with a bedroom that's got me stumped Congrats on the books success Please enter me in the giveaway

  124. Image for Robyn G Robyn G

    My whole house needs an update but my poor living room is a sea of browns and tans! Very boring indeed!!! I love your new book by the way! So inspiring!! Thanks for a giveaway!

  125. Image for Bonnie Witmyer Bonnie Witmyer

    Gosh, where do I begin? Our downstairs is a kitchen, dining, and living open area that needs work. It's not functional in the way it could be. I need help to make it work for our family members and the furbabies! Have a great day! We just had a beautiful snowfall!

  126. Image for Karen Karen

    My whole house needs updating. Kitchen is the worse. Counter tops are still 60s laminate. I need a new house bad...

  127. Image for Joan Moore Joan Moore

    Our office/computer room could definitely use some help!! Congratulations on your new book!! You are a delight to follow!!😍

  128. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    My kitchen needs a good plan in place! So many things I would like to do to freshen it up, but where to start?!

  129. Image for Michelle P Michelle P

    I pre ordered your book from Amazon. When I got home from work on Tuesday it was there waiting on me. WOW...all I can say is WOW! This is the perfect book for me because I don't have a clue about decorating my home. Thank you so much for putting this home planner together. I feel like you made this just for me. I love your blog by the way. Encouraging, Motivating. Informative. Now if I could win the give away. Fingers crossed!

  130. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Are you kidding me?!! This planner will be used in every room in this house!!! Love! Love! Loving it! Every little detail.

  131. Image for Jennie Jennie

    It has to be the family room! We are empty nesters but hey! We're still a family right?! I have the hardest time working around a big monster TV. let's face it...they are ugly:(.

  132. Image for Amy Kaminski Amy Kaminski

    I am so excited to read your book and learn from it. But even more I'm looking forward to your humor. It slays me every time and sounds like my own subconscious talking to me.

  133. Image for Cheryl B Cheryl B

    My whole house needs help! I've been afraid to do anything because I just don't quite know where to start. I'm counting on your cute adorable book to help me figure it out. I like my to-do lists for my daily housework and activities, so I'm hopeful your planner is what I need to get going on making my rooms reflect my taste.

  134. Image for Tere Crow Lindsay Tere Crow Lindsay

    We moved to a house 2 yrs ago, in MO. Due to finances, I cannot ditch all my furniture and begin anew. I have great pieces, tho a bit dated. My dining rm and great room are conjoined in a big open space. I know it could be laid out better than I have it - I need help. We loved using Frog Tape when we painted every room. It is simply a BLESSING. CANNOT WAIT to read your book. KUDOS to you.......sorry for yelling!!!!! I get excited with change.

  135. Image for Deb Deb

    I was so excited to receive my copy of the book in today's mail. I'm looking forward to tips on window treatments and freshening room decor. Thanks in advance for all your helpful tips.

  136. Image for Karen S. Karen S.

    My kitchen .... it's getting a new face soon. Maybe my living room that is SO difficult to arrange with no wall and huge couch. sigh...... dreaming in neutrals.... =)

  137. Image for Mary Mary

    Wishing you the best of luck on your new book which has been so helpful to me personally. It has freed my way of thinking about how to decorate and now I'm in the process of making my girls' dreams come true with a truly special room. Your heart and soul are all over the book which is what makes is so special and more than just a decorating book.

  138. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    It's so amazing but then I knew it would be - because you are! Can I just say how much I love this book? I'm putting in paint colors and fabric swatches and having so much fun playing with it. ❤️❤️

  139. Image for Darla Monzon Darla Monzon

    I pre-ordered the planner, and ran to the mailbox on Tuesday to get it!! I LOVE it! My whole house needs this. We moved into a brand new, builder-grade home, and it needs my touch to make it a home. I'm so excited to have your planner and awesome tips to help me ain't the way!

  140. Image for PJ PJ

    We are working on the kitchen now. Next up is the dining room. We will replace the carpet with wood flooring, and I hope to create a cozy, comfortable, welcoming space. I am loving the planner and all the ideas there.

