Is it wrong?

Is it wrong that I arrived from the Haven Conference in Charleston at 7:30 last night on two wheels?

Is it wrong that I tossed my purse on the counter and grabbed the artwork that I had been waiting on for the front living room mantel that my husband picked up for me from the framing department when I was gone and immediately took off the plastic and hung it on the wall and rearranged all the living room accessories in five minutes?

Is it wrong that I woke up with the sun to photograph this room to put it on the blog just so you could see it?

Is it wrong how much I missed talking to all of you while I was gone?

Because truly?

If it’s wrong?

I don’t want to be right.

Here’s a close-up of the artwork.

Remember the story behind this room?  Remember the before?  Remember when we all got together and had coffee and chose the fabric for the curtains for this space and I told you all that I had found this artwork on etsy and that it came rolled up as a canvas and that I had to take it to the framers to get it stretched?

Here it is.

(total aside:  can you tell how happy I am to be writing this post today that I’m typing sentences with 245 characters?)


Here’s the mantel with the overall view of the new piece of art.

Doesn’t it look amazing?

I love how it ties all the colors in the room together.

Can you see why I dropped my purse?

Can you see why I didn’t even stop for water?

Can you see why I had to immediately hang it on the wall?

I’ve never had a canvas stretched before.

It was super easy.

It came rolled up in a tube.  I unrolled it and took it to Hobby Lobby to the framing department and they brought out a selection of wood stretcher frames for me to choose from.  I selected one.  They ordered it and then they stretch the canvas over the frame.

When my husband picked it up from the framers he wanted to make sure it was the right one.

“It’s the oversized vase full of flowers, right?” he said.

“What?” I asked him.

“Flowers?  It’s not flowers.  It’s an abstract painting.”

So he sent me a picture.  It was the right artwork and I was so happy that he was picking it up for me that I told him I saw flowers, too.

I guess that’s the thing about art.

Some people see rain.

Some people see an explosion of color.

Some people see flowers.

I’m just happy to have the art on my wall.

I’m just happy to be home.

I’m just happy to have this blog and write it every day and share my heart.

And I’m happy sometimes I’m so wrong…

…that I’m right. 🙂

PS  Summer decorating tip.

I just bought this vase from Target from Joanna’s line.

All it needs is a little sprig from the yard to bring a little summer in.

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  1. Image for BrocanteuseRose BrocanteuseRose

    Your living room is gorgeous! It looks like it belongs in the Southern Living magazine!!!!! Perfect place for the perfect glass of sweet tea! :)

  2. Image for DeAnna DeAnna

    The canvas is stunning in your beautiful room...brings it all together! My life isn't the same when you're not on the blog! :)

  3. Image for Misty Misty

    Karianne, I LOVED meeting you at Haven! You are so inspiring. I giggled when I read your post for a couple of reasons. One, I could HEAR you reading it in my head with all your positive energy. #youaresoextra And secondly, because as I look at my house after returning from Haven, I cannot see the floor or the kitchen table. The floor is covered in travel paraphernalia/bags and my table is covered with all the fun stuff I collected from Haven. My daughter kindly dug through all of it and arranged it on my table. I cannot even see the laundry room. #itssotrashed No one has ever accused me of packing light. The prettiest part of my kitchen is the island, covered with fresh veggies from my garden. It was such a pleasure to meet you and your beautiful spirit. I <3 Thistlewood Farms. XOXOX

  4. Image for Renae Renae

    Girl, you need a pink pillow in there. Somewhere. Or a pink ceramic animal on a bookshelf. Or perhaps it's coral? Faded red? Whatever it is... Your room is stunning. I would never leave. So I guess you better never invite me in if I show up at your place.

  5. Image for Leslie R Leslie R

    I just LOVE it! I see an explosion of color AND a vase of flowers. Perfect choice. So glad you couldn't wait to hang your painting and share. Missed you.

  6. Image for Tressa Tressa

    Karianne, you are precious! I had to chuckle, as I’m just like that when I get something new that I love. Now way could I go to sleep with that beauty just waiting to be admired. Your lining room is gorgeous!

  7. Image for Donna G. Donna G.

    Karianne, everything single detail is perfect in this room. This gorgeous piece of art just tops it off perfectly. Who is the artist on Etsy? I’d love to look at his/her work. I’m glad your happy self is back, as you always make smile! 💙💚💙💚💙💚

  8. Image for Marty Oravetz Marty Oravetz

    I love this room and the art is perfect. I also love that you are adding a few contemporary pieces to your home.

  9. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    AWE-SOME!!! I've been waiting for this post to show up. So!!! Can you tell I love it? This room is sooo wonderful. The picture is perfect. You did it...again! You're amazing!!! :D ❤

  10. Image for Sonya Sonya

    Your room is stunning!! It was such a pleasure meeting you at Haven. I learned so much from you and I just love your heart for helping others. Thank you!!

