Did you know that you signed up for the “unlimited question” plan?


It’s in the fine print.

As an official reader of this blog, you have access to the “unlimited question” feature.

You see, on the “unlimited question” plan….questions are limitless.

As in, without limit.


For example, if you happen to be reading this post about the guest bedroom and you wanted to know where I got that rug.

You simply click here.

And I’ll be all like….it came from a yard sale.  For $1.00.

What can I say?

That’s how yard sales roll in Kentucky.

Or if you wanted to ask me a question about where I got that chair.

You simply click here.

And I’ll be all like….I got it a thrift store.

Or the trash.

Or whichever came first.

Or if you saw this picture of the guest bedroom.

And you saw those tags on the baskets.

And you needed some tags just like them.

You simply click here.

And I will be all like….I got them at an ETSY shop….

…and hope that you didn’t ask me which one because I don’t remember.

But if you did ask me which ETSY shop….I would remember that you had the “unlimited question” plan.

And I would go and find out where I ordered them from.

Just for you.

A plan is a plan, after all.

Now, just one thing I forgot to mention.

The fine print also states that all questions regarding the previous mentioned “hot dog pot pie” are off the table.

It’s a secret family recipe.

Enough said.


  1. Image for Linda Adams Linda Adams

    Question...When can I spend the night? You did say that was the guest bedroom, right? I'm going to check out the contents of the baskets now. Have a super week! Joyous Wishes, Linda

  2. Image for Beverly Beverly

    I love the impact of the cool blues with all of the white. A perfect guest room - charming, inviting and relaxing.♥ Hot dog pot pie - and you know how we were all dreaming that you were going to share.

  3. Image for Samantha Samantha

    Love the guest room and especially the plan. Now how about those drapes and the awesome W pillow? So pretty. Did you sew those yourself or buy in an Kentucky yardsale too? ;-)

  4. Image for Tam Tam

    Love the Guest bedroom. My daughter moved out recently and I was able to re-do her room in shabby chic style. Hope to get pics up soon. I am going to follow you through Bloglovin! Love your writing and style!

  5. Image for andrea cammarata andrea cammarata

    gorgeous room -- fits me to a T!!!! and if that chair came that way in all of it's blue pinstripe glory and it was in the trash -- i think this jersey girl just might hop on a "horse" to Kentucky!!! : ) hugs...

  6. Image for SheilaG SheilaG

    Hmmm, I like the plan I unknowingly signed up for. So, here's a question- wanna' sell that $1 rug? :) I seriously love this room- your combination of blue patterns & white textures makes me wanna go redo a room. So, another question- wanna' help? :)

  7. Image for kim kim

    Karianne, I am so glad you have my room ready. Packing my bags. So get ready. I know I will be gazing upon your home in a magazine or book before long. This room is another amazing one. Love the blue and white and the perfect styling on the bookcases. Oh, and the floors and the wonderful plaque above the bed and on and on and on.

  8. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    OK..$1..? Did you read the fine print of the yard sale contract?? I know first hand about the "fine print" as I have been a victim of "your fine print" ...you are truly a most gracious and generous blogger..You are quick to answer questions and "lend a hand with a magnifying glass" to help me "read the fine print".. Do your guests ever want to leave that beautiful room? Every inch is so graciously done! As always, a great and beyond funny post!

  9. Image for Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers

    I like that plan! Question.....did I ever tell you I am happy you are back blogging? Hugs, Penny

  10. Image for Jen (Arriving) Jen (Arriving)

    Are you seriously telling me that you snagged that $300 rug for $1? I was just looking at braided rugs the other day because I fell in love with your big blue one of the other rooms... I nearly had a heart attack. $1 huh? I need to come to Kentucky. Sadly it's a smidge too far for a quick road trip. Luckily, you deserve it for being so sweet, kind, and generous with your "voice" and your time. Loving your guest room (we gave up a guest room in favor of no rear neighbors, it was a good trade but I sure miss having one from time to time.) Now I need to paint something blue...

  11. Image for Sherry Sherry

    What a fresh bedroom with the blue, white and wicker. I'm thinking if that's how yard sales roll in Kentucky, then you need to have me over for a yard saling foray this summer...I can stay in this pretty bedroom. I won't be a bother, really!