  141. Image for Teresa H. Fields Teresa H. Fields

    I loved your KY home and what you had done, but this new one - oo la la. I appreciate how you are so encouraging and motivating for all us blog family to work on our own homes.

  142. Image for Rosanna Rosanna

    I really love the inspiration that you share everyday!!And..right now I need extra because I’m working on a plan/inspiration board for the bedroom we need to get ready for our grandson,who we are trying to get custody of!!

  143. Image for Betsy Betsy

    I appreciate your style so much! Thanks for blogging nearly every day. Looking forward to seeing your new book!

  144. Image for Rita Heath Rita Heath

    Love your blog and 1st book "So Close to Amazing", which I do have. I don't have your Planner yet, but plan on getting it. I am redoing my bedroom (making two rooms into one larger one) and I think this would really help the process.

  145. Image for Amber Amber

    My living room could definitely use some better planning. We have an open floorplan and it's not working very well for us right now.

  146. Image for Robin Robin

    My kitchen needs to be a RockStar, with a little (a lot) of planning it will shine. Love your creative, inspiring and funny blog and books. Cape Cod is calling you, would love to hear you are planning a return visit. (a book tour) possibly?

  147. Image for Celeste Celeste

    I'm loving the book, especially the tools you've included. I like having one go-to spot for the samples and floor plans. Even now we are working on finishing our basement and making design decisions down there.

  148. Image for Fran Fran

    I need all the help I can get to redo my master bedroom which looks really tired right now! Would love to have a guide like the planner for this.

  149. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    I not only want, but NEED, to redecorate our front living room! I still love many things we've placed in it, but it feels totally crowded and stale ~ and really needs a refresher! Using your Planner will help us to do it correctly ... not just push things around, change out occasional tables and chests, etc.! Your book (I was very early in the pre-orders!) is such a wealth of information, and now you have this great giveaway too?! The excitement continues! Thank you!

  150. Image for Carol Wellein Carol Wellein

    My little sunroom/art studio needs a facelift. It's tiime to figure out how to organize all my work and supplies while giving the room some pizzazz.

  151. Image for Sharon B Sharon B

    Can't wait to receive your book Karianne. Preordered it through the link on your website and it hasn't arrived yet. I need to work on my master bedroom because it's a bit boring and my living room because there's too much brown and wood.

  152. Image for Jolyn Jolyn

    So bummed I won’t be in the metroplex to meet you at Kirkland’s... love the video and that fierce grip on the coffee cup! Not a drop was spilled!

  153. Image for Lesley Lesley

    I love that you share what you know in such a beautiful way, though I am sure the book took a ton of work! Thank you for being so open, so willing to expose your heart and open your home to us. I find it so inspiring and I look forward to tackling some improvements to our living room this spring.

  154. Image for Christi Wallander Christi Wallander

    Lots and lots of comments. I was encouraged to buy your book from Patti with Old Things New blog, but it was late and I was upstairs and I didn't have my purse nearby. Today your blog video gave me the final nudge. We live with my brother right now with not a clue about the future. I'm 60 and times are tough. Had to give away alot of project type things I was hanging on to because of no place to store them. I love to decorate my home....so hoping and praying there will be something in my future. Meanwhile, I'm planting strawberries and flowers in my brother and his wife's backyard and keeping things clean and tidy in their house while everyone goes off to work. They have no lamps anywhere in their quite large two-story home. Seven sofas, in various rooms, but no pillows! So I got my lamps and pillows out of storage.. to add color and bit of light. I had a stroke 9 years ago that had left me with a few complications, but I do have a part time job at a homeschool cooperative. So I'm thankful for that opportunity. However, I'm at home alot with some time on my hands. Reading alot and dreaming some. Thank you for your uplifting, encouraging blog. I'm looking forward to your book.

  155. Image for Eileen Eileen

    I have very high hopes that with your planner, I will finally get my home to start reflecting me! ( oh and the other person who lives here too)

  156. Image for Leata Leata

    You are a delightful, inspiring and talented blogger! Thank you for sharing your life and your home with us, your devoted readers!

