winter farmhouse n snow

Dear tired, weary, over-worked, beleaguered salt-truck worker,

I salute you.

For four months now….you have tried so hard.


In November they told us all that the snow was on its way and you diligently salted the roads.

And not a snowflake ever came.

winter salted roads

In December you heard the call once again and all the roads in the county looked like this.

Then….all it did was rain.

Again, in January and the beginning of February….you lugged those heavy salt trucks out.

You salted.

And re-salted.

And re-salted some more.

All to no avail.

winter wonderland

winter farmhouse mailbox

Well….wonderful, weary, over-worked, beleaguered salt-truck worker….

….your day has finally arrived.

The big snowmageddon has finally reached Kentucky.

And reared its ugly head with a vengeance.

winter back field

winter wonderland field

And now?

With three feet of snow on the ground and no sign of sunshine and no change in the weather forecast for the rest of the week.

….you’re the most important person in the county. 🙂


PS  My house is the one down the road from the horse barn if want to drop some extra salt around here. 🙂

PPS  How’s the weather where you are?

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  1. Image for Vicki Vicki

    Greetings from Tampa, FL. I'm a Lexington, KY transplant (Big Blue Nation!!!) and right now its in the 60's. We are expecting rain, wind and freezing temps Wed/Thurs but by the weekend back up in the 70's!!!! I love the pix of the snow and so enjoyed "playing" when we lived in Lexington and then in Covington, KY. However, I don't miss trying to drive in the snow! I remember those days well. Stay warm and enjoy your cup of coffee while I enjoy mine and head over to Lamps Plus!

    1. Image for Karen Karen

      Sorry to hijack your comment, Vicki....but I just want to say..............GO BIG BLUE!! (Karianne will understand, being as she's a Kentuckian, you know).

    2. Image for Lisa Lisa

      Snowed in here in Paris, KY. I am a teacher, so I have not had to drive in it. It was great for two days, but my 8 year and I am getting a little stir crazy. Thank goodness for Minecraft and great blogs like yours to keep us both busy!! Oh and yes, Karen "Go Big Blue!!" 26 and counting!!

  2. Image for Patty Patty

    We live in Connecticut and it is snowing AGAIN. I am getting too old for this stuff. We are retired and really don't have to leave the house but I am so sick of this stuff. I know I will appreciate Spring even more this year. And Gabriele, send me your address and I will ship you all the snow from my yard.

  3. Image for Becky Becky

    Here in northeastern Indiana it's been snow, ice, cold. I'm ready for Spring anytime. Thank goodness for my fireplace and a great husband who will carry the wood in, it's the best thing about winter. It was 9 degrees below zero this morning and they are calling for wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. Stay warm!

  4. Image for Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours

    Oh, your snow looks beautiful! Here in East Tennessee we've got a little bit of snow on top of an inch of ICE. So very hazardous... I'm thankful I can look out my century-old, wavy-glass windows at the sparkling ice on tree branches—from inside my cozy-warm home. (But if my snow looked like yours, I'd be outside making snowmen with the neighbor kids!)

  5. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Hard to believe...but here in now have more snow than we do! But it is FRIGID here! Personally...I'd rather have snow! Stay warm...and design something! ;)

  6. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Hard to believe...but here in now have more snow than we do! But it is FRIGID here! Personally...I'd rather have snow! Stay warm...and design something! ;)

  7. Image for Pamela @ Pamela @

    I live in the Northern California Sierra Nevada mountains (aka California Alps) and we have been having Spring weather nearly all winter. We had one big snow in December that made the local ski resort have a booming holiday but since then we have had sunshine and 60 degree temps. Not good for the drought, the snow on these mountains is the water supply for the farmers in the valley all summer long and there just is not any here. I don't personally miss the snow, I prefer these types temps and the ease of getting around without the ice, slush and snow roads. But I am smart enough to know we shall pay later if we don't get some snow soon. In my heart I am sending some snow melting sun.

    1. Image for Jill Brewster Jill Brewster

      I lived in Grass Valley, Nevada City and Sonora for almost 40 years and always looked forward to snow, then moved to Colorado and lived in snow from October through April for 10 years, now living in Texas and I can tell you I don't miss snow one single bit. I feel for y'all and the lack of rain you have been getting as I see your reservoirs dwindling down to almost nothing. Will pray for rain for you or should I say lots of snow.