  12. Image for sherry sherry

    Thanks so much for the unlimited plan I never knew...by the way I would trade you your guest bedroom for my master bedroom any time. You did a beautiful job!

  13. Image for Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    If that's how your Kentucky gals roll - I need to come on down! Of course, then I'd be showing up with bag in hand at your doorstep! Why are you here, you'd ask. For the $1 yard sales and that hot dog pie, I'd say! That's what you get for showing us such a cozy guest room! Kelly

  14. Image for Andrea Andrea

    Adore your bright, fresh, blue and white guest room. As an aside, oh Thrifting Goddess, if ever you want to teach a Canadian girl your thrifty ways, I would be more than open to learning. I really am a good student. You have a talent! ps double your money....I'll give ya $2 for your fab rug =)

  15. Image for Sandy Sandy

    wow,what a beautiful room!! I want to be a guest. Ca. doesn't have yard sales like that at all. It is hard to find a bargain anywhere here but if you do hold on to it LOL. Can't wait for the next post have a super week. Sandy

  16. Image for dee dee dee dee

    Oh the fun we would have hitting the garage sales together... Is that beautiful guest room avaliable for pop ins??????? you must have gathered and sold off the dust bunnies for the photo shoot! Many smiles.... (and I guess questions....) Dee Dee

  17. Image for dormouse dormouse

    I'm glad you're joining in my giveaway...& I'd be honoured to be featured! Surprised, as I didn't get that far with my challenge but truly honoured. Thank you!

  18. Image for Anne Anne

    I'm moving to Kentucky!! $1???? and it looks in great shape, too! and that chair is fabulous. Sigh, all I ever get is old wood doors and old light fixtures, but at least they're all free - wanna swap??? Maybe we should visit each other and partake of the local fare and then truck our treasures home again :-O !! Maybe we should start a "bloggers swap homes" feature and vacation by hitting yard sales and dumpsters! Maybe this is my new business! Maybe I should just go back to work now... Love your home! xox

  19. Image for Lisa Lisa

    You are so funny! A breath of fresh air in blogland! I love your style! xo -Lisa P.S. When is your next "impossible" link party? I promise I will link up!

  20. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Weird, ...my budgetdesigngirl.blogspot.com link did not show up just now On the comment, so I am back to try and fix it on the form. Hope your having a great Monday! Mine's been crazy so far! xo -Lisa

  21. Image for Jo-Anne Jo-Anne

    What a pretty room but I would expect nothing less you have such a pretty home....... Question what do the little tags say on the baskets, my guess would be they tell you what is in the basket

  22. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    I love your guest room! Blue and white is so serene! What a perfect place for guest to relax! I just love the sweet reminder above your bed!

  23. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Hi Karianne, I love the painted light blue floor, it's gorgeous. The rug and the whole room as a whole, the shelves with the baskets, the white coverlet and the sweet blue and white chair all work together to make a lovely place for someone to spend some very relaxing time. You create such beautiful rooms! And thanks so much for answering my questions! Hugs, Cindy

  24. Image for Sandi Sandi

    Love seeing a new post from you because I know I am going to visit, enjoy some beauty and leave smiling (and sometimes laughing)!! Love your blog!

  25. Image for Debbie refreshrestyle Debbie refreshrestyle

    I have no questions, just request: send me that pillow with the "W" on it and the rug. If y'all roll like that in Kentucky~I'm sure you can find replacements for them :) And if you don't send them, you may find me living in this guest room, cause I love it! Have a great day and hurry on up to UPS with my stuff :) Debbie

  26. Image for Heidi Heidi

    What a gorgeous guestroom! The curtains are splendid, the blues you chose and the crisp white. It looks so restful. It must be lovely to be a guest in your home. Especially if you introduce you guests to the joys of Kentucky yard sales ;)

  27. Image for Connie Lenden Connie Lenden

    Your blog is so interesting and full of idea's ! I have looked all over for a crate like the one in my blog picture. I could really have fun redoing it. Don't you love the caster's ? Aren't there a lot of talented people blogging these days ? Thanks for your comment, and next time I'd love you to sign on. I do know it is so much easier to do Google Reader or email these days. Have a good week, Connie

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