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Do you ever think about how surreal blogging is sometimes?

I mean here we are….writing our thoughts and our dreams and our aspirations down for others to read.  As bloggers, with each post, we provide a glimpse into our lives through our blogs.  So when we write about our fears and our projects and our stories and our great highs and our great lows.….

….we leave a piece of ourselves for others to see.

And the incredible thing is this:


We do it all with only the written word.



26 characters and a stray symbol or two.


We can’t rely on word inflection or facial gestures or hand-waving or a raised voice at the end of a question or a laugh when something is funny or a smile when something is witty or a sigh when something touches your heart.


Just words.

That’s all.

When you think about it like that….isn’t it truly amazing?


 photo credit:  Jennifer DiGuglielmo Photograpy


I think the day I realized that all I had were words to communicate with……was the day I became a lowercaser.

You see, I was writing all these e-mails to other bloggers and I wanted to find a way to show them how important I thought they were.  How much I absolutely treasured the fact that they had taken a moment out of their busy day to send me a note of encouragement or a note of thanks, or even a suggestion or two.


I wanted them to know much I appreciated that they had taken the time….for me.


So I started signing my e-mails….karianne… lowercase letters.

Now I know it’s silly.  It even seems silly to me as I write this and I wish I had a smile or a nod or some other random non-verbal cue from you to let me know that you see through the silliness to the piece of my heart that I am trying to express to you with only these 26 simple characters.

By lowercasing, I didn’t want the focus to be on me.  I wanted to communicate to that blogger or commenter or reader that I thought they were better than a chocolate ice cream sundae with seven toppings and whipped cream with a cherry on top.

They were number one.

And what they had to say was so important….that for a brief moment in time I wanted to take a back seat and let their voice shine through.


 photo credit:  Jennifer DiGuglielmo Photograpy

I didn’t want to make a big deal about it.

A little choice from the heart.

Just a simple thing, really.

But it’s my simple thing.

My little way of communicating something without saying a word.


But I know.

I know.

I know that you are important and your thoughts and dreams and questions and comments that you share with me are so important, too.

Each and every one of them.

Thanks friend.


blessings from your lowercasing blogger,



PS  BTW…my oldest son told me he was too shallow of a reader for a post like this and he hoped I would get back to something funny tomorrow.  Seriously? 🙂

PPS  The pictures and beautiful photography from this post were taken by an incredible friend and wonderfully talented photographer, Jennifer DiGuglielmo.   She always, always, always makes my heart smile.  Stop by her site for even more inspiration.

PPPS  Derby week continues.  Stop by over and visit Carmel over at Our Fifth House for more Derby fun!



  1. Image for Lorraine Lorraine

    It is amazing isn't it? How powerful words are...marriages made and dissolved, wars begun and ended, faith restored and lost........don't let your son read this....he may have to go lie'll be funny tomorrow, a girl can only do so much..... Blessings, Lorraine

  2. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns my book...YOU ARE DEFINITELY UPPERCASE!!!.... UPPERCASE in a sometimes world of lowercase...always taking the UPPERCASE road... You my friend, are the definition of UPPERCASE because you are kind, thoughtful and generous in every are the an UPPERCASE soul...

  3. Image for Noelle Noelle

    Karianne you are the SWEETEST blogger ever!!! Seriously taking the time to respond to all these comments and emails!!! I know how special I felt to get your sweet responses!!! You are definitely UPPERCASE!!!! God bless!!!!!

  4. Image for Anne Presley Anne Presley

    uppercase - lowercase - I really think it is all about what you do for others - also are you sure there are 26 letters - better check with Denton. Enjoy your day and continue to spread some sonshine - I know I am blessed by you.

  5. Image for lynn lynn

    this post tugs at my heart--i LOVE lowercase, don't ever use uppercase:) but,--i just do it cuz its faster:) great writing, karianne!

  6. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Your son had me laughing aloud with his take on this, karianne. Your communication is perfect to me, and I do envision your facial expressions and hand gestures as I read. You make it come to life. I have a "thing" about my name. Some people would probably think it is silly, but I am Beverly - not Bev. I have always been Beverly. Who is Bev anyway? I don't know her. I always look around when someone refers to Bev to see where she is. And, then my toes kind of curl up and I get that tingly feeling in my jaw that you get when you taste something sour. I'm done now. Signed, Beverly

  7. Image for Jen (Arriving) Jen (Arriving)

    I sign my name (cursive) in lower case.... but mostly because I never liked what cursive upper case J's and F's look like! Ha! I love the reason behind your lower cases.... :-)

  8. Image for Kelly @ DTTDidc Kelly @ DTTDidc

    Funny, our "thing" on our blog is to use all lowercase letters for our titles and headers (with a few exceptions). We did it so that incorporating capital double Ts (TT, which is our logo) into words stands out. But I do like the look of all lowercase - much better than all uppercase, which looks like yelling. Although I have to admit that the English major in me cringes just a little bit when I don't put caps where they should be ;-)

  9. Image for everton terrace everton terrace

    I use lowercase in my blog titles, just a preference for me, not nearly as much thoughtfulness as you :) I think of it kind of like a whisper I suppose. Your son's comment made me chuckle. I never thought about the fact we only have 26 letters to combine up for communicating. How can we possibly have so many words? It's amazing really, now that you've got me thinking about it. Hey, I've got a giveaway going on so stop by if you have a minute or two :)

  10. Image for the salvage collection the salvage collection

    isn't it funny how we connect through words and images? no tone, no interruptions, no stuttering. who'd a thunk it?