  157. Image for Kris Kris

    Faux molding sounds like my way to do things! I was in Kirkland's briefly today and saw your book but didn't have time to investigate closely--but I wanted to tell people "I know a celebrity! I know Karianne!". :)

  158. Image for Mary B Mary B

    I just adore you and your fun, happy, inspirational blog! Always makes me smile!! I think my master bedroom needs to most style help. I cant wait to get your new book! Congrats!!!

  159. Image for Lou E Clifton Lou E Clifton

    My whole house needs help, I have enjoyed reading your blog, and recently my mother had a stroke at 88 and has asphasia, I stayed with her while she was in the hospital, and during the night when I couldn't sleep, I started reading your blog again, I found lots of time sitting at the hospital, she is now spending time trying to recover at our home with 4 4 legged babies and 2 grown sons so I diffently need help getting things straighten out. You have such a beautiful way of writing,

  160. Image for Kay Backer Kay Backer

    Looking forward to picking up your new book! My kitchen and dining area need some fresh ideas and I am sure the guidance offered in your book will be beneficial 😊

  161. Image for Suzy Suzy

    I love your new book! it is going to be so helpful when I get started on some updating. I want to update my living room/dining room/ kitchen. The kitchen especially is stuck in the '80's!

  162. Image for Debrah Debrah

    I always look forward to your blog and your humor. A book, wonderful by the way, Frog Tape and a Gift Card for Kirkland's.. sigh!. Thanks so much!!!!

  163. Image for Missy from NM Missy from NM

    The kitchen! It is small and it seriously needs a remodel. I would love to get some ideas on how to maximize my space!

  164. Image for Sue Sue

    I am a little slow, and discovered your blog only a few months ago. Ahhhhhhh! I am completely smitten! You are like a bottle of sunshine that I get to open up every time I click on your blog.

  165. Image for Julia Grayson Julia Grayson

    I could use some help with my living room which is not very big and has 2 windows on each side of the front door!

  166. Image for grammy goodwill grammy goodwill

    I need a good plan for our second bedroom that serves as hubby's office, my craft room and our guest room. It's a very small room to try to meet all those needs. At our old house, we had two large rooms to fulfill those needs. Now all that stuff is crammed into a very tiny room. I think the book would be a big help. Thanks for the chance to win.

  167. Image for Susan Susan

    Love your blog, I would love to work on my laundry room. We use our side door and it's the 1st room you see . Thank you for the laughs and insight to decor that you share with us!

  168. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    You had to mention chandeliers! Ours literally broke and fell from the ceiling! Yes, DH wired the pieces together so we would have light, but I’m in the market! Lol I’m so excited for you and your SECOND BOOK!! I’m going to grab one at Kirkland’s just do I can get my picture “with” you! ❤️

  169. Image for norma vaughn norma vaughn

    WOW! I sure did need those kind words today...been a crazy week....In the process of rethinking my bedroom...the planner sure would make my job easier....I am so grateful for a chance to win!!!!!!!

  170. Image for Melissa Essenburg Melissa Essenburg

    I could use assistance on my master bedroom & bathroom. I can do the rest of the house a hundred times over. For whatever reason, I’m “stuck” on that space. Ugh.

  171. Image for Chelly Chelly

    Moving into a new house! Love your book, love your blog! Your book is going to help me decorate the entire house!

  172. Image for Katherine Corrigan Katherine Corrigan

    thank you for your generosity. Our Christmas tree room always causes me challenges ( it's the little living room when you first enter our house) I try to use it more.. I love your book sweet friend xo

  173. Image for kesha kesha

    Yay for you and your new book! How exciting! My bedroom really needs work. It is not a serene environment and I feel if it was that I would get a better night's sleep.

  174. Image for Pamela Griner Pamela Griner

    I am going to use this guide for everthing. It is a "feel good...confidence building" book. Now...let's get serious. Let's talk a TV show....we beed a replacement for Fixer Upper.

  175. Image for Chrissey Chrissey

    We are in a (temporary) rental. I'm so excited to have found this book so I can make plans for our forever home and have a small hope of getting out of the place we're in now.

