If you are stopping by from Hometalk? Welcome! I’m so happy you are here! Looking for leather belt projects? Let’s create together. Here’s a simple DIY idea to hide a distressed table top with leather belts.

There are tons of ideas and projects with leather belts. I’m sharing how to make this table top, but I came up with several other project ideas for leather belts that you can find at the thrift store.

Maybe it was because it was date day.

Maybe because I love thrift store furniture makeovers so much.

Maybe it was because the yellow flowers are blooming all over the meadow on the side of the road before you cross the bridge.

Maybe it was because I was having the best hair day….ever…..in the history of ever.

Whatever the reason.

Whatever the cause.

All the stars aligned and the angels sang the hallelujah chorus in perfect harmony when I entered the thrift store with extraordinarily high hopes…..

….and left with an entire bag of leather belts for $1.



I know.

I’m as amazed as you are.

Who knew there was a place left in the continental United States that sells an entire bag of leather belts for only $1?

That’s cheaper than a diet coke at McDonald’s or tickets to the movies or a seat on the train.

And as the proud owner of a bag of one-dollar leather belts….

…..I had to come up with a project.


Those belts couldn’t just sit in the bag after their brief moment of dazzling glory.

So here’s my entry into the if-I-were-a-leather-belt-what-would-I-want-to-become category…..

….a leather belt table top. 🙂

See even more leather belt projects at the end of the post.

Leather Belt Projects: Leather Belt TableTop


leather belts



Elmer’s ProBond Advanced Glue


Step 1:  Find some belts

Make sure the stars are aligned and you’re having a really amazing hair day.  Then cross your fingers and head for your local thrift store.

Here are a few belts from my $1 bag.

I chose black, but you could also go with tan leather as well.


Step 2:  Cut belts to fit

I mixed up the patterns and textures in a row and decided which belts I wanted where.

Then I simply cut the belts with scissors.

Step 3:  Glue in place

Glue the belt strips in place.

I used Elmer’s ProBond Advanced Glue.

Make sure you lay something heavy on top of the leather as it dries…..so it will dry completely flat.


Here’s what the tabletop looks like after I finished.

And can you believe I made it for $1?

And my wonderful friend? I’m here for all the DIY projects so here are ten creative DIY projects that allow you to repurpose leather belts and create unique pieces for your home:

1. Leather Belt Wall Art:

  • Cut leather belts into various lengths and widths.
  • Arrange the belts in a pattern or design of your choice on a wooden frame or canvas.
  • Secure them with adhesive or nails to create a visually appealing wall art piece.

2. Leather Belt Mirror Frame:

  • Measure the circumference of your mirror.
  • Cut leather belts into strips long enough to wrap around the mirror frame.
  • Attach the belts around the frame using adhesive or small nails.
  • Leave gaps between the belts for an interesting and textured look.

3. Leather Belt Shelf Straps:

  • Choose a wooden shelf or board for your desired length.
  • Cut leather belts into equal-length straps.
  • Attach the straps to the bottom of the shelf, securing them with screws or adhesive.
  • The belts will act as decorative and functional straps to keep items in place on the shelf.

4. Leather Belt Coasters:

  • Cut leather belts into small, circular pieces.
  • Glue or stitch multiple layers together to create a sturdy coaster.
  • Add decorative elements like stitching, stamps, or tooling for a personalized touch.


5. Leather Belt Drawer Handles:

  • Remove existing drawer handles or knobs.
  • Cut leather belts into strips long enough to fit across the width of the drawer.
  • Attach the strips with screws, creating unique and stylish drawer pulls.

6. Leather Belt Table Runner:

  • Measure the length of your table.
  • Cut leather belts into strips and arrange them side by side, covering the length of the table.
  • Secure the strips together using adhesive or stitching.
  • The leather belt table runner adds texture and character to your dining space.

