Disclosure: I was compensated by eBay and Style Coalition for this post. But all Collections and general opinions are 100% mine.


I think it’s already been established that I’m a shopper….

…..especially if you have been following along on my journey to decorate the gatehouse.

And you know that I love a bargain.

And that I’m always looking for inspiration.

And a way to remember what I found.

I’ve been looking for bookshelves and clocks and number signs and polka-dotted bean bags and everything and anything that would be perfect for the gatehouse.

I organized them all into collections over on eBay.

And I named them all with a smile. 🙂



I have a lot of white walls in the gatehouse and I’m planning on creating a gallery wall with white frames and black and white pictures….and I’m going to mix in a sign or two. It’s going to be a combination of vintage and contemporary and artwork and printed canvases.

All together on one wall.

Here’s my sign inspiration collection.

Called (totally appropriately) …..

…..“Sign Me Up.”

The number sign won my heart.

Can you see it next to a hot pink W?


I was also looking for a bookshelf to place on the wall next to the craft room.  I’ve already chosen a white sheepskin rug for the floor and a clean contemporary coffee table mixed with a gray couch in menswear fabric trimmed in white piping with white buttons.

I’m wavering between a rustic industrial look with numbers and the simple clean lines of metal shelving.

So I found a myriad of options and created a Collection called….

…. ”Let’s Shelf This Discussion.”

Did you roll your eyes?  🙂


When I decorated the craft room at the gatehouse, I chose graphic patterns mixed with pops of color. I’m working on a few more accessories in the polka dot family.  You’ve already seen the polka dot rug and the polka dot fabric that I picked out for the craft room.

I think I need a black and white polka dot light switch plate cover to match.

And for random polka-dotted joy inspiration….I created…

….“Sign On the Polka Dotted Line.”

Maybe I need that bean bag, too. 🙂


If you are interested in what I’ve been collecting with the gatehouse in mind…..

…..you can see the rest of my Collections….here.

You can follow along with me….here. #FOLLOWITFINDIT

Fingers crossed……I’m going to be showing the entire gatehouse next week.

I can’t wait for you to see it!

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Disclosure:  I was compensated by eBay and Style Coalition for this post. 

But all Collections and general opinions are 100% mine.

Please see my disclosure policy for more information.


  1. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    Hey, Miz karianne! One....no, two questions.....Do you EVER slow down? And did you find extra hours in the day? I mean, I have a full 24 hours every day but I never seem to get anything very worthwhile accomplished like you do. Sigh.....it is no wonder you are a Rock Star!! I can hardly wait to see that Gatehouse Reveal.

  2. Image for Angela Angela

    I can't wait to see the whole gatehouse! I didn't know Ebay was on the Pinterest bandwagon! I've followed you there too! I promise I'm not stalking! LOL!~~Angela

  3. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    You totally have my curiosity at its peak! I am looking forward to seeing your finished gatehouse. I know it is going to be stunning. Love all the collections and ideas you have selected so far.

  4. Image for Ashley Rane Sparks Ashley Rane Sparks

    Here's what I love about the gate house.... I know you didn't ask but I want to tell you so I'm going to.... Your big house is a beautiful style that's all your own. You have really worked hard to hone your skill in there and it looks absolutely beautiful (in pictures and I'm guessing in person)...the gatehouse is still you, but it's your chance to be a little more whimsical. You are still adding your signature touches...but with a little more whimsy. I love the pops of color that you are using. Bright pinks and oranges along with your usual black and white and taupe etc. It's all very exciting and fun to watch. Your enthusiasm is contagious! Thanks so much for being you and sharing it with the rest of us. Keep rockin'! Ashley Rane Sparks www.makeitrane.com

  5. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Yes, I did roll my eyes...but I had to stop...I was getting dizzy! Those titles are so clever! Can't wait to see what you've been working so hard on...I just think you are having Too. Much. Fun!! ;)

  6. Image for Diana W. Diana W.

    So. Danged. Excited!!! Can not wait to see the Gatehouse Reveal. 'The Gatehouse' sounds so Downton Abbiesh to me....and yes. Yes I do realize that I randomly make up words. Now you know how my poor husband feels....

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