  11. Image for RW RW

    Nice post, Karianne. The canvas quite makes the room. Fun to see you so excited. And very RIGHT. :) [ For me, I have worked long and hard for more than two decades at the habit of post-trip "wrap up." My whole family (of 3) has the habit now. We always -- almost always -- unload the car immediately on arrival, even if it's in the early hours of the morning! Yes, believe it! Everyone does it willingly without thinking; it's a minor miracle. We find a home for everything, empty all the luggage unless we're leaving again in a day or so (for real), or at least get it to our bedrooms, send the dirty clothes bags into the laundry room at least, empty coolers and get all fresh food into fridge. We may have piles the next day, but it's not total chaos. And having said all that, I would have done exactly what you did if I had such an exciting package arrive while I was away! The joy of waking up the next morning to see such a beauty in the morning light the first time will be a glow to remember. Congrats! ]

    1. Image for RW RW

      p.s. I think I learned something from your choice of artwork. I am realizing I tend to ignore the colors of my books -- every color in the world and oodles in most every room -- when I see a color palette for a room. In contrast, you even wrap your books to stay within your color palette, or turn them up on edge. And have repeated the color in your artwork. ( Well, to me, as photographed in this light, the pink/coral of the painting is picking out a myriad of bounces around the room -- in books, woodwork, and even in the lighter shades of the wood in the logs in the fireplace. ) An eye-opener technique or concept for me. I just don't think like a designer. But I would like to know if you would choose to go the route of adding in the pink pillows as suggested above in another comment, and if so, your thinking? I find the effect as is very subtle and just right, subliminal and the painting more exciting because of it. ( The subtlety is why I noticed there were NOT those obvious pillows or accessories, yet the color seemed to be echoed and bounce. I studied it to realize the color is in other more subtle places in the room, as far as I can see. I may have it all wrong. ) Would appreciate knowing -- would more in the pink/coral colorway help or be too much? Does it depend on the feeling you want evoked? Thoughts? And thanks for such a lovely interlude to the day! :)

  12. Image for Janice Paschal Janice Paschal

    It’s only wrong if you didn’t stop first to give your husband a kiss for his help. 😜 Love the room and the color you have introduced. The artwork looks very happy above your mantle.

  13. Image for Cristie Cristie

    Would you pour me a glass of iced tea? I’ll be right over to sit and bask in the beauty of your living room .... and stare at the “Flowers” ...😀

  14. Image for Trudy Trudy

    Great job, beautiful picture. I too see flowers. I would be just like you, have pictured the results in my mind and would have placed the picture ASAP to get the planned result. Welcome home!

  15. Image for Cynthia Nessel Cynthia Nessel

    KariAnne, I agree the canvas really ties The Who room together. It looks beautiful. I had the most blessed time at Haven. I feel so grateful for having finally met you in person and omg I got so much stuff! I’m still stumped at the fact that you were my mentor. Are you sure you didn’t pick me?? Miss you already!

  16. Image for Maureen Maureen

    Oh Karianne, I love this picture so much. Great choice. I am an abstract artist and for me, the bigger the canvas, the more color the better.. Looooooove it!

  17. Image for Jill Jill

    So happy you are embracing color, my friend. You did neutrals so well that I’ve followed along for years (even though I am not a lover of neutrals), and now that you’re adding color to your spaces, the sky is the limit. Total aside: the reference to blue skies was intentional.

  18. Image for Denise Cox Denise Cox

    KariAnne... It's your BFF from the Eastern Shore of MD. reporting in... I'm giving you two wks. notice.... I'm in love with this living room.. and so.. I have decided.. with heavy heart... 😫.. to leave the Chesapeake Bay way of life... and come live with you... However, lucky for you, I abhor the heat, and so, guess I'll be staying here for a while.. 😚 Really, I adore your home! You are blessed!! Take care...

  19. Image for Rhonda Rhonda

    Perfect -- the tiny touch of red, pink, and purple that the vase of flowers provides. (Yes, I saw flowers, too!). Such a lovely, tranquil room!

  20. Image for David David

    Congratulations on all your wrong rightness! That painting is terrific - both as a piece of art and a unifying decorating statement. Well done! Actually, I think you've wrongrighted yourself perfectly into a beautiful room and home and family and blog and, lets just say it, world domination (but in a graceful, non-scary way)!

  21. Image for Susan Ronnfeldt Susan Ronnfeldt

    Every time I look at your living room I love it more! I just cannot imagine how it must be to actually live there! It is so lovely!!! The blue is just so right in there! And your artwork above the mantel is the perfect finishing touch! I love your style and you. Thank you for being you, KariAnne.