  176. Image for Ann Ann

    I have been trying to get organized throw stuff out and pack I’m painting and getting my house ready to put on the market need some organizing advice

  177. Image for Cathy Clark Cathy Clark

    Love your blog & bought 4 of your books for my daughter, 2 daughter-in-laws & me!😜 love it & all your wonderful tips & advice!!!

  178. Image for Tammie N. Tammie N.

    I want to develop a plan for redoing my downstairs powder room. It's this hideous color with cheesy fixtures (already there when we moved in eighteen months ago) and I would love to make it look pretty!

  179. Image for Sharon Elsberry Sharon Elsberry

    Congratulations on your amazing book. I need to redo my master bedroom...your planner would be a great inspiration!

  180. Image for melanie melanie

    My living room. I rent a very old house and would love to make things a little more interesting. And in my significant other's house...the whole thing. lol. He needs help pulling everything together.

  181. Image for Marcie Stell Marcie Stell

    I’d like to give our den a makeover. Thank you for the chance to win your awesome book and generous gift card to one of my favorite stores. P.S. Love your blog!

  182. Image for Jody K Jody K

    Love your blog! I'm trying to freshen up the whole house because we are retiring and looking forward to downsizing. It's going to be quite the job after 42 years in this house and I can use all the help your book can give me. Thank you

  183. Image for Karen Karen

    Thank you for this opportunity! So excited about your new book! I really need help with every room in the house. Blessings

  184. Image for Debra Debra

    I'll be moving to a new home in a different state in a couple of months. I 'll need lots of help for all my rooms. Lots of work but oh so exciting!

  185. Image for Sally Sally

    Wow! The planner looks like It has all kinds of tips and information to decorate and style ones home. I need this....I’m overwhelmed with my home at the moment. Thanks for the informative and step by step guide. It’s almost like you are right there holding my hand!

  186. Image for beverly e beverly e

    Looks great! I could use some help with window treatments, and I see it's in there. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  187. Image for Beth T. Beth T.

    This is a hot topic at our house. I'd probably start in our guest room and then move on to the kitchen. Working with your beautiful planner would make it a joy, I think.

  188. Image for Annette Annette

    I'd love to have a better plan for my living room. I know I'll be changing it soon, but each night I wonder how I'll do it.

  189. Image for Mary Kaiser Mary Kaiser

    I would use it EVERYWHERE! Like can you delivery my prize when I win to Michigan? We could have so much fun and you could totally help me with my house!! Just let me know!! You could stay in the "Blue Room" that is totally done (I think)! Thanks for the contest!!

  190. Image for cyndy destefano cyndy destefano

    I just moved to a new place and am starting over. I have used so many of your ideas to make my new apartment feel like home. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself, your ideas and your inspiration.

  191. Image for Susan A Susan A

    Looking forward to using the book to reconfigure our family room design. Also trying to figure out a better way to use a screened in porch off our deck that I hate!!! Best of luck with the book!

  192. Image for Barb Barb

    I need help! I have a small living room/dining room with too many doors & windows. Furniture placement is a challenge!! I love that your blog is always uplifting! Congratulations on your books! I have the first one, soon to get the new one!

  193. Image for Laura Harrie Laura Harrie

    I will need help with our new home we buy in Flagstaff, AZ. The for sale sign went up yesterday day in CA, I am so excited to decorate a forever home! Will need your help KariAnne!

  194. Image for Megan D Megan D

    My family room over the garage and adjoining bathroom, needs a giant SOS! This is a newly built home and I've never had a "F.R.O.G." before, as they call it here in North Carolina. This transplanted CT Yankee could really use some great ideas! So looking forward to your book and fabulous design ideas! Happy Spring!

  195. Image for Ruth Parrish Ruth Parrish

    I'd love to plan a new kitchen makeover for our retirement home. It is a nice big kitchen but the layout is awkward and in need of a user-friendly makeover. I can't wait to get your book!

  196. Image for Ange Ange

    Karianne, I'm enjoying the videos from the pre-release of the book and hoping to soon dive into the book itself. I would love to do some work on my office/dressing room, so I'll be looking for ideas for that. In this space, the biggest piece of furniture would be the desk, then the file cabinet that the printer and tower set on.