7. Leather Belt Plant Hangers:

  • Cut leather belts into long strips.
  • Create a loop at the top of each strip for hanging.
  • Attach a metal ring or hook to the loop for hanging plants.
  • Hang the plant hangers from a ceiling or wall hook for a rustic and natural touch.

8. Leather Belt Vase:

  • Measure the circumference of your vase.
  • Cut leather belts into strips that wrap around the vase.
  • Start at one end and glue the leather belt around the vase.
  • Keep wrapping and gluing until the vase is covered.

9. Leather Belt Wall Hooks:

  • Cut leather belts into shorter lengths.
  • Fold each belt in half to create a loop.
  • Attach the folded end of the belt to a wooden board or directly onto the wall with screws.
  • The loops can be used as hooks for hanging keys, coats, or other small items.

10. Leather Belt Throw Pillow Accents:

  • Cut leather belts into small, decorative shapes like squares or circles.
  • Attach the leather accents onto plain throw pillows using fabric glue or stitching.
  • The leather belt accents add a rugged and textured element to your pillows.

And if you like these DIYs?

Here are some other trash-to-treasure projects that don’t involve belts:


Let’s keep all these projects between us.

We don’t want the price of thrift store leather goods to skyrocket…..

….because then we’ll all have to tighten our belts. 🙂

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  1. Image for Marisa Franca @ Allourway Marisa Franca @ Allourway

    Great Idea!! I can just picture this -- while you were doing your hair there was an excess of electricity bombarding your brain so that some how some way that creative genius was leading you right . . . . there . . . . to that spot. Ecco!! You found the belts and then your mind started doing that Pacman eating thing until it stopped on the belt table idea. You are truly amazing!! And this for only a $1. Did you do a little twirlly dance when you were done and saw what a treasure you had created ? Big Hugs!!

  2. Image for BrocanteuseRose BrocanteuseRose

    Way to belt it out!!! Tee hee hee oh my so sorry I go carried away with all the belt awesomeness!!!!

  3. Image for Raquel Raquel

    Wonderful! Never would've thought of that on my own! That's why I come here. Could you post a picture of the table from further back, not so up close? I'd like to see how it looks from a far--the whole table. Thanks! Raquel

  4. Image for Regina Regina

    LOVE THIS! Hmmm . . . on the hunt for leather belts . . . . and a table top that is crying out for them . . . Happy Spring (rain, yes, but at least it's finally SPRING!) :)

  5. Image for Cindy in Oklahoma Cindy in Oklahoma

    KariAnne, I've been redoing one of our bedrooms with some denim pillows, etc. and came across an old belt as I was shopping the house.... It just so happens the lampshade in that room doesn't really "fit" the room and I was contemplating replacing it. It's a little shiny when I think it needs to be a little more rustic... The belt! I put it around the shade and whatdyaknow? It's just what that foofy shade needed. The shade gets larger at the base so I used the belt as "trim". It would look even better if I could find one for the top, too, but for now I'm thanking you for making the bell ding in my head today! ;-)

  6. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    Oh, goodness KariAnne ... you are amazing! Did you just squeal w/delight at merely finding the belts, or quickly stash them in your basket ~ thinking someone might "steal them away" if they even guessed that you had just discovered the buy of the year?! And THEN you think of a leather belt table top?! Who does that ... ?! What WILL you create next?! Love the feeling of "expectation" each time your emails arrive ... Kathleen ~ "Treasure" ~ Art & Adornment for You & Your Home!

  7. Image for Katie Goldsworthy Katie Goldsworthy

    So this is what needs to be done with all of those 1980's belts! I love it! Beautiful makeover and a fantastic re-purpose! Thanks for linking it up at Monday Funday!

  8. Image for Deb Hathaway Deb Hathaway

    I'm in AWE. I bow to your creativeness!! A wonderful leather table... for a buck! Who would have guessed it was possible??? I can't wait for a good hair day so I can run to the thrift store and see if the creative fairies shine down on me too! Great project!

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