  22. Image for Richella Parham Richella Parham

    Oh, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. The understated subtlety of classic blue and white meets the bold vibrancy of abstract art. A match made in heaven, just like you and your husband! Welcome home! :)

  23. Image for Kathy Kathy

    I loved the white room but I also love this new room with a bit of blue! It is relaxing and a place to enjoy!! No more color!! It is perfect!!! Just Perfect!! Love love it!!

  24. Image for Deborah L Pelton Deborah L Pelton

    You are so overfilled with enthusiasm that we lucky readers get your overkill to soak up and go forward with our own joy! Thank you first for that! Next, I too love your artwork and I also love etsy. You have an amazing eye for color and scale. So fun to watch and hear your thought process. I love how you really think things through. You, Karianne, are a joy to know!

  25. Image for Michelle Michelle

    I'm so happy you're back and sharing your heart too! The abstract is absolutely beautiful, however anyone interprets it, but I think its so sweet that you professed to see flowers too for your hubby's sake :-) I love how it reflects all the colors in the room! My taste in art is like my taste in music -- a very wide range that might confuse others, but complete harmony and bliss to me. I so would have opened it immediately, too! I can imagine every time you walk into that room, you smile...and so does everyone else.

  26. Image for Leila Jane Leila Jane

    Hi Karianne ~ I love those blue and white striped chairs and the blue rug and now the painting! I'm so glad that blue is coming back into design favor again. I've missed it! Your living room looks so beautiful and pulled together now. I love it!

  27. Image for Sharon Sharon

    Well, please tell your husband that while I knew it was an abstract piece, I too saw a vase with big flowers on the right side. So if he is crazy, so am I! HA! It is a beautiful piece and it perfect in your living room and pulls it all together. Great choice and I wouldn't have waited to hang it either.

  28. Image for Debbie zambardi Debbie zambardi

    Please share the artist name and name of the beautiful artwork. I LOVE it and as the saying goes "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" I've been waiting for the perfect piece to hang over my newly re-decorated bedroom and YOU found it.

  29. Image for Nancy Nancy

    i am always inspired by your creativity and great taste. When looking at your room, I see a lovely place to live. Just a suggestion, When you come home next time from an event, it should be a home to love in. You should have went right to bed with your hubby and snuggled. Today, you should rest. Do not burn yourself out. Spend a relaxing day with your beautiful family.

  30. Image for Peggy Z Peggy Z

    I just love this room more and more! Is it the blue, each new layer or you, the Rock Star? Maybe some of all. This what my living room wants to be so bad. Maybe some day. Don’t know how I missed the selection of the curtains, but I approve. So glad you are home. I’ve missed these blog posts.

  31. Image for AnnTN AnnTN

    Add me to the list that sees flowers. Even before you mentioned your husband seeing flowers, I saw flowers. I love the painting/canvas.

  32. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    I don't like abstract paintings--but this one I do! I ties the room together and gives you something to ponder (and I see flowers in a vase.) Love what you have done!!! One year I will get to Haven and introduce my crazy self!!!

  33. Image for Sue Sue

    Your living room is so beautiful! I've enjoyed seeing the color transformation from white with a touch of gold to blue and white. But the it's a large room with only two small lamps.. Doesn't that make it dim at night?

  34. Image for Jana Perry Jana Perry

    Longtime reader, first time comment-er! I'm brave enough today to say - Did you fall asleep on the sofa gazing at that lovely new painting like a Christmas tree?!? Did you wake up and it was the first thing you saw in the morning light? Just sounded like you...thank you for being a ray of sunshine, lady! Keep on shinin'!


    Your Living Room is absolutely amazing! Your art work over your mantel is beautiful and was the perfect piece for your room! Enjoy! Happy to have you back from Haven! KariAnne, I'm sure you were a real blessing to all the gals who were there! Blessings!

  36. Image for Debbie Zinser Debbie Zinser

    It looks beautiful but I think you should paint the inside of the two bookcases the same color as the one by the fireplace, it would set them off so well. I'm a huge blue and white person and most of my house is in that color scheme. Keep the inspiration coming!!

  37. Image for Sherri M Sherri M

    I always have to use the bathroom when I walk in the door but my bladder could have been bursting and knowing that beautiful piece was waiting to be hung would have been far more important. Which probably would have totally been the wrong decision lol Seriously this room is gorgeous. Love the vase too.

  38. Image for Gina Gina

    Died!!!!!...“Flowers? It’s not flowers. It’s an abstract painting.” Ahhh, it's good to be home, Karianne, when you're coming home to that! I hadn't seen you on the blog for a bit and guess it must be Haven time. I'm sure you rocked it in Charleston.