  197. Image for Lauren Peterson Lauren Peterson

    I'd love to redo the garage...It's such a catch-all for everything, and it gets hard to walk in there sometimes.

  198. Image for Alyson Noto Alyson Noto

    Thank you Karianne!! Your planner would be of much help to my never ending rug size dilemma haha And my mother use to head to the other side of town just for Kirklands :)

  199. Image for Cheri Cheri

    It is amazing the things you have done so far with your childhood home and how lucky you were able to buy it back. Can't wait to see what else you do and congratulations on your book.

  200. Image for Vida Vida

    What a lovely home planner! Looks like it's bursting with creative ideas and inspiration! I would use it to help me plan my main floor and laundry room. Thank you for your beautiful blog and for hosting this giveaway!

  201. Image for Suzyque Suzyque

    I need help planning my living room. I loved your previous home and it has been so fun "seeing" you plan this one!

  202. Image for Trudi Trudi

    I’ve started a low-budget kitchen remodel and am a bit stuck how to proceed. I need a brain to pick and a little push. Your book looks lovely!

  203. Image for sandi sandi

    Everything you said is true. That coffee looks weak to me! :-) We Europeans drink ours a bit black & bold. You are so cute. Love your enthusiasm.

  204. Image for Katy B. Katy B.

    I would love some advice on re-doing our master bedroom, closet and bath. Really enjoy reading your blog-thanks for all the tips, ideas, stories and photos. I look forward to each and every post. 😊

  205. Image for Diane Westbrook Diane Westbrook

    OOH....what a wonderful "giveaway" !!! I have wanted to go to Kirklands...and....perhaps, this will be the time to go! I loved the post about the "twins" going to "Morp" I hope they had a wonderful time...and....they are very lucky in that they look just like you! What fun you must have with them...I had five boys and always wanted a girl...Thanks again!!

  206. Image for Ellen Kepas Ellen Kepas

    I love your decorating style, your wonderful stories, and your fun personality! I’m so excited to get your planner! I would use it to plan some changes to my kitchen. I’ve loved all your kitchens so I’m sure the right plan would help me love mine!

  207. Image for Belinda Belinda

    Love this book. I would love some ideas on my bedrooms. We are empty nesters and would like some great ideas for 2 empty bedrooms we currently have.

  208. Image for Karen Moss Karen Moss

    I loved your first book and can't wait to read this one. Everything about your style is calming and balanced. I hope to learn how to achieve more of that balance in my own home from tips in your new book.

  209. Image for Stephanie Hobson Stephanie Hobson

    I bought a copy of your planner for my granddaughter but after seeing it I now want one for myself! Our bedroom is a disaster area and needs all the help it can get. P.S. I'm in McKinney and hope to see you around on the square some day.

  210. Image for NonaCheryl NonaCheryl

    Karianne, would you believe from the front door to the back? Thank you for the opportunity to win these wonderful prizes!

  211. Image for Laura Heggie Laura Heggie

    My Kitchen! It's a small 70s kitchen with odd cabinets hanging so you can't see your guests and doors in the middle of the wall making it difficult to imagine how to remodel the space on a very very very small budget. I can't afford to knock down walls! Sigh

  212. Image for Brenda Brenda

    Just watching the video was inspiring! Maybe you just needed to drink the coffee....everything is better after coffee! :) I'm definitely going to check out the painted molding. Thankyou for the encouragement!

  213. Image for Susan Susan

    I have a brand new house, so most of the rooms could use a little extra "planning," but I'd like my bedroom to be a real, relaxing retreat.

  214. Image for Elaine Heron Elaine Heron

    She waited, and then she waited some more. She knew it would be worth the wait, after all, the comments were a reinforcement of what she was missing. She knew waiting was hard but, this was a wait she found harder than most. The room was ready, also waiting, for the love, the change about to happen. Pencil lines drawn, measurements taken. All were waiting for the moment when it would arrived. Today she wished she lived across the pond, so the waiting would be over. Today they told her another 10-12 days, more waiting, her patience might break, she may get cranky. She hears that still small voice inside her, it said , it will be worth it, trust me. So she waits,

  215. Image for Vikki Crowley Vikki Crowley

    I need to update my bedroom and would love the guidance . I am lucky enough to have Kirklands in my town and visit all the time .