  8. Image for Lorraine Lorraine

    Here on Cape Cod we are loaded with snow .....yesterday ending with over a foot on top of what was already there its snowing and another 3 to 5 has to make the best of it....experiment with baking, reading, shoveling, practice my sewing. on line ...shoveling .....we will love spring ..and if you have a garden they say with lots of snow and cold your garden should bloom so I look forward to my wild blackberries bushes ..! stay warm and keep busy and stay safe if you go out carry that cell phone...lots of accidents falling down and stranded in the snow here on the cape very sad news ...3 or 4 people died from that so be smart and careful..we are retired ...but dont let that stop you.......make extra soup or goodies for a neighbor...spring clean ! Lorraine

  9. Image for Arleen Arleen

    We in Tn. are in a winter wonderland. An Ice Storm has made a beautiful canvas. A cup of coffee and clicking Your blog makes it a great day!!!

  10. Image for Laura Laura

    Mid South Carolina here and the upper part of the state is iced in. We just have a frigid rain! Our most appreciated workers right now are the power company linemen- ice means trees and power lines down! Your snow looks beautiful!

  11. Image for Patty Soriano Patty Soriano

    Checking in from south central Texas where a few days ago it was 80 degrees, but colder this morning after a northern blew in yesterday. It is currently about 38 degrees and we had a little sleet earlier. That's nothing to those of you who are putting up with teens or below zero with 8 feet of snow, but we're worried about outside plants because so many things are blooming and budding already. We should get another freeze tonite, and temps will slowly creep up again. This is normal for our spring. We rarely see the County Salt Spreader. :-)

  12. Image for Barbara Barbara

    Here in the north GA mountains it is ice-everywhere! The poor trees are heavy and roads are slick. BUT the sun is out and I see blue sky:) Stay warm!!

  13. Image for Betsy@coastal-colors Betsy@coastal-colors

    I'm a bit envious- we have no snow! Please send some our way too! Your home is lovely; it looks so peaceful in the snow! Have fun, drink lots of hot chocolate and make lots of snowmen.

  14. Image for Wendy@OldLakeGeorge Wendy@OldLakeGeorge

    The weather is Minnesota is C.O.L.D. Currently -19 with the wind chill. This area of the country doesn't call off school unless it is a projected -30 to -40. Seriously, -30 to -40. Delays at work because of cold? never happens. We are a hardy bunch. :) Warm wishes to everyone today!

  15. Image for Rita C at Panoply Rita C at Panoply

    Ugh, Karianne, we had about 10" dumped on us (thankful that the extreme scenario of 22" didn't play out for us), and the same frigid temps for the foreseeable forecast. Our road is flat, so it won't be salted as so many of our hills and secondary roads will be. West Virginia saw the calamity of the CRX train derailment in the midst of the snowstorm - just 30 miles away in the adjacent county from us (too close for comfort, as the crude oil was dumped into the river that runs parallel to our property). So our firefighters take the highest ranking in our most important persons category here. We're hoping the devastation doesn't have the long-term consequences and economic impact, but right now it's still an effort to contain. Explosions and fire continue. We covet readers' prayers. Rita C at Panoply

  16. Image for MaryS MaryS

    Snow???? What snow? I thought we had " global warming". Uhh right. Got about 5 inches yesterday in St. Louis and very cold temperatures expected the rest of the week. Make sure your pets are sheltered, fed and warm :)

  17. Image for Anna Starner Anna Starner

    Central PA has had the freezer turned up. Many record setting temperatures here in the last few days and more to come the end of the week. We had a pipe freeze and crack a little (down in the basement in a tiny little space above the foundation) waiting for repairman for two days. Yes we do still have heat just a little leak. When I called to see where we are on the list( we keep being bumped for people with no heat) I was told that a lady called in and her home was at 2 degrees. I will not complain about waiting. Very ready for spring!!!!!!