  11. Image for Gina Gina

    I'm a lowercase signer most times, too. I get it. i so get you. That's why I keep coming back to check in on you. You have a wonderful way of expressing in words what most of us feel. Your words are just an affirmation that we are not totally nuts! or maybe we are? Knowing you have a preteen son just makes me feel even more connected since I have one, too. He leaves tomorrow at 5:30am on a field trip to Sea World, Orlando. Four hours away. Kinda nervous! ---gina

  12. Image for

    You always have a way with words. Uppercase, or lowercase, it matters not to us! Your words are always filled with meaning! We love that you show us a piece of the real you with each and every post! Beautiful photography, and a lovely frame! Can't wait to see where you put it! Your son's comment made me chuckle! He is funny like his Mama! We like the funny you, and the introspective you! Great post! xo-Lisa

  13. Image for Marian Marian

    karianne, once again you've snagged our hearts! I have always been known to family and friends as "m," so how fun for me to read your lovely reason for using lowercase, and you certainly do make us all feel special. Mine simply has always been that way, Grandma was big M and I am little m, and I never saw a need or a desire to change it, it just became my way of giving a little more affection in a sign-off for those who know me, and now you do :) I must say too you have the most delightful readers and their messages often make my day ALMOST (UPPERCASE warranted :) as much as your blog. Have the most wonderful of days! m PS Love your boy, he says what he thinks and obviously has a great sense of humor (as others noted, like his mama), but don't tell him that or he might pass out.

  14. Image for joanne nixon joanne nixon

    i have been using lowercase for a long time.....i just never knew why. i like it better than uppercase. uppercase is just that .. upper. to me it is so much easier and more comfortable to use it. welcome to lowercase, it is a fine place to be.....

  15. Image for Jo-Anne Jo-Anne

    Yes we express a lot with our words it is amazing how we can relate to people with nothing but the written word, you karianne are amazing and you have this truly awesome blog

  16. Image for Michele Michele

    YOU are so cute. I love your talented writing. Your son is funny. You know it is funny, for days like that I have - for years- just signed an M for my name. I get what you're saying big time. xxoo m.

  17. Image for Mary Mary

    you are such a precious treasure, friend. there may only be a mere 26 letters, but man, can i ever feel the love coming through them. xo

  18. Image for Mrs. C Mrs. C

    lowercase with lipstick! It's a perfect combination! Love this post! It's amazing how people can connect through blogging. People who don't blog just don't understand. I always love stopping by here to hang out with you and your pretty blog! It makes me feel like I had a chance to get out of the house and stop by for a visit w/ a new friend who just moved into the neighborhood. You do have a way with words! Thanks for sharing your heart today! Are you a hugger? If so-hugs to you!!!

  19. Image for Linda @ My Crafty Home Life Linda @ My Crafty Home Life

    I think about blogging all the time. Mostly, how silly it seems sometimes....and then you get a comment from a lovely person, like you! I see the count, I know people are viewing....what are they thinking? Will they come back tomorrow? Will I still blog tomorrow? It's crazy fun! On my way over to check out Derby Week

  20. Image for laurie laurie

    i'm with ya, karianne! i'm a lowercase gal, too ~ but i never quite realized why i was and what it revealed about me. this was truly an interesting and revealing post! :) with love from your fellow lowercase friend ~~ laurie

  21. Image for Cindy Cindy

    I must say, dear karianne, that you make very good use of those 26 letters. You write very well, and I'm so glad I found your blog, or you found mine, I don't rightly recall how it happened, just glad it did. I love your house and your way of writing. Hugs, cindy

  22. Image for Barbara F. Barbara F.

    I was reading a book today and thinking about how amazing it is that so much can be communicated with relatively few letters. If you stop and think about it it's really magical. Your post today had a bit of that magic in it. Beautifully expressed!

  23. Image for Diane Diane

    You are an upper case gal in my book Karriane! I would make it all caps but my daughter would then ask me why I am yelling at you. LOL. Thanks for being such a sweet and considerate blogging friend. diane

  24. Image for andrea cammarata andrea cammarata

    you are UPPERCASE in my book -- but i have to say we share the lowercase signature -- it's funny because i do the same thing -- even though i do write in lower case most of the time -- i ALWAYS put the capital in from of everyone's name but not mine -- seem we are kindred spirits in type! sending yo tons of hugs! : ) my friend -- you are surely SPECIAL!!!!

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