  39. Image for Ann C Ann C

    You mentioned having to choose a wood for the frame of the canvas. Why? Can you explain the different woods and why you chose what you chose? It’s hidden, you don’t see it once the canvas is stretched over it so I’m curious as to what and why. Thank you. Love this room. And your family room.

  40. Image for Judy Judy

    Fabulous piece of art. I loved stretched canvas art work. All kidding aside, I saw flowers when I first saw the print.

  41. Image for Barbara Moore Barbara Moore

    ABSOLUTELY STUNNING, my friend. Every single thing. But those sparkly eyes that see beautiful flowers instead of blobs of color? Best part. Can't wait to hear about Haven.

  42. Image for Sandi Sandi

    I know you read each and every comment, so I feel like I'm having tea with you! (Just not sweet tea for me!) I absolutely love that room. I just want to come in and sit down and laugh with you. I hear your laugh right now (from your webinars when I bought your latest book). I only hope that some day my house will be a reflection of myself like yours is of you. Doesn't hurt to have a drop dead gorgeous house! Thanks for all the journeys you invite us along on and we are all waiting for the next one! xoxoxo

  43. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    Oh my goodness! It totally makes the room! Perfect! I love all the pretty blues in your room. And the artwork? It adds that little something extra that really makes it shine! Welcome home. hugs, Cecilia PS My living room came alive too. Thank you! And be on the lookout for your painting!

  44. Image for Betty in Arlington Betty in Arlington

    Oh happy lady! Your room is inspiring and makes me happy! That's what you want, right?I'm wondering how to make my living room more happy, too! I just dodged a bullet - basel cell carcinoma diagnosis and half my nose off - with skin grafts and stitches - I'll look different but will be blessed it wasn't worse! Enjoy your beautiful room - and I have the joy of light in every room, too!! Love God's creation!

  45. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Gorgeous! Just like you! Hope you had a good time while you were gone! Welcome back, missed my morning coffee break :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I see flowers too!

  46. Image for Dianne Miley Dianne Miley

    Beautiful! Confession: I’ve never been a fan of abstact art. This painting makes me rethink that! (And tell hubby, I see flowers too! Which I love, by the way!) Loved meeting you, Karianne! And for the record, we were in Charleston. Teehee. You’re tired. I know. I was tired and I slept in my own bed every night! Thank you SO MUCH for referring your readers to Haven. I would have never known about it, if not for you. And I learned A LOT!!! My head is spinning with ideas. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! (And the personal meeting was THE BEST. You are awesome.) Love ya!

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Elaine, Here's the listing on Etsy with the front view of the painting: Hope this helps! Happy day! karianne

  47. Image for Donna Donna

    Gorgeous room,and I love blue, so it certainly is appealing to me ! I am glad you choose to add the blue to your already beautiful white room,as I loved it as well. Love the art work,and at first I see flowers ,and then on looking again at it hanging on your wall....... I see the cutest puppy face looking over his or her shoulder....... and now I see another..... I love art work that makes your eyes wander and really really look at the piece ! I love it !

  48. Image for Lprri Lprri

    Karianne you are not wrong at all. 😆 I love your is so happy looking.You just want to smile when you look at it. It completes the room.

  49. Image for Carol@BlueskyatHome Carol@BlueskyatHome

    KariAnne, it was great to see you at Haven even though we didnt get to visit much. The Lamps Plus dinner was awesome and thanks so much for the invite. Now the most important question. Where did you order the canvas art? It’s just beautiful and a wonderful focal point for the mantle. Thanks girlfriend.

  50. Image for Jean Jean

    Oh my goodness your room is gorgeous and I’m not even a big fan of blue! The artwork is stunning and I see flowers too!

  51. Image for PJ PJ

    Isn't it amazing how much joy comes from having a lovely room? Your living room is bright and welcoming, qualities I strive for in my own home. By the way, those baskets on the lower shelf of your coffee table are just the right touch of texture needed there. Have a glorious day, KariAnne!

  52. Image for Anna McWilliam Anna McWilliam

    Love your room and the painting ........... But ! ........... I think the painting is hung too high , needs to be lower down nearer the mantelpiece. Anyone else feel it ?

  53. Image for sarah sarah

    Beautiful! Where are those pin striped chairs from?! I was going to get slipcovers made for mine- but buying new ones might be easier :). THANK YOU!!!!!

  54. Image for Jacki Jacki

    Love the painting! And love how your living room has come together. What color did you paint your walls? Thanks, Jacki

  55. Image for nedra nedra

    I love everything about this room. The furniture, drapes and art. May I ask you about the books? My living room has a wall of shelves and I have many books. I have always grouped like topics together so that I can find a book quickly. I see you also have books and that the spine is inward. This is something I have seen elsewhere as well. How do you find the book that you want and why are they shelved this way? Thank you for sharing your beautiful home.

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