  18. Image for Tracey Tracey

    Welcome to a weather view from "over the pond" ..... We have dull, battleship grey skies, no sunshine and more rain forecast here in Worcestershire, UK...sigh What crisp, clean perfect snow.............sigh Perhaps the snow might like to pop over............. along with the salt man...... for an overseas vacation... and be our most important person in the county! ???? Its time for afternoon tea here......with toasted teacakes & lashings of butter...snow or no snow!

  19. Image for Ginny Ginny

    I love hearing everyone's weather stories! In McKinney, Texas it was a chilly 30 degrees this morning. But no snow. No rain. And the temps are on the way back up. I dream of you shipping us snow to fill up our lakes.

  20. Image for Ren Ren

    It is a perfect day here in Charlotte, NC! No beautiful snow but enough ice to shut the city down and close schools. Praying it doesn't melt and we get tomorrow too ( can you tell I am a teacher??). Spending the day in my PJs in my sewing studio, reading your blog and watching Sarah Richardson on HGTV. Life is good, indeed!

  21. Image for Sherry Fisher Sherry Fisher

    Not as much snow as you have here in Columbus OH, but it was 27 degrees below zero with wind chill here this a.m. Too cold for this So. Calif. girl! The snow is so pretty at your house though ☺️

  22. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Hi there from central Massachusetts where they have proclaimed Worcester the snowiest city in America, 103" of snow so far, and we can get big storms as late as April Fools Day! We would be happy to ship some of ours out to anyone who wants to pay the freight charges! Our days are filled with keeping the wood stove going, heating pipes so that they don't freeze, raking or shoveling snow off roofs, and hiring strong young men to remove mammoth ice dams from said roofs to stop the water racing down the inside walls and creeping across the ceilings. And then we got out for provisions for the next snowstorm, braving temperatures in the below zero range with wind chills of -30. And yes, I really do love living in New England, just maybe not so much just now.

    1. Image for Karen U Karen U

      We live just up the road from you, just outside Boston, so I'll just second what you have said! Ugh! Maybe we'll be thawed by June. .. Karen

  23. Image for Alice Alice

    Good morning from sunny GULF SHORES. AL. Actually this is a bit of a stretch. It is cloudy, 38 degrees with wind chill of 20+. This has dampened my enthusiasm for the Mardi Gras parade down town (there are many smaller Mardi Gras parades in all of these towns). I think I will just sit here on the sofa, look out the window and watch the waves roll to the shore AND sip my good hot coffee. Hope everyone in KY are warm and safe. Keep the faith. Better days are coming.

  24. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Here in Maine the base level is about 5 feet -- then there are mountains piled up from clearing drives and sidewalks -- a walk down town is like being in maze runner with a path cut through a 7 foot wall of snow ! Happy Winter

  25. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Hi there! I'm new here to the blog:) LOVED THE POST! LOL! We're in Northern Ohio freezing, and with no end in sight...the torture. on a positive note, I love the picture of your house, it looks like it belongs on the front of a Christmas card! Stay warm everyone:)

  26. Image for Stephanie Stephanie

    Hello from Northern KY! I live 5 minutes from Cincinnati & it is snow-covered and cold. The snow scenes here are not as pretty as what you have pictured! The Ft. Wright (KY) city workers who plow & salt our streets are the most important people in the country! They ROCK! Enjoy the snow day and stay warm!

    1. Image for Vicki Vicki

      Stephanie from Ft. Wright, KY. I lived in Ft. Wright, KY back in 1976-1979. Worked at a bank in Covington. My son was born at the St. Elizabeth Hospital in Covington in '77! Big winter storm that year - we were snowed in for a week!

  27. Image for barb barb

    Ahhh - Until recently, I had lived my entire life in Iowa; not Idaho, not Ohio, Iowa. The beautiful rolling fields where, in the spring and summer, feed corn and soy beans grow - with those same fields begging for snow in the winter. We get lots. :) And we get the bitter -45 windchill temperatures. It's lovely. Really. Like a Hallmark card. I moved... ...toTexas ;) holla~