  216. Image for Rebecca Rebecca

    I would like some help with Paint Colors. That is one of my biggest struggles, so any advice in the book would surely be helpful.

  217. Image for Margaret Walker Margaret Walker

    I am really enjoying your book So Close to Amazing. It is funny and inspirational. I need to work on our family room so that's the room I would choose for the new DIY planner.

  218. Image for Melissa Storms Melissa Storms

    I really want to make my bedroom more cozy. I need to plan out my colors and accessories better and I think the planner will help me decide which way I really want to go.

  219. Image for Tim Tim

    Our living room is most in need. My wife is always rearranging our living room. The TV and couches are never in the same spot for more than a few months. She needs some ideas that she can piecemeal together into to something she is satisfied with.

  220. Image for Karen Mary Karen Mary

    Your book looks lovely, and I'm looking forward to using it to remodel a bedroom (for starters). Love coming to your site. Sweet and fresh and inspiring!

  221. Image for Pamela Smith Pamela Smith

    I read the whole planner this weekend! Such great tips! I especially like having the measurements for things like how far your rug should extend from your chairs and high low your chandy can hang down. Thanks for putting it all in one place!

  222. Image for Jackie S Jackie S

    I was so excited when my copy came in the mail! I love it so far and am looking forward to planning now with anticipation and not dread. Thanks for a such a beautiful and inspiring book!

  223. Image for Betty Coleman Betty Coleman

    I enjoy your upbeat posts , I enjoyed your Amazing book , I could relate to so. of many of your experiences . I would love to redo my small bathroom , just to brighten it up . Thank you for sharing your knowledge on the home .

  224. Image for DeAnna DeAnna

    Love the book! The dining room could use some help - especially a new rug under the table...or maybe no rug at all? I need help!

  225. Image for Betty Jo R Betty Jo R

    How to better hang up pictures! I love pictures but get stumped on what size to use and where to hang them.

  226. Image for Sherrie Pfeiffer Sherrie Pfeiffer

    I’d love to know how to personalize a bathroom with accessories that don’t say “matchy bathroom stuff”.

  227. Image for Debbie Cassel Debbie Cassel

    I just discovered your blog and planner through your Proverbs 31 devotional. Our family room/den is in serious need of help - it's stuck in the past! I am looking forward to reading more of your blog for inspiration!

  228. Image for Lori Jones Lori Jones

    My house is small and the space could be better utilized. I would love help in the living room (couch size, rug selection, etc.).

  229. Image for Staci Richard Staci Richard

    Looks like a wonderfully helpful & motivating book that would help corral all my ideas for my home spiraling around in my head & never making their way out! Can't wait to pit it to work❣

  230. Image for nancy s nancy s

    Everything about this book sounds like it would be incredibly helpful. We have a small house with strange sized rooms with features like large windows and strange door placements. Really ready to make it more homey after being in it for a few years now.

  231. Image for Jen Jen

    I'm trying to figure out how to make an open floor plan seem more cozy and a little more sectioned off without closing in.... on a budget! :)

  232. Image for Cameron Cameron

    It would be helpful to be able to use your DIY Planner for our new home! I must have thought we were going to gain hours in our day when we chose a fixer-upper for our new home- LOL. Progress has been so slow!

  233. Image for Tiffany Shanks Tiffany Shanks

    I would love to use your DIY Planner for our new home. My family and I are moving back to the US from living over seas for 10 years. We are starting from scratch since almost our entire life has been wrapped up in overseas missions, and we have nothing in the States. I think we will be buying a house that will need a lot of help and I will have to be creative. I love your blog, you make me smile and bring me joy. Thank you for laughter.

  234. Image for Dee Turk Dee Turk

    I just love you! You always bring his beauty wherever you are, and your encouragement means so much, Thanks for writing this book, such a wonderful resource!

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