I’m not sure if anyone mentioned it yet, but today is the day to dream.


Six years ago, if someone would have told me where this blog would take me and how it would grow and the things I would see and the dreams that would come true, I would have held up my hand, taken a drink of sweet tea….

….and buckled my seatbelt.

I’ve written more than 1500 blog posts.  I’ve published two books (with three more on the way).  I’ve worked with hundreds of brands.  I’ve launched two fabric lines.  I’m currently working on a product line for retailers across the nation with other fun projects in the works.

All while sitting here in my house wearing a messy bun, yoga pants and red lipstick.

Because here’s the thing.


When you write a blog or develop a platform or start your own business.

The sky is literally the limit.

Along the way I started coaching.

I’ve done almost 800 blog and corporate consult sessions since I started this blog.

People would ask me questions or e-mail me for help with their blog and their business and I wanted to help.

I wanted to share what I had learned.

I wanted to inspire and encourage and uplift and help others to understand that THEY COULD DO IT.

Whatever their dream.

Whatever their heart.

Whatever their vision.


And I want to show YOU how I did it.

And one day in the middle of all those consults, an idea came to me.

An idea that I wanted to make happen.

An idea that came straight from my heart.

A one-day event.

A small creative workshop for open to only 10 people.

It would be held here—at my house—around my dining room table where all my creative ideas started.

A place for people to bring their dreams.

A place to learn to start a profitable blog.

A place to bring your business idea and leave with concrete, solid steps to grow it into a profitable business.

A place to talk about your business that has just started and learn to grow it and promote it with free (or almost free) marketing ideas.

At Inspire Workshop we’ll cover:

1. How to define your mission statement and how to translate the benefits to your customers

2. Creatively finding new customers

3.  Marketing your product successfully with free (or almost free ideas)

(total workshop aside:  this is literally my favorite thing on the planet)

4.  Researching the competition

5.  Finding new revenue streams you might have overlooked

6.  Creating a successful social media campaign

7.  Networking and creating working partnerships


Before we start you should know something.

I am A LOT.

If you’ve ever met me in person, you didn’t even need me to state the obvious.

I’m a lot of talking.  A lot of laughter.  A lot of believing in you.  A lot of encouragement.  A lot of inspiration.  A lot of creative business ideas.

And I want to take all that “a lotness” and help YOU achieve your dreams.

Want to learn more?

You can find all the workshop details here.

Just know that I believe in you.


You got this friend.

After all, you are a rock star.

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  1. Image for Carrie Carrie

    This is fabulous!!! And, if I could, I would be in one of those seats!!!! I wish you the best with this session of 10 new friends, and hope someday soon, I'll be in one of those seats!!! You ARE a ROCK STAR!!!!! Helping people gives off such great energy~ and that is why you are so energetic!!! Helping others is what you do best!!!

  2. Image for Debi Debi

    Recently retired with no plans to start a business but would just love to sit at your kitchen table with a cup of tea and red lipstick and chat!!!

    1. Image for Ann C Ann C

      I’m up for that too! Retired and enjoying life, which includes reading blogs and updating my home, as well as helping an elderly aunt , a friend with disabilities and seeing many friends regularly.

  3. Image for Kris Kris

    Not in a place right now to take you up on this, but like Debi, I would love to sit and chat and dream with you. You crack me up when you say you are "a lot". I think we all know you have a big personality and that's a wonderful thing. :)

  4. Image for Gina Gina

    Would love to be at your table and start a Rock Star business with you cheering me on!!!! What an honor!!! But perfectionism and fear sadly holds me back. I have cancelled two trips to Haven for the same reason. You are the best person to teach this having succeeded so well yourself. It has truly been an honor seeing your success and I will continue to cheer you on. What a great idea!!!

    1. Image for Cristie Cristie

      Gina, I wonder if taking Karianne’s Small workshop would be easier to focus on ? Another Blog lover, Cristie

  5. Image for Sherry Sherry

    Your energy level is phenomenal, and your kindness in doing this is amazing. Have a wonderful session , I wish I lived closer so I could come.

  6. Image for laura laura

    i am so excited for you!! what a terrific idea!! i will save my pennies and aim at signing up for the next one!!

  7. Image for Laura Lynn Bauer Laura Lynn Bauer

    Wish you lived closer...... I"m in SW Virginia. ..... think you might like to come out this way and do one here at our beautiful farm...... Check it out. Fern Valley Farm, FBook.... Thanks for all you do.... I can just see you flying all over the country to do this, can't you. After all, YOU are a rock star.........

  8. Image for Leila Jane Leila Jane

    Like the others who have left comments here, I would almost sign up for the workshop just to meet you in person and have a chance to see your house in person, LOL! The workshop for 10 is a fabulous idea. I've toyed with the idea of starting a blog but I'm not starting a business. I'm 73 and retired and just interested in creating a place to record my memories. If you do something along these lines in the future, I'd be interested. Meanwhile, I love your blog and your new/old house and seeing your name pop up in various locations! You must have a lot of energy, Karianne. I'd like to capture just some of that!! I'll be interested to read more about your workshop when it happens.

  9. Image for Tina/mormormedstiletter Tina/mormormedstiletter

    WHY??!! WHY - do I live in Denmark and not close enough to come to your dining room table to be part of the workshop, which I am sure will be the top of everything this year? Can I get on board via Skype, FaceTime or another platform??? :-)

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