  28. Image for Debbie V. Debbie V.

    Hey KariAnne...I'm in Orlando, Florida for the winter. Live in cold, snowy Louisville Ky. Rest of year. Been here since November 30th...all but 10 days at Christmas! Been on 4 cruises and stay at Disney Vacation Clubs in between. Weather has been wonderful even with the occasional shower and cool evening. we bought into Disney Vacation points 20+ yrs ago. Our points have given us many memorable family vacations as it grew from 5 kids, and added 5 in-laws 8 grandchildren, 1 great-grandchild, fun times @ Disney Hilton Head, Disney Vero Beach Disney California and Disney Hawaii thru the years but now we use our points just for us! Can't say I miss the snow or bad weather but I am so looking forward to getting home April 1st to see family/friends and get back into decor projects. Yu keep me connected to where my heart really is! Yes, it's warm and beautiful here and we stay very active but there really is No Place Like Home! Thank yu for what yu do. God has greatly gifted yu!

  29. Image for Lori Bomgaars Lori Bomgaars

    The snow is so beautiful to look at !!!But today in Arizona it is going to be a flip flop kind of day ...77° today and 80° tomorrow !!!

  30. Image for Rosalie Rosalie

    Good Morning everyone from Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA. I'm almost embarrassed to even tell you our weather. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the temp early this morning was about 29 above. Frost on cars but that's about it. Supposed to be in the 50's today, we are at about 5200 feet elevation. I really do not envy all you folks that are being so hard hit with this winter weather. I lived in Nome, Alaska for 17 years and I understand perfectly! No "snow" or "cold" days off, even when the wind was blowing 70 mph I walked to work. But I was younger then and could brave the elements. I sure liked what "Ren" had to say! So stay warm and safe America! And God Bless the firemen, police, EMTs, and the county salt-truck drivers. Love the picture of your home!

  31. Image for Beth Beth

    Your house is so beautiful in the snow. You should pull out some of your Christmas decorations and get a head start on your Christmas card pics for next year! Raleigh, NC just had our first snow {and ice} last night with arctic winds blowing in the next couple of days. Brrrr!

  32. Image for susan b susan b

    Living in Central PA makes me wish I was somewhere warm! The last several years have been pretty mild - so I forgot how wickedly cold it could be here! My hair has static - my lips are chapped - my nose is runny but I have a warm house and enough to eat so I won't complain (too much!) Stay warm everyone :)

  33. Image for Lori Lori

    We're in Nova Scotia, on a little back road and we haven't seen a snowplow in.....days!! We have drifts that are taller than I am and well, here we sit. Almost out of milk and chicken feed and the tractor wouldn't start. Days of being together in the house make the sunshine seem extra wonderful and the call of the outdoors very loud!! Later we'll strap on the snowshoes and go explore some more drifts!! Enjoy!!

  34. Image for Shar Shar

    We poor Ohioans 45 minutes from the KY border: not a "snow day" off from school all winter, so we threw caution to the wind last night & canceled tons of schools (for about 3" from where I'm sitting looking outside.) Can't complain-loved sleeping in and thankful I was drinking coffee at home at 7:30 A.M., when it was -9 outside (plus additional wind chill)! We've had the freezing cold all winter, so I'm happy we finally got to use up a snow day! Love the snow, hate the freezing cold & wind.

  35. Image for Deborah Deborah

    Here in California this morn its glummy but going to get to 78 no rain or snow in sight . Love the warm but NEED snow in mountains and rain here but happy I dont have to drive in it or get out in it at all. Looks so pretty in the pictures but 9 below no thanks. born and breed in California( Southern California) just a few miles from Disneyland so never had to worry about snow. Now we live in the inland empire and never see rain. So if any of you ladies want to send us some of your snow we will welcome it.

  36. Image for Deena Deena

    Here in Central Missouri we have snow and cold. Only supposed to be 16 degrees today and cold the rest of the week. Our cattle were snow covered yesterday morning but my husband feeds them good and they were ok. My three sheep had a little snow of them too. I will do a blog this week to post these snowy pictures.

  37. Image for Jane Jane

    Your pictures are simply beautiful!! The salt and snow plow truck drivers are truly the unsung heroes! Now...if only we could get a discount at the car washes to get all that salt off our cars!! Stay warm and dry! Jane xx

  38. Image for Pat Pat

    Your home with the snow looks so beautiful. That said, I hope that you'll be having better weather soon! I'm in Central California and this morning was foggy and crisp but hopefully it'll burn off and warm up to near 70* by the afternoon. We're all just praying for rain!♥

  39. Image for Julia Julia

    I too am in Tampa Florida with no snow! We are getting rain and cold temps for a few days and back to sunshine by the weekend! Stay warm and safe Karianne!

  40. Image for Natalie Klemek Natalie Klemek

    Good late morning ... Wearing my ergo baby carriers full of my almost two month, wolfing down my oatmeal while I have my hands free ... Here in Holliste, CA (about 40 minutes east of Monterey), we are experiencing a bit of s gloomy morning but enjoyed high 70's this past weekend. I wore shorts and a tank top in February in Monterey! But you're home and snow look picture perfect... Wish me and my boys were there throwing snowballs and making snow angels. Sending the warmest hug! Natalie

    1. Image for Natalie Klemek Natalie Klemek

      Oops, you can see I'm totally suffering from postpartum brain with all my typos ... My "carrier" and my two month "old son" is what I meant to say. ☺️

  41. Image for Joy Joy

    What I would give to be able to look out my front door and see snow!!! I live in North Texas and it was 34 degrees this morning and for us, that is cold! :) I love your daughter-in-law's name is Karianna! Your pictures are beautiful!

  42. Image for Lori Lori

    Thank you for your praise to the hard working people who clear up this winter mess. I reside in a very small town in Ontario and my husband is a plow operator. He works 6 days a week from 4:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. and extra hours when needed. It is -34 out and while he is asleep in his lazy boy chair now I enjoy your blog. You've inspired me, made my laugh out loud, reach for the box of kleenex's and just plain made my day. I thank you ... go and make a snow angel with your children :) Enjoy your day!

    1. Image for Susan Susan

      Hi Lori! I'm in a small town in Ontario, too. Right now, we're at a balmy -20 after a stretch of days at the -30 to -45 range. This has been one of the coldest winters in memory for me and we've gotten one heckuva lot of snow, too! Bless your husband for all that he does, braving the cold and snow so that we might have clear and safe roads to travel! Please stay warm! Karianne, that photo of your house is truly could sell prints of it!

  43. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Hi Kari Anne! Oh, just 3 feet, sorry, but that's nothin'! I live in Plymouth, MA and just for fun (or maybe by now he's just delusional from all the shoveling and snow blowing) my husband measured the highest drift. It's 9 feet! It's snowing right now and we are expecting storm number "I forget there have been so many" on Sunday. Anyway, enjoy your coffee (I am switching to wine at this point) and the view. Nancy

  44. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I really feel guilty for saying this but all I see is beautiful, white . . . . sand. I can whine and say that it is unseasonably cold in the Sunshine state but I'll take the sixties vs. zero and the teens. Hope you thaw out soon and least by the time these snowbirds have to go roost back north. :-)

  45. Image for Lourdes Lourdes

    Oh how I wish I was home sharing a cup of coffee with you "virtually" but I work full time in NYC for a fragrance/beauty company (proud to say our offices are in the Empire State Building). I commute from New Jersey on a bus into the dreaded Port Authority Bus Terminal. My commute door to door is about 90 minutes give or take depending on weather and traffic. If you ever find yourself visiting NYC, please reach out to me - one of the perks working in the ESB is free access to the observatory! I'm allowed to bring up to 4 people to the top! :-)

  46. Image for Michele Michele

    Firstly, love your blog I really enjoy reading what's happening in other parts of the world and getting great DIY inspiration!! I'm from very sunny, hot South Australia and we are expecting 87 today and heading for 100 by the weekend. (Hope I've got my conversions right!) Love to swap for a day, my 4 year old was reading with me before bed and he came across a picture of a snowman in his book and asked if we could build one!!!

  47. Image for Jen Jen

    My sweet hubby is one of the men you are talking about! We too have not gotten any snow all winter...until yesterday! 15 + inches! And now since he is out manning the roads...I am at home tending the fire and shoveling till my hearts content!!! My chihuahuas are not happy!

  48. Image for Jane Jane

    In rural Minnesota, we've had snow covered grounds for almost all the days since early November. Not long ago, we had some warm (by our standards- above 32) days and the snow melted. Then winter came back and the whole town is covered in thick ice, the parking lots, sidewalks, even outside businesses. Except, the roads, they are nicely salted and clear. It's too cold for snow right now, 2 degrees is our high. So if it snows, the flakes are TINY. It's gotta be around 30 for big flakes. Our landscape is merely snow brushed as the moment.

  49. Image for Jo-Anne Jo-Anne

    Yes indeed these workers are super important to health of people travelling on affected roads and yes I think they are usually over looked or forgotten about

  50. Image for Jan Jan

    Well, you need to hear from Nebraska' we are cold here in Omaha but have had a mild winter so far. Enough snow off and on so the kids have had a few days off from school. This year I finally found a way for this retired lady to stay warm...I bought an electric throw blanket so no one in the house has to sweat because my body doesn't warm up. AND I also bought an electric car blanket. No complaining any more! Great for my wonderful husband who loves the cold. Happy, happy, happy. Thank you for keeping us all connected! Love your blog, Jan

  51. Image for Dianne Dianne

    Greetings from Brisbane, Australia, where the temperature at 9.30 am is 80 degrees by your measurements and my husband is about to go off sailing. Don't be envious though - we've been warned of a big wet coming over the next two days. At least my grass is now green after a long period of being brown and crunchy. T do love the look of all that beautiful snow though - it's the melting, sludgy aftermath I don't envy :) Love your blog too. Dianne

  52. Image for Carole Renzullo Carole Renzullo

    Well, I am from Boston and we have so much snow there is absolutely nowhere to put it. The MBTA will no be running for probably a month because of snow covered and frozen tracks. People are waiting in long lines in order to be bused so they can get to work. In town traffic is snarled because of so many snowbanks and coming out of side streets is very dangerous because the snow is so high it is impossible to see oncoming cars. Roofs are caving in from the weight of so many storms, one right after another, and some roofs are leaking, as well. I could go on and on about how mean Mother Nature has been. I have at least nine feet of snow in the yard as some of it was on the roof and we paid people to shovel it off. I am trying not to even think what is going to happen when all this "stuff" starts to melt. So, be careful what you wish for ladies. I, personally, will join Nancy in a glass of wine and try to stay calm. Carole, Burlington MA

  53. Image for suz suz

    the regular state snowplow that does the outskirts of my town in northeast ohio brings a smile every time i see it for more reasons than one. the big front blade is painted all the way across with cute fat penguins wearing sunglasses.

  54. Image for Anita Anita

    Hello from the California central coast. We are unseasonably warm here in the 70's with another year of drought facing us. Oh what we would give to have some rain and snow sent our way! Would someone please figure out how to pipe the water that will come from all that melting snow, across the country to us out west? We will say a prayer for everyone freezing and snowbound, hoping you all make it to a warm lovely Spring soon - Take care!

  55. Image for Dianne Bell in Michigan Dianne Bell in Michigan

    Hi KariAnne, your house looks so pretty. Just like a Norman Rockwell Painting. I'm in Michigan. We have snow and bone chilling dangerous wind chill temps. Have had to deal with -35• and more to come. But, hey, Spring is only 30 days away!

  56. Image for Suzanne Melton Suzanne Melton

    I'm in Elk Plain, Washington (Puget Sound) where we've had three record-breaking highs in the past week. OK, the records are "only" around 60° but the local weatherpersons think the tulips will bloom a month early.

  57. Image for Susie @ The Chelsea Project Blog Susie @ The Chelsea Project Blog

    Love your pics. I'm from rural Kentucky so I naturally feel at home at Thistlewood...even more when it's snowy. There's no snow here in Atlanta, GA...just cold, cold rain and gray skies. I'd love to grab a cup of coffee..and enjoy the beautiful KY snow. Keep warm and enjoy the down time. Suz

  58. Image for Jo Jo

    Minnesota chiming in - you have way more snow than we do, but we have you all beat for cold. It's going to be about -30 windchill today. We've had to close school twice I think due to cold. But that's ok. I have to pay $35 each time my driveway is plowed and last winter I spent hundreds, so this is nice.

  59. Image for Susan Susan

    Last night's snowfall was by far the prettiest! Light, airy and it glittered as it fell, so much sparkle! You guessed it-trying to look on the bright side. In Middleborough, Ma there is more snow than I can remember-4 feet of the white stuff! Looking forward to summer on Cape Cod's gorgeous beaches! Snuggled in on this February school vacation-Happy Hump Day <3

  60. Image for Jean Jean

    More snow last night here in Owensboro, as well, and it is blowing and drifting this morning. Beautiful! Cabin fever is beginning to set in but I am trying to visualize myself as part of a charming photo or movie. The quiet images of quilts, cocoa and fireplaces in the snow are so inviting and inspiring. So, why am I consumed with going to Ulta today? Especially, since I have not bothered to wear makeup in three days. Very hard to live in the moment.

  61. Image for Kris Kris

    Wow, you really get your roads salted before there is any precipitation??? Your house picture is gorgeous. I'm in Michigan--I live near Lake Michigan--and we typically get very high snowfalls every year as the colder air blows over the warmer (by comparison) lake. Our average seasonal snowfall is 94 inches a year; the highest seasonal snowfall I've experienced is 148 inches. I woke up to about 6 or 7 inches of snow this morning--lake-effect snow is flukey and the meteorologists didn't catch this one, so it was a surprise. Snow itself I don't mind ... it's snow combined with heavy wind and frigid temps that I weary of (and day after day of overcast weather). We are expecting another dumping tonight into tomorrow. I feel pity for the east coast this winter--we anticipate crazy amounts of snow, but they don't ... plus, in the bigger cities, there is just no place to PUT it all. It's been fun to read everyone's comments, KariAnne!

  62. Image for Joanne B. Joanne B.

    Chilly greetings from sunny south Florida where it is (our version of) freezing! Chilly, chilly day today but warmer over the weekend. A nice change from the usual hazy, hot and humid weather we suffer through all year! I loved your ode to the salt man, but was certain you would end the story saying the 3 feet of snow left even him unable to get out! Pretty pics from where I sit- inside looking out my window at the palm trees swaying!

    1. Image for gina gina

      Well, yes... we do live in the Sunshine State and the sun does shine most of the time. Getting those Jetstream winds from your parts which means a temporary chilly 60s, but nice for a change with sunny skies. My son is leaving for Washington DC on a school trip.... to record lows! It will be zero!

  63. Image for

    In Western North Carolina we have had a similar issue with weather. Bad weather would be predicted, but nothing. The road crews would prepare and nothing. Schools would let out early and nothing. However, since Monday we have had snow, rain, sleet, and ice (1" of ice at my house with snow on top). When we have ice in the mountains, it doesn't make for a great driving experience and there are always many more accidents. The road crews have really been busy and tonight the temperature is supposed be 1 degree (not including the wind chill). I am frozen just writing about it. Wishing everyone warm thoughts. PS......KariAnne, I love the pictures of your home in the snow.

  64. Image for Lisa Mothersead Lisa Mothersead

    Here in Springfield, MO it is bitter cold, there is snow on the ground, and my college student daughter has been out of school all week. We get mixes of ice and sleet which makes for dangerous roads. It IS pretty and I'm thankful for a warm home. But spring, please hurry!!

  65. Image for Judy Judy

    I live in New Hampshire, the granite state, right now we have more snow than granite! There has been over 6 feet of snowfall in the last few weeks and more coming this weekend....I'm putting out all my spring decor to keep up our spirits. I live on a main road with a sidewalk-and the sidewalk plow has been going by so many times, he's starting to look like a Pac-Man game! lol! Stay warm and safe!

  66. Image for Lizet Lizet

    Here in California the weather has been beautiful. The bad part about that is that we have no rain - a little here and there but not enough. Our drought is serious. I think we should build a pipeline that you dumped your snow in and heads our way in the form of water! Stay warm and remember spring is right around the corner! Big Blue you are a hero!!

  67. Image for Deb Ketchum Deb Ketchum

    oh dear. some of our winter has leaked a little south. sorry. xo love, deb who lives on the south shore of lake ontario suffering from cabin fever in 4 feet of solid-packed snow and double-digit sub-zero temps since december with no end in sight because it snows here til mother's day oy `sips yet another mug of never-quite-hot coffee and drags over a seed catalogue

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